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Financial strain in the family

FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE Family and Consumer Science The book, Intimate Relationships, Marriages and Families give several teachings to those who have families, as well as those in the process of establishing one. In the book, the authors talks of financial strain as an essential thing for a happy marriage in that these strains strengthen the family bond. This is because it emphasizes the significance of married partners to understand one another, including their partner’s spending habits (Degenova, Rice, Nancy & Nick, 2010). This is only done after indulging the both parties’ finances. Having an understanding of family resources makes the parties aware of the strain; hence they try to support each other in order to work out the daily problems that may arise.
The book also discusses a vital aspect that is considered a link to a happy marriage. This aspect is known as the gender wage gap. Studies have revealed that, in every family, the two spouses are likely to be earning salaries, but one of them is most likely to earn more than the other. In a case where the earnings of the two have a wide gap; marriage is bound to have troubles (Degenova et al., 2010). However, if the gender wage gap can be narrowed such that no party complains or seems ignored a family is bound to be happy. Therefore, the gender wage gap should be made slim such that the difference cannot be noticed.
Lastly, debts are essential in marriage since it trains partners on trustworthiness. For a family to live in peace both parties should be trustworthy. Trustworthiness also applies to paying out debts since one’s honesty and trust is always considered before being given debts. Therefore, the two aspects (trust and honesty) are also essential for a family to be happy.
Degenova, M., Rice, P., Stinnet, Nancy & Stinnett, Nick. (2010). Intimate Relationships, Marriages and
Families. New York: Mcgraw Hill Publishers.

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