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Possibility of attaining a democracy in the middle east research paper

These conflicts are a result of weak democratic institutions or a complete degeneration of these structures. For instance, in Syria, the democratic institution has been abused by different regimes due to the dynamic nature of that society. In fact, the current president is in power for more than two decades and has never adopted an →

Research paper on democracy in venezuela

A huge bulk of his supporters was won over by his strong attacks of the representative democracy that characterized the regime that was at the helm of the country. The central theme of the Chavismo policy was the direct participation of the citizens in governance and involvement in public policy. The implementation of this policy →

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Example of argumentative essay on islam and democracy

Some of the Islamic states have supported the idea, but most of the Islamic nations and Middle East nations have condemned and opposed this idea on the premises that it contravenes Islamic Sheria Law and teachings, and propagate westernized ideologies. In essence, westernized nations have hidden motives as to why they champion and appeal Islamic →

The meaning of democracy: what is the best definition of democracy

The vast majority of us goes to work everyday in order to acquire a livelihood, but we still analyze and discuss world problems, sometimes involuntary, when watching the news, at the bar or even at a family meal. But there are plenty of reasons for which this democratic system cannot possibly work in the modern →

History of athenian democracy essay

Other categories of people who were not eligible to citizenship were slaves, children and non Athenian Greeks. There were three main bodies that governed the affairs of Athens and they were the assembly, the council and the courts all which were run by representatives of the people. Athenian democracy was representative to the few people →

Mexico democracy

The wars with France, the US and Texas did not help stabilize a new democracy and led to dissatisfaction and a non-cohesive government. Without freedom of the press and centralized power Mexico could not gain true democracy. A free press allows citizens the ability to criticize and form opinions of their government.

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Who has been the biggest influence in my life

For in administering the affairs of this nation, you and I share the commonresponsibilityof providing theleadership, the guidance and the service that a democratic government owes to the people. You and I must provide for their enjoyment of those basic requisites for decent living and of those adequate opportunities for the attainment of →

Example of the newseum and it historical implications literature review

It also gives a history of Pennsylvania Avenue. In the newseum, there is a gallery of the Pulitzer Prize Photographs. Offering these gallery to the public promotes awareness of the history to the people. In the newseum there is a section that gives the history of the Berlin Wall.

Global civil societies

The term is seen as a progressive process particularly because many claim that global civil society is committed to the values ofhuman rights, gender equality, social justiceand democracy. On the whole global civil societies are those organizations that operate in the international realm that share the purpose of correcting the world social →

Democracy in the aristophane’s work “the acharnians” essay

According to him, democracy is the only form of unrestricted and complete system of governance that can allow a satirical suppression of private usage political and social power to torture other citizens. Nevertheless, the author continues to satirize the democracy which he has supported as he argues that it has turned Athens into a city →

Democracy in pakistan-a dilemma

In a roundtable discussion forum " Political Expediency and the Future of Democracy in Pakistan" organized by the Center for Research and Security Studies , at its office premises in Islamabad, issues and challenges related to current democratic governance and prospects of a democratic Pakistan were discussed in detail.Mr. Ahmed Bilal →

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of first past the post voting system

However, there are also many disadvantages to this system, being that It excludes smaller parties from ' fair' representation, as the votes do not always represent that amount of seats taken up by a particular party. It can also cause vote-splitting, if the voter is not sure of which party to vote for.

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Three important features of our democracy essay

Through their right to vote, the citizens elect their government representatives. This feature of democracy ensures that the principle of rule by the people is achieved since it is the people who empower the government to work. Due to these features, the superiority of the citizens over the government is ensured since the people choose →

Has oil been a curse or a blessing for venezuela critical thinking sample

The Punto Fijo pact allowed the political parties in Venezuela to dialogue and deliberates with the military in order to evade the " Trienio " outcome. The project was largely anticipated to foster the element of democracy in Venezuela.

Czech republic essay sample

Since the spilt that necessitated the formation of the republic it has made significant changes or advancement especially in terms of the economy. This led to the declaration that the invasion was a violation of socialist principles, international law, and the UN Charter by the Czechoslovakia government.

Good leaders and leadership: lucy stone case study essay example

I selected her as a model of leadership because of her ability to lead the charge for woman's suffrage and gain true independence in an era with limited women's rights. In terms of leadership attributes, Lucy Stone is interesting because her leadership moved through fazes or shifted as her life →

How albania changed from a communism to democracy essay sample

All of the property in the country is taken into the hands of the government and they equally distribute it to the population. In a democracy the people are free, as long as they obey the laws that are passed by the government. People have the ability to choose who represents them in the →

How development leads to democracy essay

It is thus believed that when a country produces goods for the world market, it gains higher returns that boost it's citizens' social wellbeing, particularly by expanding the middle class. When the middle class of a country grows, it tends to get more involved in the running of the countries affairs and thus presses for →

Free an application of rhetorical analysis: on public choice essay example

Rhetoric is the art of expression of ideas, either spoken or in a written form by a skilled proponent who tries to convince the audience or the reader of the accuracy of his statements, by pleading to their emotions, using subtle logic or cause and effect scenario, reminding them of his credentials and mastery over →

Democracy as the best form of government essay

Unity and liberty in a nation lay a fertile ground for economic and social growth. In a democratic form of government, the entire citizenry is cushioned against exploitation and all form of abuse. The Judge in a Democracy.

The democratic peace theory essay sample

In the course of this paper, these mechanisms will be examined to understand whether they satisfactorily establish the link between the existence of democracy and a greater probability of peace. The most common explanation is the Consensus theory of democratic peace. This theory explains that since democracies are built on consensus, and since →

Democracy concepts and principles essay

The proponents of democracy argue that, through democracy, citizens are accorded the freedom to participate on issues concerning their country enjoying a peaceful coexistence as the rule of law applies. Therefore, democracy ensures that equality of all the citizens regardless of their language, color ethnicity or any other attributes that may be used upon a →

Regulation and democracy

The question of whether self-regulation is the ' least worst' system is again relevant: the chairman of the Commonsculture, media, and sport select committee has recently accused the PCC of not being up to the job and has called for a public inquiry. This essay will begin by looking at the system →

American politics essay sample

Be sure to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of each. The expressive system of voting gives a person a chance to lineout his/her preferences while in the weak altruism a person votes with a target of some expectations being achieved. It has been argued that a fear of the " tyranny of the majority" and →

The impacts on democracy of the extraordinary changes in information technology

Meaning every individual has the right to express their thoughts and believes on the governing system and it allows individuals to have an active role in the development and modifications of the rules and laws they are governed by. The pace of change over the last 20 years has been remarkably significant due to the →

Liberalism research paper examples

Instead, in the view of this paper, the ideology differentiates itself from what scholars describe as ' liberalism'. The word ' liberal' assumed a specific political meaning with the institution of liberal parliamentary caucuses in Spain and Sweden, and subsequently throughout Europe during the first decade of the nineteenth century. Blomgren suggests that, " neoliberalism →

Good essay on the changes of women rights

CRN # Introduction: Definition For the better understanding of the topic " The changes of women rights," first of all it is important to mention what does the word " right" mean. There are laws that were changed, for the liberation of women's rights.

Democracy is the best form of government for all the world’s inhabitants

The respect for the life and rights of every individual is paramount in the exercise of the democratic government in the dispensation of its mandate. In his words, and I quote," If liberty and equality, as thought by some, are chiefly found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in →

To what extent do pressure groups undermine democracy

In the first instance of answering this question, we need to find out the two types of pressure groups; elitist pressure groups and pluralist pressure groups. Elitism is the theory that political power is concentrated in the hands of a few, which therefore sort of emphasises a dictatorship in some →

Can judicial review be reconciled with democracy? essay

In this paper the arguments of different legal experts and philosophers will be used to explore the discussion of this subject. Supporting the position that judicial review is compatible with democracy and serves noble purposes of protecting human rights and that it actually supports democratic principle of the work of the government, I will argue →

The contributions of plato to the western civilization and philosophy essay sample

Plato divides his world into two aspects: the intelligible world and the perceptual world. The Perceptual world: Plato saw the perceptual world around us as imperfect copies of the intelligible forms or ideas. The Intelligible world: Forms are unchangeable and perfect, and only comprehensible by the use of intellect and understanding. Slowly, though →

The road to mecca essay sample

Helen feels that her art is a direct representation of herself and her soul. Elsa is enchanted by Helen's art and her freedom of expression.

The evolution of democracy from jefferson to jackson

What citizens were considered The elite should be the only Jackson believed that eligible for office holding? Would lead to a too powerful essential to the economy.

This essay is a comparison of the french and russian revolutions essay sample

The French and Russian Revolutions were both very dramatic and have influenced the political standings of both nations and nations surrounding them to this day. During the Russian revolution most nations had a capitalized government and were scared of the idea of communism spreading to their nations.

Example of essay on kashmir religious militancy

This situation created to regions that were in complete contrast with the majority in one country being the minority in the other country and therefore the majority in one country felt the need to protect the rights and fight for the interests of the minority in the other country and →

A democratic political system essay sample

Economic growth varies from economic development due to the fact that it only entails the positive movement of a country's GDP while economic development embraces other aspects in addition to economic growth. With the public as the watch dog government institutions have to be operated effectively and this is definitely a plus →

Democracy in india essay sample

Its adoption and implementation did not follow an evaluation stage or an evolutionary history, so to speak to test the applicability, practicability and effectiveness of such systems compared to other forms of government like the presidential form. Freedom of the people is a core characteristic of democracy, which is a manifestation and expression of →

Democracy and its types research paper

In the indirect democracy, ruling is done by the use of an elected body to act as their representative. On the other hand, the semi direct democracy is a type of democracy which contains both the rudiments of direct and indirect democracy. Representative is a type of democracy in which societies choose a body which →

Example of essay on good citizenship depends on the carrying out of responsibilities as well as having

The provision of basic services to those who need them is another crucial part of the coin for the eventual success of the whole enterprise of citizenship. The art of compromise and consensus Compromise and consensus is an important part of the political sphere and also involves what may be termed as good citizenship →

Rapid growth as a destabilizing force to effective democracy essay

The purpose of this paper is to establish the connection between democracy and economic development. Whether educated or trained in terms of modernization point of view or the chronological stand point, theories explicating the cradle of democracy possess deterministic characteristics. Contained in the theory of modernity no stimulates or causes democracy, but instead it is →

Democracy in france

Only those people who are represented by the majority party in the government have the bigger chance of getting their needs addressed. Being the case, the very principle of democracy is defeated because it is no longer the government that is for the people. The continued dominion of Communism in the French →

Nicaraguan students’ movement opposing ortega

In defiance, students and other protesters barricaded themselves in the campuses of the Polytechnic University and the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua in Managua. The attacks by the police force and armed government-funded mobs, resulted in the deaths of even more students.

Book review: “world on fire: how exporting free market democracy breeds ethnic hatred and global instability” essay (critical writing)

In her book World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability, Amu Chua comes up with somewhat controversial thesis as to the fact that, contrary to what is being commonly assumed, the process of Globalization, associated with the lowering of trade tariffs and with the enforcement of Western →

Democracy – 4th principle of indonesia

However, the essence of democracy contained in the fourth principles of Pancasila, the Sovereignty of the People, led by the wisdom of policies based on the Consultative / Representative. If a form of democracy which we have carried out were different (since the guided democracy, Pancasila democracy and democracy in the era of the Reformation) →

Example of my background and my future. essay

This is in contrary to US where families are small, and one is expected to take care of himself after the age of sixteen. Saudi society can be described as close minded; this explains the lack of some professional courses like Computer science and technology in the country. However, I intend to adapt and integrate →

Elections and democracy

The political aspect: How to have the election system reflect accurately the separate exercise of power in the state and promote citizen's interest at the same time? The heart of democracy in a state depends on the implementation of an electoral system because the will of the sovereign people designates through election →

Democracy in colonial america

Documents such as the Maryland's Act of Toleration, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut and The Lady's Laws are prove of the spirit of democracy coming to light. Oddly, pubs and taverns are an example of the origin of democracy. Only a free adult male and resident of the colony was able to →

The introduction of democracy

Ultimately, it is clear that a culture of popular discontent must prevail. According to Putnam, there are three schools of thought through which we may come to an understanding of that which allows democratic order to thrive. And of course, absent of the genuine will of the people to actively take part, →

Creative artist should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas

Government fears these art forms may hurt the sentiments of the people and cause resentments. In these cases, government intervention may be essential to maintain the stability in the social infrastructure of the country.

Absolutism and democracy essay sample

The people were forced to obey the monarch. Absolutism was definitely the most widely used form of government in the 17th and 18th centuries. People in this time were not as educated as those in society today, and it was easy for them to just follow the words of the absolute monarch.

Logical fallacies found in public discourse research paper example

It is also trying to divert the argument about the wellness of the economy to the personal circumstances of the opponent. The counterargument does not mention a good reason why people should not vote for John McCain or why the fundamentals of the economy are not strong. For a fallacy free argument, both parts would →

Funeral oration of pericles term paper sample

Rather he is attempting to explain to the widows, children and parents of the dead that their sacrifice was not in vain, and that the city of Athens should be beloved by all for its many excellent political, economic and moral qualities. Its democracy, individual freedom and rule of law →

The required freedom and democracy in afghanistan essay

All these aspects freedom encourages democracy and enable Afghanistan to enjoy the experiences being enjoyed by the democratic federations. The government of Afghanistan deserves to promote and encourage the minorities' rights as provided for in the constitution. Access to justice and the rule of law is appropriate for the Afghan government in the wake of →

To what extent does democracy in the uk suffer?

Politics Essay To what extent does democracy in the UK suffer from a participation crisis? There are a lot of ways in which citizens can participate in politics in the UK without necessarily having to vote for example: joining a political party, boycotting, and even signing petitions and fund raising. A participation →

Free term paper on mass culture and its effects to the society

Understanding the mass culture helps an individual in essential characteristics and features and cultural phenomena of postindustrial society not forgetting the different means that help in resolving disagreements and conflicts in the society. The paper discusses Dwight MacDonald article on the Theory of Mass culture, evaluates the different arguments put forward regarding usefulness and merits →

Democracy in america: critical summary essay

The book, " Democracy in America" by Alexis de Tocqueville defines the thoughts of the author on various aspects of America from the angles of social, political, security, and the need for appreciation of diversity especially among the Anglo-Americans. As a result, the reader is placed in an effective and flexible environment that creates →

The foundation of democracy: waiting for the king to come essay (critical writing)

However, the process of the state democratization is far from being over yet. Another step that brought the country closer to establishing the democratic society and providing the rights and freedoms to all of its citizens were the presidential elections that took place recently. Once choosing the man who is bound to lead the country →

Alternatives to party government argumentative essay

The argument against a socialist party form of government is that the redistribution of wealth is unfair to entrepreneurs and businessmen. The graph is a clear indicator of what would happen if socialist economic principles and the concept of redistribution of wealth were implemented into the capitalist economy of the United States.

Democracy is the best form of government

Represents the people The biggest virtue of Democracy is that it is government by the people for the people. Respectof Human Rights Democracy as much it is understood, is the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Corporate philanthropy in the singaporean workforce literature review example

The objective of this paper is to discuss a corporate philanthropy effort initiated by two organizations, the Yale University from the United States and the National University of Singapore to offer a global and holistic approach to research and education with a focus on Asian and Singaporean arts and perspectives. It is important to note →

Freedom of speech essay sample

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression should be exactly what they mean. Freedom of speech is arguably the most precious gift of democracy. Evolution of democracy is nothing but a history of the extension of the right of freedom of speech from the limited group of privileged citizens to the universal right of →

Essay on world war i

The attacks made by the Government against its own citizens by imposing laws that saw citizen forced to involve in war. Just as the laws affected negatively the Americans, Woodrow Wilson definition of democracy is out of order.

Democracy movement in the middle east report

In addition, the sections will highlight the assumptions of conflicts of Islamic religion as far as democracy is concerned. Finally, threats of religious terrorism and extremism will be thoroughly examined and the binding ties of any effective response to terrorism which has a direct impact to the democratic movement success in the Middle East. The →

Democracy and voting essay sample

Society, votes in order to bring about change, which would benefit the people and the country, physically, economically and socially. This shows that civil society has the power to elect a particular person who they feel holds the particular characteristics to be a leader, from what they have seen and heard through the media. →

Maguindanao massacre

The Maguindanao Massacre is the worst case of political feud in the history of the Philippines. In relation to the Authentic Christian Humanism, explain how the perpetrators of the massacre promote or violate the framework we use in class.First of all, killing is a sin, for that I can say that the perpetrators of the →

Hate crimes committed by white against african american essay

It is the case that hate crimes are a result of prejudice on the part of the offender against the victim of hate crime. The violence or hate crimes against the black minority groups by the whites according to this theory may thus be rooted in the perception that the socio-economic instability faced by the →

Good essay on women’s rights in saudi arabia and the united arab emirates

Saudi Arabia cannot be compared to the UAE when it comes to women's rights since the United Arab Emirates is far ahead from them in making their women more comfortable in the society. Women laws, policies and human rights in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have a regional and international impact on women. →

Athens and sparta essay sample

While both Athens and Sparta's population growth and economic development caused political and social problems, Athenians relieved tension by creating a democracy government and Sparta created a government based off of military means. They stayed in the military until retirement which was usually around the age of thirty, then went back home to →

Political parties essay sample

In a representative form of democracy, the main role of political parties should be reviewing of the current policies and coming up with policies that will better the life of their electorates. Pomper presents a close view of political parties in the United States like Fiorina but he differs in that he thinks political parties →

Essay about direct democracy

It obtained the assistance of the " National Legal Foundation" in drafting Amendment 2 and used the handbook which was written by a lawyer who represented the " Concerned Women for America" as a guide for its efforts to promote the amendment. The proponents of Amendment 2 appealed to the moral values →

The taliban insurgency: democracy in dangerous places case study

The grand question still remains to be whether the insurgency will succeed or fail in spite of the heavy presence of the US and UN troops. Despite the fact that we can tentatively present an argument that towards the south the surge was successful, it is vital to recall that other parts of the country →

Should sixteen year old be able to vote? essay sample

Some people think that at the age of sixteen the teens are not old and mature enough to vote in an election. They also have the right for political parties to give serious consideration to the needs and opinions of youth, and, get attention when developing public policy, and it can cause different benefits too.

Cultural and ecological factors in the education and socialization of african-american article review sample

ABSTRACT All practitioners in the fields of education, social work, and youth and family services should be aware of the cultural and ecological factors that affect the development and education of African-American youth, and adolescents in other minority groups that have traditionally experienced stereotyping and discrimination. This article considers two culturally-sensitive methodologies for →

Good obama care critical thinking example

This is the fact that has led to the common usage of the word ' whatever'. The author holds the assumption that the Democratic Party is a party of ' rotating pinwheels'.

Compare rome and han china at their heights

The Greeks and the Americans have a lot in common, such as their architecture, living style, and democracy. Similarly today victory is the main goal for the Americans and training/conditioning is still the most important preparation for war.

Relationship between development and democracy

The rapid political transformation that exemplified the last decade of the past century in various countries of the world encouraged a renewed interest in the relationship between development and democracy. It has been found that while being well-to-do matters at the level of cross national comparison; it is not necessarily the →

Jacksonian democracy essay sample

In the light of the following documents and your knowledge of the 1820's and the 1830's, to what extent do you agree with the Jacksonians' view of themselves? Patrons and devotees of Andrew Jackson believed themselves to be the guardians of the Constitution and the common people, as well as taking credit for an →

Bj;db; fjhk

The biggest reason is the fact that direct democracy is the fairest and purest way of making decisions as it is entirely up to the people to decide. Whilst you would not regularly use referendums to deal with every issue that parliament would have to deal with, they are a very good →

Discuss the following segments

Define and summarize Dahl's more significant points.Using what you have learned in Part 1 of the Dahl book , discuss whether or not the founding of our United States (the Articles of Confederation, creation of the US Constitution)seems to have been " democratic"? You will decide and argue for your positions on what seems →

Hcl technologies essay sample

CEO Vineet Nayar is committed to creating a company where the job of company leaders is to enable people to find their own destiny by gravitating to their strengths. How have the personality traits of HCL employees contributed to make what HCL what it is? 4.

Democracy as a form of government

A democratic government simply is a government " of the people, by the people and for the people." A government which is elected by the citizens of the country, which is been elected of the people and elected for the betterment of the citizens residing in the country, is a democratic government. Democracy is a →

Critical thinking on distribution of political power and under-represented people

This brings about discrimination as the under-represented do not get the chance in life to make any laws or orders in this field. The other form of distribution of political power that affects the life chances of under-represented people is the social power. The minority groups lack this form of resource and therefore have to →

K+12 curriculum

Respectfor diversity, meaning that each individual should be recognized for his or her own abilities, interests, ideas, needs, andcultural identity, and.the development of critical, socially engaged intelligence, which enables individuals to understand and participate effectively in the affairs of their community in a collaborative effort to achieve a common good. These elements of progressive education →

Free article review on comparative politics

A country needs to select the system that will best fit its needs and conditions. The writer decided to write about the US since the world view is that US is democratically matured and many nations end up copying its democracy. This helps people to understand that politics is a result of the scramble for →

The frozen republic: how the constitution is paralyzing democracy essay sample

But overall, Lazare feels that the Constitution produces inefficient, chaotic government. As far as the strengths of the book, I appreciate the perspective of the author on this original argument in that I have never read anything addressing this issue in a similar manner. I do feel the author did his research in his →

Same-sex marriage essay

Therefore, he says, taking the government involvement out of marriage, and instead having a ceremony with a different title, could be the answer to allowing equality for all, and in particular gay couples. Lindenberger gives plenty of examples as to why this idea would be preferable. Abolishing marriage as we know it and granting people →

Democracy measures in united kingdom, france, japan and china term paper

Competitiveness can be seen from the number of political parties that take part in an election, while participation is reflected by the number of people who take part in the election of state leadership. Power distribution is, on the other hand, reflected by the dispersion of seats in the legislature. The dominant parties here are →

Good research paper on gender inequality in sports author’s name: institutional affiliation:

Too often, though, " Controversy surrounds the different treatment of men and women in sport: the glorification of male achievements and the downgrading of women's achievements". Muslim participation has been discouraged when it comes to sports, especially for women. In other parts of the world, like Egypt, it is believed that older women should also →

Essay on democracy

Next, the relocation of power and some ways addressing that phenomenon are exposed. In the fourth section the problem of the democratic deficit is restated; accordingly a few principles are identified from which the restated problem can be addressed. Boutellier speaks of the ' culture of the bungee jumper', seeking →

Danish aid to africa: implication for civil society & democracy research paper

In this case, the international relations between the donor and the recipient play a great role. The Danish aid is predominantly used for policy implementation in developing nations." The dynamics of the aid relationship determines the extent to which a PRS process has effected, shifts in the social relations of governance and changes in the →

Political environment essay sample

The political environment could change as a result of the actions and policies of governments at all levels, from the local level to the federal level. The importance of monitoring the political environment It is important for organizations to monitor their political environment, because change in this environment can impact on business strategy →

Example of canterbury tales essay

The aim of the essay is to provide the similarities and the differences between the ideas and the artistic devices employed in the two tales. One particular area in which the paper will emphasize on is the institution of marriage. The Clerk's tale and Franklin's tale both depict romance, and →

Transition to democracy in latin america essay (book review)

Despite widespread economic gains during this period, one problem still persisted, transparent and equitable distribution of these financial benefits to the wider public. To demonstrate political autonomy to the outer world, Latin American countries realized that they needed a transparent political framework sensitive enough to the interests of its people and this could only be →

Free essay about low- birth weight and preterm babies

The black-white disparity in extremely low birth weight in the US is persistent, with 13 percent of babies with low birth weight are born to black mothers, when the equivalent percentage of white mothers giving birth to infants with low weight at birth is 6. Some minority groups and women →

Copyright and democracy critical essay

The first part of the chapter discusses the role of civil society and its association with democratic governance. The market may be a barrier to the advancement of the democratic character of civil societies.

How to read like a political scientist examples

Here are mine: Mueller, " Democracy's Romantic Myths" Argument: Scholars and others who are interested in democracy and its quality have worried too much about apathy of the public, political inequality, and low levels of participation. Rogat Loeb, " The Active Citizen" Argument: Lack of participation and social involvement by Americans is a →