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Ezscan: new diagnostic tool

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Diabetes is defined as a lifelong chronic illness in which a patient will record high sugar levels in the blood. This illness requires continuous medical care to prevent complications and to reduce the risk of developing long-term complications. Treatment of diabetes is complex and requires many medical issues to be addressed. Diabetes has to be diagnosed early to ensure effective treatment. Early diagnosis will prevent the illness from causing destruction to other parts of the body system, for example, kidney. An effective and specific diagnostic tool will screen diabetes and identify patients at risks. Diagnostic tools for diabetes were based on plasma glucose criteria. The tools would either use the fasting plasma glucose (FPG) or the 2-h value in the 75-g oral tolerance test (OGTT).
A new diagnostic tool has been developed recently EZSCAN is a diagnostic tool developed by Impeto Medical. It is used to identify patients that have increased risks of developing diabetes. This new tool makes use of sweat gland function and it will be able to detect a patient who has a risk for insulin resistance and diabetes. Research on the evidence-based diagnostic tool shows medical practitioners will obtain accurate and clear results regarding individuals’ risk of developing diabetes. EZSCAN has no errors compared to some diagnostic tools such as fasting plasma glucose (FPG). It is non-invasive and easy to operate since it runs for only three minutes and has made it possible for numerous other applications which including; monitor treatment based on insulin resistance, assist in developing programs for prevention of diabetes and to diagnose an increased risk of diabetes. EZCAN also offers a number of advantages over regular blood tests when it is used for screening for pre-diabetes. It is a painless method and the results will be obtained within a short while unlike in blood tests where results will be obtained after a number of days. The results will be displayed on a graph that has been color-coded therefore making interpretation of results to be an easy task.
Diabetes has been identified as a common health condition among older adults. Older adults who have been diagnosed with diabetes are associated with high chances of developing coexisting illnesses such as stroke and hypertension. These older adults are also linked with high risks of premature death, common geriatric syndromes as well as functional disability. Use of EZSCAN as a diagnostic tool in older adults has benefits. It will assist in intensively controlling blood sugar, glycemia, and lipids in the adults’ bodies. These patients will, therefore, live for a longer period as a result of the long-term benefits of intensive management of diabetes. These patients are also more likely to benefit from reduced risks arising from microvascular complications. EZSCAN can detect dysglycemia while it is still in its early stages. It can also detect kidney disease in diabetic patients. This diagnostic tool can be used to determine other diseases in a diabetic patient Treatment will, therefore, be administered accordingly so as to deal with complications of diabetes as well.
EZSCAN has made it possible to identify individuals at a risk of developing diabetes, unlike test that was used in previous years. This new diagnostic tool is easy to use compared to other tools like the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). The fasting blood sugar measurement is not as sensitive as the EZSCAN as a screening tool. EZSCAN is, therefore, an accurate diagnostic tool since it has reasonable specificity and sensitivity. It is now being used widely in hospitals to identify individuals who are at risk of developing diabetes. This may bring about necessary changes regarding treatment of diabetes EZSCAN will enable individuals to understand the concepts of regulation of blood glucose in the management of diabetes.

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