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Historical policy

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Criminal justice Introduction. Criminal justice is defined as the system of correcting the law breakers by either cash penalties or rehabilitation. In addition, criminal justice has been changing over the years and the courts have been using different ways of punishing the law breakers.
Criminal justice.
In fact, criminal justice is never fair because they only look at very small things that lead to the law breaker committing the crime he is arrested for. However, criminal justice does not only look at the law breakers who are adults, it does go a long way to even those who are minors, mentally ill and the handicapped.
Furthermore, we look at the fact that the criminal justice has change over the years, for example if we look at many countries in the world today they do not support sentence by death. Mostly, the prefer life sentence to death because death is more severe penalty and most courts incorporate religion in their judgment. This is in contrast with the previous decades where death was still a penalty in the courts.
On the other hand, the use of strokes has been ruled out in the courts and instead more years behind bars have been added. However, in the earlier years law breakers were given rehabilitation penalties and on top of that they also received strokes. In fact, the strokes were seen as violation of the human rights hence banned in the criminal justice in courts.
On the contrary, there are other things that have not changed in the courts. For example, things like working when under rehabilitation have not changed at all.
In conclusion, criminal justice includes all the processes of arrest to jailing of the law breaker. For example, the police are involved, the correctional facilities and of cause the courts.
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