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Globalization Globalization is a process through which all the nations in the world are integrated by aspects, which are political, social, or economic. In recent decades, globalization has led to the exchange of ideas, cultures, as well as products, which have been channeled through advancements in the transport and telecommunications sectors. Globalization is currently so advanced, that not all the countries in the world can do without each other, the interdependence having solidified over the years.
Globalization Vs State Sovereignty
Globalization has a huge impact on the sovereignty of the states affected by it; in fact, it can be said that it undermines state sovereignty because decisions that are made have to consider their impact on international affairs (Shimko 192). An example of this is oil-exporting countries that heavily depend on the income from this product to fund their national budgets. If these countries were to act in a way which displeases the international community, then they would be forced to abandon such decisions through the placing of sanctions on their exports. Moreover, because of globalization, many countries have interests in other countries; therefore, to protect these interests, it has become necessary for the powerful to meddle in the political affairs of the weaker ones (Yang170). This has not only made the latter countries lose their sovereignty, but it has also encouraged their overdependence on more developed nations for economic aid.
Effect on Cultural Diversity
Cultural diversity loosely refers to the variety and differences in race, ethnicity, and class that are present in a society, state, or the world. Different races have diverse cultures or customs; for example, in a traditional Mexican wedding; there is a distinct ceremony where a rosary or white rope is wound around the bride and groom to form a number eight. Languages, cuisine and mode of dressing are also part of cultural diversity notwithstanding the conformity to everyday way of living by people of a certain society (Mueller 71). History profoundly determines these aspects, but they are mostly affected by the environment. This implies the people who develop the cultural resources and control access to the culture itself. While trying to achieve globalization, cultural diversity has developed since the core idea behind it is ‘ speaking a common language’. This is because globalization includes transformation of a spatial organization, which in turn means wide-ranging institutional reform institutions formed with a large influence from culture. Many argue that globalization does not hinder this but encourages the interaction and exchange of the diverse cultures. However, this is with a bias to the Western model.
Globalization has had a positive influence on those states that participate in international trade. It boosts their presence in the global market and avails new technologies to them. On the other hand, it raises the problem of outsourcing from less developed countries in a bid to cut costs. From an environmental view, globalization is detrimental as it forces companies to produce a lot more because of growing demand in a rather short time. With relation to culture, globalization has had a negative effect as states lack distinction from other as they endeavor to become one. This is because culture is one of the main identifiers of a state and globalization advocates for uniformity in the various aspects of culture.
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