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Green pastures

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Green Pastures
Green Pastures is a unique ministry program that has developed to help the families caring for children with disabilities. They are a non-profit group funded by large support from the community, individuals, and volunteers. Their primary goal is to provide a small, family like environment for children dealing with disabilities. They hope to love and challenge them to fully develop their full God-given talents to the best of each and everyone’s abilities. Green Pastures also provides assistance to families with disabled children in the local community to better help for an overall understanding and caring mentality for all disabled children.
Currently Green Pastures houses six children full time on location in Mountain View. The children housed there range from the ages of six to eighteen and they all have developmental disabilities. Using a four bed-room house Green Pastures is able to provide services for these six children, as well as a short-term service for parents who may need a well deserved break. They also provide training for people who are interested in caring for children with disabilities.
Green Pastures uses a unique system to help fully meet every child’s needs. Using a three pronged individualized system, Green Pastures is able to fully customize their programs to each and every single child. Green Pastures makes a specialized schooling plan, home program, and tutoring program for each child. Parents are also asked to be as involved as possible, and are invited to spend time on center with their child, encouraged to attend any major conferences about their child, updated on any developments in their child’s goals or needs, and they also allow children to go home on weekends and holidays as often as possible.
Green Pastures also has a very active community interaction program. Regular outings include picnics, trips to the zoo, horseback riding, swimming lessons, and other fun community activities. This crucial part allows the children to interact with the community, and also allows the community to see that the Green Pastures family can participate in regular every day activities just like everybody else.
In conclusion, Green Pastures is a great community with a religious background that allows children a deep connection to caring, loving people. Working their hardest to meet all of a child’s needs, Green pastures looks like an amazing community with a strong since of purpose, dedication, and results.

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