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Future of nevada

Las Vegas, a found in the Southern Nevada looming with bright lights, and huge casino buildings is considered as one of the most renowned citiesin the world with booming populations. In history, Las Vegas was thoroughly explored by John Fremont during the year 1844. The discovery of Las Vegas makes it a new city to thrive. Different missionaries particularly the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint established their settlement there in Las Vegas; its lush vegetation enticed the foreigners to settle in the place. Las Vegas became a link to California and the Pacific. The blaze of the new trail started peeking off when railroads, dams and buildings were erected. One of Nevada’s highlight is its early adherence on the concept of divorce being legislated during the 1900’s. By the year 1931, the strict law was reduced only to six weeks to obtain a divorce paper. In the same year, Nevada started legalizing gambling. Subsequently, several casinos were instituted, owned by many famous and elite classes as well as some wealthy criminals. More profoundly, in the year 1967, Nevada had allowed held corporations to own casinos through legislative enactment. The industry of gambling had attracted many visitors each year, hence there is a need for luxurious accommodation. Hotels and motels were constructed to keep pace with every year’s visitors and sojourners. Also residential buildings were erected for those who wanted to stay around in Las Vegas. Now Las Vegas turns into a fancy place, where everybody years for good fortune being sought by the gamblers. As years pass by, several casinos and gambling place was set forth in Las Vegas, as a result thereof, many visitors lush each year, many of them awe in the beautiful buildings and huge gambling sites promising for large penny. However, this event does not guarantee a bright future of Las Vegas. While many was lured into the magnificent site and gambling stations, still unemployment rate was beyond what expected of the federal government. The massive edifice cannot warrant the future of each individual. Employment opportunity is still scarce given the situation that Vegas is not a business district, but a gambling constituency. The only place for opportunity is through the channel of jobs found in the gambling places which seemed to be degrading especially to those individuals who have high ideals. Vegas main source of income is through its gambling places that even those visitors intensify the income on gambling. Although the federal government levy taxes on gambling this does not mean that government somehow relies on it. There are also some corporations that were established in the place such as the Citibank but only are limited in numbers that it cannot fully accommodate the numbers of unemployed individuals. Tourism became one of the focuses of the city, its lavish grounds surrounded with luxurious things adapt to the trends and taste of elite visitors. One of the offshoots of the growing gambling business is the population explosion. Each year more than a million people visit the place while one-fourth of it established their residency at Vegas. Accordingly, twice each year did the mayor of the place change the telephone directory since many newcomers is adding the pages of the directory. Vegas now became the modern melting pot of different races and while there is quite a huge freedom in the place, there is now the inherent question on values that will emanate from the city itself. The opening of and abandoning of restrictions is a premise that will put human nature into harm and discord. In it on this ground that I assert my supposition that Vegas will wilt after twenty five years or more. The city cannot contain the needs of the many only that it can provide the craving of the wealthy. The foreground of middle class which I believe is the predominant class in Vegas will become the beacon of downturn. The many sojourners and new resident aims for a greener pasture that is why they come to reside on the place however greener pasture means efficiency and Vegas cannot sustain it. Vegas on the other hand can have a plenty of options to dislodge its old belief of growth and nurturance. Growth can only be possible if it can maintain the need of the majority and not the tourists themselves.
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