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Founder of boeing

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William E. Boeing was the founder of The Boeing Company founded in 1916 in Seattle, Washington. William Boeing bought Heath’s shipyard in Seattle, Washington on the Duwamish River, which became his first airplane factory. He left Yale University in 1903 to Northwest timber industry to take advantage of opportunities and experience that would serve him well in aviation.

He built a tiny airplane manufacturing company; Boeing grew into a huge and well known corporation. In 1934, Boeing dispersion the Boeing Company due to the post-Depression legislation. He sold off his interest of the airplane company but continued to work on other vocation. He took up the cause and become the most successful breeders of thoroughbred horses.

Even so, he volunteered as a consultant to the company during World War II because he never lost the enthusiasm and interest in aviation. He lived until 1956, long enough to see the company he started enter the jet age.


Orville and Wilbur Wright were the first inventors of the airplane and they were successfully lifted above the ground and sustainably took flight and landed safely. Inventors soon continued to improve on airplanes which soon led to the invention of jet propulsion engines.

William E. began building floatplanes near Seattle, Washington and built up the Boeing Airplane Company in 1916 in Boeing is the world’s most successful and oldest existing aerospace company.

In 1933 the Boeing 247 was introduced as the first modern airliner. It was the first twin engine passenger airline that could fly on one engine. As the technology has been improving and advanced, human has landed to the moon. Boeing isn’t just an Aerospace company, but also a weapon and defense supplier which began in the mid 1950s. Technology had advanced significantly giving Boeing the opportunity to be the first to create the guided short-ranged missile. By 1958, Boeing had delivered the 707, which was the United States first commercial jet airliner. Today, the main commercial products are the 737, 747 767 and the 777 families of airplanes and Boeing Business Jet.

Mission and vision of Boeing

Mission Statement

The Mission of Boeing is to value leadership, integrity, quality, customer satisfaction and a diverse and involved team. They put in time and effort to make the best of what they do which is to work together as a global company for the Aerospace leadership.

Vision Satement

People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace leadership by run a healthy core businesses, leverage our strengths into new products and services and open new frontiers. There are certain business imperatives on which Boeing places a very strong emphasis. * Detailed customer knowledge and focus that understand, anticipate and respond to customer needs. * Large-scale systems integration that continually develops and advances technical excellence. * A lean enterprise characterized by efficiency, supplier management, short cycle times, high quality and low transaction costs.

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