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Get rid of stress from my life psychology essay

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Stress is a part of everyday living of every individual. The college students may suffer from stress to satisfy the demand of college, businessmen have a tension to reach office in time and to finish the projects on time and even housewives may feel stress in managing the home affairs . The reasons for the stress is different from person to person. The stress is not always harming the individual but sometimes it is beneficial. The stress at an optimum level always acts as an refresher or motivator and push people to make efforts and finish the work. But the stress beyond an optimal level can create a serious danger to the personality trails of the individual and can cause physiological and social problems.

What is Stress?

Stress is the “ wear and tear” our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment; it has physical and emotional effects on us and can create positive or negative feelings.

How can I get rid of stress from my life?

We can say that, positive stress adds anticipation and excitement to life, and we all are suffering from a certain amount of stress. The factors like Deadlines, rivalry, conflict, and even our disappointment and sorrows may add intensity and improvement to our lives. An individual’s goal is not to remove stress but to discover how to manage it and how to exploit it to help us. Inadequate stress works as a depressant and may leave us feeling bored or depressed; but, too high level of stress may feel us “ tied up in knots.” What individual require doing is find the optimal level of stress, which will motivate individual but not overwhelm each of us.

How can an individual find an optimal stress for them?

There is no single level of stress that is optimal for all people. Every individual person has unique requirements. Sometimes distressing to one may be a joy to another. If we agree that the particular event is stressful, than individual has different physiological and psychological responses to it.

How individual manage the stress better?

Recognizing unrelieved stress and being conscious of its effect on our lives is not sufficient action for dropping its damaging effects. As there are many sources of stress, likewise there are many possible solutions for its management. However, all require work toward change: changing the source of stress and/or changing your feedback for it. How do you continue?

The Nine Stress Management Tips:

Get to know which things stress you most.

Not your colleague, friend, husband, or wife. YOU!! Expose your feelings. Try to Write them out also describe each situation. try to Share all bad feelings with a friend or in a journal. You must know what is stressing you before you can defeat your stresses.

Individual should learn to Say no.

Every individual should learn to say no because one cannot handle all. Spotlight on your own goals, not your spouse’s or parents’. As you are knowing yourself, your dreams, and your passions. If you invited to lead another group or to take another responsibility, you should first look at your own mission statement or goals for the day. If it is not fit into your goal than say you just cannot. Saying no this is one of the hardest things in life to say no but if you do it will help make you a success in your chosen field.

Individual should learn to relax.

Do hard work but you should know when to give time to your family, go to the beach, or read a book. If it’s necessary to work all day than does it but when you go to home play, watch cartoons, or tell your child a story. So this will keeps tension, stress away from you and assist you keep calm the heart’s pace and digest food normally, and defend your resistant system. Learn to meditate and take deep breaths to calm down.

Eat healthy food.

An individual should take more fruits and vegetable to reduce the stress level and should try to avoid the junk food. Person can reduce the bad stress hormone, Cortical, by taking vitamins. Take these vitamin pills every day.

Keep laughing or develop sense of humor.

Keep a sense of humor. Research indicates that good attitude assists in reducing cancer rates, makes surgical treatment more successful, and keeps a correlation collectively through hard times.

Ask yourself WHY

Ask yourself what is the intension behind doing everything. Describe your wants, needs, goals, hopes, and dreams. And analyze that what you are doing now help you to satisfied any of these things? What motivates you? The more you understand why you doing what you are doing the less stress you will have. if there is no good reason behind the act, then stop doing it.

Stay active.

Exercise is a good means to be free from tension and gives you a great break from all diesis. A fit body makes a joyful body. Even a three-minute jog is helpful at taking your mind off your pressures. You will feel energetic and fresh.

Follow your bliss.

Try to know which subjects and type of people you enjoy. Organize your life around activities that you like or you love. Joseph Campbell, a wise philosopher, advises you to follow your bliss. If you will do what you will like to do, the more passion you’ll have for what you do.

9. Organize and give Priority.

Do the worst and impossible tasks first. Make a list and be time punctual. If you are not succeed to plan, your plan to will not succeed.

Normally we consider that the main origin of stress is external events and the dynamics of the environment. But it is require to highlighting the reality that the main origin of stress is our reaction to the external environment. The way in which we identify and understand the changes or the particular event can bring happiness and can become a source of stress for two different people depending upon how they react to it. When students are asked to get ready for presentation, some may take it to the positive while other students may be anxious by it for the fear of his weakness. Thus Stress is our response to external events as well as it can be positive or negative that depends upon how we reply, it is the common deterioration of the body machine that takes place due to extra demands put on it. Stress is the major killer in the Western world and the reason of huge losses of production in industry. But there are many techniques to fight with stress and boost up well being in your routine life are within your reach -if you know how to go about them.


The Successful Stress Management program is one which guides the individual to overcome and throw out depressing emotions, and to change them with positive ones that offer you proper worth of life. Your program should be such that will allow you to judge the causes and effects of the stress in today’s world, and support you in preparing strategies for managing and controlling stress to build up a healthy sense of self-esteem. This type of program is very essential in today’s human race in which anxiety, tension is increasing.

Stress can be described as “ body’s non-specific response to any demand made on it. On one hand stress give the way to express our talents and energies and gain happiness, on the other hand it can also become a source of tiredness and disease, either physical or mental.

Definition of stress

As per the view of the father of stress of research, Hans Selye, “ stress is the one kind of excitement of life; the nonexistence of stress in death.

Stress is defined as an adaptive reply to outer circumstances that results in physical, psychological and behavioral deviations for organizational participants.

Stress is recognizing as a human being reply to a troubling factor in the environment.

Ivancevich and matteson term stress simply as “ the affairs of the individual with the environment.

Remember that our main definition of stress is that stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is capable to supply. with this in mind, we can now look at how you can manage all the stresses that your career will bring From this definition, you can notice that there are three key approaches that we can use to deal with stress;


In this individual is able to face the problem and, frequently altering the environment or the situation;


In this individual do not have the control to alter the condition, but individual can control stress by altering his analysis of the condition and the way he feel about it; and


Where something has occurred over which he has no control and no emotional control, and where individual’s focus is to survive in the stressful condition.

Action-oriented approaches – best where you have some control

This type of approach is best where individual has somewhat control over the situation. This approach is most satisfying and rewarding way to manage stress. These techniques are used to manage and overcome stressful situations. converting them to his advantage.

In this technique individual can manage his job actively, work well with his boss and co-workers, and change his surroundings to eliminate environmental stress.

Emotionally-oriented approaches-

If individual do not have the control to modify a condition, then he may be able to get better things by altering the way he look at it, and feel about it, by using an emotionally oriented approach.

This technique is less effective than action-oriented approaches. In that the stresses can occur again; however, it is useful and effective in their place.

Acceptance-oriented approaches-when individual have no suitable option…

Occasionally, individual has very less control over the situation. So whatever he is doing is to survive.

For example, if loved-ones die. In this circumstance, the very first stage to cope up with the stress is to accept that it is one’s beyond the control. So in this type of situation individual is try to survive himself y giving consolation.

So our conclusion is as follow:-

The action-oriented techniques assist us to deal with the Demands upon us and enhance the resources we can mobilize;

The emotionally oriented approach facilitate us to regulate our opinions about the situation;

And the acceptance-oriented method facilitates us to keep on alive in the conditions that we truly cannot modify.

Stress: What it is not

Stress is not merely nervousness or worried situation

Stress need not essentially be injurious

Stress is not always due to over encouragement

Stress cannot be avoided

Levels of Stress


Eustress explain the existence of optimum level of stress in an individual, which positively affect his performance.

This may guide employees to do their work in new way.

This type of stress is present in a job like sale where creativity is required for positive productivity.


Distress demonstrate the existence of high level of stress in an individual, which negatively affects job performance and generate many types of physical, psychological and behavioral harms.

Symptoms of Stress

As explain earlier Stress is created by our response to the external events.

Stress can take changes in our reaction and our common behavior.

The stress can be recognized by the scrutiny of certain symptoms present in an individual.

These symptoms can be separated into three different classes.

They are Feelings, Behavior and Physiology. When the individual is passing from Stressful situation, one or more of the following symptoms can be display.


The individual turn into nervousness about the result and is worried.

In a nervous state the person does not want to be corrected or interrupted.

He will try to find out the other area where he can stop thinking about the stress-causing event for a while.

The person becomes short-tempered and moody.

Due to high level of Stress a negative frame of mind may be created in individual and suffers from low self-esteem.

The individual may lose faith in his capabilities and are afraid of the failures. And they don’t focus on one thing and their concentration level may fall down.

Physiological and Behavioral Changes

Speech troubles

Spontaneous Behavior

Crying for not obvious cause

Laughing loudly

Uneasy tone of voice.

Crushing of teeth

Smoking habit will enhance and use of drugs and alcohol.

Being accident-prone

Perspiration/ sweaty hands

Heat beat Increased


Instantly become Nervous

Exhausting easily

Urinating frequently

Sleeping troubles

Diarrhea / indigestion /vomiting /

Butterflies in stomach


Premenstrual tension

Pain in the neck and or lower back

Causes of Stress

Both positive and negative events in one’s life can be stressful. However key life modification is the most provider of stress for an individual.

Due to more travel, it can cause stress.

New environment may create a stress. Like if you are sifting to new colony. To a new college or they may be joining a new organization.

Events, like which are generally once in a lifetime can also cause stress.

They are:

Stress related to time


Monetary troubles




Following are the three potential sources of stress:

Environmental Factors

Organizational Factors

Individual Factors

Environmental Factors:

Economic insecurity is happen when there is a change in the business cycle.

It means when people become worried about their security.

This uncertainty not only affects the stress level of the organization but also the design of the organizations.

As new innovation has done in field of technology.

It has turn into a danger for a lot of people, which become source of stress. This kind of hesitation is described as Technological Uncertainty.

So due to technological uncertainty stress occurs.

Organizational Factors:

These are classifying into:

Task Demands

Role Demands

Interpersonal demands

Organizational Demands

Organizational Leadership

Organization’s Life Stage

Task Demands:

Task demands associated to a person’s job.

They contain the design of the individual’s job (autonomy, task variety, degree of automation).

Working conditions and the physical work layout.

Functioning in an overcrowded room or in a visible location where interruptions are constant can increase anxiety and stress

Interpersonal Demands:

Interpersonal demands are difficulty created by other employees. Sufficient social support is not received from colleagues and deprived interpersonal relationships can create huge stress, mainly among employees who have a high social need.

Organizational Structure:

Organizational Structure describes the stage of separation in the organization, the extent of rules and regulations, and where decisions are made.

Research methodology


Stress management at TATA CONSULANCY LTD.


To study the level of stress among IT employees; and

To identify stress coping strategies at organizational level

To discover how environmental, organizational and individual factors influence potentials for Stress and consequences of stress with view to individual age, earnings, educational qualification and individual life.

To find out the effectiveness of stress management practices in the organization, and to give suggestion on how to cope with stress.

To study whether employees want the organization to take up measures to reduce stress or can they handle by themselves.


The study design is exploratory.

Such research plan is accepted because it provides flexibility in areas were we have not much knowledge and accuracy for these areas needed more precise description.


The universe of the study consists of the employees of TATA CONSULTANCY OFFICE, BARODA


It consists of 100 employees of the TATA CONSULTANCY OFFICE, BARODA.


For the purpose of collecting the necessary information random sampling was used.

Sample design:-

Convenient sampling design method selected.


A stimulated and structured questionnaire was prepared and used as tool for data collection. The data collected have been analyzed and interpreted by the table and its explanation.

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