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Belief systems thematic essay

The Major beliefs of this system were the Caste System, Dharma and Karma, and Rein carnation. The Caste system was the social classes of Hinduism, you were born into your Caste and for the rest of your life you remained in that caste and could only associate with people in that caste.


According to legend, Mahavira started Jainism by leaving his home at the age of thirty to seek salvation by escaping from the cycle of incarnation, he lived an ascetic life in the Ganges Valley in which he achieved enlightenment, and he then taught an ascetic doctrine of detachment from the world, to followers who were →

History of buddhism

Klein describes the history of Buddhism, important figures in the movement and stories of the beginning of Buddhism. The goal of a Buddhist to escape cyclic existence, is the first of element of religious practice in Indo-Tibetan tradition.

Shinto illustration essay sample

The amount of religions known to the public is endless, some celebrated with more importance than the others, and some with more popularity, but one of the lesser known Japanese religion is the Shinto. The history of the Shinto religion is unknown, according to Molloy, " Shinto has no person or group as its founder.

Sample research proposal on emperor ashokas influence on buddhism

Therefore, the choice of this topic enables one to understand the manner in which the great Ashoka lived and spread the message of the Buddhism. Ashoka looked outward to enable the spread of Buddhism instead of changing the faith of the people of his kingdom, Ashoka chose to incorporate the principles of Buddhism in his →

Example of comparison and contrast of buddhism, daoism and confucianism essay

Dao refers to; the ultimate reality, the laws of nature and the way of the universe and the way of human life. It is considered that Daoism rituals and scriptures benefited from the presence of Buddhism.

Development of buddhist education

To gain a better understanding of the development of Buddhist education in Vietnam, we need to know first the roots and development of Buddhism as a religion, what are its beliefs, how it affected the lives of the Vietnamese populace, how it was integrated to education and from thereon discuss the developments that went through →

Buddhism in america

Second, this state is the result of attachments or desires, for in a universe of frequent flux and change, seeking to cling to anything from the grossest passion to the subtlest idol of the mind to the idea of being a permanent separate self can never bring anything but sorrow in the end. In the →

Buddhism in the himalayas

The Silk Road was said to have advanced the spread of Buddhism in Tibet as the reach of most Indian missionaries in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas have contributed greatly to the foundation of Buddhism as one of the major religions in the world. Emergence of a New Buddhist Tradition The Avalokiteshvara Statue and →

Comparative study between hinduism and buddhism

In Hinduism, accomplishing the most elevated life is a procedure of expelling the substantial diversions from life, enabling one to in the long run comprehend the Brahma nature inside. One all things considered was that in the before times the adherents of Shiva and the Buddha could barely stand each other.

The philosophy of the buddhists

The fourth Noble truth is the truth of the way, which represents the via media between the extremes of asceticism and indulgence. Existence is therefore completely relative and the only unconditioned state is that of Nirvana.

Buddhism history

One of the teachings of Buddhism is the samsara or the cycle of rebirths and the never-ending journey. Samsara is the continuous life cycle of a person.

Margin review questions

Chinese needed the nomads because the steppes provided the horses and other goods and the nomads controlled much of the Silk Roads. But the nomads viewed the Chinese as a threat because the Chinese had military attacks on the steppes and they built the Great Wall.4.

Free essay on world religions

Although he did not forbid the worship of the gods the way the Buddha did, he was sceptical of the gods and their worship is not mentioned in the practices of Jainism. He was born in the village of Talwandi.

Good example of analyzing the implications of no self from parfits and the buddhas standpoint argumentative essay

In Henry Clarke Warren's Pali translation of select passages of Buddhist Sacred Books, " Buddhism in Translations" there is a scene where a between The Buddha and a wandering ascetic who demands desperately for an answer of the Buddha to his question, " Whether or not the Saints exist after their death?" The Buddha saw →

Buddhism & history

The history of transformation of Japanese marriage and kinship over the course of Hein and Kamakura. The language of kinship and gender of the Chinese ritual has changed the Japanese family.

Buddhist healing research paper example

This frustrations results in distress for all enlightened beings and to reduce this suffering, our emotional, physical, and psychological aspects must be integrated and in line with the concepts of Buddhism. One must do this in order to build a society that fosters the integration of individuals, the community and the Earth as a whole.

Jainism: the concepts of ahimsa and karma

Unlike other Dharma traditions that believe solely in the idea of action and reaction, Jains believe in karma as a form of subtle matter or energy that is drawn to the soul when the soul is disrupted by passions. Therefore, it is important to practice nonviolence because it can cause passions that will attract karma →

The most sacred part is the phoenix hall with the sculpture of the amida buddha essay sample

Although both the Byodo-in in Japan and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame at Reims in France, are world-class examples of beautiful architecture, it is doubtful that the designer of each would appreciate the work of the other. Inside of it, there is a hall in the centre with the representation of Amida Buddha.

Buddhism traditions report examples

Another thing that Buddhists do in the temple is the lighting of incense. Basically, Buddhists in the temple spoke in stipulations of an absolute God, however, they put much emphasizes on the meditation practice, as well as right behaviors in various aspects of life in the course of attaining Nirvana, which is the state of →


Etiology: Cause of dua kha= trishna we desire things to be other than how they must be and how we know them to be 27 " Thirst" in Buddhism The desire for permanence; the attachment to things we like and the aversion from things we dislike 28 Four Noble Truths 1. Impermanence Reality as processes, →

Example of buddhism essay

The four noble truths of Buddhism are that " life means suffering, the origin of suffering is attachment, the cessation of suffering is attainable, the path to the cessation of suffering". The Eightfold Path is the way to end all suffering.

Relationship between architecture and ancient beliefs

The main idea of raising the temple on this structure was to bring the worshipper closer to the gods. The ba was the personality of the person, and the ka was the spirit of life that was transferred from the creator to each living person.

Buddhism has developed in a variety of different forms

In the twentieth century, Buddhism has spread to the West, including Europe, the UK, and the USA. The World of Buddhism.

Free essay on greek and south asia

The angel almost appears to be a gift that Athena Pathenos is giving to the viewer. This Buddha is very regal, he is wearing a tall crown, is positioned above the viewer, and is very large in size.

Free essay on dalai lama teachings

He speaks of the various religions coexisting in India and how important it is for a person to believe on different sources of religion, refuge and reality. All the religions preach to attain the same goal that is control of our agitated and distorted mind.

Diffusion of buddhism and hinduism

Since Hinduism reinforces the caste system and Buddhism believe in equal treatment of all people which opposes the caste system, Buddhism started to spread into other areas other than India to offer an alternative to Hinduism for those in a lower caste. As Buddhism started to diffuse into other regions, the popularity of Buddhism in →

Example of significance essay

Some of the pertinent features of the image were the face appearance. The urna located at the middle of the face is a clear presentation of the high sense of perfection of the artist.

Concepts of dharma and karma in the tale of kieu

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the concept of karma as " the total effect of one's actions during the successive phases of one's existence, regarded as determining one's destiny" and " fate, destiny". If one dies before paying the sum of one's debt, one is reborn and goes through everything all over again, still caught →

Religious similarities and dissimilarities essay example

One of the major issues for both Buddhism and Hinduism relates to the geographic origin of the two religions and its developments after the founding of the two religions. While in Hinduism, the caste system is widely accepted although not central to the belief system, Buddhism actively rejects the system seeing it as a form →

The karma and its 12 laws 

Surely it is the maxim of compassion: Do not do to others what you do not want to do to yourself.' Confucius Karma is the judge of our actions, it is the unseen energy that derives from our behavior that brings with it corresponding consequences and retribution. The creation of good and bad karma, of →

Buddhism worksheet

What are the three most important factors that contributed to the agricultural revolution in Europe? Finally, in 1833, the slave trade was abolished and lots ofmoneywas paid back in Caribbean to the owners of the British plantation.2.

Metropolitan museum of art primary source analysis

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara symbolizes " the compassion in the world and the willingness to bear the pain of others" according to the description. Besides the philosophical and religious values of the statue, more importantly, this artifact shows the differences of values and beliefs that people have according to the change in forms of Avalokiteshvara.

Compare and contrast essay: hinduism and buddhism

The teachings of the Buddha created hope and aspiration for those who had otherwise no hope of salvation and freedom of choice in a society that was dominated by caste system, predominance of ritual form of worship and the exclusive status of the privileged classes which the Vedic religion upheld as inviolable and indisputable. Both →

Moksha and nirvana essay sample

Moksha is basically the ending of the cycle of birth and rebirth while the soul lives on. Nirvana is the ultimate goal of the Buddhist and it is perfect liberation, freedom, peace, and tranquility.

Free healthcare provider and faith diversity essay sample

In the nursing profession, religious traditions are complex because it is not easy to predict the understanding of family members and patients regarding their application in healthcare context. An emerging paradigm for the investigation of spirituality in nursing.

Similarities and differences of buddha and christ

And today, Buddha's teachings still followed by a lot of people throughout the world." Christ" as the identification, Jesus is not accepted within Judaism. Christians are called " Nazarenes" in Talmudic Hebrew because in the New Testament, Jesus is described in as being from the city of Nazareth. Lastly, if there are →

Buddhism in countries

But no sooner did he realize the emptiness of his life; he renounced his pompous and pampered lifestyle and opted to embark on a journey to the ultimate destination to seek truth, enlightenment, and cycle of rebirths. Glenn Wallis cites a light philosophical insight on the teachings →

Buddhists beliefs, temples, and monks

On the top part of the sign it says Hsi Lai Temple which again means " coming west" and then on the four pillars it says the four universal vows, which are " to save all sentient beings, to eradicate all worries, to study the boundless Dharma, and to attain supreme Buddhahood." After you walk →

Critical thinking essay: buddhism worldview

How would your selected worldview answer these questions? The belief that Buddhists carry is that God and the universe are one in the same and that there is no existence of a " creator" because according to the religion, everything that exists has always existed. According to the book, " What is a Biblical Worldview" →

Hum 205 exhibit advertisement

The wide array of art forms can be traced back to the Chinese culture. Japanese art form absorbed many of the influences from the Chinese Civilization.

Good essay on manjusri: the gentle glory

He is the representation of the wisdom of prajna which is closedly related to the Madhyamika School of Buddhism which was founded by the Indian monk named Nagarjuna in the 2nd century. His name is first stated in the first lines of the Mahayana scriptures and are as follows: " He is revered →

Hinduism and salvation

It is the union of reason and intuition that can not be defined but is only to be experienced. The reason that there are so many gods is because those of the Hindu faith worship the godliness in everything.

Buddhism& religion

As I learned more about Buddhism, I realized it is not an organized religion; more of a way of thinking. As Keown once said, " Problems of the kind just mentioned confront us as soon as we try to define what Buddhism is. In Buddhism, you are welcome to come →

Conversations with god; hindu mythology and the absolute term paper examples

Only this way can the soul escape the law of karma or consequence, which causes it to be reincarnated again and again in physical bodies and achieve the state of moksha freedom from death and rebirth through the practice of the disciplines of yoga, meditation and contemplation. All of the Hindu Vedas were based on →

Religious views on the fur and ivory trade essay sample

They also believe in metta which states that loving kindness should extend to all living things, hence supporting the fur and ivory trade would be wrong because it does not tend to treat animals fairly and not cause harm. The Dhammapada states " All living things fear being put to death- let no one kill →

Moral development

A review of research on moral development in 27 countries concluded that moral reasoning is more culture-specific than Kohlberg envisioned and that Kohlberg's scoring system does not recognize higher-level moral reasoning in certain cultural groups. Examples of higher-level moral reasoning that would not be scored as such by Kohlberg's system include values related to communal →

Essay on hinduism and buddhism

Many religions hold very similar values, just different in different contexts. Area and Culture of Origin The Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. Hinduism is practiced worldwide but the heart of the religion originated from the Indian continent.

Example of critical thinking on human nature-buddhism religion

Buddhism focuses on the fact that goodness conduces to happiness and welfare of human beings. In this case, the doctrine of Buddha asserts that all human beings are the same to Buddha in nature.

Good essay on formations: the buddha and his dharma

On the apex of the hierarchy was priest or Brahmans.' The priests, or brahmanas occupied an elite position in this early, village-based society' While telling the reason of the highest position of Brahmin Berkwitz states, ' they were the ones who recited and preserved the →

Buddhism – continuity, change, globalisation essay sample

Buddha had taught tolerance and encouraged Buddhists to help and teach other people, though the Nan Tien Temple did not quite display this belief. I feel that, from my personal experience that Buddhism has not had a great impact on the wider society. Buddhism is, of course, a significant religion throughout the →

Buddhist ethnography

The Buddhist Experience Buddhism is a religion that focuses more on the individual and the actions of that individual, which was prevalent to me when I made my way into Portland and set foot in a Buddhist temple. They repeated this feat of leaving the castle walls on 3 more occasions, seeing a sickly →

The zen of listening

This contrast, and the existence of the radio and the ways we listen have important temporally bound characteristics that are important in understanding times, the medium itself and our relationship with it as it becomes engrained or interwoven into our everyday lives. The text examines the social implications and reasons for being →

Example of the matter of free choice term paper

The main conclusions will be given in the end of the paper. The main strength of the article is its structure. On the other hand, in case of Korea, he outlines the absence of high interest to the issue and lack of extreme condemnation characteristic for cases of Thailand and Japan. The mentioned above structure →

Buddhism in other countries

Schools of Buddhism The moment Siddhartha recognized the cause of suffering, he attained enlightenment, or the great awakening. From that point on, Siddhartha was known as the Buddha, the " enlightened one." He spent the rest of his life teaching in India. As the teachings of the Buddha spread from India to →

The dharmas buddhism practice essay sample

The Three Jewels are: The Buddha, meaning the fully enlightened one. The Dharma, are the teachings expounded by the Buddha. The Sangha, is the monastic order of Buddhism that practice the Dharma. The Buddha Going for Refuge to the Buddha means seeing him as your ultimate teacher and leader also as a spiritual example. This →

Buddhist beliefs

Buddhism, like most of the great religions of the world, is divided into a number of different traditions. Suffering has many causes: loss, sickness, pain, failure, the impermanence of pleasure.) Samudaya: There is a cause for suffering.(It is the desire to have and control things.

Review on hanif kureishi’s the buddha of suburbia

In The Buddha of Suburbia, Hanif Kureishi uses satire to comment on the imperfections present in the world he lives in, especially society's views on class and race. Kureishi's use of irony ridicules the sheltered way that the wealthy live their lives. If Haroon wants to appear as an Englishman, it is so that he →

Buddhism: a spiritual experience essay examples

The trip was intentionally a visit to a friend, but somehow I found myself in a center of one of the most profound and oldest religion in the world. Basically the Hall us used as the main prayer Hall in the community while the traditions and rituals are being held in other part of the →

The nature of truth critical thinking example

Ultimately, the truth put forth by the Buddha is _____________________ when compared to that of Descartes and Plato. As with much of Buddhism, the notion of truth is highly personal and highly internalized. These tenets include the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and →

Example of essay on siddhartha

Siddhartha realized that his soul or the Atman and the universal spirit were the same and that meditation with chanting of the Om aided the union of these two. With the blessings of the senior Samana and with diverse views about the authenticity of another spiritual teacher, both the friends decided to meet Buddha. Gotama →

Buddhism- a religion or a philosophy?

Similarities of traditional religions : Religion " suggests the joining of our natural, human world to the sacred world". Buddhism revolves around the life and lessons of Buddha, and Christianity revolves around the life and lessons of Jesus Christ, who are the two prophets present in both fields of practice (Los →

Buddhism and education

This dissertation is divided into eight sections: 1) Survey of History and Definition of Education Concept- this section recaps the milestones in the course of human development throughout history and incorporates the education background in each significant point in history. 2) The Problem of Education in the →


I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking life.2. I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking what is not given.3.

Confucianism in china and hinduism in india essay sample

Hinduism was a religion of the ancient world, as it also is in the present world, and held beliefs in hundreds of different deities. Brahmins were priests and people of religion in society, and were so high in the caste system that they would not even eat food that was considered to be polluted.

Dbq response spread of buddhism in china

Document one does not really state a response to the spread of Buddhism in China. This document is just three of the four noble truths that the Buddha preached. One of the documents was summarizing the fourth noble truth that the Buddha preached, but it also explained the goal of Buddhism.

Example of buddhism worksheet essay

Dukkha, on the other hand, cites that nothing existing in the physical world can guarantee lasting satisfaction. Anatta, the third characteristic cites suffering as an important and unavoidable element of existence which surfaces from clinging to inconstant and impermanent things. The four Noble Truths in the Buddhist tradition explain the nature →

Buddhist website

Future research on the matters stated above is expected to clarify what kind of information people from the particular cultural region expect and how it should be designed. Literature Review Mayhew once compared a website to a book which anyone can display on The World Wide Web which is " →

Genesis story essay examples

According to the story, the queen's son was later referred to as the ' enlightened one'. In my view, the Buddhist story of creation is somehow similar to the Christian story of the birth of Jesus. In my view, the Christian's version of creation, seems to give more detail about the origin of the world →

Hinduism and buddhism, and their respective elements

The word was actually derived from the river " Indus", from an area of which it originated. The daily practices of the area's inhabitants gradually turned into a religion or concept, upon which it revolves around the peoples' religious, philosophical, and cultural practices native to the Indian sub-continent. A Slight Taste of →

“ways of seeing” first paper assignment: visual analysis essay by dang mai trang

Based on how carefully and significantly the tree is depicted, how the composition of the carving revolves around it and how the content in the carving celebrates it, the tree - representing the Buddha - stands out to be the main subject in the relief. The pedestal for offering, the triratana and the bodhi tree →

Comparing and contrasting hinduism and buddhism

Hinduism emphasizes asceticism (refraining from the " wants of life and its worldly pleasure") and reincarnation, or rebirth of an individual in the hopes of the ascension of one's soul based on the results of the past lives and the attempt to be released of the " wheel of life" cycle. To do good in →

Critical thinking assignment: buddhism

The question of Origin- Those who follow Buddhism have faith that the universe and god are one and the same.Buddhist turn to the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama also known as Buddha to live correct and at death escape the course of karma. The question of origin- Christians believe God is the creator of the universe →

Spread of buddhism

From the point of view of a Daoist the reader would have been better able to understand the writer's loyalties on the statement. Buddhists positively responded to the Spread of Buddhism because they obviously believed in the values of Buddhism and they wanted to share their beliefs with others. The bias in →

Singapore culture

As Singapore is a small and relatively modern amalgam of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European immigrants, the culture of Singapore expresses the diversity of the population as the various ethnic groups continue to celebrate their own cultures while they intermingle with one another. There is also a sizable number of Muslims and Sikhs in →

Free essay about hinduism versus buddhism

From his background, the differences and similarities arise. The differences and similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism are manifest in their practices and origins. Hindus believe in Atman, roughly the individual soul, and Brahman, who is the creator of all, while Buddhists believe in finding the " Anatman", the not soul thus they do not believe →

Case study on buddhist dharma teaching

Buddha taught the great law of ' Dharma' as the living in accordance with the law of true compassion and wisdom and the attainment of freedom from suffering. In Buddha's teachings, the practice and attainment of Dharma must find the causes of the un-satisfaction and suffering and end it. Prior to the reading, I →

Buddhist religious traditions: sacred elements and meanings

Siddhartha Gautama is generally recognized as the Supreme Buddha and his teachings are considered sacred. Middle Way, Dependent Origination, Four Noble Truths, and Noble Eightfold Path These are practices common to all Buddhist schools. The Middle Way is their practice of non-extremism which means " →

Zen mind, beginner’s mind

The significance of acquiring and owning the Zen mind can help people to determine and therefore practice the right way of living, the right manners, postures and the beliefs which would hone the totalpersonalityof an individual. ZenPhilosophyteaches that there is just a thin line marking the difference between the Zen mind and the Beginner's mind. →

Accounts of the life of the buddha are just fiction essay sample

Most of the accounts of his life are very similar and only alter in certain aspects of the tale and not in the main structure of the story. This is very similar to the stories told in the bible about the conception of Christ and the development of Christianity.

Hinayan and mahayn

To gain liberation or enlightenment, both Hinayana and Mahayana assert that one needs nonconceptual cognition of the lack of an impossible " soul." Such a lack is often called " selflessness," anatma in Sanskrit, the main Indian scriptural language of Sarvastivada and Mahayana; anatta in Pali, the scriptural language of Theravada. The →

Spread of indian concepts into the western mainstream

However, diffusion is a matter of what happens to the elements of a culture; whereas acculturation is a process of defining what happens to the culture as a whole. The eclectic blend of spices that infuse a spectrum of tastes to the tea and the resultant ' kick' thus make it an attractive alternate to →

Soule drake

Many of the strong world religions today have evolved from the foundational teaching of one person, the founder of the religion. Hinduism has expanded into the complex religion it is today by the merging of beliefs and practices of the people of the Indus Valley and the Aryans of Persia.

Michael scott

One great Indian architecture structure is the Kandrariya Mahadeo temple, and one great Chinese architecture structure is the Nanchan Monastery. Some literature from India is the Mahabharata and the Ramayan, also their system of music is interesting.

Pluralism of china

Published in the 1590s under the Ming Dynasty, " Journey to the West" was considered to be one of the four classic novels of China and set somewhat of a foundation to the concept of Chinese religion, integrating Tao, Buddhist, and Confucian thought into one story." Journey to the West" documents the travels of different →

Example of essay on hinduism

Through the hymn book, Agni is requested to burn the corpse of the dead and ensure that it is disposed of promptly to the land of the dead. The Agni call explains why globally, the Hinduism devotees are practicing crematory. The Beneficial Effects of Drinking Soma The identity and utilization of the plant →

Museum visit essay examples

It describes that it as the distance from the tip of the thumb of the outspread hand to the tip of the corresponding middle finger. The Buddha had many powers in the Asian community. Some artists believe that the image is a representation of a heavenly body as expressed in the " lines of the →