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Tourism & sports essays analyze the benefits and negative impacts of tourism and sports industries. Such a topic is rather broad, and you have various issues to cover. Indeed, traveling and sport are two important and popular things in modern human life. Here you can find some tourism and sports essay samples. It will be helpful either you study in college or work. We hope that it will inspire You for a great job and wish you good luck!

Categorize the information

While writing an essay about tourism and sport, it would be handy to divide it into categories. Let’s consider which kinds of tourism are the most interesting:

  • Space tourism;
  • Dark tourism (a specific kind of tourism in places after natural disasters or other tragedies);
  • Ethno tourism.

If you might ask yourself if space tourism exists, I will tell you β€œyes”. Recently, the first commercial space shuttle with tourists has already surfed the universe. Why does one not tell about this exciting tourist attraction? One may focus on its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you may notice how does it affect the economy. Which one is the most economical? Choose one of the points and analyze it. As You can see, there are so many concerns to narrate about!

Follow the structure

Nevertheless, don’t be too vague. Either it is a 500-word essay or 10 pages research paper, you should follow the structure:

  1. Introduction (to be persuasive, remember about strong thesis statement);
  2. Main body (pay attention to the usage of citations to make your work argumentative);
  3. Conclusion.

Sure enough, sport and tourism are the best hobbies. Either it is healthy, one may both learn the geography of our world. Since colonialism times, the sport has been popular among any social class, so it is today. With the sustainable development of the transportation system, tourism became an essential part of our life as well. Before beginning your paper, make an outline. Give a little general information about the issue in your introduction. It can be the argument why it is relevant today.

And, of course, do not forget about a thesis statement. It usually defines the main idea of your topic in one sentence. Use several paragraphs in your main body. Do not forget to use citations: it will make your work persuasive. Wrap up all the information in conclusion. Though, remember not to repeat your introduction sentences!

Nevertheless, while writing your research paper, one should be pretty specific. You have to choose a certain issue in these spheres and describe it. There are a lot of popular professional sports today. Among them are football, basketball, tennis, soccer, and golf. But wait, let me tell you something: to make the process of writing engaging, choose your favorite one! For instance, one may describe the challenges athletes facing while training to improve their performance.

This one is quite specific and exciting. Moreover, try to choose relevant issues. One may tell about the usage of drugs in a professional sport and how it affects the scholarship of sportspeople. Describe the influence of athletic kinds of sport and fitness on health. Likewise, mention water polo and cheerleading: this would be quite cognitive.

Thereby, such topics would be interesting both to write or to read. However, one has to follow some instructions to make the paper better. Remember to abide by the structure of the essay. Do not forget to be informative but not to provide redundant information. We invite You to look through our Sport and Tourism Essay examples. They are available in pdf format as well.

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852 Informative Sport & Tourism Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Describe 4 common sports injuries

The fibula is the splint bone on the outside of the lower leg, there are two types of breaks, the first being an open fracture which means the bone has ruptured the skin. Before the leg cast was removed he was not allowed to put any weight on the injury so had to use crutches β†’

Overview of mauritian tourism industry tourism essay

Therefore, this sector is considered to be the key element in the overall development of the island and it has earned a reputation of excellent service in this industry. 2%The tourism industry which contributed to only 4% of the national GDP in the early 1990s has grown over the years to become a major pillar β†’

Determining training effectiveness

Making use of available literature, acase studyrelated to the topic, and with the aid of content analysis, the study aims to find the most appropriate methods of determining training effectiveness. The accessibility to information and the limitations of the study will be summarized subsequently and the proposal will end with a timescale for the completion β†’

5 must haves for a corporate traveler

International Calling Card: Whether you are a student going overseas for studies, a senior citizen visiting your children settled abroad or a corporate heading for an international meeting, a calling card is a must have. There are several benefits to buying one before you board your flight rather than procrastinating buying one until you land β†’

Antelope canyon

Next is Debbie's Hide a Way, a hotel with one of the nicest flower patios in the area, can accommodate up to eight guests in their family and romantic hotels. Complete with 82 rooms and a business center with internet connectivity, the suite is idea for business vacations, family outings, as well as romantic dates.


Furthermore, the ministry of transportation has had a cycling strategy for Ontario to increase the number of cyclists and enhance safe road usage. There are both international and national airlines operating in Ontario hence contributing to the transportation of tourists to the province.

Integrated resorts management the star city in sydney tourism essay

Between the 1970s to 2004, the Singapore government cabinet has three times refused the motion to open casinos, the first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew even once publicly said: " If you want to open casinos in Singapore, across my body!" But as the world changes, lee kuan yew and Singapore government also had to β†’

Developing of new boutique hotels

What can we learn from the mass customization of tangible goods that can be applied to the mass customization of services? Collaborative customization is what we can learn from mass customization of tangible goods, which allows the service provider to discuss with the customers regarding their preferences, and thus articulate their services to match the β†’

What impact does tourism have in coastal areas in spain

According to Bramwell a third of the income of the Mediterranean comes from the tourism sector, as tourism is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas of Spain. Therefore, Bramwell maintains that international mass tourism began to develop in the coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean Europe in the decades of the late 1950s.

The intricacies of ecotourism

The CST program focuses on a company's involvement and utilization of natural resources; the enhancements that are conducted to improve the quality of ecotourism. The challenge is for vendors to invest in these endeavors because the risk attached to it is vast.

Contention that sustainable tourism is, perhaps, an impossible dream essay sample

These needs would be those of all involved in the tourism, ' the host population, tourism guests, tourism organisations and the natural environment'. This further enhances the benefit of the tourism in the area, ensuring that tourism is always an advantage for the region and not a burden.

New york experience

Starting with the sounds and smells that are a hallmark of summer vacations, the author moves on to the activities and experiences that can be expected to be a part of the summer vacation experiences in a big city. At the start of the article the author opens the door to the summer vacation experiences β†’

Boxing as a metaphor

Salamo managed to survive the Holocaust for he won enough fights during the " boxing contests." The title of the movie was dubbed as " The Triumph of the Spirit." Where did the concept of triumph become evident in the film? Boxing appeared to be a manifestation of the cruelty and brutality that happened in β†’

Introduction about al hilla in iraq

Al Hilla itself is believed to be either on or close to the historical site of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as the Tower of Babylon. Encyclopaedic historiography of the Muslim world.

Chapter 17 the four champions

After what seemed like an hour, he was right in front of Dumbledore, feeling the stares of all the teachers upon him".Well.through the door, Harry," said Dumbledore. He saw a wizened witch flit out of the frame of her picture and into the one next to it, which contained a wizard with a walrus mustache.

The european tour operators case essay sample

As Thomas Cook and TUI are both UK based businesses, and political environment of UK is one of a most attractive and stable comparing to the other areas of world, matters such as war against terror and enlargement of EU have had a consequence on the political stability of the authorities. This trend contributes for β†’

Marketing plan for islands souvenirs essay sample

The development of successful souvenir design has a great significance for the promotion of tourism and cultural industry development in a country.*Customers/Consumer behavior The key is that designers must be good through differentiation and segmentation of the souvenirs, looking for a new meeting point to meet people's needs, to taking the initiative to develop the β†’

Travel to europe

I knew I would not get this chance later and I wanted to make the most of it. The Architecture was amazing; I was Just taken In by It.

Village cricket match

The author has used humor as the main ingredient of the story. The blacksmith ran up to bowl climbing the slope superbly like a amettlesome combination of Venus and Vulcan Anadyomene'.

Meditation worksheet

The basis for attaining an experience in raja yoga meditation in to understand the self and the mind. Meditation allows one's mind to open up to a peaceful place and it allows the stress to flow right out and it does have the power to heal the mind and soul.

Socio-cultural impact of eco-tourism essay sample

The delineation of objectives helps in forming the correct design and in doing the research as per the requirement of the study.1. In the study the correlation coefficient measures the strength of linear between the socio-cultural impact of ecotourism and the demographic variables The result in table 1.

Barometer rising

The role of disaster In Barometer Rising symbolizes Canada as a rising nation monopolizing together through the resurfacing of concealed Identity, while In " The Marine Excursions of the Knights of Pathway" undermines collective Identity through the use of repetition and ironic humor. He stands for growth f love, self-respectand community partly because of his β†’

Saving baseball during world war ii

When women started playing in the AAGBL it was the number one way for Americans to focus on something other then war. When the war was over and the guys returned home they wanted to play baseball again.

Procedures for receptionist in front desk

She will also take instructions, where appropriate and pass on to the caller.iii) She will handle all walk-in customers, receive them, take their name as well as the purpose of visit, seat them and then take suitable action to attend to their needs or resolve issues.iv) When other visitors come, she will receive them, take β†’

The island of singapore tourism essay

The number of tourists coming to Singapore showed a remarkable increase in the year of 2010 and 2011 with 20. According to the statistics shown on the STB website, except the slightly drop in 2008 and 2009, the number of arrivals in Singapore increase over the past 5 year with nearly 3 million, from 10.

The hotel sea glow in bulgaria tourism essay

The Company is the owner of the hotel and the yard on which the complex is built. Presentation of the hotel and servicesThe hotel " Sea Glow" Hotel " Sea Glow" is built in the central part of the eastern area of the resort Sunny Beach.

Comparing the use of imagery in recreational and competitive sport

The aim of this study was to find at if there was a significant difference in the use of imagery in recreational and competitive sport. This is different to 'visualisation' which only provides a picture of the action, without the depth and involvement of other senses provided with the use of mental imagery.

The journey to my grave

I had to reply, I mean it was not everyday Ashley came up to talk to me.'Uh.yes.I am. Thanks for asking.' I could feel my face getting hot, I could not believe I was so tongue tied but I was not to blame anyone who went to my high school would have been in the β†’

Environmental impact

To start with, Italy through corporate partnership has called for the preservation of her historical sites that include the famous Roman monuments where people perceive to be the origin of the western culture. Case in point, the Italian government needs to educate its citizens on the importance of preserving their historical sites such as the β†’

Front desk staff duties tourism essay

Therefore front office department has many types of example like, Telephone the hotel or switchboard and ask to speak to someone perhaps in the reservation department about room rates and availability, the facilities and location of the hotel and other information that will help them make the decision to book in the hotel. The important β†’

Toilet training assignment nvq3

Some signs that a child may be ready to train are * If their nappies remain dry for several hours at a time * If the child tells you they need to use the toilet * If the child shows their frustration in nappies * If the child shows an interest in other children who β†’

Racism in sports and its impact on managers and coaches

This will include a brief review of the history of British sports, in particular, the presence of ethnic diversity in the British society and the involvement of this diversity in British sports. We will begin our analysis by defining what we mean by racism and conduct a review of the history of British sports, in β†’

A study of the service cycle of medical tourism in india

One of the major practices in healthcare is the process of ' patient outsourcing', in the form of medical tourism or ' Medical travel'. Several organizations may be involved in the process of medical tourism including:- The governments They are responsible for framing a policy that would ensure regulated flow of tourists from one part β†’

The impact of united kingdom tourism

This had affect on some of the citizens of UK with less inbound tourism and outbound tourism with the taxation. During the world economic crisis, the whole world when in the recession and affect on the travel industry directly and indirectly.

Tourism, a factor of sustainable development

All forms of tourism development that are conducive to saving rare and precious resources, in particular water and energy, as well as avoiding so far as possible waste production, should be given priority and encouraged by national, regional and local public authorities; To minimize the use of scarce and non-renewable resources in the development and β†’

Everyone is a traveler, choosing the roads

The use of the road suggests that life is a journey that the narrator is traveling. The " yellow wood" corresponds to the autumn season, a period that is often related to the end of the annual cycle in flora and foliage.

Ocean park background information essay sample

The Ordinance, which established a corporate body to manage and control the Park for public education and recreational purposes, vested all the assets of the previous Ocean Park Limited in OPC and the previous company was then dissolved. The 495-room " Ocean Hotel" will be built on a 17, 044 square-metre site adjacent to the β†’

Features of sahara desert

With freezing temperatures in the winter the climate of the Sahara is one the of the strangest on the planet. 5 cm and in the eastern parts it only gets.

Sport policy and development

There will be a lot of focus on the debate of whether sport plays a positive role in crime reduction in society, and in what ways sport can be used as a method to lower crime in society. In other words the perceived likelihood of detection and the effected severity of the punishment define the β†’

Tourist attraction site visit

I asked about hotels in the city for comfortable stay during the events. Mayor said, " Houston Dynamo" and " Dallas" are the best teams of the event.

Panglao island nature resort and spa

Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa is located at Bingag, Dauis in the island of Panglao, Bohol, Philippines. Panglao is located southwest of the island of Bohol and east of Cebu.

Why do sports matter

This drastic change/elevation in the amount have lead in the increase of the interest in the games as they see a lot of money In these games Firstly considered he waste of time by the people and later became the source of earning money and recreation. Racistdiscriminationis one of the common things that we encounter β†’

Medical tourism in south india

ABSTRACT The Indian Systems of Medicine include Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy is ancient and has the roots in traditional system of medical treatments in tune with theMother Nature. Medical Tourism is the emerging industry next to the IT boom and India is the second best destination as of now.

Espana – creative writing

It was the first time I had seen a large wound, well the first I had remembered, and the first I would never forget. At this moment it hit me how no one we knew was here but had taken a trip to the beach, how I was left in charge of him and how β†’

Is cheerleading a sport?

This research paper is going to give you all the information and data on why cheerleading should be considered a sport, including the differences between high school cheerleading and all star cheerleading, as well as the injuries that are obtained, and if cheerleading were considered to be a sport what could be done to prevent β†’

Why i love badminton

I learned of the Actuarial profession at acareermeeting a couple of years ago and, after doing some research, and the working holiday with an insurance company, I was intrigued at how we could apply mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios and put to much practical use in real-world situations. By observing at how the actuaries conceptualized β†’

On-the-job training for successful development

I was also taught on how to check and encode the new balmori codes of the members of the coop and other transactions under Sir Jennifer Luyun. Joy in checking and encoding of the Cheque of the members whom it is for their monthly payment in their loan and also I learned how to find β†’

Travel life

My travel experience During the first time I stepped on the plain I was so exited about it, but when the plane started to fly I cried because I was still 3 years old I was with my dad and my mom I had so much fun traveling then I told my dad can we β†’

E-tourism in sri lanaka

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka commonly known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean or as Ceylon is one of the exquisite Island in the world Sri Lanka set in the Indian Ocean in south Asia near to the equator which is a great home to 8 UNESCO world heritage sites. It's a combination β†’

Gcse geographical investigation

Is the area managed in order to conserve the environment in the Upper Derwent Valley? By answering these questions I will gather evidence and information about the Upper Derwent Valley, I will then be able to decide whether there is a need for management or stewardship in certain areas of the Upper Derwent Valley.

Rural diversification essay sample

Also, the Lake District has become a popular tourist destination and as a result of this, lots of farm diversification has taken place, such as gift shops such as ' Kirk Allan's gifts' and ' Grasemere Crafts' in Ambleside. Tourism: There is a lot of tourism in the Lake District, and companies have been set β†’

Investigating the nature of the sports industry essay sample

During the time the viewers are watching the soap opera they may feel that they are part of the programme or part of the subject involved by the way the cameras positioning of the shot in place it can make the audience feel part of the show. The development of football over the last century β†’

Tourism’s economic impact on switzerland essay sample

Switzerland is a mixture of cultures from Romanesque, French, German, and the Italian who bring into these country diverse cuisines and cultures from the expensive Europe Hotel and Resort Tourism Switzerland has the advanced state-of-art hotel industry in the cities across the country. The Vaud and the Valais are the main producers of wine Corporate β†’

Tennis ball drop

Variables Our independent variable for this experiment was the height we had dropped tooth of the tennis balls from. We also measured the weight of each ball before dropping them.

San francisco the top three stops to make

Then there are the water activities, exploration of the areas just outside San Francisco, such as visiting the wine country, and the many other things to do in and around the city. One favorite is from the top of the Marin Headlands, which offers the fun of a hike and some exercise with a tremendous β†’

The development of tourism

This means that many parts of Africa have been able to develop a sustainable part of the economy based around protecting and conserving the animals which they have for tourists benefit as opposed to in the past, where the predominant form of tourism was in hunting these animals. The main thing which needs to change β†’

Why to travel alone

While traveling with friends or a significant other can be a lot of fun, traveling solo for a certain amount of time can prove to be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do because of the great people you will meet. When we travel with friends or a partner, we tend to β†’

Team sports economis assignment

This can be defined as ' the actual performance of a league to the performance that would have occurred if the league had the maximum degree of competitive balance in the sense that all teams were equal in playing strengths. This essay will outline what policies and approaches both the American and European sports models β†’

The applying problems and resolving to implement sustainable tourism

The applying problems and the resolving to implement sustainable tourism In this day and age, tourism is one of the largest industries, with an increasing number of tourists all around the world. To most people, sustainable tourism, that is the most important way to success in sustainability, is still not widely understood despite the remarkable β†’

Airlines industry in the asia pacific region tourism essay

By talking about the strategic planning, it is related to the organizations long terms goals, the development and implementation of plans to achieve these goals and the allocation necessary resources in order to realize the goals. There are some reasons why AirAsia started focus on the strategic planning and the first reason is because the β†’

Travelling helps to learn the world

City residents usually like a quiet holiday by the sea and in the mountains with nothing to do but walk and bathe and lay in the sun. The best way to study geography is to travel and the best way to get to know and understand the people is to meet them in their own β†’

Tourism destination development

The subject of this report is the application of Butler's Tourism Area Life Cycle for Scotland and also a critique of VisitScotland's tourism destination development. The first section of the report presents the aim and objectives and the utilised methods of research.

What ails indian sports?

One of the greatest" degradations that has occurred in our country during the second half of the twentieth century, has been in the field of sports and games. The" only major performance of note has been the gold medal in hockey won at the Moscow Olympics in 1980 and the triumph at the 1983 & β†’

The development of singapore tourism essay

So in the technical aspect that is the world's most state-of-the-art equipment, and the configuration of the Las Vegas comparable. Singapore is a country of democracy and freedom of speech, and the interests of the people has always been the first place, and the voice of the masses is crucial.

Good comparison and contrast between vienna and istanbul essay example

In addition, Istanbul is also known for its shopping centers that include some of the oldest and largest in the world. Some of the major tourist attraction sites in Vienna include Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace and Museumsquartier.

Effectiveness of tourism promotion in quezon tourism essay

And for the output, the researcher has conceptualized that this study will result to come up with the tourism industry in Quezon, enable the continuous promotion of tourism and lastly the effectiveness of promotion in the industry of tourism in Quezon. The main purpose of the study is to inquire and to review the impact β†’

Statistics and golf ball

Formulate and present the rationale for the hypothesis test that par could use to compare the driving distances of the current and new golf balls. What is the 95% confidence interval for the population mean of each model, and what is the 95% CI for the difference between the means of the two populations? 5.

The impact of luggage allowance tourism essay

The research that highlights the current and old experiences and the light of the current scenario and permits one to ponder and give solutions to already present troubles and issues is Historical Research. Mixed research method is the one in which the researcher employs the qualitative research techniques in one part of the study and β†’

Dbq: cricket and politics rough draft

A significant continuity was that as in document 3, " first it was the hunter, the missionary, the merchant, next the soldier and the politician, and then the merchant." It was said by Cecil Headlam that this was the history of British colonization. 4 there was more of a sense ofequalitybetween the castes in India, β†’

The roots and motivations of violence in america in bowling for columbine

What makes this imagery effective is the fact that it involves the audience into the documentary by giving the audience the feeling that " you" are the subject of the documentary. Concerning the individual's role in society and the relationship to violence, there must be a clear understanding that the presentation of violence in the β†’

References in this document to finale sports bar & grill

Introduction Finale Sports Bar and Grill will strive to be the premier sports theme restaurant in the Sunny County region. There will be two assistant managers for the restaurant and their duties will be to oversee the personal when the manager is not available.


Alternatively in the last four lines of the octet he talks about how humans are robbed of their sensitivity to the beauty of what is left in nature, people have become unaware of the wonders of the world around them. Between the two poems Hopkins emotions change of emotions from the Joyfulness of 'Gods Grandeur" β†’

Research paper example

Streitfeld, 2013, challenges readers of the article to realize that regardless of the standard of services offered by most corporations, most of them embraced the technique of positive reviews to increase clientele retention, at a fee. The article highlights challenges of a high demand for positive reviews by businesses and companies as a struggle of β†’

Retail travel operations

Independents An independent agent is usuallyfamilyowned, they have been in the business for a long time and have years of experience and built up a lot of knowledge. A role of a home based travel agent is to sell flight tickets; they also get to form a direct relationship with the person whose holiday they β†’

Case study example

The executive engineer needs to be called in immediately to service the equipment while temporary air conditioners need to be provided. The switchboard operator failed to relay calls with important information to the chef and the reasons need to be known.

Review questions 2

On the other hand, sales is the processing of issuing a product to consumers in exchange for a monetary unit. Thus sales is the ultimate product of marketing.3.

Pay decisions at performance sports essay sample

Will the agent also be responsible for the purchasing of tennis equipment which Perkin is planning to include on her products' list? Will the agent only supervise the purchasing or does he have to do it personally, meaning he will be the one purchasing the equipment and negotiating for a price?

Free essay on pilgrimage narrative

For my pilgrimage to be successful, I will have to plan well in advance to ensure that all goes well. Once I am on the sacred place, I will seek to be in the holy presence and communicate with God.

Behavioural intention of penang tourism essay

This sub chapter will discuss based on findings answering the first objective question which is " What is the international perceived image of Penang?" Referring to the findings table, the highest mean score showed that majority of the respondent agreed that Penang have distinctive history and heritage due to the fact that Penang multiracial communities β†’

Participant observation

Observation Diary Extract of activities in a local cafe This is an extract of a day's observation made at cafe located at the main junction linking the highway to the town at the end of the street. The choice of the corner table is on it's strategic locality in the cafe as it allows me β†’

Beautiful beach

My brother and I looked out the window and check out the villages and the view there during the Journey. We enjoyed looking at the traditional houses, green farms, and a river connecting to the sea.

Example of essay on walking into the history

While waiting for the bus at the stop on the way home, I tried to recall the memories of the day that I started to have this strange feeling that even I could not explain. There was silence; the sound of the ticking clock up on my wall is the only thing that breaks the β†’

Tourism planning

The inauguration of the town coincided with the birthday of the said princes who was born on may 30, 1845 in Turin, Italy, as the second son of the king of spain and Italy. The Municipality of Amadeo is a fourth class municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines.

Heritage entertainment and the arts tourism essay

This essay evaluates from a critical point of view the way heritage contributes to the British tourism industry, emphasising the advantages of heritage in the UK. The Heritage Lottery Fund aims to boost the heritage tourism by using the maximum potential of the assets of the nation that involves those of a cultural and historical β†’

Omaha beach invasion

The area between the shingle bank and the bluffs was both wired and mined with the latter also scattered on the bluff slopes. By the end of the day the forces at Omaha were to have established a bridgehead five miles deep into the enemy territory.

Strategic training and needs assessment

The company also aims that its employees contribute to the success of the firm and that they are continually learning by providing the needed training and development programs for the advance of knowledge and skills. The availability of its products and services in a wider geographic range is a strength that HP is intending to β†’

A scoping report on the beighton extreme sport park proposal

Introduction The proposed site for the Beighton extreme sport park is located on the A57 which is the road connecting Sheffield city centre to junction 31 on the M1. This is an aerial photograph of the site which is circled in orange, again showing the A57 on the left and some of the residential areas β†’

Erythropoietin and athletes

It is released by the kidneys, and to a lesser extent the liver, and in very little quantities in the brain in response to a negative feedback. The physiological stimulus of erythropoietin production is hypoxia, or prolonged oxygen deficiency in body tissue, and in the majority of instances is related to the number of circulating β†’

Baseball and softball

Both are played with a bat and ball; however, the bats, same in shape but not in ize, and balls, different in sizes and some times color, are as much alike as not. A softball is about the size of a grapefruit, twelve inches in circumference and is pitched in an arcing angle and much β†’

Sustaining effective staff training in the workplace argumentative essay

The researchers used the employee and employer relations as the subject of research, and came up with a model to explain how training and development can be effectively used in the workplace. Psychological contract theory According to the psychological theory, the employer and the employee have a set of beliefs, promises and obligations that go β†’

The best manager and the worst manager tourism essay

The characteristics that managers have will affect the business of the hotel and also the effectiveness of the employees. The first and the foremost thing for a successful manager should able to ensure that the business meet the needs and the expectation of the guests.

Sports and drugs

So really this is why the topic of doping in sports caught my attention to is because I can relate to it and I am interested in learning more about it. T's easy to tell when a women is taking steroids because of the testosterone over load in their body and manly features.

Rural tourism analysis

The idea of rural tourism was born out of the need to provide first-hand experience of living in rural areas to the urban population and also as supplementary income for the local population. The Ministry of Tourism in its Outcome Budget for 2011-2012 has emphasized on the need of giving greater focus to rural tourism β†’

Cashing in on the luxury tourism market

Cashing in on the Luxury Tourism Industry Cashing in on the Luxury Tourism Industry Introduction The luxury tourism industry is a massive industry that hinges on accessibility of leisure time and disposable time. Dynamism and creativity in the field of event planning and management is critical.

Nutrition consultancy report

As you are looking to loose body fat but not body mass, you must ensure that you continue to consume roughly the same quantity of energy, but in order to lose body fat, change the proportion of macronutrients, Protein and Fat) that you consume. The current energy intake is too low for a professional rugby β†’

Sunset on a beach

A smile begins to erupt my face when the view of the ocean is seen, then pulling up to the perfect parking spot in view of the ocean. The atmosphere the beach has from the weather, the feeling, and the view is what draws one in like a melody.