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Hellen keller’s accomplishments essay

Have you ever wondered how deaf or even blind people learn? Well Helen Keller could of written novels on here story of how she learnt being blind and deaf.

This women is one that fought for women’s rights, young people and worker’s rights, to sum this all up she was a crusader, that did anything she believed needed to be done for rights and more so. Helen Keller also taught other people with the same circumstances of disabilities. Her life was just unbelievable; she was deaf and blind but yet had one of the most brilliant minds in history. Helen Keller was able to see and hear until about 19 months after her birth and she was believed to have gotten Scarlet Fever, a fever of the brain, which causes damage.

She was difficult to live with, at most times. On the other hand Helen become very bright after Annie Sullivan caused a miracle. Now and forever more Helen’s indentations will always be placed on our hearts ever so lovingly forever. The following are some of her accomplishments that made history.

She has written many biographies such as “ Teacher”, “ The Story of My Life”, and many more. Helen has also gotten many awards as well, such as “ The Academy Award of 1962”, “ FICCI Award”, “ Chevalier’s Ribbon of the French Legion of Honor”, “ The Alumni Achievement Award of Radcliffe College”, The decorations form many governments, also, In 1964, she was rewarded the “ Presidential Medal of Freedom” by president Lyndon B. Johnson. Simultaneously, as she was winning these awards, she was getting some named after her also. Here is an example of one of the awards “ The Keller Award”.

Helen also graduated collage. I bet that was not at all easy but she was famous because of her beliefs and accomplishments. I personally think that, Helen Keller, this wonderful gift from heaven was sent to you and me to share. Which, in this case was her knowledge, courage and accomplishments, is very important to everyone’s future and beyond.

I bet without her in this world, we would not have some of the tools inspired by Helen to be mad for today’s blind and deaf citizens. She is a hero to every soul to live because of all this fighting for knowledge that she had. “ Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.

” Helen Keller

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