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Barak Obama as a Public Speaker Evaluating the qualities of a public speaker is generally regarded as a difficult task as it is involved with an observation of the speaker’s physical as well as vocal traits. Regarding the speeches of the present American President Obama, one can see that Obama possesses majority of the qualities of a public speaker. Analyzing the speeches of Obama, after and before the presidency elections it is well evident that he could attract the attention of a great number of mass who elected him as the president. As the posture of the speaker has a decisive role in a good speech, the speaker has to stand erect without leaning on the podium. While observing the speeches of Obama, we see him as possessing the first and foremost quality of an eloquent orator as mentioned earlier. Another notable feature of Obama is that he is always energetic and confident during his speeches that the long schedules or programs never did tire him. One dominant feature found in Obama’s speech is his ability to pause wherever necessary and resume the speech after observing or studying the audience. His style is identifiable when he began his Democrat Primary Victory Speech on 3rd June, 2008. The beginning, “ Tonight, after 54 hard-fought contests, our primary season has finally come to an end” (Democrat Primary Victory Speech, 2008) justifies the former statement. Obama could also begin the speeches with striking words, though not often with quotations, and maintain the flow of words tinted with poetical lines. He has enough voice projection and voice modulation that can enchant people to him. To conclude, one can infer that Obama possesses the notable features of a good public speaker.
John McCain as a Public Speaker
An evaluation of McCain’ as a public speaker reveals that he is no less than Obama as a talented orator. He could also raise number of people, though he could not win American Presidency Elections against Obama. The outstanding feature of McCain’s speech is that he was motivational that he tried his best to motivate the audience. His words “ Do not yield. Do not flinch. Stand up. Stand up with our President and fight. Were Americans. Were Americans, and well never surrender. They will” (McCain, 2004) are capable of stirring the minds of the people. Like, Obama, he also would acknowledge that his knowledge was limited, if he was not proficient in a particular topic. During his speeches, he tried to present the root cause of the existing problems in American Society as well as in economy. This is very clear when he said, “ Americas most vital interests call us to the mission of energy security, and so does our sense of honor. And the straightest, swiftest path to energy security is to produce more, use less, and find new sources of power” (Energy security the straightest, swiftest path to energy security, 2008). Comparing to Obama, one can see that the technical features of McCain’s speech is lesser that he could never attain the power of voice modulation than Obama. But he could relate incidents to his personal life and establish a clear link between them. The evaluation can be concluded by surmising that McCain is also a good public speaker, though not up to the standards of Obama in some respects.
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