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  1. Comparing and contrast the chemical disasters at bhopal
    According to Shrivastava , on the night of 2/3 December1984, an enormous accident happened in Bhopal, India, the highly poisonous and unbalanced chemical gas was escaped from the factory and continue to spread over the city which caused by the lack of the attention and care ness. Apart from that, Marchi →
  2. Comparing and contrast curriculum models
    In the following paragraphs I will summarize two curriculum models, compare and contrast two of the curriculum models and compare the one that best matches my own educationalphilosophy. High/Scope curriculum is based on Piaget's concept that children are asctive learners who construct their knowledge base through playing and experimenting ith hands-on materials (Segal, →
  3. Comparison and contrast of two telivision shows essay sample
    It begins with the committing of the crime, follows the subsequent investigation to the arrest of the perpetrator, and then continues to the resulting trial. The first half of a Law and Order production usually portrays the investigation of the crime and the arrest of its perpetrator.
  4. Compare and contrast goffmans and foucaults explanations of how social order is made and remade
    Goffman's work on interactional order argued that individuals are performers, who act, adopt a mask or follow the norm in their everyday lives. He argued that order is made and remade through every day interactions and that the order is created by repetition and improvisation. Foucault however, looked at discourse (a set of shared ideas →
  5. Compare and contrast the social responsibility theory
    There is not much of a hint of comparison between the Authoritarian theory and the social responsibility theory, in that the heart beat of the authoritarian theory is designed to protect the status quo and existing social order mainly biased towards the ruling elite and those that are in authority. The authoritarian →
  6. Good essay on comparison-contrast
    It is not a coincindence that some people would say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus although we belong to the same species, there is a lot of discrepancy in our physiology, psychology, sensual perceptions as well as often in social functions. Of course there are →
  7. Compare and contrast bodies of work by two artists you have studied. in your discussion, address the significance of intentions to their practise. chris o’doherty and lin onus
    The artworks in which will be compared and contrasted are Chris O'Doherty's Aussie Jesus series, including " Aussie Jesus at the Football" available in poster, calendar and t-shirt form and Lin Onus' three metre mixed media installation " Fruit Bats" Although both artists are Australian, Chris O'Doherty is an Anglo-Saxon Australian and →
  8. Compare and contrast the ways in which carol ann duffy presents female characters
    In Little Red Cap Duffy presents presents how young female characters will go to unimaginable measures to get what they need.' sweet sixteen, never been, babe, waif, bought me a drink' The vulnerability and courage she has to get what she wants, that Little Red Cap needs to know the wolfs tricks and tips for →
  9. Othello compare and contrast
    Iago acknowledges to Roderigo that Cassio knows not " the division of a battle" , is " without practice [in] all his soldiership" , and is " a great arithmetician". Cassio is comparatively quick to forgive the discharge and insists upon his loyal service.
  10. Contrast between iago and othello is the most important contrast in the play essay sample
    In the play Othello, there are many forms of contrast, one of which is the contrast between the characters of Othello and Iago, which could be argued as being the most important contrast in the play. He rarely explicitly states that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair, but instead uses Othello's belief that he →
  11. Compare and contrast texas constitution and new hampshire constitution
    Whether or not Texas should change its constitution in order to ensure the effectiveness of legislative session in a given time frame is still in debate. One of the major and most obvious similarities that appears in almost every state's constitution is the freedom of religion. Article 3 of Part II of →
  12. Appeals compare and contrast essay
    To be sure that he is imprinted as a " heroine" for saving the roman empire he makes Mark Anthony go, knowing that the audience will believe him for he was Caesars best friend. Brutus makes sure that he implies him as a good guy by giving him restrictions on what he →
  13. Compare and contrast federal and state prisons
    The Pennsylvania and the New York penitentiary systems form the basis are penitentiary systems in the United States. Hattery, 2007) The Pennsylvania system was introduced into American society by the Quakers and is far and away the more conservative of the two penitentiary systems.
  14. Compare and contrast women at home in ww1 and ww2
    Just before World War I began, women were beginning to break away from the traditional roles they had played at home. Throughout both World Wars, women in the United States faced similar challenges, however, during the Second World War; women were trusted with much more freedom andresponsibilitythan they had in the First World War. While →
  15. Compare contrast teens and adults
    For example, as a teen you only have to worry about school and doing your chores at home. The differences between being a teen an adult as I have described, are drastic.
  16. Compare and contrast of nigeria and south africa essay sample
    In both Nigeria and South Africa are being mistreated by the westerners and that is one of the many problems they are currently trying to fix. In Nigeria many different problems occur. The apartheid caused many of the blacks to be mistreated by the whites and the government.
  17. Compare and contrast "genesis" and "penetrating to the heart of the forest",
    Although there are many similarities present, a distinct difference is made between " Genesis" and " Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest" in that " Genesis" is a mythical narrative while " Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest" is an adaptation of a mythic story in the form of a short →
  18. Contrast three works of da vinci with three of michelangelo
    Leonardo Da Vinci is known as " the renaissance man" because of his achievements in art, invention, military engineering, and science. In contrast to lifelike responses of the news; Jesus is quiet but the light of the landscape surrounding him emphasizes his suffering.
  19. Compare and contrast "the alba madonna” and "deposition” essay sample
    Compare and Contrast " The Alba Madonna" and " Deposition" Essay Sample Compare and Contrast " The Alba Madonna" and " Deposition" Two great works of art, both done at different times by different artist, have similar features and can be portrayed in the same light. In both paintings there is so →
  20. Compare and contrast two nursing theories essay sample
    I chose to contrast the Nicely article , using Virginia Henderson's theory, with the Merrit article , using Hildegard Peplau's theory. Virginia Henderson's theory centers around immediate care of the physical needs of the patient and family, emphasizing deep caring. Nicely's article organizes patient care for the brain-dead patient according to Henderson's 14 →
  21. Slavery paper: compare and contrast arguments about slavery using douglass autobiography essay
    This is much in contrast to some of the other writers who have written about slavery from their own experiences like Harriet Jacobs who was not even aware that she was a slave. Douglas always strove to be free and he recognized patters in behavior that slaveholders exhibited to keep the slaves happy and in →
  22. Compare and contrast the dictatorships of hitler and stalin
    Both Hitler and Stalin can using the existing affordable circumstance to help them to power; promising everything the Germans and Russians wanted. Unlike Stalin, Hitler was great at making speeches however they were both devious and callous leaders. Neither Hitler or Stalin thought in democracy but they still had very various beliefs. In both cases →
  23. Bin laden and hitler: compare and contrast
    In 1933 Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany and by 1935 started limiting the rights of Jews in the country, and by the late 1930's, Hitler was the dictator of Germany. He wanted the Third Reich to be the only power in the world and he wanted to be in control of it all.
  24. Compare and contrast plato`s critos to king`s letter
    The letter also justifies the use of those tactics criticized by King's fellow clergymen, and offers a spiritual and philosophical basis for King and his fellow activists' actions. In may ways, the letter is similar to the dialogue between Socrates and Crito in " The Crito" when Socrates is facing execution for his own civil →
  25. Compare and contrast women of the bible essay sample
    The main difference was in how those qualities were used and whom the women served and worshiped Jezebel was a Phoenician princess, a daughter of the king and queen of the rich coastal city-state of Sidon. Esther is the beautiful virgin selected to marry Ashasuerus, the King of Persia after the King banishes →

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  1. Literature review on a comparison and contrast of cathedral and what we talk about when we talk about
    The actual context of the story is in the narrator's house, where Robert is coming to visit after losing his wife. This theme of love in the cathedral is similar to that in the short story ' what we talk about when we talk about love'.
  2. Comparison and contrast of it had to be murder and rear window essay examples
    In addition, one of the neighbors in the movie had a cat whereas no pet was mentioned in the short story. The only similar neighbors in both the short story and the movie were Lars Thorwald and his sick wife. The Jeffries in the movie was indicated to be working as a photographer, which required →
  3. Compare and contrast the chinese and russian revolutions
    Another differences was the characterization of the Russian revolution by World war 1 leading to the revolt against a ruling Tsar while China, was not affected by the war was more of acivil warbetween the nationalists and Mao's peasants. Even so, both nations ended up with Communist revolutions, following the proletariat ruling →
  4. Compare and contrast the revolutions
    First the Americans, then the French, and ending with the English. Next the started with the revolt of the thirteen American colonies.
  5. Compare and contrast the odyssess and o'brother where art thous
    The telling of the stories are both different but the plot of the stories are similar. The last plot similarity was between the Lotus-Eaters, in The Odysseys and the baptism of the men in O'Brother Where Art Thou.
  6. Essay on comparison and contrast of paintings of two artists
    It is important to mention here that Childe is one of the titles of the olden times that were given to the male offspring of a nobleman. Among the people in the front, the man in a habit of monks is regarded as Childe Harold. It was in 1920s that Turner developed a strong admiration →
  7. Compare and contrast poems
    In " Anthem for Doomed Youth" and " dulce et decorum est," Wilson Owen strategically manipulates diction to illustrate the theme of the reality of war, and in doing this, sheds a light on the dreadful impact that war has. Wilson utilizes strong connotations of words in both of his poems. The blood paints a →
  8. Compare and contrast eros poems essay sample
    These few lines tell the reader that the poet is confused by Eros and that he is also the dictator of the human heart, which portrays to us that humans suffer from love. It is clearly evident through imagery, antithesis, diction, and paradox that the poet seems to be trying to figure out the complex →
  9. A contrast of morality and individual feeling
    Chinese literature in the early years highlighted the ways of the people in China and the issues that affected them. The death of Bohe in The sea of Regrets and that of Arens in Stones in the Sea, are an anti-climax.
  10. Compare and contrast the aca’s 5 moral principles with clinton & ohlschlager’s 7 virtues
    The seven virtues are composed of the following: accountabilityand truth-telling, responsibilityto love one another, fidelity to integrity, trustworthiness in keeping confidentiality, competent beneficence, humility in justice, and sufferability. Autonomy is defined as " the freedom of clients to choose their own direction" (Corey, G., Corey, M.S., & Callanan. The virtue of the responsibility to love →
  11. Compare and contrast (morality) between single-parents child and two parents child
    While children from single parents may be given the same attention and care that children with two parents have, they nevertheless lack other values in other aspects. For example, a child raised by a single parent would have inadvertently thought that the parent is promoting premarital and extra-marital pregnancy, which in fact →
  12. Compare/contrast: the great gatsby
    The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is a book filled with twists and turns of events from beginning to end. Because of this, Gatsby is one to strive in being a people pleaser and a thoughtful host.
  13. Jay gatsby & eponine from les miserables: compare & contrast essay
    Gatsby is the main character in the book " The Great Gatsby," while Eponine is one of the characters in the book " Les Miserables". Gatsby is a noted habitual liar. He was kind to everyone and was ready to use his money to please people. In one of the parties he organized, he gave →
  14. Compairing and contrast (using car as a means of transport and using a motorcycle)
    This paper briefly compares and contrasts car and motorcycle as means of transport. Comparison of car and motorcycle as means of transport Car is more comfortable for traveling for many people compared to motorcycle because of the immense comfort it provides to the passengers. On hot seasons, the motorcyclist needs to suffer extreme heat →
  15. Compare and contrast any two versions of a fairytale of your choice essay
    This is in stark contrast to the Brothers Grimm version in which it is the Prince who pursues his love, and the fact that Cinderella does not tell him who she is and runs away three times, this shows the insecurity of the heroine and highlights her fragile character. The customary portrayal of Cinderella is →
  16. Compare and contrast two authors’ representations of masculinity
    The authors' used their protagonists' interactions and conflicts with Darcy and Rochester to delineate the ideal model of masculinity through their emotional maturity, allowing them to join in a unity of equality with the protagonists'. The male character was used as a vehicle to convey the authors' political, social and cultural opinions and they had →
  17. Compare and contrast michelangelo's david with bernini's version
    David's expression is cool and enigmatic, which distances the viewer and encourages contemplation of his beauty rather than empathy with the story of David and Goliath. Bernini's David, on the other hand, is leaning to one side, in a bent position. This is an open form sculpture which interacts with the space around it in →
  18. Compare and contrast pieces of art
    Dying Gallic Trumpeter Verses the Column of Trajan in Rome The " Dying Gallic Trumpeter" is a marble sculpture found in Julius Caesar's garden, in Rome. This paper seeks to highlight the similarities and the differences between the " Dying Gallic Trumpeter" and the " Column of Trajan" in terms of balance of style, function, →
  19. Compare and contrast essay
    One example where Beowulf shows strength was when he was hanging onto Grendel, Grendel started to jump around and tried to fling Beowulf off, Grendel failed to get Beowulf off so it ended up Beowulf killing the monster by ripping his arm off. Another example of bravery that Beowulf showed was when he went to →
  20. A compare and contrast of the kindle fire and the nook tablet
    The greatest difference between these two products is in relation to content. The Kindle Fire has a generous selection of applications whereas the Nook Tablet' s selection is average. In terms of deception the storage was not the only feature that misled buyers of the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire.
  21. Compare and contrast charlie gordon
    Charlie wanted to be smart, before the operation Charlie was gullible, his " friends" would make fun of him but he never realized it and he was happy. Charlie wanted to be smart and never realized he was smart in his own way.
  22. "last of the mohicans” book and movie contrast essay sample
    " Last of the Mohicans" Book and Movie Contrast Essay Sample While watching " Last of the Mohicans" I found that there are many differences between the book, and the movie. As I stated before, there are many differences between the book and the movie.
  23. Contrast in conrad’s heart of darkness
    Of the many contrast in " Heart of Darkness" the difference of light and dark and the difference between the Thames River and the Congo River are the most obvious. The biggest contrast in " Heart of Darkness" is the difference between light and dark.
  24. Compare/contrast: antigone and creon
    She has lost her brother and her family is very mad with her, since they have also been brought into the conflict. She is lead by her emotions and what her heart tells her to do.
  25. Compare and contrast
    The current discourse hereby presents a comparative analysis of these authors' written accounts of their experiences towards becoming writers. There were similarities that were exhibited in these articles in terms of the backgrounds of the authors. On the other hand, Tan narrated her mother's experiences as influential and contributory to her development of proficiency in →

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