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Geography’s impact on russian politics

Previous to the Napoleonic Wars and Peter the Great's travels to the rest of Europe, Russia was a solitary county. It was due to Russia's geography that it did not fully industrialize until midway through the 20th century, and still has economic problems.

Free essay on how does fiba challenge the nba

This is evident in the current composition of clubs in the NBA that have players from the entire world. Fourth, the rules that are formulated by FIBA have in many cases differed to those that are used in the NBA and the NCAA. Considering that FIBA is the international organization that has the responsibility of →

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Good example of compensation of africans report

The westerners also believe that the Africans were also involved in the trade; thus, they are also to be blamed. The slave masters should accept that they were responsible for underdevelopment in Africa because of slavery. The idea of compensation to Africans is good, even though, not all Europeans and North Americans were responsible for →

Ways in which the global financial crisis refigured international relations research paper example

The countries include the United States, China, and the European Union. The global financial crisis raised a concern on the role played by the US on the world stage, its leadership relating to other countries in terms of position and the credibility of the United States Government. The progress of the global financial crunch the →

Free growth of the american society essay sample

That is not how the developed countries of today encourage their citizens to promote growth in the society. American Indians were the native inhabitants of America. They were oppressing the Natives in their own country. The growth of the American society was at the expense of the natives who had to conform to the new →

Global warming in finland

Global warming is caused by the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, hence increasing the average temperature of the earth. The increasing average temperature speeds the growth of the forests and cultivates the harvest of the farmers.

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Example of an unforgettable person in my life essay

It was during a period in which the economy was flourishing; America experienced first the Enlightenment and later the Great Awakening. The Enlightenment The Enlightenment had started in Europe and it was not until over a century later that it made its way to America. Followers of the Enlightenment believed that reason was the →

Example of qe3, fiscal cliff and the european debt crisis term paper

This is done by injecting a pre-determined quantity of newly created money in the economy through the purchase of debts from banks. The graph shows what's happening in the bonds market with the QE3 policy of the Central Bank. The increase in the spending behavior of consumers sparks increases in commodity prices. The →

Men were by nature polygamous and inclined to sexual snacking( herzog,30) essay sample

The paper looks into how heterosexuality and homosexuality came out in the open during and after the world wars, blurring the line of genders and overlapping sexuality. Female sex reform activists were not sure of men's ability to combine physical passion and enduring affection. There was a longing for stability, →

How literature challenges the foundation of our beliefs

During the peak of communism, many took the route of to challenge the religious morals of the public. Russian writers Fyodor Dostoyveski and Leo Tolstoy lived in a dissimilar time than what modern day individuals have come to know. Although religious literature became illegal either after or near the end of the two author's lives, →

Free essay on the united states was not the reason the soviet union failed

Because the Russian Government really controlled the Soviet Union, it was not a true union is the same sense that the United States is.. When the Axis nations were divided up after the war the governance of the Eastern European nations was given to Russia and the Soviet Union was created.

History final exam essays example

The Code of Hammurabi is one of the most important sources of the ancient Babylonian law and of the ancient world in general." Code" reveals many issues related to the social and economic situation of ancient Mesopotamia. Axum Kingdom Axum Kingdom was the Ethiopian state that existed in II →

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Free essay on why are trade barriers so common in the global market how have free trade policies

The establishment of global financial administrations such as the likes of International Monitory Fund and World Bank are two of the contributions and measures undertaken towards the benefit of the states and the people residing within. W.T. Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America: New England and the Middle Colonies.

Rubbish clearance in london: choosing a swift and efficient service

There are a great number of waste removers situated in London, so how does a person get to choose a company dealing in Rubbish Clearance in London? Besides volume loaded in a truck, time quadrants are also assigned to van fillings.

Sample essay on the vikings

The desires for wealth made the Vikings explore extensive partnerships looting across territories and enslaving Christians in the mediaeval Europe. During this time, the cultural distinction was occurring between the Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Although between 10th and 12th century Iceland did not have full democracy or fully a republican in structure, its proto-democratic →

Africa and livingstone

Driver argues that " The peculiar power of this myth of the ' Dark Continent' lay in its fusion of " a complex of race, science and religion; the iconography of light and darkness thus represented European penetration of Africa as simultaneously a process of dominion, enlightment and emancipation." The landscape of Africa →

Transformation of greece into a great country

Athenian philosopher Aristotle blames the fall of Sparta on the transfership of male controlled property to female controlled property. The Spartan way of life way a culture shock to Aristotle as he had grown up in a patriarchal democracy based on slavery, but slavery was no secret, and the Spartans had the largest slave population →

Example of world war ii essay

After the First World War, the winners have established the League of Nations as a collective security mechanism to safeguard peace and contain aggressor-countries. These factors have sealed the fate of Germany, made its military defeat inevitable and led to Nuremberg Trials.

Free personal statement on european business school london

Right after I accomplished Bachelor's degree in Business Communication and English at the University of Economics and Computer science in Warsaw, I decided that the international business process is really something I enjoy dealing with and this is exactly what I would like to learn in detail in the nearest →

Example of instance of racism essay

The way I see, it the product of Afro Centrism is not black supremacy, it is not a struggle against Europeans; it is a struggle for Black people's rights across the world. A process that if not stopped, we are going to lose all the pride that is of being African.

Building germanys holocaust memorial movie review example

However, the highest percentage of the people killed was the Jews. It is due to this high proportion of the Jews killed that the holocaust memorial was constructed. A holocaust museum was also started in United States near Washington DC to commemorate the tragedy that occurred in Europe.


Imperialism Imperialism is the domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region in order to increase its own wealth and power. The new era of imperialism brought about important and farreaching effects.

Political culture and it’s changes within the caribbean

Political Culture and its changes within the Caribbean Political culture: refers to the collection of political beliefs values, practices, and institutions that the government is based on. Changes of Political Culture in the Caribbean | | It is imperative that people have an appreciation of the history of political culture in Jamaica.

Free book review on wolf eric europe and the people without history

The European history has been associated with the industrial revolutions that saw the development of trade and culture of the people. They ked to the formation of trade ties between Europe and other nations and exposed the continent to a multicultural society that had a lot to share in terms of goods and culture. →

Essay on impact of jewish americans in popularizing african american music styles

The combination of such musical influences paved the way for the development of a range of music styles such as blues, jazz, gospel, and rap music, among others. The Blues, for instance, came about as heard from slaves' songs that bespoke of love, betrayal, marriage, and bad luck, among others. Later on, Tin Pan Alley →

History essays examples

His hopes were fanned by the military victory of the American founding fathers who were in the front line in ensuring that liberation was achieved by all means. Irrespective of the pride that was held by the Americans that they had gotten rid of nobility and royalty, the common people made a move to defer →

Example of term paper on a paper prepared for

Although the non-intervention policy does not mean America will remain neutral in the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the question is whether the current United States foreign policy and its measures taken in regards to the Ukraine crisis and against further expansion of Russian influence in the area are enough to maintain America's strong position on the →

Free future of premier league essay example

This is due to the invention of Television and modernization of media that led to the spread of the ironic sport all across the globe. Here in this research, a thorough study is made on the past and present of football to predict the future aspects of Premier league outside →

Free research paper about architecture of 19th century

Besides, in the conclusion I will compare and contrast the peculiarities of architecture of the United States of America and Europe. Europe Eclecticism, entrenched in the 30s of the 19th century, was the architectural and creative method of the century. Starting the post-colonial period., The main features of which are the transition to the →

Age of globalization essay sample

Globalization of Europe has tremendously affected the economy of the world in various ways. Education, Globalization, and the State in the Age of Terrorism.

The global economy and the unequal distribution of wealth essay examples

The Global Economy and the Unequal Distribution of Wealth When it comes to discussing global economy and the unequal distribution of wealth, it is hard for me not to consider the advantages the developed, western countries have over developing and under-developed countries in other parts of the world. The Atlantic traders, because of →

Free research paper about culture and architecture

However due to the progress of times the description of culture also evolved and diversified and one of the expansion to the connotation of culture includes architecture. The basic characteristics of architecture such as the size and prominence allude to the central notion of creativity is now bannering modern and urban economies to the point →

Free international political economy essay example

Globalization Globalization in its simplest definition is an increase on the levels of international trade, communication and investment which is advocated for and fostered by the growth of the internet and new technology developments. There is a great interaction between the growing levels of poverty and the increasing gap between the rich and →

The lessons learned from europe’s debt crisis

Based on Europe's debt crisis, there are a number of lessons that have been learned from this mess that will take advantages when this sovereign debt crisis discloses in America. First and foremost, the problem is larger than the " powers that be" acknowledge is one of the lessons learned from Europe's debt crisis. →

The islamic dynasty her contribution to the world civilization essay sample

Before the age of Mohammed Muslims said that their people lived in the age of ignorance and the Arabian Peninsula was an archaic place that housed a myriad of religions and cultures some sort of political wasteland. The major traits of the Islamic civilization were - It unified the three great religions that existed →

Report on individual economic sustainability report on afl

The argument discussed against the expansion of the league is in terms of salaries and wages for players, financial capability of the clubs and the impact it might have on the environment. In the following analysis we are going to discuss the factors both for and against the expansion of the league and the justification →

Was the treaty of versailles a fair settlement?

Lloyd-George was likely the most substance out of the three pioneers since he had needed a bargain between the French and American plans in the first place. The reparations they needed to pay on account of their blame were still moderately little, considering the sum the French would have gotten a kick out of the →

Literature and composition essay sample

Most successful agent for the trading company, becomes so entwined in his trade that he breaks the rules of his company and employs savage techniques to get ivory, becomes very ill and before his death, he tries to escape civilization and go into the jungle. Self righteous Europeans, under the name of philanthropy are exploiting →

Debt crisis in europe evolved over the period 2013/14 essay examples

Threats of Deficits rate raise amplified inflation increasing the problem of debt in the period 2013/2014. The adoption of the monetary policy in 2014 induced an active narrow banking trend in Europe. In the third quarter of year 2013, the rate of unemployment in the zone was at 12.

Stalin in the second world war

Stalin in World War 2 Winston Churchill provokes Russia: " Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" It was September 1939 World War 2 just started and the Soviet Union was one of the best powers in the world. Stalin the dictator was their leader. The soviets take power →

Pathogenia research paper example

The economic changes facilitated the growth of commerce that led to the opening up of national and international trades. The disease is transmitted by inhalation and also from the sores of the infected.

Drivers of globalization essays example

The concept of globalization has been enriched and deepened after years of sustenance since its beginning. The major idea behind globalization across the globe is the ways through which the economies and societies of the world are increasingly becoming close and greatly interlinked. This progress in globalization is driven by →

Example of wine ewer and cover/ lacma( write about this object) report

The wine ewer and cover was made to store choice wines and was made around 1712 showcasing some of the most important features which were to make Meissen china one of the most celebrated materials in the world. This work comes from the latter part of Bottger's life where he →

Example of essay on ibn battuta and marco polo in world history

He even saw much of northern and eastern Africa, which Marco Polo never visited, and described the customs and cultures of the Muslims in that part of the world. In their time, however, the existence of the Arab and Mongol empires made commerce and travel to the far regions of the earth at least possible, →

The socioeconomic integration of migrants in germany and the uk

In fact, the numbers of rejection of that application and the number of the deportation of the migrated people are also connected as chart form with the research article. Introduction Integration of migrant in different fields is not the new term. Besides that, the cultures, language, life styles etc.are influenced through them. Research Aim →

Example of essay on historical foundations

The cultures found in the Americas were very different than the culture brought by European conquerors and colonists after the ' discovery' of the New World. The similar structure of the two religions made it easy for the Yoruba and Bantu to combine their religion and that of the Catholic Church.

Women empowerment in germany and pakistan

After passing through different waves and evolutionary process, this movement reaches to the 3rd and 4th transitional waves named He for she and me too which was initially started by Emma Watson but got hype across the globe and it was not only limited to the women but unlike other movements this movement was an →

European acquisition of african colonies in the period 1880 to 1914 essay sample

Analyze attitudes toward and evaluate the motivations behind the European acquisition of African colonies in the period 1880 to 1914. Prior to the European takeover of colonies in Africa, Europe had been going through the Industrial Revolution. Many of the European nations had different reasons for wanting to control parts of Africa.

Colonization of the philippines essay sample

Then, several events in the west led to the discovery of the Philippines by the Spaniards. The growing strength of the nation states such as Spain, Portugal, England and France together with the expansion of commerce and industry encouraged European powers to expand their territories in the New World and the East. The new →

Free the history of gunpowder in the middle east research paper example

According to Frantz, the principal ingredient of Black Powder which is saltpeter first appears in the writings of Abd Allah in the year of 1200. The purpose of the early cannon and other gunpowder weapons as we can see from the description of the battles of that time was to frighten the enemy's horses and →

Good critical thinking on what sparked the columbian exchange

The Columbian Exchange, coined by Alfred Crosby in 1986, refers to the massive movement from the Old World to the New World and back, of crops, animals, and diseases after the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The meeting of the Old and the New World drastically changed the fortunes →

Free essay on ethics in architecture

This principle stipulates that members should maintain and advance their knowledge in the architectural profession, Respect the accomplishments of architecture and positively contribute to its growth, consider with critical thought the social and environmental impact of their profession and exercise unbiased professional judgment. The second principle ' obligations in the public interest' mentions individual obligations →

Christopher columbus

The difference, the way Christopher Columbus worked was he slaughtered many to clear the land, while Lewis and Clark did no such thing. In the beginning Lewis and Clark were seeking new land to inhabit; in the end they found the land without all the killings.

Cross cultural communication between japanese and western businessmen essay sample

Japan's economic boom along with the US impact and the widening business relations with the West certainly introduced business negotiations in Japan, but there are still vast differences between the structure and the mechanism of Japanese and Western businesses. In this paper I am going to introduce the cultural differences that could hinder business →

Heart of darkness

The Transformation of Marlow - Conrad's Explication of Europe's Colonial Practice in Africa In " Heart of Darkness" Conrad introduces his protagonist Marlow, his journey through the African Congo and the " enlightenment" of his soul. Marlow's experience in Africa starts with the desire for travel and great journeys to conquer the " blank →

Example of hypothesis testing essay

The use of a higher significance level is as a result of having a high chance of 10% of an event not taking place. This is an indication that the chances of rejecting the hypothesis are high as compared to the testing of the hypothesis using a lower significance level of 0.01.

Culture in a multiracial region in reel injun documentary essay

At the same time, the documentary movie has also focused on the origin of various monumental settings and events in America, such as the American film industry. Native Americans in the United States In order to fully understand the organization of North America and the people living in the region in the present day, →

The sand creek massacre term paper example

To quell tensions and frequent wars several treaties were signed. One such treaty was the Treaty of Fort Laramie signed in 1851 between the Indian tribes living in the American Plains and the European Americans who were shifting in numbers towards the west of the country. In the Treaty the United States treaty Commissioners and →

Crime and law policies of the british colonies

These statutory forms of the crime was not to overturn the common law crime but rather to improve or to add on to it. The most fundamental which precedes the pre-Union statutes was the Larceny Act 1861 of the English legislation. The enactment of the General Law Third Amendment Act replaced the provincial housebreaking offences →

Vincor and the new world of wine essay sample

First time they try to be international, first experience. Global Wine Industry new world: U.S., Australia, Chile, Argentina old world: France, Italy, Spain Australia leader of new world wine exporting Top 10 wine exporters accounted for 90% of total exporting France world leader in wine production →

Data management research paper samples

This research was intended to uncover factors responsible for child poverty rate in selected number of countries. Research questions - Does the population and maternal employment rate affect child poverty rate? - Is there difference in child poverty rate between European countries and non European countries? Hypothesis - There is significant no significant relationship between the →

Major approaches to clinical psychology research paper

This approach in clinical psychology involves understanding of the patient as whole and not fragmented segments of their personality. Hence the main objective of the approach is to integrate self-actualization into clinical psychology.

The childrens crusade

There were a total of nine crusades , the first four being the most notable and the Children's Crusade being the decline of the conflict. The leader of the movement was a twelve year old boy named Stephen who proposed a crusade to King Phillip of France in court but was rejected because of his →

Free term paper on ‘malleus maleficarum’ –

This was to be expected in a culture deeply rooted in fervent spirituality." The fetishism of relics, the veneration of saints, the performance of medieval mystery plays, in addition to the mystifying effect that the ceremonial recital of the Roman Catholic liturgical mass must have had on the unlearned laymen were just some of →

Anton chekhov’s portrayal of 18th century russian culture in the play the cherry orchard

The socio economic Russian forces at the start of the 20th century, which also include the ascent of the middle class after the eradication of serfdom in the mid-19th century and the down turn of the aristocratic power. The play projects the cultural conflict of the beginning of the 20th century in Russia. Finally, the →

Ottoman history essays examples

Furthermore, the decline which begins in the second part of the 19th century is actually though to have been as an outcome of differing social and political aspect in the empire in addition to the financial condition of the empire. The empire was confronted with revolts from the people, dishonesty →

The influence of charlemagne on european history

From 774 until his death in 814, Charlemagne was recognized as king of the Franks, king of the Lombards, and emperor of the Romans. In a way, the conquering of the Saxons initiated the vast and relatively rapid spread of Charlemagne's empire. While being a warrior came natural to Charlemagne, I believe the diplomatic side →

Women and opportunity in colonial america essay sample

Women who chose to have children as part of their family are making a decision that will affect their personal and professional opportunities in ways that do not affect the men involved, and during the course of history, this difference has served to define many of the traditional roles for women and men. Of course, →

Good wisdom of implementing austerity measures during the great recession essay example

Therefore, the paper will evaluate the rationale and wisdom of implementing austerity measures during the Great Recession. Causes of Great Recession The causes of the great recession, help understanding why the austerity measures were implemented in various cases. These gaps in the understanding of the fiscal multiplier appear to be a principal reason that →

Canada’s approach to multiculturalism compare to that of other nations research paper

Hence, the fundamental risk that is present in the immigrant multiculturalism in several countries simply does not exist in Canada. Canada's approach to multiculturalism compare to other nations: An Analysis Since the adoption of multiculturalism in the Canadian society, the supporters and opponents of multiculturalism have discussed its impact on the socioeconomic and political →

A governer’s to the island with analysing the international law and trade issues term paper samples

It is apparent that the lack of investment opportunity in the island has caused the people tremendous economic hardship in terms of improving the quality of living due to the limitations in productive opportunities. This is because harmonized and free trade in which our island is looking forward for economic improvement through international cooperation opens →

Research paper on slavery in colonial america

However, because of slavery they found it hard to practice their culture which resulted in development of a different culture in comparison to that in Africa. Impact of African culture on American society The culture of Africans in America is drawn from countries in Africa, Central, and Latin America and due to oppression and →

Example of essay on german civilization

The start of the war in 1914 was to a large extent an expression of this confidence and pride in being German hence the desire to prove the point. William was the emperor of Germany as from 1888. The nature and quick succession of the treaties caught the attention of three of Germany's neighbours who →

Essay on centeredness and colonialism

Some of the European colonists accepted the American Indians and the two groups became integrated; the habits and routines that worked the best were taken from one group and used by the other. Roanoke was an early example of an English colonial a colony that was established there of " →

Norwegian cyber defence force

Meanwhile for terrorist organisations and hacktivist groups, cyber technology is used to create anarchy and to cause disputes between governments that may lead to cyber warfare. Hence, cyber espionage has transformed the world and has brought about a new era of warfare, one that is difficult to predict, detect and trace, often leading to conflicts →

The ends justify the means

Putin then proceeded to annex Crimea to Russia. Rule 4: " therefore it is necessary for a prince to understand how avail himself of the beast and the man".One of the traits that Micheavelli and Putin share is being manipulative. Both agreed that " it is much safer to be feared than loved".There are examples →

“1491” by charles c. mann essay sample

Dobyns believed the Spaniards brought disease to the coastal lines of the Americas and completely wiped out the nearest civilizations. Some of the crops that originated in the Americas are tomatoes, potatoes, and corn.

American civil war essay examples

The northerners crushed the south economy in order to end the war. The union soldiers formed a naval blockade to the southern states that were under the confederation army. The blockade was put to cripple the economy of the states under the confederation army.

European debt crisis research paper example

The crisis has virtually made it impossible for some of the countries of the Union to repay their debt without the appropriate assistance from third parties including other members of the union or bodies like World Band and IMF. The crisis has affected many countries in the European Union in a number of ways. Greece →

Annotations essay

Summary of The American Fugitive in Europe Summary The American Fugitive in Europe is a presentation of the accounts of American abolitionist William Wells Brown on his experiences in travelling to Europe. Furthermore, the success of Wells Brown in his lectures before the British people attributes to his shocking expositions →

What the medical tourism really is in great britain

In Turkey, dental work in Mexico, and even for treating severe medical circumstances, they travel to get a nose job. Waiting Lists One of the primary factors for the increase in medical tourism is the decreased amount of waiting time you will encounter when you travel this is due to the number of professional →

Effects the columbian exchange

The Columbian Exchange proved to be excellent for the population of the European people. Imports of new foods to Europe proved positive for the people.

Article review on human evolution in science textbooks

The first was examining the textbooks of the 18 countries and finding out if the topic of human evolution was present in the science textbooks. The second examined two sets images: the Genus Homo in the chapters of the science textbooks on human evolution; and Homo sapiens as part of the →

Example of how “holy” were the holy crusades? essay

Religion played a much larger part of everyday life in the time of the crusades, so it is difficult for modern people to truly understand the motives of people involved in the crusades. The Holy Crusades were not very holy. Evidence suggests that one of the main reasons Pope Urban →

China japan and the west research paper examples

It ensures that it enjoys peace as there are the least possible interactions with other countries. China and Japan's geographical position was one of the key contributing factors to their isolation from contact with West and the world economy in the early modernization period. The only legal foreign trade was a small trading post that →

Crusaders vs. invaders

What they did imply was his aspiration to educate the people and build an unbiased government system that solely functions towards the well-being of the whole empire. Moreover, the major cause behind the conquest wars led by Charlemagne against the German tribes was to announce the revival of the Roman Empire as →

Good essay on literary response #9

Now, to return to my subject, I think there is nothing barbarous and savage in that nation, from what I have been told, except that man calls barbarism whatever is not his own practice:.".in my opinion I concur with Montaigne as I support that one can only judge and view →

Island of tears – island of hope ellis island documentary essay examples

The first images that come to mind when people hear the words ' Ellis Island" are the Statue of Liberty and all the immigrants who came by ship to start a new life in the USA. Enough toilet facilities were not available so it was filthy and smelled badly. This documentary is good for →

Example of critical thinking on definitional argument

This paper is based on the central idea that Afrocentric thinkers seek to re-evaluate African history, by looking at historical events using the African lens as opposed to using the perspectives of the West. Defining the idea of Afrocentric Thought This argumentation is based on the idea that the instigators of colonization and human →

Italian renaissance essay

The Renaissance period began in the middle of the destruction of the Black Death, where the most effected part in Europe was Italy. The entire Renaissance era can be divided into three phases: first from 1350 to 1400 where historical texts were discovered and a new approach was given to art, second phase from →

Dustin powers

The Lady or the Tiger, a captivating short story of love and loss, teases your imagination by integrating the rising action at the end of the story only to leave you to make your own interpretation of how the falling action concludes. Possibly scared of his innocence and fate's compassion, considering the true love he →

Humanism essay example

Italian humanism was more preoccupied with the establishment of secular values than religious values of the church. The main focus of northern humanism was to reform the church and rid it off the perceived hypocrisy and unresponsiveness.

Book review on jan-werner miller’s book contesting democracy

In addition, from these struggles as they will be illustrated in the below paragraphs made this famous continent Europe to attain their democracy. The mass mobilization came and was being shared their sacrifices and became the swollen nations that held their first greatest war in the world history. This is a method that increases the →

The ways irish nationalists used history to support their ideas

For many centuries the British Empire dominated the globe, in this sphere of influence was the island of Ireland. That the founding of pioneering cultural institutions proliferated and justified the nationalist cause. To the citizens of Ireland their nation felt more a colony of the British Empire then one of it's home islands.

Causes of tension in europe in the early 20th century essay sample

Towards the end of the 19th century, the tension between the European countries had built up leading to a war involving the whole world, known as World War. Although, there were many factors which built up tension which eventually led to the war, the thing which applied the most tension to the European →

The authoritarian challenge: russia’s transition to democracy

During his term, he introduced new policies like Perestroika , glasnost , and other political guidelines. In the book, Russia's Unfinished Revolution: Political Change from Gorbachev to Putin, McFaul stated that Gorbachev's new political changes consisted of free speech, elections, and a new relationship between the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and →