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Film School There’s nothing better than entering another world where the hero saves the day, the villain prevails, or the hopeless romantic finds histrue love. And me, the viewer, gets swept into it all of this action as a participant, cheering on the sideline hoping to get invited to play. As I grew up, I realized the great influence movies have on their viewers, and also how society in turn can influences movies. Movies like, ” Jar Head” and Oliver Stone’s, ” W.” were created as a direct result of what was happening in the world from a socio-political point of view. Therefore, I believe people can examine their own society through the movies and as an aspiring film-maker, I hope to someday touch lives by creating films that examine this society
Movies like ” Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” and ” The Departed,” gave me inspiration. After I graduated from high school my parents suggested that I take time off to find myself, it was difficult not being a student nor working and giving to the community. However, through watching films, I realized that no matter what kind of movie it was, every movie provided great insight and a message about life. I found myself researching why certain filmmakers decided to tackle a theme or what the inspiration was that launched their idea. For example, Martin Scorsese, the Producer and Director of, ” Gangs of New York” had a personal interest in portraying the historical makings of Gotham City. His curiosity about his own city provoked him to create a piece of work that could be shared with a large audience. The Director, Ang Lee became another inspiration. His ability to cross the cultural, societal and linguistic barriers amazed me. Lee’s leap from strictly small Chinese films to worldwide award winners gave me hope that I too could stir the hearts and minds of society. These two directors, and many others compelled me to be a part of the industry that had such an effect on me.
My interest in film grew when my friend who was a film major asked me to volunteer for her horror movie. I helped her choose the background music and move equipment. After this project, I volunteered two more times with other independent directors. Although the work I did seemed menial and insignificant, the exposure to the film making process taught me how hard it is to make one single scene, let alone a whole film. The teamwork involved in the making of the movie dictates the greatness of it.
As I grappled with the traditional majors and careers that were expected of me in Korea, I always came back to the choice of filmmaking. Upon this decision, I came to America to study and major in film. If my films can make people look at the world differently by viewing it through the eyes of another person then that is my goal. Movies continue to define an age, a culture, an era, and I strive to become a part of this tradition where I can contribute to society in the way I know I can do best, by filmmaking.

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