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Now that you have finished viewing the film, you will do the following: You are going to compose a thoughtful reflection paper. Include the ideas and thoughts you plan to include in your paper.

Bill ford speech: a future beyond traffic gridlock critical thinking examples

He commented that though the industry is pushing hard to reduce emissions, even zero emission cars still make traffic jams that as a consequence can seriously limit our important freedom of mobility. Hence, according to Bill Ford, we need a major " leap in thinking for us to create a →

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Good limitations placed on freedom after 9/11 essay example

All these restrictions on the freedom of movement and speech lead to limitation of freedom of the individuals targeted while increasing the freedom of the government. Insertion of fear limits the liberty of the citizens. A comparison of the surrounding circumstances of the limitations of the freedom of citizens to those which happened in the →

Loss of freedom through apathy

It is the American vote and in this Presidential election it is a right 250 million chose to ignore. It startled and in a way disheartened me, the way many of the people I polled seemed totally apathetic to the political world around us. To me, spending a minute answering questions about the future of →

Free analytical summary of the journal essay sample

Indonesia Australia Relations in the Era of Democracy: The View from the Indonesian Side by Priyambudi Sulistiyanto Summary In this journal, Sulistiyanto discusses how the relationship between Indonesia and Australia has changed since the implementation of a new democracy and domestic politics.. Sulistiyanto asks if there is more →

The phrase “freedom of speech”

However, the idea of a young adult relaying a message of their own devising threatens the ideas of other individuals in a growing populace. These instances encourage them to learn that their words need to be monitored and carefully selected within any community. The right to free-speech comes with extensive responsibilities, and failing to meet →

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Example of critical thinking on challenge to civil liberties

The autocratic attitude of the Indian rulers exposed their subjects to suffering in the absence of civil liberties. In America, during the time of crisis and war, the policy makers react fearfully to the predicted threat by putting in place measures that limit civil liberties.

Economic freedom essay

In his book " Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" he introduces the term " system of natural liberty", which is equivalent to the current definition of capitalism. Pure capitalism in the nineteenth century led to mass exploitation of the working class by the rich and to further widening of →

Free essay on bill of rights

In the United States of America, the Bill of Rights refers to the first ten amendments of the constitution. This amendment protects the freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of press, as well as the right to assemble and petition the government. The freedom of speech is a providence of one's right →

Essay on new woman of the 1920s

As a result of the new freedom found, women started to produce magazines and movies that analyzed the marriage, work and sexuality of women in a bid of sensitizing women on their new found freedom. The advertisement made in the magazines and movie encouraged women to enjoy their freedom, the role of women in the →

Essay on freedom of the press

CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEE Teodoro, et al on the book Freedom Of Expression And The Media In The Philippines Chapter I: History of Freedom of the Press demonstrated how the commitment to free speech and expression, the right to information and press freedom, with which the leaders of both →

Free essay on free speech on internet

If we believe that individual ideas trigger the progress of our civilization, then the freedom of speech, discussions of different sorts and expression of new ideas is the key to that progress (" Free Speech and the Internet"). The freedom of speech over the internet is much supported by the people who have more interaction →

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Perspectives on free-speech zones on college campuses research paper examples

Evaluate which person made the stronger argument. Greg Lukianoff argued that a policy on free-speech zones is a curtailment of an individual's or group's freedom of expression given the fact that " only a tiny portion of the campus" is allowed for use during protests/rallies. The reason for my choice is that liberty does not →

Anti defamation league essay examples

This has been dully done to ensure that hate is combated around the world in order to promote peaceful coexistence among various groups of people around the world (Schreiber, Schiff and Klenicki, 2003). Stereotypes are qualities that assigned to particular people basing on their race, sexual orientation and nationality among others. This is usually based →

Recruitment research paper examples

In certain rebel and militant groups, girl soldiers are recruited for the sole purpose of providing sexual services to the soldiers. Conclusion The use of child soldiers in warfare has resulted to deaths of children reaching millions. Print. Tiefenbrun, Susan." Child Soldiers, Slavery and the Trafficking of Children".

Free their eyes were watching god by zora neale hurston argumentative essay sample

In the novel, Their Eyes were Watching God, by Zara, the character Janie is in the journey to achieve freedom from male domination, true love and self-independence in a world of racism and female subordination. The two pieces of literature align the themes of freedom/ liberty that are extensively covered and →

Free critical thinking on behaviorism

They also argue that if free will exists, there should be a distinction of a free-willed person and that person who is not. Determinists also support these arguments by arguing that all actions are caused by forces that are beyond the control of a person. It is upon the realization that choices have consequences that →

Freedom is being accepted

This is shown by the people in town mocking the Duvitches for who they are, and also by Tom and Andy poisoning the Duvitches fish they caught. The Duvitches do not feel accepted until the dinner at the Duvitches that changes their perspective on how they are. In this statement the Duvitch kids do not →

A journey from slavery to freedom in “narrative of the life” by frederick douglass

In factual detail, the text describes the events of his life and is considered to be one of the most influential pieces of literature to fuel the abolitionist movement of the early 19th century in the United States. In Frederick Douglass's " Narrative of the Life" he maps out his entire journey from slavery to →

Article review on david hume

English The focus of this week's readings will deal with the standpoint of Hume in differentiating civil liberty in both the republican government and monarchies. This can be illustrated on the basis of his personal observation that in order to achieve liberty in politics, the government should be free and to improve for →

Free james baldwin’s view of personal liberation with jamaica kincaid’s term paper example

However, James Baldwin views on the subjects of personal liberation from the chains of social injustice are slightly scattered, regularly peripheral, and often contradictory. Through synthesizing and abstracting James Baldwin's views on liberation through identity, it is possible to identify how he addresses the subsection of personal liberation, especially the black individuals. The achievement of →

Boyz in the hood and black freedom fighters

In order for African-Americans to face their struggles of poor working conditions, poor pay, and lack of job opportunities, they had to connect with the majority. George Kimbley knew that in order to be in the union and make somewhat of a difference, you would have to get people to trust you. →

Pedagogy of the oppressed essay sample

It also enables the individual not to seek ways of adapting to these conditions but to develop ways of reforming the environment to suit them and conform to the demands of history. However, Freire believed that good leadership must be upheld if liberation of the oppressed is to become a reality.

Example of birds in the awakening term paper

The parrot has literal confinement in a metal cage, but it also refers to the metaphorical confinement that is a part of the life of Edna Pontellier, trapped in place by the expectations of society. In spite of all of the luxuries that her husband places at her disposal, and →

Of media and press freedom

Even with moves to censor and even discredit Moore and his claims in this documentary, the Bush administration had to let the movie be shown as completely hiding Fahrenheit 9/11 from the public will be a cause for questioning the government's commitment tofreedom of speech, which is clearly stated in the First Amendment of the →

Free literature review on education means more to frederick douglass than simply learning to read and write

Douglass knew that in order to achieve freedom, he will have to pursue further education, he requested the white children around him to assist in reading a book that he had.' The Columbian Orator' was the book that Douglass had acquired at the age of twelve in this book; he found solace as it deemed →

Example of paper option 2 research paper

They were also aware that slaves in the north were freed and even though they were fed the propaganda that the slaves in the north were destitute, they reasoned that nothing can be worse than what they are experiencing. There were times when the slaves were given workloads for the day, and if they finished →

Example of liberty universitys mission essay

I come from a family of believers, and I have been trained to always have a reflection of my life and adhere to moral issues. I have always had a positive perception of life and morality. My perspective of life is to always do good to all people and serve →

Reconstruction in the south essay

Arguably, after the civil war in America, the entire nation, especially the south faced a difficult era in rebuilding its economy, dealing with freed African American slaves, as well as rebuilding of the government. Undeniably, sharecropping had some differences and similarities to slavery. After reconstruction, the agricultural labor system in the south also transformed.

Example of war against racism essay

Standing on our belief by Joyce ladner is the portrayal of the thirst for freedom from racism, advocacy for better wages and other rights for the black Negros in the 1960s. The August Washington march was a culmination of suppressed mass protests and civil rights demonstrations that had seen protestors brutally beaten, chased by →

A freedom trail in boston

Boston is the largest city of the Common wealth of Massachusetts and belongs to one of the oldest cities of United State of America. Several events and battles such as Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, The Battle of the Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege →

Essay on ethnic roots of american civilization

This ethnic diversity has strengthened the society of United States and contributed in the development of the nation. Several people opposed the British atrocities and were killed In Boston massacre. The constitution makers and visionary leaders like Abraham Lincoln understood the importance of ethnic diversity in American society and provided several conveniences along with the →

Theme of gaining freedom as a woman in the chrysanthemums and the story of an hour

The main character and protagonist in " The Chrysanthemums" is Elisa, while that of ' The Story of an Hour" is Mrs. The reader easily experiences the happiness she feels, with the repetition of the word, free." She said it over and over her breath: ' free, free, free!" At the very end of the →

Freedom and justice for all

It is more than just a union and much more than just a status; it is about being with the one you love most and sharing everything for the rest of your life. Therefore they claim gay marriage is a sin based on the beliefs of proper marriage being between that of a man and →

The new ideology of manifest destiny and freedom

Gregory Stephenson explains it thusly, " The poet, for a visionary instant, transcends the realm of the actual into the realm of the ideal, and then, unable to sustain the vision, returns to the realm of the actual. The word of that era was conformity. The houses were all built to a certain →

Good essay on leopoldo lopez freedom

In essence, he should be detained at the expense of the country's peace. In the modern day, cases where governments use their power to suppress the political ambitions of its citizens have been reported. Considering that Leopoldo Lopez stood up to defend his fellow citizens from the ill economy and destructive government, he deserves his →

Good example of the 1800 presidential election events and consequences essay

It was the second election where the heroic general and hero of Independence, George Washington was absent and it pitted two parties against each other, the Whigs and the Federalists with the latter changing to the Democratic-Republican Party and which is the foundation of the Democratic Party that we know today. Events leading up to →

Example of essay on american liberalism

Going by for instance the United States legal systems, the constitution fully respect and uphold the concept of individualism, democracy and human rights. The framers of the United States constitution knew very well that the change in this country was majorly anchored in democracy. According the constitution, the due process is a system of legal →

Economic freedom free health care term paper examples

This is why economic freedom is being used all over the world today. Free health care The demand side of the health care is the patients who demand medical attention while the supply side is the health care centers like hospitals and pharmacies. It is rare to have a surplus supply of health care →

Example of essay on slave

The power also got limited by the fact that their masters were still in charge of the whole election process, and they can change the figures to their favor. The slaves also had the chance to exercise power of expression where they made this effective through the mass movements. The slaves used their freedom of →

Capitalism and freedom book review

His thoughts laid the groundwork for the emerging modern conservative movement, which was an evolution of the 19th century beliefs surrounding liberalism. Friedman's major themes of his most famous work consist of the roles of competitive capitalism, as well as the role that government should play in a society " dedicated to →

Freedom of expression essay sample

Emphasis is laid on the phenomenon of media freedom, the use of celebrity images, plagiarism, censorship of sex and violence and etc. Freedom of expression The phenomenon of freedom of speech is considered as an important phenomenon of communication and it is the freedom to speak freely which is without censorship or →

Essay on rocurring themes and literary interpretation of floating

Apparently, it might sound as a case of miscarriage but from the final scene hints to some sort of guilt ridden on the husband's mind as well, indicating to the fact that it might be a case of forced abortion or of miscarriage due to negligence as well" The narrator is not satisfied with the →

Example of freedom from evil essay

The aim of this paper is to explore the concept of evil in great detail and show that it is virtually impossible for the world to be ever free from evil. The world that we currently live is no short of evil. Beyond good and evil: Prelude to a philosophy →

Censorship in music today-both sides of the argument essay sample

It is sometimes difficult to understand when a child gets punished for using foul language meanwhile the child's parents have the right to criticize and petition the government whenever they feel the need to do so. They feel that they are being held down. Due to the amendment made by our founding fathers, it →

Good example of new experience essay

Summertime is when the sun is hottest and the weather is similar to that back home in Saudi Arabia. Swimming is a culture that most people are fond of in this area of the world. What is especially unique is the freedom in the kind of swimwear people, especially women, adorn while swimming.

Example of argumentative essay on the story of an hour

Louis belonged to upper class and enjoyed a huge amount of freedom but she was always in quest of more freedom and when she heard that her husband is died her quest of freedom was satisfied. Louis feels a mental as well emotional freedom after hearing about her husband's death. Kate has portrayed the story →

In what ways does douglass draw upon the principles stated in the declaration of essay example

He famously knew to say that he would readily work with anybody whether black, white, male or even female. He is famous for writing several books about his life and experiences as a slave and how he was able to overcome it and triumph to become whom he was then. Discuss Douglass " use of →

Exercises essay examples

Degrees of Freedom: the greater the number of joints involved in a movement/exercise the more difficult it is to execute safely and correctly.a. 2 points. An example of a one degree of freedom movement is the biceps exercise while a movement with many degrees of freedom is the walking lunges.3.

Article review on kant’s “what is enlightenment”

ANSWER: " Sapere aude!" is important for Kant's own historical context because it was used during his time as an exploration of his theories of reason in the public sphere. If Kant is a determinist, he would have just relinquish his theory of enlightenment such that people ought to learn to think for themselves. - Is →

Literary criticism essay example

- Feminist Criticism of Cat in the Rain by Ernest Hemmingway The Short story presents to the reader a desperate wife immersed in the world of boredom, and her husband does nothing to improve the situation. The movement of the cat from under the table is symbolic of the movement of the woman from →

Corruption in media essays example

Relying on the press and obtaining inaccurate information leads to a majority of the public voting for the wrong candidate for the right reasons. The Supreme Court has for a long time striven to apply for guarantee of equal protection of the laws (which was considered but left out by Jefferson) (Barbara, Shelley, and Schmidt, →

Essay on health care usa

Will it be possible to rein in the costs of health care and still give the public the health care freedom-of-choice in health care providers? Employers and the public have seen their health care cost increase dramatically in the last decade, and they are expected to continue to rise.(Hartman, Martin, Nuccio, Catlin,) The United →

Reflections of prague essay example

This was a quest for freedom and how the liberation of it would cause mankind to inflict pain and death on fellow mankind in the name of: distorting political and religious doctrines, self centered beliefs, and the sensitivity of pride and prejudice to the human worth of personality, dignity and freedom of their ancestor towards →

History of the indies by bartolome de las casas term paper

It can be assumed that Bartolom 's book was directed to the Castilian Crown as well, to deliberately provoke the Europeans, and this is how the concept of the " Black Legend" of Spain was established among the country's enemies. Bartolom 's book not only looks back at the history →

Basque and kosovo: a quest for freedom

In the latter part of the 1990s, the region of Kosovo gained international media attention when the armies of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic were deployed with the purpose of crushing the desire of the majority Albanian initiative for independence. In the constitution of the former Yugoslavia, the fundamental law set the →

Example of a cold night on the beach essay

The darkness of the beach at night envelops with a sense of peace; the absence of the crowds illuminates other aspects of the beach not noticed during the day, it gives a feeling of freedom, and a little fear in contrast to the dominant sense of peace. Stepping through the dunes and onto the beach →

My bondage and my freedom

Additionally, it is important to remember that while slavery had some supporters in other sections of the nation, it was mainly a Southern issue. This is where the slaves were bought and sold and this is where the plantations depended so heavily on slave labor to be able to produce a product that was then →

Sandra lee bartky, foucault, femininity and the modernization of patriarchal essay example

Video Analysis in the light of Introduction The theme of the music video, Lilly Allen's, ' Hard out There' is all about the typical behavior of women and thinking of men about the general womanhood features. Some of them are as follows: Impacts of Politics Political influences leave high impacts because →

How is the internet changing the nature of journalism in australia research paper

RESEARCH PAPER Abstract The paper is dedicated to issues of journalism in Australia and is particularly focused on the online journalism and the usage of the Internet by journalist themselves. The research gives the information about general advantages and disadvantages of the Internet use in media sphere and provides an insight into →

Good essay about first & last name

I believe, if all Muslims have faith that ALLAH is the creator of this universe and it is in His powers to do anything then it should not be hard for them to believe that He has the powers to foresee the future of any living being. It is difficult for us to understand that →

Book: hard to get: twenty-something women and the paradox of sexual freedom book reviews examples

The most distinguishing characteristic of this generation of women is sexual freedom but as Bell shows, this sexual freedom has been a kind of a mixed blessing. The book contains vast information about the subjects of study that the author collects from a wide range of interviews. Hard to get: Twenty-something women and the paradox →

Good example of how gender, race, ethnicity, orientations, and global influence has changed since essay

Hispano Americans, African Americans, and the American women in general, were excluded, which further fired up the desire to obtain their freedom and civil rights based on the promises of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution during the post-war era. Starting out as a small organization, the group eventually launched chapters in various →

Histography of the french revolution critical thinking sample

The reasons that caused the revolution, in addition to the freedom of the press and perspective of different writers at the time will come out clearly. Histography Analysis " Here is the case of convincing Your Majesty, Sire, of the necessity of therefore remedying the greatest abuses that could slip into a government, incertitude, and →

Independence and freedom of the individual essay

He had and helped create a clear vision on how things should be and happen and how people should live especially where freedom is mentioned. In order to ensure that this was well understood most especially the individual freedom of Americans, the leader use his skills in writing and literature since it helped him more →

Good example of essay on my political ideology

Moreover, one of the key goals of the government is to help mitigate the injustices of modern society and make it more equitable, whether that is requiring business to protect the environment, treat their workers fairly or support a social welfare program. I think, initially, the biggest influences on the development of my political ideology →

Good essay about walking by the spirit

Paul gives the principle of walking by the Spirit and not by the flesh. C. The flesh is in opposition to the work of the Spirit. III.


It would save us money on law enforcement and greatly reduce our crime rate if we would just let them do what they want to themselves. Not only are we told what we may and may not do to our bodies, we are not even allowed to have all of the information about the products →

Idle no more movement in canada and lgbt movement in russia research paper

At the core of the activism of the movement stood the confederacy of the of Treaty number 6 First nations. The subjects of the Idle No More movement The main subjects of the Idle No More are both male and female, from all races and cultures, with the indigenous people, especially women being the →

Freedom of information

Freedom of information has two sides namely, the freedom to convey information, and the freedom to access information. As such, it consists of press freedom and freedom to access any information by the general public. To outline the freedom of information at different stages in Nigeria the past, the present and the →

What is an american– a discussion critical thinking sample

The logos of the speech lies in the underlying theme that Americans love democracy and freedom, and those that are Americans should support Britain. Finally, the ethos of the piece is unusual, because the speaker merely wishes to impress upon his audience that his reason for standing up and speaking is that he is an →

Good example of essay on jean paul sartres: existentialism

According to Jean Paul Sartre, humanism that is real and endorsed is the one that tries to strain that existentialism of human being is based on the factor that man is the central creature amongst others. That is the sole condition of humanism aspect as explained by Jean Paul Sartre to relate to existentialism.

Free essay on politics and government

By contrast, the government is obligated to protect and preserve such individual liberties. The United States constitution protects individual liberty through the Bill of Rights Act. On the contrary, state government intervention in individual liberty is of great importance to the public in general. According to the aforementioned facts regarding restriction of individual liberty by →

Good extent to multiculturalism in canada research paper example

The pressing topic of this research paper is based on the concept of ' multiculturalism' and how this complex word with different interpretations relates to everyone. I also go on to confess my view on the topic as I explain the nature and extent to which we should support this holistic approach to society and →

Encountering evil critical thinking examples

In his argument, Davis suggests that the free will defense ought to insist on the fact that the amount of evil that will exist in the end will be outweighed by the finest in existent at that time. The third objection is on the premise that evil is attributed to →

Essay on war on documentary and tongues united

The issues raised in the film reveal how un-accommodative the society was when it came to a black gay, it was probably one of the intensive moments of such an individual as he tried to find his identity. For the society to deny them their freedom and rights simply because of what they do not →

Freedom in the modern world

This is designed to compare and contrast the prevailing problems of different nations and the amount of freedom the press have, in relation to the overall rights of the people. Furthermore, I am going to discuss the countries with the least amount of freedom and the countries with the most, in the modern world.

Good essay about a dolls house

Nora does not appear to mind her doll-like presence, in which she is mollycoddled, spoilt, and patronized. As the play advances, Nora divulges that she is not just a " mindless girl," as Torvald refers to her. As the drama develops, and as Nora's consciousness of the truth about her life propagates, her need for →

Was mandela a freedom fighter or terroist?

If you were to look at the two definitions, I believe that Nelson Mandela should be classified as a freedom fighter as he did not target the lives of people; he fought for the freedom of the people of South Africa. In 1944 he joined the African National Congress (A political party made to unite →

Good example of historical perspective essay

The use of shapes is evident in the image. The use of alignment in the image applies.

Qualities of an ideal roman citizen or politician essays examples

It is however worth noting that despite this negative trend, Agricola remained a true leader who stood against all odds to provide quality leadership that was aimed at improving the livelihoods of his subjects. Roman has rich history and this has been the case since the times of Tacitus. Agricola will →

The statutes research paper example

The anti-miscegenation statutes of USA refer to the laws which were part the American laws before the establishment of the United States. In 1965, the court denied to listen to their plea and the Loving's resulted to appealing to the Virginia supreme court. The Virginia Supreme court upheld constitutionality of the anti-miscegenation and affirmed →

Example of friedmans capitalism and freedom book review

Capitalism and Freedom is the encapsulation of Friedman's perspectives on economics and its role in a free society, and has many important things to say about the extent of government interference in the economy (as well as how it relates to ideas like the broken window fallacy). One of the most important tenets of Friedman's →

Liberty and political liberalism term paper

Political liberalism informs the extent of liberty in the society. It is from the political system, that society achieves liberty of persons.

Free argumentative essay on american populist movement

In the long run, it is such that promoted social cohesion and coexistence in the plural society that defines the United States of America. The Populist, also known as the People's Party, was one of the ancient America's political unions that existed between 1891 and 1908. The traditional views of →

Emancipation proclamation as a war strategy essay example

A declaration of the freedom of slaves might not be seen as an effective tactic to restore unity and peace especially when the freedom of slaves is one of the main reasons of the outbreak of the war. However, through President Lincoln's proper timing and planning, the Emancipation Proclamation was able to stop the war, →

Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms

There are two parts to this section, one being unreasonable search and the other being unreasonable seizure. Unreasonable search is when your property, belongings, body, is searched without a warrant or without a probable reasoning to believe that the person would need to be searched. This is a complete compromise to the →

Free critical thinking on the cider house rules journal entries

1)." We got our own rules".. Response: The apple picking crew at Ocean View Orchards keeps on ignoring the list of rules they are supposed to follow every season and when Homer asks the why this is so, this quote is the explanation that he gets. I believe that list of rules that is →

African american history essay

African American slaves had three forms of resistance against slavery which were; escaping, day-to-days acts and rebellion against their masters. The major form of resistance the slaves used was by escaping. They used the three forms of resistance against slavery which were; escaping, day-to-days acts and rebellion against their masters.

New york: a carefree expression of freedom

NEW YORK Descriptive essay New York City is the place that I want to visit, revisit, and visit again. Let me tell you something, this big place called " New York" is the capital of all the new fashions and old fads.

Cultural relativism as an ethical theory essay examples

Harm principle argues that no one can limit the freedom of an individual that is either moral or physical and it is not warrantied to do so. This is proof enough that the liberty of an individual is safeguarded since they can do anything provided it does not affect others. Applying the harm principle to →

Free essay on jeffersonian democracy vs. jacksonian democracy

Several freedoms were guaranteed such as the freedom of the press and speech and the Bill of Rights. B) Anti-democratic actions during the age of Jefferson During this age, only the educated were mean to rule.

Fate, chance, and free will literature review

According to the Exodus story and Gilgamesh Man is given free will, however they are rules to that freedom; his life is not a chance happening but choices he makes will determine his fate. When a baby is born he has freedom but its ability to reason is limited, yet that baby can choose →

Example of math 10 finals project report

Let this variable be denoted by x.use. The result of the interview is reflected on the following table. Legend: Question 2: Question 3: Analyzing the data above, we have the following. The table above shows that most of the students used their credit cards at least three →

Religious freedom

13 The fact that acts of conscience may sometimes have to be curbed does not mean that in these cases there is a ' conflict of rights'. 18 The aim of rethinking religious freedom is to strengthen, not weaken, it.

Example of essay on one day in the life of ivan denisovich and tyranny

One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich is about the life of criminals in the Gulag where the people who commit great crimes like treason and other political crimes are contained. They are accustomed to the prison's way of life that getting out never rings a bell in their →