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Functions of deviance

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Task Functions of Deviance Deviance is defined as actions or behaviours which are perceived to be different from the expectations of the society. Individuals within a society are expected to conform to the norms which form the guidelines governing the behaviours of other within the same society (Clinard and Meier, p 5). The understanding of deviance can enable one to define what constitutes the norm within a society and that which is not. As a result of deviance within the society, different elements within the same societies are understood on the basis of the social normal and standards which have been established within the society. This results in reality becoming elusive as people act on the basis of the social expectations while ignoring the need to act in a certain manner.
As a result of the established standards within the society, the interactions that occur between different people are based on their perceptions of the norms. Due to the differences which cause deviance, people are able to impact positive changes upon others following their interactions within the society. As change begins to set in upon the behaviour of people, certain negative elements within the society become eliminated and this can enable people to refrain from committing crimes (Clinard and Meier, p114).
Due to the role which deviance plays within the society, it would be extremely difficult to have a society without deviance. This is mainly because people think differently and there are individuals who must question why some actions are considered norms within the society. A society without deviance would be relatively dull, as the activities which people undertake would become routine and similar. Their lives would become monotonous due to the lack of challenges as everyone conforms to standards like machines.
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