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Evaluative analysis

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Over the past months studying Film, I have developed many skills. I have familiarised myself with film terminology. I have learnt that micro and macro were the two biggest components of Film studies’ terminology.

Words such as stereotypes, synergy and Prop’s character’s types come under the micro aspects and macro which contains vocabulary on genre and narrative. This has helped me communicate my ideas and critique other people’s work. However the most important aspect that I learnt during the course was how important camera shots are. This is a fundamental point which is relevant while creating a high quality film. The film would be uninteresting no matter how good the narrative is.

After acquiring this knowledge I was able to apply this knowledge in the production task. My team thought about every single camera shot we used. This knowledge made us capable of making a high quality film. Whilst I was doing my film research I realised how politics and sensitive issues such as terrorism blend in with films. This inspired me to contribute these sensitive issues to the narrative of the production task.

When we were learning about cinematography, I particularly enjoyed learning about light. We used a reduced amount of lighting to create a dark effect creates a sinister atmosphere for the audience and makes the film more enjoyable for the production task. I learnt valuable marketing techniques such as releasing films as games, promotions and raising publicity by touching on sensitive issues. Marketing can really enhance a film’s popularity. We just need to target the role models of society then the two syringe theory takes place. This then helped me develop my pre production task and helped me raise countless ideas to market my film.

The most difficult part of the coursework was converting the Indian currency to American US dollars, but it was an essential skill that I learnt and I am grateful I had the opportunity to learn how to do that. I learnt about the troubles it takes to produce and distribute films and the costing of making a film reel which is then hired by the cinemas. Now whenever I watch a movie I appreciate the effort it has taken to make this movie. During my micro analysis of ‘ My Name Is Khan’ I investigated the micro elements of Film studies, such as cinematography, diegetic and non-diegetic sound. However I already had a basic understanding of camera shots, genre, and iconography through my previous course of Media studies.

Studying these aspects again enabled me to remember and relate to my mistakes I made in the previous course and improve on them. The fact that I had to revise many terms such as, ‘ codes’ and ‘ convections’ made me drill it into my cerebral cortex. During this piece of coursework I learnt how important sound is, it creates sympathy, anger and empathy. It taught me that sound was possibly the most important aspect of sound, as it builds up the narrative more than images. I learnt how all the micro aspects together make macro impact upon the film.

I was then able to reflect my understanding in the production task which showed me it was difficult to create and put sound in the correct places. For the preproduction task; l comprehended from the previous tasks that it is necessary to build a relationship between the audience and the characters, therefore I created merchandise such as teddy bears which is an object that conveys love and sentiment, this then draws the audience closer to then film, and makes them feel a certain amount of graciousness to the film resulting in second hand marketing because their love has been expressed throughout the product. Creating Billboards and sound tracks suggest to the audience there has been a huge investment in it which draws the audience to watch the film. From the preproduction task, I was able to demonstrate my understandings and expand on my knowledge on concepts such as synergy. Before starting Film GCSE I did a film course outside of school where we looked at representatives, from then onwards I was passionate about using a shape shifting character so in our production task, we used a shape shifting character within our narrative. The production task included issues from terrorism, murder, drugs and kidnapping, these are all sensitive issues which would draw the audience to it because they are personal issues to many of my target audience.

I wanted the 2 minutes sequence to teach the audience, or possibly remind the audience about karma to do this we used a mixture of macro and micro techniques. We used clock ticking and silences to match the heart rate of the audience this was the use of diegetic and non diegetic sounds. We used close ups to convey fear and vulnerable feeling amongst the audience. I was able to do this due to all the previous work we had done, especially the micro analysis where we had to look for the conventions of a scene that built tension, so we knew what we needed to do to build tension. It was difficult designing and creating a film clip that would thrill the film audiences of this generation.

The macro elements of the course shaped at the production and preproduction task, whilst writing the pitch, I had to come up with a narrative, and I had to use a genre and representation, this is where I learnt that macro is just as important as the micro elements of sound which makes me notice the little efforts which have been made to make a film more enjoyable. In conclusion, I have learnt ever so much about film and its impacts upon people and how these impacts are created. I have enjoyed all the work that has been thrown at me, and I appreciate the work and time it takes to create a film.

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