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The prime-time television being devoted to it.

The death of this great entrepreneur brought into the foray his two sons Mukesh Ambani, the elder, and Anil Ambani, the younger, both business graduates from top B-schools, Stanford and Wharton. The world was astonished that a man of Dhirubhai's vision had failed to notice the differences between his sons and failed to make provisions →

Prime-time television program

Coca-Cola Company, the market leader in the soft drink industry is one of the companies that emulate extensive traditional as well as modern methods of advertisement. The speed with which the Coke bottle was emulating depicts the haste at which Coca-Cola Company is putting in place modern technology as a way of ensuring that the →

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Observe prime – time portrayls of communication in two different ethnic families. select at least one weekly prime- time show for each racial and ethnic group, and watch a minimum of two episodes of each show

It's part of the humor of the sitcom that Tim Allen's character is a goof, and that his wife is right 99% of the time. It is interesting to see the different family reactions to the children, and their respective roles in the family dynamic.

Unveiling stem cell kinetics: prime time for integrating experimental and computational models

Instead the model revealed that the combination of increased self-renewal and cell proliferation in pubertal mammary glands led to stem cell enrichment. Irradiation of juvenile, but not adult, mammary gland increases stem cell self-renewal and estrogen receptor negative tumors. Stem Cells .doi: 10.

Aksumite its prime times to the present day

After the adoption of Christianity asofficial religion of Aksum, Frumentius was anointed as the first archbishop ofthe church. He is accepted as the Father of Ethiopian Orthodox Church and reverencedwith the name Kasate Birhan Aba Selama.In it isproposed that King Ezana adopted Christianity with the ambition of unifying hiskingdom under one religion and →