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Hard/software – chap 17

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On the IE General tab you can block cookies. FalseThe default value of the security level in IE is Medium-high. TrueTo use Remote Desktop, the computer you access remotely can be running Windows 8 Home Edition or Windows 8. 1 Professional. FalseWhen a user logs on to a Windows 7 computer using Remote Desktop, users that are logged on locally are unaffected. FalseIf a Windows computer belongs to a domain, all security is managed by the network administrator for the entire network. TrueWhat task can’t be performed from the IE General tab? disable file downloadsWhat port is utilized by the Remote Desktop service? 3389What kind of a computer intercepts requests that a browser makes of a server and can cache received content? proxy serverWhich of the following is NOT true about Remote Desktop? by default all users can access Remote DesktopIf you want to be able to power up a computer remotely, what feature should you use? Wake-on LANRegarding the use of Group Policy, what statement is NOT accurate? policies can be applied to a computerWhat statement about controlling access to folders and files is accurate? rights are assigned to accountsWhat statement about user accounts and groups is NOT true? a user account can belong to only one group at a timeWhen attempting to access a remote computer on which your user name and password do not exist, what user group will you be placed in? Anonymous usersTo which group does Windows give access to folders that you create which are not part of your user profile? Authenticated UsersWhen all users on a network require the same access to all resources, what type of network model should you use? HomegroupWhen working with a workgroup, what statement is accurate regarding which folders to use to hold shared data? private data for each user should be kept in their C: Users folderWhat type of permission should you set to control access to files and folders by local and network users? NTFS on NTFS volumes onlyWhat command launches the Remote Desktop client for Windows? mstscWhen utilizing both share and NTFS permissions, what statement is inaccurate? when you copy a file, the file takes on the permissions of the destination folderWhen mapping a drive, you can type in the path to the shared folder on the host computer. What is the syntax for the path? serversharedfolderWhat is a valid reason for wanting to configure a proxy server in Internet Explorer? to connect to secured websites on a corporate network VPNWindows 10 features what new web browser, which is designed to replace Internet Explorer? Microsoft EdgeWhat protocol must be supported by routers in order to utilize Remote Assistance Easy Connect? PNRPUser accounts that are issued a temporary user profile that is deleted when the user signs out are members of what group? Guests groupWhat two applications are an example of a mail server and a mail client application, respectively?



What NTFS permissions should you assign if the user should be able to create folders and files and open files to read data, but not delete files? (Choose all that apply.)



When using Group Policy to configure QoS, what options are available? (Choose all that apply.)

outbound traffic can be throttled

the priority is a number from 0 and 63

Which of the following are true about NTFS permissions? (Choose all that apply.)

when a subfolder is created, it is assigned the permissions of its parent folder

if NTFS permissions conflict locally, the more liberal permission applies

What are the two most popular web server applications?



the folders that are shared by default on a network domain that administrator accounts can accessadministrative sharesa group that exists on Windows 8/7/Vista for backwards compatibility purposes with Windows XPPower Usersgives a user access to a Windows desktop from anywhere on the InternetRemote Desktop Connectiona method to control access to a folder or file and can apply to local users and network usersNTFS permissionsa method to control access to a shared folder and can be assigned to NTFS or FAT volumesshare permissionsconfiguring a computer so that it will respond to network activity when the computer is in a sleep stateWake on LANa group that can back up and restore any files on a Windows system regardless of access permissions to these filesBackup Operatorspermissions assigned by Windows that are attained from a parent objectinherited permissionsa console available only in Windows Professional and business editions that is used to control what users can do and how the system can be usedgpedit. msca small app or add-on that can be downloaded from a website along with a webpage and is executed by IE to enhance the webpageActiveX control ONHARD/SOFTWARE – CHAP 17 SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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