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Globalization - containerization

Port Security Containerization has the potential of compromising homeland security due to the entrance of illegal immigrants, radiological weapons, or terrorists aboard the shipping containers entering the nation (Grillot, Cruise and DErman 13). This has seen the Federal government establishing an agency responsible of regulating and checking the American ocean transportation to deter potential security threat arising from the sector. Accordingly, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) unit under the Department of Homeland Security is responsible of securing homeland security by monitoring the content of the numerous shipping containers passing CBP screening. Even though CBP has in past been able to counter security threats posed by containerization trade significantly in the past, there has been rising fear that the increasing international trade through ocean transportation might endanger national security. Indeed, almost 95% of cargos arriving in America are undertaken through sea.
Thus, there has been an opinion that the international trade needs to be slowed down to ensure the national security is not compromised. However, it is possible to look after the national security without slowing down the international trade through employment of advanced technology on sensors. The ability of developing a multisensory device that is capable of detecting diverse threats when the container is en-route will ensure the national docks are secure from potential threats since the threat will be detected in advance (Grillot, Cruise and DErman 178). However, the security measures at the dock currently are not similar to measures at train stations and airports since the threats are undetected before they arrive at the dock.
There have been improved security measures at train stations, airports, and other places compared to docks since a potential threat is detected before a security agency undertakes a screening exercise through sophisticated surveillance cameras amounted across the country. Consequently, the Federal government and maritime industry needs to invest heavily in technology of detecting illegal content and potential threat of container en-route to ensure the threat is countered efficiently and effectively. This will help in promoting secure and safe containerization transactions.
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