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Executive summary

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Executive summary Executive summary The Computer Galore Company deals in the repair and supply of computer parts. Further, the company also provides services after the end of warranty to its customers. The use of computers has increased especially in the big companies who use this to enhance their operation. This acted as the main trigger for company entering the market since the use of computers is now critical. Apart from servicing to the bigger companies, the company also looks forward to reaching the small businesses and households who are turning to the use of computers. The existing companies in the same industries have always despised the small businesses and the households in the provision of their services. Generally, the advancement in technology has led to the increase in the use of computers worldwide even in the developing countries. This implies that there is increase in the demand for computers and the subsequent repair to the parts. This presents a chance for the company to offer its services worldwide.
The business was formed in February 13th 2011 with the founders being Michael McDonald and Ben Omogen. McDonald and Omogen are the directors for the company ensuring that the there is positive image of the firm in the market, especially to the investors. The company has employed two hundred and fifteen in all its five locations in USA. The main branch is in New York with the other branches being in California, Illinois, New Orleans, and Missouri.
In terms of performance, the company is in a good position in the market when considering the higher sales that it got in its last year operation. The company obtained an overall of $200, 000 compared to the $50, 000 in last year. This represents a growth of $150000 within just one year. The company also realized a net increase in its cash and cash equivalents of $41383 as shown in the income statement. Computer Galore complement the computer retail business by offering repair service after the computer’s warranty coverage has elapsed.
Computer Galore will engage in the selling of computer parts and software and is also engaged in the customization, upgrade, repair, virus removal and hard disk data recovery of computers (Du et al, 2008). The company intends to create a niche in the computer retail and service industry by providing customized computers as well as providing repair service at a significantly lower cost than competition delivered through an unparalleled customer service. It will work in synergy with the computer customization business as the skills needed in the repair component of the business can also be used in the assembly of computers.
In order to achieve maintain it production, the company seeks finance assistance from investors who would like to get huge return on their investments. The company has $90000 available for the project while the investors, PepsiCo have contributed $45000. This means that there is a requirement of $45000 to help the company reach $180000 required for increasing the number of branches in USA.
The company looks forward to establishing its branch in Africa and Southeast Asia since there are few companies who offer the same services in these countries. Further, the few companies existing in these regions do not always offer services after elapse of warranty. This implies that the company will act as sole provider of the services hence the assurance of higher return on investment (ROI).
Du, P. A., Van, D. V., & Cook, A. (2008). Computer hardware and software: [NCV level 3]. Cape Town: Pearson Education South Africa.

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