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Department of agriculture- digestive system of a cow, koala and dingo digestion comparison

Department of agriculture- digestive system of a cow, koala and dingo Digestion comparison Koala The Koala is the only mammal, other than the Greater Glider and Ringtail Possum, which can survive on a diet of eucalyptus leaves. Dingoes A dingo's diet is very different to a cow and koalas diet.

Protrayal of australian landscape and character

Description, tone and the feelings portrayed through words are the cause of imaginations and perceptions and because the iconic images of Australia are the landscapes we tend to include them in our portrayals. There are many text examples, of which use the Australian landscape to portray the development of Australia such as poems like " →

Australian economic indicators

The 2007 growth was the highest in the period, whereas the lowest growth rate of 2. The three kinds of inflation measured by ABS include: Consumer Price Inflation: This index is used to measure changes in market prices for goods and services used by consumers.

Essay on the australian opera house

The foremost role of this house was to offer a comprehensive image and the character of the Australian nation. The constructors also used Pre cast concrete in construction the ribs, and the shells of the Opera House.

Boeing australia case study

This will establish the credibility of JITD and win over distributors and retailers who are apprehensive in buying into this new system. This will prove credibility of JITD and convince customers that change is inevitable and in this this case the benefits will be mutual.

Clancy of the overflow essay sample

One such example of a text that can be identified as Australian due to its use of the stereotypical ideas of Australian identity is Clancy of the Overflow, a poem by AB Banjo Paterson. This text is written from the point of view of a city-dweller who once met the title character, a shearer and →

Reasons for entering and leaving nursing an australian regional study literature review examples

The paper presents a critique of an article by Eley, Eley, and Roger-Clark through careful analysis of the sections of the article The essence of a research paper is to attract readers as much as it can. Therefore, a research title is by all means the first introduction that beckons readers to read a researcher, →

The unmet needs of carers in the australian society today literature review

The main purpose of this paper is to discuss how care responsibilities in the continent of Australia are affecting the lives of the carers in a negative manner. The impact of the burden of care is acute on the mental, physical and economic state of the carers.

What extent is it accurate to claim that australians

In many ways education and knowledge are the keys to a prosperous and successful life; however it is not possible for everyone to access this valuable resource. For Australia to be committed to a fair go' all citizens should possess the same standard of access and equity in the legal system, however, the implications of →

The palliative care approach in australia: a deeper understanding essay sample

Teams work directly with professional in the community and the facilities to coordinate care of patients receiving palliative care as they near the end of their lives. Pesut et al.feel the evaluation of palliative services is important for a rural context due to staffing constraints and access by patients to care.

The declining trend of unionism in australia

Unions use the power of a large collective membership to offset the superior economic power of employers and push to improve the wellbeing of their members in the workplace. Since the election of the Howard government, legislative changes have been made limiting the power of unions and their ability to represent the interests of members.

Motivation to study master of business analytics in australia

I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University in the year 2014 with 74.90%. I have better understood the need and scope of IT Business in our society in these 3.

Was australia a working man’s paradise in the 1900s? essay sample

Meat and tea were part of the daily diet in Australia, but luxuries to other workers in other countries. However in Australia, female workers were a valuable asset to the Australian economy.

Australia’s foreign relations to 1945

The UK which was the first to arrive in Australia in the 18th century greatly influenced Australian foreign policy from settlement to the WW II. Conclusion It is apparent that the foreign policy and relations of Australia to 1945 was influenced by Asia, Britain and America.

The socioeconomic factor as the driving force of disadvantage in australian education

Before turning to a discussion of why the socioeconomic factor of disadvantage in education is so crucial to resolving, let us first deal with the question of the difference of equity and equality. To sum up, the problem of equity is still very sharp in Australia but there are many programs that are aimed specifically →

Faith bandler – one of the most important figures of australia’s indigenous rights movement

By the 70s Faith had grown in popularity she was recognized by many for her efforts in fighting for social justice, human rights and equal opportunity for all indigenous Australians. This was the year of the Referendum and the changing point for all aboriginals this meant that aboriginals were considered human and were included in →

Aldi & australia

The threat of new entrants shows the possible repercussions of the openness of the industry which is high in the industry. The bargaining power of the suppliers which is high provides the capabilities of the supplier to meet the demand of the industry.

Good the question is: how can the multicultural education program be implemented in australia report example

The benefit of such mission is the hands on understanding of the workings of different cultures. An entire 25 percent of Australians belief that diversity would compromise the security of the Australian society thus making multicultural education vital for both the well being and healthiness of the Australian society.- Perhaps one of the most formidable →

Easter celebration in sydney

The event will run for two long weeks where locals and even thousands of tourists will be in the city to witness and participate in the many activities that they hold during the Royal Easter Show. The Sydney Royal Easter Show offers early bird tickets that are discounted and have a price range of $22 →

Good critical thinking about requirements needed for warehouse design and an organization structure which will

The following are some requirements for the design layout of the warehouse, as recommended by Rob O' Byrne in his article, " Warehouse Design Rule of Thumb":- The land to building ratio should in lineal miles should be 2: 1 - The building aspect ratio should be 2: 1 - The warehouse height at springing →

The coincidence of our physical appearance with how people respond to us

In order to collect my data, I will be creating an online survey that will give research participants different scenarios and I will be using Qualtrics Surveys in order to create my online survey. I will be using the Likert Scale in order to see how severe the research participants' beliefs are and how much →

Australian legal studies student tutorial book semester 2

Content Outcomes At the end of the course successful students will have developed an? understanding of the origins and sources of Australian and International law? understanding of comparative legal systems and the responses of domestic law to global challenges? awareness of how cultural differences impact upon the legal system? appreciation of the impact of law →

Australian aborigines

According to Scheper-Hughes, N.in the 1993 article: Cephu's choice: Is natural for human beings to want personal liberty? or is it a peculiarly western concern? some conclusions drawn from the indigenous cultures around the world." Among Australian aborigines of the Western Desert, each new person comes into the world circumscribed by ancestral origin myths about →

Development of australian law

The Battle of Hastings in 1066 which saw the Normandy takeover by William the Conqueror, saw a change in the way England was ruled, and the further development of the Feudal System to English society. It closes the period during which the law Is plopped by the power of the crown alone, and it begins →

Short essay

Short essay We have all heard of the stolen generation in Australia's history, and know of the issues and problems the indigenous Australians faced and although modern times for indigenous Australians are a lot better than previous times, they are still faced with many issues. I believe that we should build more schools so the →

Australian nurses and health care system

Other personnel that can be considered as a part of the health care team can include those from the emergency service personnel, the persons who are involved from the referring agencies such as the paramedics and the ambulance staff as well as the hospital department staff so that information with regards to the entirety of →

Anzac day in australia

This is the only insight I have of Granddad and the war as he seldom talks of it. My mind is brought back to the present, when the silence is pierced by the sounds of " The Last Post" from the lone bugle and the Wing Commander of the day barking out the command for →

Australia’s regional and global links essay sample

Australia is a continent which is strongly engaged with the rest of the world and not only because so many of its people originate from so many parts of the world but also because of its longstanding relationships with the USA and the UK and their more recent links with the countries in the Asia →

Youth homelessness in australia

Some youths become homeless because they become involved in drugs and they get kicked out and have nowhere to go. These youths will often not want help and end up being alone and without help There are many myths about homeless youths and many of them are incorrect.

The first day in australia

I was regretful I could not say anything to him in English. In the first night, I was not able to sleep deeply.

Australia-china relationship

Relationship between China and Australia It was 1909 when China offered a proposal Of trade-based relationship with Australia, however, it was only during the year 1921 when Australia formally accepted the invitation to trade. As the years of progress in the international trade continues to advance, the relationship between Australia and China appears to step →

Report on harry seidler

Based on his believe that, architecture is a form of art of a simple but functional design, he was devoted to bettering the physical world, through application of modern technology. Besides, his urban design was unique; the construction of tall and high density buildings in Australia was as a result of his work.

The story of us

One of the reasons for the federation of Australia was that all Australians were keen to utilise the legal power of the government to keep a ' white Australia.' This belief was the result of a lot of derogatory and racist views of whites and fears of non-whites taking their jobs, making the wages lower →

Good report about australia’s asylum seeker policy: a critical evaluation

However, the Australia's current asylum seeker policy is to detain people entering the country without a valid visa and Australia is recognized to be the only country in the world that strictly enforces the detention of asylum-seekers. When analyzing the responses of communities and the government to this policy, it seems that most of the →

Kevin rudd sorry speech analysis essay sample

The " Stolen Generation" were the children of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who were removed from the Australian Federal and State government agencies and church missions, under the acts of their respective Parliaments. Kevin Rudd informed the Aboriginal community and the Parliament of his intentions to equalise the opportunities for all, no →

James cook

They had everything they needed to live a long and happy life compared to the Europeans. Many people did not believe this, and had a clear stereotype of the Aboriginal culture in their head, but this was wrong.

The public opinion on changing the date of australia day

The paramount reason that people in our society do not want the date of Australia Day changes is due to the fact that people want to salute their nation, from reading many online articles and newspaper articles now that I know the reasons why some people are opposed to Changing the date of Australia Day, →

The different ways in which australians volunteer and the factors that influence them to do so

Because of these variations and the multi-cultural nature of Australia, Volunteering Australia's current definition of " volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain" is the one which will be used throughout this report to encompass all the variations in meaning. In 2016, Volunteering Australia defined informal volunteering, the more →

Australian identity through poetry essay sample

He uses visual imagery to perfection, painting a vivid picture of ' Clancy', leading a jolly life droving cattle and living under the stars, and then compares it with " the foetid air and gritty of the dusty, dirty city through the open window floating".' Banjo' also uses metaphor, again to emphasise the differences between →

Research paper on women and world war i

Under the fairly broad topic heading of " Women and World War I", this research paper discusses the roles of women in countries directly involved in World War I, the opportunities available to them to actively support their country's war effort, and the effects on their lives in those troubled times. The research covers →

Australia’s economic objective of resource allocation

The objective of efficient resource allocation refers to an economy's ability to meet its obligations in ensuring that all social and economic objectives are met without waste, for example to allocate resources so that they are distributed efficiently to improve the standard or living. This is the only way that we can ensure that we →

The australian market

Rebel Sports have taken thephilosophythat it is not just about the product and the price, they are attempting to have a bigger conversation with the customer. Traditional department stores such as David Jones and Myer are examples of businesses that are struggling in the Australian retail environment.

Back to the dreamtime

Richard and Tom are full ofrespect, they do a lot of things together, adventurous, reluctant to separate with families, and also helpful and obedient children. Richard and Tom are same ages brother, even though Richard was adopted by Tom's parents, that's means that they are not natural brother.

Strategic review of australian department store david jones

As the DJA credit card is a product development strategy, of supplying new products to existing markets, the customers of DJA are essentially the same as the current DJS customers. Expansion of the DJA alliance: In addition to credit cards, AMEX offers a range of insurance products, travel and financial services.

Research proposal on the current australian medical policy

The current Australian medical policy aimed to provide its citizens with cheaper healthcare services and products through the strategy of generic products manufacture, supply and distribution is of a disadvantage to the country and people's socioeconomic development mainly because of the compromised set of standards and quality of the products and services. Models of →

Case of siev-x (suspected illegal entry vessel x-unknown) in australia

A day later one of the boat's engines stall and within an hour the situation immediately deteriorates causing the boat to sink, claiming the lives of 353 people. A few days later, the first international report that the boat has sunk appears on CNN. He quoted that, ' the people on the top deck of →

Pros and cons of living in australia

There may be fights from the political leaders and other crimes but it is known as one of the most stable and peaceful countries. High employment levels: Australia offers employment opportunities to people who move to the country looking for green pastures and also to its citizens in different disciplines. Friendly people: Australia has a →

Distinctively visual essay sample

The theme of chaos is symbolised with the use of spirals shown at the beginning of each of Lola's run the spiralling staircase representing the chaos that awaits Lola and the difficult choices Lola must make in the process of her upcoming run. And the power of nature as the core elements that are beautiful →

Australia: population, economy, industry, trade

This, together with favourable market conditions, a highly skilled, diverse and welleducated workforce and vast natural resources, combine to make Australia an exciting prospect for foreign investors and business migrants who see it as a land of opportunity. ABOUT AUSTRALIA Australia is an independent, self-governing country, located in the Asia Pacific region on the →

Britain and australia, the fall of singapore and the great betrayal in 1942 and onwards

It was something which they failed to do in a manner that did not provide the British with even a semblance of consolation, just mere indignation over what happened. Britain's surrender at Singapore in February 1942 can be considered as tantamount to the Great Betrayal of Australia's Empire because many critics and →


Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Most of the population of Australia is of European descent.

Trade unions in australia

Changes in legislation by the Howard government with the implementation of the 1996 Workplace Relations Act and later the Workchoices Act restricted trade unions in a large way therefore contributing to the decline in members. The increasing use of Human Resources within businesses is also impacting as employees are choosing to directly consult management over →

Wolf creek analysis

Behind the horror, Australian values are made clear, stereotypes of Australiancultureare challenged and the natural beauty of Australia is shown to the audience. Backpacking stereotypes are challenged by the series of murders; contrasting with the belief Australia is a friendly place for this leisurely activity.

The continued interest and desire to memorialise ww1

Because of this desire, we put huge amounts of time, resources and money in to memorials and other memorialisation's, but why do we have a continued interest and desire to memorialise war, and in particular the western front? Memorialisation in Australia To begin to answer this question of why, we first must understand how →

Sexuality education essay

However, sexuality in this sense is not only the biological maturation of the body but of the mind as well. Sexuality is a universal issue that should be addressed and explained clearly towards young people as they are the ones who are at risk of being victims to the dire consequences which comes from being →

Report on laws in australia

With Focus on the Privacy Act 1988, the Freedom of Information Act 1989 and the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 In Australia, other than the laws passed by the parliament of Australia which apply to all states and mainland territories, the laws in individual states and mainland territories are applicable only within those states and →

Good same sex-marriage is most likely to be legalized under a liberal government critical thinking example

This made the Federal government of Australia to entrench sexual privacy rights in 1994 The number of gay people in Australia has been growing at alarming rates. The fact that people of Australia can talk about gay marriage in the open is a clear indication that the country is indeed a liberal states.

Methods of reducing pestivirus infection cases in australia

The highly infectious nature of the pestivirus means that it is difficult to maintain and that quarantine measure must be in place to stop it from spreading even further. Early detection and prevention stops the disease from spreading into the rest of the herd. This method, if done properly, is highly effective in reducing the →

The reserve bank of australia essay

The bank is owned by the government of Australia. Body The bank has two boards; the Reserve Bank Board (deals with the bank' s monetary and banking policy), and the Payments System Board (sees to the bank's payments system). The bank assumes all these responsibilities since it is owned by →

Australian contract law

Frequently, the common law right to terminate is the most important consideration. In classifying whether a term is seen as a condition of a contract; a term may be classified as a condition by statute, by the parties or by the courts on the basis of the construction of the contract. However, →

“my place” – sally morgan, australian ab. lit. essay sample

The most widely accepted theory about the origins of the Aboriginal people is that 40, 000 to 50, 000 years ago, the ancestors of the Aborigines moved across the Indonesian archipelago and into the continent which then stretched from New Guinea in the north to Tasmania in the south. The period up to 1788 is →

Economics-opportunity cost essay

Although the education level in this country has been good, some of the economic analysts argue that the quality of education offered is not satisfactory. The education system of Australia has certain flaws that have been criticized by the economic analysts in the country. This ensures high productivity in the →

International: economics and australia

It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean to the west; the Timor, Arafura, and Coral Seas to the north; the Pacific Ocean to the east; and the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean to the south. Australia has one of the highest percentages of shareholders in the world. Share market is one of →

Asylum seekers

Asylum Seekers- creating compassion, forming fear and arising anger As a result of the substantial 17, 202 boat arrivals on Australian shores in 2012, it's clear that the issue of Asylum Seekers is not something that can be taken lightly; in fact this one issue has polarised the entire nation of →

Good essay on commercialisation of the australian healthcare system

The commercialisation of healthcare is not the answer to the delivery of healthcare and healthier population in Australia. According to the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes , commercialisation is the employment of commercial partnerships in the development and delivery of drugs, delivery of services for the benefit of the patients (Association of Australian →

South australia plans to store “high-level radioactive ‘waste’” beneath its soil for hundreds of years

By committing to this, South Australia has the opportunity to contribute to international, and domestic security by providing the solution to the nuclear waste issue. If the dumb were to be implemented soon, over the next century, South Australia could receive a possible $445 billion in payments for the storage of the nuclear waste.

Example of ethical and legal issue case study

Since Chin Lee does not want to inform them about her pregnancy and her decision to abort the unborn child, the best course of action is to seek the advice of an additional counselor or an external party and also to determine the legal aspects in this issue. Chin Lee can approach the Children's Court →

Intercultural psychology essay

The exposure and magnitude of the stressor is likely to influence the occurrence of PTSD. Therapy in the form of psychotherapy, support groups, behavioral therapy, and family therapy help to support the effectiveness of the drug treatments. Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment of PTSD among Australian Refugees One of the most common risk factors →

Essay on the monetary policy of australia

7 Introduction The monetary policy is a policy that is used by the monetary authority of a given country to control the money supply in the economy. Therefore, this is a policy that the monetary authority uses to slow the inflation occurring in an economy hence this helps such an economy to avoid →

Explain why overseas study at australian universities is popular

With the outstanding education system, the multicultural society and the range ofcareeropportunities Australia has to offer, students of different nationality, race andcultureflock to Australia hoping to achieve better academically. Australia offers a unique education system that most countries do not have. With a wide range of races in Australia, students would be →

Siev x: misery, mystery, suspicions and deception at its best

The Siev x is said to be a small but overcrowded boat that was carrying refugees from Indonesia to travel to Christmas island (an island in the Australian territory) and at 3pm the Siev x had sunk. The Siev x was overcrowded and is said to be the reason the boat sank but if it →

Aboriginal health essay sample

These goals attempt to ' close the gap' in relation to life expectancy, mortality rates for children under five years old, access to early childhood education, literacy and numeracy, employment outcomes, between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians within a decade (Federalfinancialrelations.gov.au, 2014). Pregnancy and birth, family life, and early childhood education and schooling are key →

Romulus, my father

Concepts of belonging features in Romulus, My Father due to Raimond Gaita's connection to the Australian Landscape, his mother and father's immigrant experience, their unusual family situation and also the values and beliefs Raimond was raised with. Romulus never fully adjusts to the Austraian landscape, he misses the European green fauna, →

Australian concepts: the merry go round in the sea

The concept of Australia from the viewpoint of six year old Rob Coral at the start of 'The Merry-Go-Round in the Sea', is not actually about the country itself, but one that Is solely based upon his Immediate surroundings. The security of hisfamilyand of the land that Is his home, are the things that provide →

Journey to my dream

I had to learn how to live my life alone, to study and speak the English language, to deal with various types of people and to adapt to the Australian culture. After assessing myself and the things I achieved, I came to a decision of moving to America.

Australian aborigines critical analysis

According to Scheper-Hughes, N.n the 1993 article: Cephu's choice: Is natural for human beings to want personal liberty? or is it a peculiarly western concern? some conclusions drawn from the indigenous cultures around the world. " Among Australian aborigines of the Western Desert, each new person comes into the world circumscribed by ancestral →

Italian migrants to australia

History Assignment- Extended Response Describe the experiences of the Italian migrants from their arrival after WW2, through to the multicultural period in the 1970s The experiences of the Italian Migrants have changed from the time of their arrival after WW2 to the present day. Immigrationwas the only answer. On the border →

The necessity of embracing the compliance culture in australian business

However, for most Australian businesses, the reality is that we operate in a highly regulated environment, where uncertainty in the legislation and insufficient court precedents has resulted in corporate functions whose full-time mission is to decipher and unravel the maze of legal requirements. It is insufficient to be contented with such minimalism approach which only →

Comparative study of texts

In the play " Away", Gwen's obsessive longing for all things materialistic began to take over her life and affect the relationships she had with herfamily. The diminishing ideals of the pre-boomer generation are the resultant of the GreatDepressionwhich occurred in the late 1920's and early 1930's. Although Bobby Dazzler refers to →

Leadership challenges in the australian tourism industry

Recommendations for the Leaders in the Industry There ought to a lot of working together between the leaders and the other employees in the industry. Finally, the leaders ought to be able to be situational and adaptive.

Compare and contrast bodies of work by two artists you have studied. in your discussion, address the significance of intentions to their practise. chris o’doherty and lin onus

The artworks in which will be compared and contrasted are Chris O'Doherty's Aussie Jesus series, including " Aussie Jesus at the Football" available in poster, calendar and t-shirt form and Lin Onus' three metre mixed media installation " Fruit Bats" Although both artists are Australian, Chris O'Doherty is an Anglo-Saxon Australian and →

Critical literacy

Comparison of " The Conciliation", 1840 and " The National Picture, 1985 Both ' The Conciliation' and ' The National Picture' represent different views of European and Aboriginal Australian relations.' The Conciliation' depicts a white male in uniform in the centre of the frame. In the foreground of the painting is a badger a →

The advantages and disadvantages of the jury system in australia

The following article will concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of the jury system in Australia. First, of foremost, the strength of the jury system is that it representativeness the general folk in the legal which is a responsibility of everyone (qualified and has never been detained) to serve in civic duty as a →

Overview of australia

The coast of Australia, featuring Tasmania as a separate island, was mapped in detail by the English mariners and navigators Bass and Flinders, and the French mariner, Baudin. A nearly completed map of the coastline was published by Flinders in 1814. The first main land is called Coastal Plain; it is a →

Rabbit infestation in australia research paper examples

The rapid growth of rabbits has become a threat to the Australian environment and agricultural sector and the problem needs to be dealt with. Rabbit infestation became an environmental problem in Australia because its widespread caused a lot of havoc on the Australian vegetation. Livestock population and native plants are the most affected by rabbits →

New caledonia

The prison of ' New Caledonia', which housed thousands of French felons, would serve until 1897 when the penal nature of the island ended. In addition to its use as a penal colony, New Caledonia is also unique for its natural resources. However, as the world demand for nickel has declined, the economy has struggled →

“a righteous day” by mudrooroo nyroongah essay sample

The poem underlines the fact that despite the hardships Aborigines have experienced as a result of White Colonisation, it would be ideal if they shifted from prisoners of society to proactive citizens of Australia who will stand tall with pride and win their internal battles in the face of adversity. The beginning of the →

Waste crisis in australia

Much of which cannot be redistributed to feed the homeless population under the current food safety laws in Australia and goes into landfill. Currently the food safety laws, outlined by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand prohibit the re-distribution of " potentially hazardous food" to vulnerable persons such as those in financial crisis →

Comparative analysis of japan and australia

The current Governor-General of Australia is Peter Cosgrove and he has had the role since 2014. Voting in Australia and Japan are very similar in the way each party is voted in. The voting age in both countries is 18 and only citizens of the country can vote in their elections.

Australia’s workchoices

Legislators and capitalists are enjoined to work hand in hand to promote a better future for its workforce thereby allowing a broader expansion of Australia's economicgoals. In 2005, the Howard Government and the Australian Parliament launched the Workplace Relations Amendment Bill 2005 " Workchoices" guide that announced series of amendments →

Korean culture vs. australian culture

Korean and Australiancultureseem to have only a few similarities, as Australia is a western country and Korea is an Asian country, and because of the different history, characters of people, and differences In surroundings. When they have the Grand Final of the Australian Football competition, thousands of people gather together in the →

Reducing the hazard and threat exposure of wildfires in australia

This has the potential for negative ecological effects such as erosion, decreases in nutrient availability and invasion by non-native species that may take ecosystems years to recover from Flannigan. Reports have also revealed a number of factors that increased vulnerability of people and assets to the negative impacts of the fire hazard, such as: congested →

Fairy garden accessories in australia

Everything that contains drainage holes is not weather resistant. Super glue (see Sticker, since some markers are not made of plastic) Flat and flat plastic scrap A heavy book Next steps: Organize the stones in your garden and, if you are happy with it, place it on the ribbons to keep it in →

Swot analysis of commonwealth bank of australia

The three key capabilities of focus for the organization are well suited for its continued importance on opportunity for growth domestically and internationally as well as underpinning productivity opportunities which is significant for the organization. The three key capabilities the organization seeks to focus on as part of its strategic directions are as →

Flora and fauna

Describe the threats to Australia's flora and fauna: Extinction Since European settlement of Australia began, a little over 200 years ago, 18 species of Australian mammals and about 100 species of native plants have become extinct. Currently about 40 species of mammals and many hundreds of species of plants are threatened with →