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Gym workout for your health

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The exercise pattern that replaces one hour in gym

Do not have time for workouts? Here is an easy tip to work out for shorter period of time and reap benefits quickly. Interesting right?

Let us read further…

In the midst of our hectic work lives, we often do not have time for ourselves. It is not really necessary to spent hours in the gym to get the desired body that you need. We all have priorities in lives. Fitness must also be one among the top most priority. Is it too difficult to take half an hour from our 24 hour schedule?

What? Half an hour? Yes! You heard me right! Just half an hour!! Wow…

So what is the dirty little secret that I am going to tell you?

Ta daa…

It is called High Intensity Interval training!

What exactly is high intensity interval training?

HIIT is a workout routine that mixes up both of high-intensity exercise and lower-intensity exercise. The form of exercises is mainly cardio workouts. For example if you do one form of exercise at its highest speed for 60 seconds, then you take rest for the next 30 seconds., i. e. in 2: 1 ratio.

Yippee… so you are getting rest intervals in between exercises and on top you are working out for less time which equals an amazing body!!

Expert opinion# Beginners should only do it only once a week and make sure not to injure yourself in the doing. If you are at an intermediate level, you can do it 3-4 times a week. Beware, this is going to be really challenging!

TopHealthbenefits of High Intensity (HIIT) workouts:

  1. High percentage of fat loss in the process- You can burn more amount of calories within a short period of time, thus promoting fat loss.
  2. Your cardio vascular endurance increases- Heard of the saying, “ Healthy heart leads to longer and disease free life?” Well, HIIT is a perfect example of the same.
  3. There is no equipment necessary- You can do your workouts anywhere and anytime. You may even turn down all your gym memberships. Why waste unwantedmoney?! Good plan.
  4. Lose weight and build muscle at the same time- It is a direct win-win solution where you hit two birds with a single stone.
  5. An increase in metabolic rate- Ha-ha, finally found a method to kick start your metabolism and lose weight.
  6. Won’t you agree with me if I say that it’s more efficient?! In addition, you will have all day long for the repair process caused due to wear and tear of muscle fibers during HIIT.
  7. HIIT stimulates production of Human Growth Hormone after 24 hours of your workout- This hormone is said to prevent ageing and production of wrinkles. One among the many secrets for a glowing skin is now being revealed.

Let the Researchers have their say:

Out of a study comprising of 1000 men and 1000 women, found that after doing HIIT workouts for 3 months, both men and women could bicycle twice as long as they could before the study. Amazing!

Examples of HIIT Workouts:
These include cardio exercises like High knees, Jumping lunges, Jumping Jacks, Biking, Running, Push-ups, Crunches and so on.

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