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Gamma’s case study

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You may know that one of the definitions of management is to cope with, to deal with, to handle, to manipulate. By considering Gamma’s case study, we want you to think about how she copes with significant changes in her life, in other words, how she manages them.

Supply and demand: Part 1 – Gamma’s decision I’m a mother of two children, Knees who is aged eight and Fizz who is five. I’ve been married to Mari for twelve years. Before Knees was born I trained as a secondary school teacher. I worked for about four years, mainly teaching health and social studies, including vocational A levels.

Since then, I’ve been a full-time mother and homemaker. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with Knees and Fizz, but I have always remised myself that I will get back into teaching when Fizz was old enough.

My husband, Mari, always thought this would be a good idea, although as a quantity surveyor he works long hours and sometimes has to work away from home on new projects. We now live in Castration in the English Midlands. Murmur’s family have lived n this area since the sass, but I was brought up in London.

I really get on well with them, especially his mum. She’s been a widow for a few years and she is in very good health. She spends a lot of time at the local guard [a Sikh temple] and remains an active member of the community.

She does like me to call in when Mari is away. This September, Fizz started in the reception class at primary school. A couple of Knees into the school term I noticed an advert for a teacher supply agency which specifically mentioned that they needed specialists in health and social care subjects.

Vow won’t believe how much I thought about that advert as I got on with things until Mari came home. After the children had gone to bed, that evening we had a long discussion about the issues around my going back to work.

Figure 8 Job advert Irish activity asks you to analyses Gamma’s task of returning to paid employment using he transformation model diagram drawn in Figure 9. Copy the diagram onto a blank piece of notepaper and then do the following tasks: Figure 9 Gamma’s decision: a transformation model 1.

From your reading of the case study so far, identify the goals Assam might have. List these under the ‘ Outputs’ heading to the right of the box in Figure 9. 2.

What resources’ does Assam have to help her achieve these outputs? List these under the Inputs’ heading on the left of the box in Figure 9. Discussion Neat sort of output did you identify? It should really be securing a supply teaching post. To course, it is possible that other goals might nave been est. lie b shed.

Assam and Mari might have decided that they wanted a third child or that they wanted to focus on Mari setting up an independent quantity surveying company. However, for the purpose of this case study, let us suppose that they did decide that Assam should resume her career.

What inputs did you suggest? Remember that these should be resources that Assam can draw on. My list included: Gamma’s teaching qualification her teaching experience her increased time availability Murmur’s support possibility of family support. End of discussion

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