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Introduction Slide 1 Background Slide 2 http://www. bluebanana. com/article. php/191/boardmasters-festival The awesome Relentless Boardmasters festival is one of the most recognised surfing events in the country and has everything you could possibly need for a weekend away. You’ve gotmusic, a surfing event, skating and a whole load more so you’ll never run out of things to do! Where all of the biggest names in surf, BMXing and music come together, Boardmasters is the music event you must check out this summer.

Located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, watch the sun set over the cliff top and get ready for a long night of dancing and buzzing music. The Relentless Boardmasters festival offers an eclectic array of solo artists, rock bands and pop groups, you’ll discover some fresh faces as well as some tracks you’ll want to download the second you return home. You’ll be getting a full five days of sea, sun and a whole load of sand, as well as late night entertainment and world famous sportspeople. With an awesome area designated for festival camping, you won’t want to leave and will be returning year after year.

So for fun filled days atthe beachpacked with entertainment, what more could you want from the Relentless Boardmasters Festival? To get a better feel of the Relentless Boardmasters festival and what it’s about we’ve provided a summary guide of previous years events. We’ve included information on the types of acts and artists that have performed here and other background knowledge on the actual event. So reminisce with us now about some of the most awesome times celebrated at the Relentless Boardmasters festival over the years. History and now Slide 3 http://www. bluebanana. om/article. php/191/boardmasters-festival The Relentless Boardmasters festival was previously known as The Rip Curl Boardmasters Unleashed festival and is known as Europe’s biggest surf, skate and music event. The name was changed in 2009 due to a change in sponsors when the fantastic energy drink company Relentless took over. It has now been running for almost 30 years, celebrating its 30th anniversary in August 2011. Since 1981 the Relentless Boardmasters festival has been supplying you with top quality entertainment and sports from the awesome location of Newquay.

In 2008 the Relentless Boardmasters festival was headlined by Groove Armada, The Zutons, Audio Bullys, The Pigeon Detectives and Reverend and the Makers. It also contained the introduction and performances of Mystery Jets, Gallows and Ghost of A Thousand on the No Half Measures Stage. Attendees of the 2008 event were lucky enough to experience pleasant, summery weather at the Relentless Boardmasters festival and a line up which had something for everyone. In 2009 the name changed to Relentless Boardmasters and welcomed the first beach session down at Fistral Beach.

This year there was a wider range of acts performing at the festival, from The Streets to Master Shortie, there was something for all tastes and styles in 2009. Some of the most well known acts were; Calvin Harris, Roots Manuva, The King Blues, Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip and Noisettes. However, the highlight of the weekend was an awesome performance from headliners Cypress Hill. This year Relentless Boardmasters festival goers were also blessed with perfect weather and the weekend received fantastic reviews.

Most recently the 2010 Relentless Boardmasters festival was a huge success. There are now three main stages at the surfing event; Main Stage, Relentless Stage and Vans Off the Wall Music Stage. The beach sessions continue on Fistral Beach on the Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Examples of the 2010 highlights include; The Futureheads, Natty, Young Guns, Madina Lake, Chase and Status, Gallows, Plan B, Seasick Steve and Example. The headliners at Relentless Boardmasters festival were Newton Faulkner and Leftfield which both contributed to an awesome review for the entire weekend.

There are three main stages at the Relentless Boardmasters festival; Main Stage, Relentless Stage and Vans Off the Wall Music Stage. There are also smaller alternative stages such as; the View Stage, the Residential Dance Tent and the awesome Relentless Beach Sessions held down at Fistral Beach. Main Stage – With huge artists set to play, the Main stage is a playground of entertainment. Having seen bands from the likes of Newton Faulkner, Chase and Status, Calvin Harris, Example and a whole load more, the Main Stage is the place to park your body.

Relentless Stage – Perfect for providing you manic fans with music to give your ears the fix they’ve been waiting for, previous bands to have graced the stage include New Young Pony Club, Chase and Status, Crystal Fighters and Dwarves. Vans ‘ Off The Wall’ Stage – With a rawer sound blasting from this stage, if you’re in to harder music then this stage is the one to hang out at. Having had We Are The Ocean, Madina Lake, Chickenhawk and Everything Burns stealing the limelight. To check out the line up for the next festival, watch this space or head over to the official festival websites MAP

Entertainment at the Relentless Boardmasters festival covers the Watergate and Fistral Beach area, so you can relax knowing you’ll never get bored. Fistral Beach will keep your adrenaline pumping with their surf competition, BMX mini ramp and so much more. Meanwhile, Watergate contains the best music, bars and a variety of fair rides. With such a large scale area, there’s so much to do at the Relentless Boardmasters festival that you won’t know what to do first. The Relentless Boardmasters festival is the place to be if you’re after intense beats, bars to grab a pint and a place to check your facebook account.

Take a long walk across the golden beach and soak up some rays if you fancy chilling out. With shops nearby, grab your favourite brand from one of the quirky surf shops that are tucked away. In the heat of the sun get yourself a cool refreshment or a chilled pint from any one of the Relentless Boardmasters beach bars found on Fistral beach. Growth of Festival 4 My village attracts over 90, 000 unique fans to celebrate the UK’s longest running surf event at Fistral Beach and the music festival at Watergate Bay.

In recent years the Boardmasters has truly become ‘ Cornwall’s Festival’. Year on year the Boardmasters strives to enhance the event, not only for fans of the festival but also for the town of Newquay and Cornwall County. This is achieved through close workings with the relevant parties including the town and county councils, the emergency services, residents associations and local business. 2012 will once again see application for steady growth across the event in terms of capacity at the music festival site at Watergate Bay and its neighbouring campsite.

The increased accommodation should allow a comfortable entry for new visitors to Newquay, bringing with them increased spending and vital repeat tourism. Stakeholders 5 My village Newquay Town Mayor, Andy Hannam said; “ I am pleased to hear that the organisers of the successful Boardmasters event are returning to Newquay for 2012. I personally attended both days of the festival last year enjoying the world class surfing and vast, varied range of music. I was impressed with the way the event was organised and enjoyed by all that took part.

Putting on this kind of event is a very difficult balancing act making sure that the people taking part don’t impact in a negative way on the residents living close to the venue. The feedback I received after the event was mainly positive and many lessons are being learned and we will work with the organisers to continue making improvements. I am sure that every effort will be made this year to continue improving the interaction between the Town and the event and Newquay will benefit from the increased visitor numbers we can expect over the weekend. The Boardmasters is a Cornish business and is the busiest week in Newquay’s calendar. As a direct result of the event, visitor spending exceeds ? 5 million throughout the county. The event itself hires over 300 event staff across 20 local businesses as well as using over 30 Cornish contractors and all catering concessions are Cornish based wherever possible. Malcolm Bell, head of Visit Cornwall said; “ Boardmasters is the high point of the summer season on the North Coast of Cornwall and especially in Newquay.

Not only does it contribute almost ? 20million to the local economy but more importantly it delights and thrills tens of thousands of happy visitors. If you love Cornwall, love the beach, love surfing or watching surfing and love great live acts then Newquay and Boardmasters is where you must be this summer. ” Management 6 Business Opps 7 Environmental Implications Slide 8 Sustainibility Slide 9 http://www. relentlessenergy. com/features/surfers-against-sewage-at-boardmasters. html SAS at Relentless Energy Drink Boardmasters

Surfers Against Sewage’s stand will be present at Relentless Energy Drink Boardmasters, where they will organise daily beach cleans and environmental sessions, and introduce a very intriguing sounding giant board game called Marineopoly. If you want to become a member of SAS, head to their website via their link below. The first 50 people to quote Relentless at sign-up will receive a free and exclusive ACTIVIST t-shirt, as well as all the other member benefits (stickers, a quarterly magazine, posters, a keyring, a 10% discount at their store, exclusive competitions and partner offers and more).

If you want to know more, make sure you check out their stand and find out about the excellent work that they do. A very welcome addition to Boardmasters http://myvillage. com/article/relentless-energy-drink-boardmasters-2012 Matthew Owen, director of Cool Earth said; The Boardmasters firmly upholds its eco conscience each year. All waste is recycled wherever possible and twice daily beach cleans ensure nothing is left behind. Further to this, the event supports two strong charities, Surfers against Sewage and Cool Earth.

Last year, Boardmasters and Cool Earth protected acres of Peruvian rainforest fromdeforestation, locking in 8000 tonnes of CO2 and saving the habitat of 17 endangered species. “ Boardmasters put on the best festival of the year and, with Cool Earth, saved 40 acres of rainforest from certain destruction. Let’s do it again this year. Every single act at Boardmasters saved trees in the rainforest with Cool Earth. We’ve never seen a festival so switched on to saving the world. Great acts, great surf and 40 acres of rainforest kept standing. No other festival can compete. ” Healthand Safety slide 10

Media Coverage Slide 11 Marketing Slide 12 Wrap up Slide 13 Other Stuff Read more: http://www. thisissomerset. co. uk/Licensee-hits-limits-Boardmasters-music/story-18286420-detail/story. html#ixzz2NQJbBnmd Follow us: @thisiscornwall on Twitter | thisiscornwall on Facebook Restrictions on the volume and times music is permitted on a Westcountry beach could threaten the future of one of the region’s top musical and surfing gatherings. Cornwall Council’s licensing committee has decided that music at Newquay’s Fistral Beach has to stop at 11. 30pm and not exceed 65 decibels.

The reduction in the time music can be played, which was previously 30 minutes later, at midnight, has come after complaints by some residents who live near the beach. John Lenton, whose company, Fistral Leisure Ltd, was the subject of a licence review by Cornwall Council’s environmental protection team, said the council conditions were now jeopardising the music element of the Boardmasters Festival, Newquay’s biggest event of the year. Mr Lenton holds a licence to stage events at the beach’s car park, including music and a skate competition over three days in August as part of the Boardmasters Festival, this year from August 7 to 11.

The committee carried out a review of the Fistral beach car park and ordered that background music from both indoors and outside sources will cease by 11. 30pm. The committee ordered that amplified music will be kept to levels that are acceptable to surrounding businesses. The levels are 65 decibels at one monitoring point and 50 decibels at another. An additional condition is that the licensee will monitor the noise at two locations highlighted on the acoustic report at least once an hour while regulated entertainment is being undertaken.

Mr Lenton said four or five people living on Esplanade Road had complained about music, the surfing and skating commentary, and even RNLI beach safety announcements. He holds a licence to stage events at the beach’s car park, including music and a skate competition over three days as part of the Boardmasters Festival. Mr Lenton said: ” When are the council officers going to start backing local businesses? ” Boardmasters is the biggest event of the year and they are trying to push the event out of town. ” It is all over by midnight. It isn’t as if it goes on until 4am.

Boardmasters should be thanked, not punished, for holding the event in Newquay – 90 per cent of the town is behind it and businesses rely on it. There will come a time when Boardmasters gets tired of being told off. ” Council officers monitored noise levels at properties on Esplanade Road, located at the southern end of Fistral beach, between August 9 and 15 last year. All events take place at the northern end. A report by environmental protection officer Miranda Flannigan states that the team had received numerous complaints from residents and that Fistral Leisure Ltd had been contacted over ” poor management”

It added: ” Well-run and well-organised events are welcomed. However, the events relating to the particular licence have had a detrimental effect on residents. ” Read more: http://www. thisissomerset. co. uk/Licensee-hits-limits-Boardmasters-music/story-18286420-detail/story. html#ixzz2NQJWqmHX Follow us: @thisiscornwall on Twitter | thisiscornwall on Facebook Read more: http://www. thisissomerset. co. uk/Licensee-hits-limits-Boardmasters-music/story-18286420-detail/story. html#ixzz2NQJOqQgL Follow us: @thisiscornwall on Twitter | thisiscornwall on Facebook ttp://www. newquayvoice. co. uk/news/5/article/3503/ Malcolm Bell, head of tourism at VisitCornwall, says the surf, skate, BMX and music festival generates an annual ? 18. 8 million to the Cornish economy. The statistic was highlighted during his speech at the Headland Hotel ahead of work getting underway to set up this year’s event, which will be held at Fistral Beach between August 10 and 14. The music festival will be staged at Watergate Bay on August 12 and 13, featuring Fatboy Slim, Klaxons, Eliza Doolittle and Stereo MC’s.

Mr Bell said: “ In 2009 we did an economic impact of the Boardmasters by talking to tens of thousands of people to find out their total spend. We found there is an ? 18. 8 million impact as a direct result because of the Boardmasters, which equates to 80% going to Newquay and 20% to the rest of Cornwall. “ Cynics would say a lot of people would be coming to Newquay and Cornwall anyway. But if you have the most cynical view I have no hesitation in stating there is a ? 4. 75 million boost coming from people who would never have come anywhere near Newquay and Cornwall if it was not for the Boardmasters. The event is bigger since 2009 so the amount ofmoneygenerated is even more. “ Cornwall has got an interesting relationship with Newquay. It is love hate. Other parts of Cornwall tend to be negative, which irritates me. “ The Boardmasters bringing in tens of thousands of people shows what Newquay is about. People now want to know when the Boardmasters is on. In terms of promoting Newquay and Cornwall it is brilliant. ” Andrew Topham, from organisers Sports Vision said: “ We are celebrating not only 30 years, but this year will be a six star event with a women’s and longboard category. There are 200 surfers taking part and the music event has got Fatboy Slim and the Klaxons headlining. There will also be 150 others acts. ” An official warm-up event to get everyone in the mood for the Relentless Boardmasters festival will be staged at Bunters in Truro on Friday, featuring rockers Max Raptor, indie folkers The Travelling Band, plus support from the Suitenoir and singer songwriters Tom Law and Joss White. There will also be lots of Boardmasters giveaways. http://www. cornwall. gov. uk/default. aspx? page= 32060 Issued on behalf of the Newquay Safe Partnership

As Newquay prepares to welcome enthusiastic festival goers to this years Boardmasters event, Newquay Safe partners continue to work closely together to promote safety and to reiterate that anti social behaviour will not be tolerated. Europe’s only surf, skate and music festival returns to Newquay from 8-12 August with thousands of revellers expected to enjoy the ultimate lifestyle experience against the backdrop of our spectacular coastline and welcoming town. Steve Kessell from VisitNewquay says: “ Boardmasters is a prestigious event in two great locations – Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay.

The festivals mix of high level beach based sport and the music festival compliments Newquay’s visitor profile of families and younger visitors seeking a vibrant night time experience. As one of the nations favourite seaside resorts Newquay remains a top holiday choice and events such as Boardmasters add excitement to the holiday menu. ” Eve Wooldridge, Manager of the Newquay Business Improvement District, says, “ Boardmasters is a majorly important footfall, accommodation and customer spend driver for Newquay’s overall economy and there is a plethora of day and night-time events that appeal to families, couples and young people alike.

All of the involved local businesses are gearing up for a successful week and many run corresponding events or promotions around the Boardmasters. It is helpful to see the joined-up working of the various organisations around Newquay Safe and we look forward to seeing thousands of people enjoying our natural surroundings and making the most of the positive Boardmasters experience. ” As part of Newquay Safe’s partnership working, the night time Street Safe portacabin will be operating during Boardmasters.

Funded and supported by Newquay Town Council, the portacabin is staffed by Devon and Cornwall Police and South Western Ambulance Service. The Street Safe mobile unit will also be out and about to help people in need anywhere in central Newquay with help, advice, support and assistance available for anyone who needs it; whether it is a lost wallet or bag or a safe place to gather their thoughts. Working closely with Street Safe are the local christian organisation, Street Pastors who support the Police, Ambulance Service, Street Marshals and other partners by helping anyone in need of assistance.

Volunteer teams work on Friday nights into the early hours of Saturday morning to help anyone who appears vulnerable or worried. They work closely with the police, ambulance services and Street Safe project by providing a listening voice and pastoral support for people who want it. They are also able to signpost people to other services if they need to. This year the ranks of the Street Pastors have been swelled by extra volunteers coming to Newquay from other parts of the country.

Newquay Street Pastor Maria Bunyan says: “ We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received and delighted to welcome volunteers from as far afield as Cheshire who have come to boost our numbers and offer their help. ” To keep traffic moving during the Boardmasters event, Headland Road will be closed from Wednesday to Sunday and there will be a park and ride on the A3075 near Trevemper, to take people into town, for the duration of Boardmasters.

Town Clerk of Newquay, Andy Curtis confirmed “ Boardmasters is becoming widely recognised as a key part of Newquay’s annual event calendar, bringing many new faces to the Town. Newquay Town Council and Newquay Safe partners work very hard with the organisers each year to ensure the event is developed in a safe and sustainable way; addressing many issues which naturally arise from such a heavy volume of people and vehicular traffic in and around Newquay.

We look forwards to this year’s event and welcoming the local and national festival-goers to our town. ” Newquay Police will be continuing their No Nonsense campaign to reduce crime and disorder in the popular seaside resort. The robust approach has yielded encouraging results so far this summer leading to a decrease in crime figures and making the resort a better experience for all visitors.

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