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Finding forester essay

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The film Finding Forester is a great production, this movie has an ability to capture ones eye. In such an ordinary place, where people might not think to look for such excellence, a young man by the name of Jamal Walker has proceeded to find it. Finding Forester was directed by Gus Van Sant and it is produced by Sean Connery, Laurence Mark, and Rhande Tollefson. The Film was released in December 19, 2000. This production takes place in Bronx, New York in the 1990’s. Finding Forester is an excellent film and has many good qualities.

While Jamal Walker “ Rob Brown” plays basketball with his friends, an old mysterious man watches them “ Sean Connery”. This film is about a young African American teen that inspires to be a writer but is held back because of the school he is in. His homework is bad but of all things his test scores are phenomenal. This catches the eyes of a very prestigious school. Yet he doesn’t quite know if he should go or not. One night he and his friends are playing basketball and one of Jamal’s friends wants him to invade William’s apartment. With this daring provocation, he accepts.

When he realizes William was up, it’s too late. He runs out the fire escape, dropping his bag and all his new school supplies. Once he gets the nerve to retrieve his belongings, he does and of all things William critiqued his work. With this, a new bond has formed. He goes back to William’s apartment to have more of his school work. In this a new friendship is formed. Jamal goes to William’s apartment almost every day, so that William can help Jamal with his studies. School assigns Jamal a true American novel, and of all things its Williams book. As Jamal gets used to school, he also gets used to William.

Williams’s friendship with Jamal is a strong one. It was strong enough for William to show his compassion for Jamal. Editing is key in a film; Finding Forester did a great job with this film technique. During the fade in and fade out the editing is exquisite but during the fade in/fade out on the baseball field to William’s apartment the black screen was presented a little too long. One technique I had trouble noticing because it was very well executed was the hand held camera. I noticed during the championship game, after Jamal shoots his last game tying shot.

He looks at Crawford which is one of Jamal’s professors and I could hardly tell it was hand held. Lighting is always one of the most important techniques in a film. The key light in Williams’s apartment is almost a mysterious theme to it. The key light is very dim and dark. This fits William’s personality. During the championship game the set light was not good at all. I couldn’t see the fans as much as I wanted to. The scene with Claire and Jamal flirting was a close up. It represented the want and desire for one another was fantastic which helped with the acting also.

During the championship game before Jamal enters the court is a slow motion shot which captures the suspense and importance of the moment. The pace of the scene during the baseball game where William gets lost is considered a fast pace shot. The film Finding Forester is a great production, this movie has an ability to capture ones eye. This film wouldn’t usually capture my eye it did. I think this film a great production because of all its well executed film techniques such as its lighting and acting. Finding Forester is a well written film and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a well written and acted film.

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