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24 May, Interview Summary and Reflection: I conducted the interview with a litigation attorney officer. It took about an hour for the interview to complete. The interview is 37 years of age. He has attained a law license (Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law), and a B. A. degree in Philosophy from the Binghamton University. The interviewee had worked for three years in a firm before starting his own. The interview remains in court in the morning until 1 pm after which, he gets in his office for the paper work. He goes to the court three to four days a week. Now seven years have passed since the start of practice. The interviewee has only one partner in his firm, and he himself fundamentally assumes the responsibility of the firm’s management. He chose this occupation because the work in it is enough to ensure an uninterrupted income. The following text discusses the crux of my discussion with the interviewee. I asked him about 19 questions. What he said in reply to those questions is mentioned in the text below: To possess the basic skills as an associate in a firm, one needs to have basic understanding of legal precedents, the ability to manage a heavy caseload, and the ability to behave professionally in court. The firm assigns responsibilities to the personnel according to the volume of work and the individualistic capabilities of individuals. Time management is compulsory for success of an insurance litigation lawyer. The interviewee said that he has developed interest in his field over the course of time. He was not very optimistic about it in the start, through with time, the routinely issues grabbed his attention. The interviewee said that in order to maintain a good clientele in this field, the employees must have good rapport with the customers. The interviewee remains eager to bring positive changes in the work, and would like to improve the time management as he can usually not manage to pay due attention to all issues in time. The law has made the customers adapt their practices according to the changes made in it recently. The interviewee likes interacting with his colleagues and judges in the court. The volume of work occasionally grows too large to feel comfortable with, though he considers it part of the game. Bringing our discussion to a decent ending, I asked the interviewee what skills are essentially required by an individual to excel in this field. To my question, he replied that in order to excel in this field, present mindedness is vital. One needs to be sharp enough to quickly respond to new and emerging issues in a rational way. Also, one should be well versed with all the laws and should have sufficient understanding of legal issues. Self confidence is another essential quality needed in this field. It was a very informative interview, and I got an opportunity to learn a great deal about the responsibilities and routine work of a litigation attorney officer. It was, undoubtedly, a great learning opportunity for me as well as a big honor of having the attention of a successful litigation attorney officer.

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