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Hazard adjustments

Hazard management Hazard management refers to the process of identifying, assessing and controlling, risks resulting from operational factors and coming up with decisions that balances risk cost with mission benefits(Mannan, 2004).
Los Angeles is prevalent to a number of hazards. Fire is one of the dangers in Los Angeles, which are either wildfire or structural fires. Residential fires are the third top cause of accidental death in this hometown. Carelessly smoking, cooking and fault heating are the leading causes of fire in this city.
Severe Weather and Flooding is the other hazard prevalent in Los Angeles, as this city is a semi-desert area of mountains, ravines, and vast basins. These results to a number of dangerous effects whereby flash floods moves boulders, knock down bridges, rip out trees and destroy buildings (BASIN, pp. 486, 586.).
Landslides are also a hazard in Los Angeles . this results from general erosion and torrential rains. Landslides usually occur when water rapidly accumulates in the ground, at the times of rain whereby the earth is turned into a flowing river of mud. It is approximated that about 20-50 people die annually in this town as a result of a landslide.
In order to handle the risks resulting from fire such as deaths and damages of property, the city requires ensuring that there are proper smoke alarm system and residential sprinklers. Also, it is advisable to the people living in this city to check the smoke alarms in their home every few months to make sure they are working properly. To keep off from wildfires, a safe distance from home is to ensure that nearby brush is cleared away, according to city regulations.
To avoid the hazards resulting from floods, it is advisable to the people to make sure that whenever they receive a warning or are caught in a flash flood, they move immediately to higher ground.
To control the increased cases of landslides in this city, human factors such as deforestation, water leakage from utilities, reduced irrigation, excavation and hillside construction require to be addressed whereby the people need to be educated on importance of planting trees and avoiding constructing at the hillsides.
Other hazards in Los Angeles are terrorism and extreme heat. To fight against extreme heat, people should drink much liquid if exercising in the heat and also avoid alcoholic beverages in such time as it can lead to heat-related illnesses. For terrorism, the city should ensure there is tight security and in cases of rumors about such cases, public require to be informed so that so that they can be aware of it and help the security agents to curb the situation.
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