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Gymnastic events for male gymnasts

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There are several exercises and events that are specifically ascribed to males in gymnastics. Floor exercises are one of the most common forms of exercises when it comes to male gymnasts.

As a part of the floor exercises, male gymnasts are also known to perform on a spring floor wherein they will perform in order to demonstrate the various traits related to strength, balance as well as flexibility. The male gymnasts also exhibit the different strength skills such as press handstands, scales, circles, etc. There are generally four passes included as a part of the floor passes of the male gymnasts. These are generally not associated with music which is very unlike the women gymnastic events. The typical rules that are followed in the floor exercise require the male gymnasts to touch the corner of the floor at least once while performing their floor routine.

Another exercise that is well known with most of the male gymnasts is the Pommel Horse exercise. The use of both single leg work as well as double leg work is made as a part of this exercise. The main staple of the event is the double leg work while the single leg work is seen in the form of scissors which is one of the elements that is associated with the Pommel’s exercise. In this type, the swinging of both the legs is ensured to be in a circular manner.

This swinging could be either in clockwise or in counterclockwise direction. All these skills are performed on the different parts of the apparatus. Sometimes, the variations will also be ensured by the gymnasts to make this exercise more and more challenging for them. This is ensured by also including a circling skill and also by turning or by ensuring a straddling movement of the legs. This type of a routine generally comes to an end with a dismount wherein the male gymnast either swings his body over the horse or he will land after a handstand.

The other type of event that is common with the male gymnasts is their performance with the still rings wherein the suspension of the rings is ensured through a wire cable at a given height from the floor. As a part of this event, the male gymnast is required to demonstrate power, dynamic motion, balance and strength. While demonstrating these traits, the gymnast has to also ensure that rings should be prevented from swinging by themselves. Another required aspect is that the gymnast must ensure at least one static strength move. However, some of the gymnasts may also land up performing two to three strength moves. In the Vault event, the male gymnasts generally go down a runaway which is around 25 meters in length and they ensure a sprint down movement.

It is important that while doing so they should avoid hurdling into one of the spring boards that is also placed. The gymnasts also maintain their body position appropriately when they reach the vaulting platform. He must then rotate back to a standing position. However, in case of advanced gymnastics, you may also see a lot of somersaults and multiple twists before the gymnast will finally land on the platform. There are other types of events also where typically male gymnasts would be seen participating such as parallel bars, high bars, etc.

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