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The portrayal of god’s test

John Milton once wrote that all of his writings were moved " solely by a sense of duty" to God which propelled him to continue writing despite the fact that for part of his life he struggled with his relationship with the Church of England and the English monarchy. Indeed, Milton uses the characterization of →

Odysseus of the underworld

To begin with, Odysseus is not a good hero he is dishonest because he cheats on his wife with Calypso and Circe. Another reason Odysseus is dishonest is when he is the only survivor after his journey, he did not bother to tell his man.

The poetry of john updike essay examples

The death of a dog may seem insignificant to others, but to the persona and his family, the dog was not just a pet; it was a loved one. With his language, he is able to invoke a sense of loss even with the simplest scenarios.

Example of because i could not stop for death essay

Death has been personified as a man who takes a ride with the poetess to her grave in a carriage. The finest use of imagination and phrasing has been employed to create ' Because I could not stop for death'.

Of pain and regret:thematic strands in roethko, hayden, and bishop essay

In fact, the imagery of the entire poem evokes the " dance" as an allegory for the child's beating at the hands of the father. The poem deals with " the art of losing", and immediately in the first line, Bishop declares that it is " not hard to master".

Compare two poem essay

Then, the reader can see how big love the speaker gave to her lover by a big statement in the sky or putting " He Is Dead" in capitals". At the beginning of the poem, people can see the first image is a tool which is he writer tool".

Term paper on it moves us not –great god id rather be

During this time, it could be said that Christianity was a big part of their lives, that the belief in God, heaven and in the Bible were resounding themes throughout the time. Sarcasm can be seen in the tone of the poem and in the words the poet chose to use.

The sirens episode in the odyssey

Odysseus learns of the impending danger posed by the Sirens and listens to the instructions given by Circe by explaining to his men. The goddess tells Odysseus that he alone should listen to the voices of the Sirens, despite the fact that this could result to him losing his life.

Example of essay on analyzing the two poems

The setting of each poem is the sea and they are written in the period of the Angelo Saxon; the poems are written in figurative language; and they have very distinct elements " The Wanderer and " The Seafarer" poems are usually studied together. However " The Seafarer" is the more popular of the two →

Fern hill by dylan thomas. poetry analysis

He was prince of the apple towns a metaphor for The King of the castle in this case Thomas does not think about the King as an owner and master, but more as a about a person having the most blast and confidence. The connotation of golden is a stage of life, where in this →

Romantic period argumentative essay

In William Blake's " Songs of Innocence and of Experience," Blake attempts to dig into the very nature of existence and perception; part of the primary message of the works is that childhood is an innocent time that should be protected, but it is capable of being corrupted by the structures and rules of the →

Good example of creative writing on pushkin poem/yevgeni poem

The city is initially described as having a stern and gracious look with " quiet winters" but the poet later describes the city as being a stronghold of gun thunders and smoke. While describing how the city will act as a route to the extended world, the poet described it as the place where " →

The workbox by thomas hardy

There is a couple in this poem; the husband who is a wood maker from a village life and the wife whose status is higher than her companion from the borough. As the husband holds the present, the leftover of the coffin, to the wife, the woman's facial expression is pale as the sheet.

Space odyssey essay

Other parts of Ligeti's music are also used in the film but the main focus remains the Requiem which is a strong and intrinsically powerful piece This waltz is probably the work for which Johann Strauss is consistently remembered. The music recurs also at the end of the film so one can say that the →

Odysseus as an epic hero

Odysseus is the only Homeric hero who, in both the Iliad and the Odyssey, bears the epithet polutlas, amuch-enduring', and who is systematically described as passing through compromise and humiliation: his three adventures in beggar's disguise, for instance, and his ignominious escape from the Cyclops' cave by hanging under a ram's belly. Since he is →

Ex-basketball player

Flick's disappointment in the present causes him to try and relive the glory days of life that he had in the past. Each day as Flick travels by the high school, he has to go through the internal conflict of letting go of the past in order to move on toward the future.

Stylistic and literary devices in the raven poem

The tone is the author's attitude toward the subject, while the mood is the emotion aroused in the reader which the author creates. In the poem " The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, the mood and tone of the poem are both established and are greatly influenced by the language of the poem.

Faceless bureaucracy in the unknown citizen

The Unknown Citizen it's a poem Auden wrote at a defining time in his life, when he left England to live in the US, and when he gave up the idea that her poetry could change anything in the world. From the first five lines it is clear that the state is in total control →

”remember” vs ”the cross of snow” essay sample

The authors use many literary techniques, such as imagery, mood, and metaphors to explore the grieving process from two different perspectives, the dead in Remember and the living in The Cross of Snow. The mood in Remember and The Cross of Snow is sad and very melancholy.

The wasteland literature review examples

Eliot begins " The Wasteland with the section named, " The Burial of the Dead". The two women in this part symbolise the two sides of contemporary sexuality: one side is a dry, infertile exchange, attached to obsession and self-destruction, while the second side is a wild fertility linked to an absence of culture and →

Example of theodore roethke literature review

The specific nature of the boy's relationship with his father is a complex dichotomy between love and victimization, as the father is shown to be clearly alcoholic and abusive, both to his son and to his mother. Here, the language takes a dark yet comic turn, as the son's clinging to his father is related →

A comparison of two sonnets essay

Shakespeare's sonnet is so ambivalent about his lover and their feelings for each other, that it is hard to be certain of the tone of the final couplet: And in our faults by lies we flatter would be. By contrast, and appropriately given the relationship he is describing, Shakespeare use of language is much more →

A hero’s arise in gilead

It further recounts the story of the wrath of Achilles, the greatest warrior in the Greek army, against King Agamemnon, who unfairly appropriates Briseis, the lovely maiden belonging to Achilles after relinquishing his own maiden, Chryseis, in order to end the plague sweeping the Greek armies. In Homer's Iliad, Achilles' aristeia supersedes the aristeias of →

Harlem renaissance poetry essay examples

The mental images of the laboring Sysyphus and that of the suffering Tantalus have the force that attracts the critical element in a reader for the clarification of concepts and other matters that connect with the idea of change. Hughes seeks to match the themes of activism and cultural renaissance with a new form of →

The concept of death in edgar allan poe’s poems

The bedrock of analysis would be The Raven, Annabel Lee, Lenore, The City in the Sea, Eldorado, and The Conqueror Worm. Since the beginning of the poem, reader can feel the ambience of death surrounding the narrator.

Sample literature review on explicate the poem: dulce et decorum est

He could never get over the trauma and tragedy of warfare and his poems are among the most emphatic piece of literary works which denounce warfare and exemplify the brutalities of violence and the ultimate futility which leads to irreplaceable loss of lives and psychological strain. The poem is a first-hand account of the mental →

The modernist features in prufrock literature reviews example

The ability of a poet or writer to connect events that shape the society and the world at large with the ideas in the poem is what determines whether a poem will remain relevant for years. Many modernist writers and poets use many of the themes that are covered in the poem.

Book one of john milton’s paradise lost: satan as hero

Contrary to the usual portrayal of the persona of Satan, John Milton depicted Satan as a heroic character in Book One of " Paradise Lost". Satan is a heroic character in Book One of " Paradise Lost" because of the courage he displayed.

Interpretation of poems

His father's hopes are shattered as nearly all the evidence proves that it is Stephen lying in front of him. The hairyou see, it's black, now Stephen's fair."I feel for the man here because when he sees the hair his hopes are raised that the body in front of him is not his son's.

Stopping by woods on a snowy evening

The poem is set in the woods on a snowy evening in winter. He unsures of the owner of these woods, yet the owner is in the village; so that he can enjoy watching the snow falling covered his woods peacefully.

Judith beveridge poems

Poetry shows the reader a new way to look at familiar situations and in her poem " The Domesticity of Giraffes" she uses repetition to show the cruelty towards the Giraffe. She again uses repetition to how the reader that It Is not only happening once but multiple times." The Two Brothers" torture and kill →

Sample essay on the tyger and the lamb

The Tyger and The Lamb found in the songs of experience and songs of innocence respectively are two notable poems by William Blake. The poem fuses the Christian theological symbols of the lamb and the innocent child to further accentuate the religion theme in the poem.

No hands

The poem " No Hands" is about a woman who is annoyed and frustrated with the pilots who are flying their aeroplanes very low in the countryside, and are destroying the peace and serenity. The poet has also used assonance of the 'o' to sustain the line and to make us realise that the woman →

Vengeance in the odyssey

Vengance in the Odyssey Vengeance is the main theme in the Odyssey, it is what all the conflict in the story is for every conflict in the story is caused because of each characters thirst for vengeance. Then by Odysseus to avenge the mistreatment of his house, family, and people.

When beowulf met the bible

The poem alludes to " the ancient beginnings of us all, recalling/The Almighty making the earth" in essence the creation of the earth. The Christian monks employed the addition of religious images to the pagan epic poem Beowulf in order to spread a religious message.

A history of 1950’s in on the road by jack kerouac

The author of On the Road, Jack Kerouac, is often affiliated with being the pioneer of this movement with the launch of this novel. The opposite of this was true about African Americans in the novel.

Down the road, someone is practicing scales essay sample

The poem begins with the poet telling the reader what he's hearing; it's an attractive way to begin a text. Lines 1 and 2 are linked together because in the first line we read " someone is practicing scales" which is a musical instrument, and in line 2 the poet talks about " the notes" →

Satan as an advocate of free will

With the proliferation of copies of Paradise Lost throughout the centuries, Satan emerges as the star character of the Epic. The passage is rich in style that highlights all aspects of Satan as a character.

Jamaica kincaids girl essay example

THESIS: The tone of Jamaica Kincaid's " Girl" is one of the most important and telling aspects of this poem - both Mama's and the daughter's tone of voice indicate a dramatic sense of hypocrisy and resentment on the part of the mother.I. The tone of Jamaica Kincaid's " Girl" is one of the most →

Emily dickinson comparative poems

This is evident in most of her poetry, but two poems that indicative of this are " Faith is a fine invention" and " I heard a Fly buzz When I Died"." Faith is a fine invention" is a short poem comparing faith and science. This presents a realness in the poem, as opposed to →

Good critical thinking on name

The poem, in essence, depicts a mixture of brutality and warmth in the part of the father and a combination of fear and affection in the part of the son. The waltz dance is used as a symbol to convey the bonding of the father and son, which is tumultuous and exhilarating.

Poems from the ‘book of matches’

There is a pun in the title, a packet from which we tear out the matches a book, but this is also a book in the normal sense, with words for us to read. This is the opposite to 'Those bastards in their mansions' because in that poem the persona has nothing compared to the →

Archeatype of facing adversity

The archetype of facing adversity is seen in both the Odyssey and the film E. In ET, you see the loyal friendship between Elliott and ET.

“to his coy mistress” – poem explication essay

The opening phrase " had we but world enough and time" is the most well known of this poem, and has entered the cultural lexicon as an expression of the lament that that we do not have forever to do the things that we want. The entire theme of the poem is that life is →

Odysseus’ many mistakes essay sample

In Robert Fitzgerald's translation of The Odyssey, Odysseus leads his men through the unthinkable, and successfully gets them out of harms way because he utilizes his ability to formulate plans, and carry them out quickly and effectively. For instance, when Odysseus and his men land on the Island of the Cyclops, Odysseus decides to enter →

”from stone to steel” by e.j. pratt and ”overture” by f.r. scott. essay sample

From Stone to Steel" talks in general about the evolution of mankind from the prehistoric to the more modern stage. In " From Stone to Steel" allusion is used to make a link from the past to the present in some occasions.

The tragic dichotomy in the iliad

The Iliad is an epic poem, which was written by the ancient Greek poet Homer; the story recounts most of the significant events experienced in the final weeks of the Greek and the Trojan War under the military action of the city of Troy. In the story ' The Iliad' it displays the chaos between →

The feminist discourse in book ix of paradise lost

The constant rhetoric of Adam being made in God's image and Eve in Adam's image only cements the visual structure of the epic, and how the power structures operate and chain of communication is established. Any instruction by or from God is first related to Adam in isolation and later, Eve receives the masculinised version →

The subtle temptation of nausikaa

The fact that Nausikaa uses such a shell of innocence as her tactic for acquiring Odysseus is only yet another testament to her cunning. The meaning of this simple sentence is illuminated when one considers what exactly Nausikaa unwillingly gave to Odysseus-both appreciation for his home life and a passage home.

Analysis of ‘from me to you’ by rita anyiam essay sample

Analysis: The first stanza is the courtship phase, it shows how she see's her relationship now, how the man buys her and how she sold herself, and he is attempting to obliterate her individuality. In the fourth stanza, she is noticing that you can live without a man " so I see that some sell →

”the windhover” by gerard manley hopkins essay sample

In the first verse, the poet describes the power of the bird as it is portrayed as the master of heavens. Also, the alliteration here produces the effect of the bird's movement in the air and the intensity of the poem's feeling.

The positive and negative consequences of the original sin

One such interpretation, discussed by Lovejoy in " Milton and the Paradox of the Fortunate Fall," is that although the fall introduced man to evil, it also propagated good. However, it is also inadequate to conclude that Milton was blind to the pros of man's fall.

Good example of alliteration in the raven literature review

In the poems " The Raven", " Lenore" Poe inquires the loss of ideal beauty and the difficulty in getting it back. Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven - A.

Where the sidewalk ends poem analysis

Year 12 english communications External Folio Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein There is a place where the sidewalk ends And before the street begins, And there the grass grows soft and white, And there the sun burns crimson bright, And there the moon-bird rests from his flight To cool in the peppermint wind. →

Before the mirror by john updike

The poem is described in two settings, the past and the present. Past The poem starts through the realm of flashback; it reminds the reader of the painting that hung at the museum few years ago.

The insignificance of human power in the odyssey

It exposes this to the reader in several ways the role of the elements in the journey home, the prevalence of disguise and natural symbols, and the outright superiority of divine will over human desires. Menelaus' story depicts men at the mercy of the elements, and reinforces the weakness of men when compared to the →

Robert frost mending wall

The gaps relate to the chances for communication between the neighbours and the wall is representing the barrier between a possible friendship between the neighbours. Frost believes that seclusion between people is hopeless and is an attitude of the past through the statement old stone savage.

A description of a city shower essay samples

The essay will emphasize on the interpretation of the poem and its symbolism, by shedding light to the way that Jonathan Swift uses the description of an everyday event, a sudden rain in the streets of the city of London in order to express indirectly his true beliefs as far as the human nature is →

Good research paper about facing my wine, i did not see the dusk,

It reminds me of a tradition that many cultures and religions throughout the world, the want for an afterlife of some sort, and the burning of something followed by the spread of it, in this case paper ashes, according to the Victoria and Albert Museum. This is also a poem about war, and about the →

Sarpedon as a symbol of a strong character in the iliad

The poet's innovative use of language, the break from the norm, all point to the idea that Sarpedon is both unique and significant. He is distinguished by both the poet and by his father Zeus in various ways, linking him to the inherent themes of the Iliad.

Rebirth of a nation essay sample

The poem is dedicated to the strong people of these countries, who do not give up fighting for their rights and freedoms, and against corruption and authoritarian leaders and the regimes that support them and impoverish the people. Thus, the phrases " to save the flesh from the thorn" and " the end of the →

Acquainted with the night by robert frost essay sample

Owing to this depression in the life of the poet, everything around him looks negative to him and he seems to be living in absolute despair. This poem is very thought provoking and the readers are bound to think about the poet and his sad state of life.

Odysseus and athena: friends

The characters in Homer's The Odyssey are forever at the mercy of the Gods, those immortals who live in the heights of Mount Olympus, and who, on occasion, walk the lands of earth. The gods appear before and manipulate the minds of many of the characters in The Odyssey, and most of the time the →

Connecting character – job and adam

Adam was given the responsibility of taking care and being the head of God's creation because God had created him in a special and perfect manner. Adam is obviously superior than Eve and other animals but he inferior to the Angels of God and to God Himself.

Structural conceptions of the spiritual hierarchy in paradise lost

Milton takes great care to illustrate the basis of each character's understanding of the spiritual hierarchy, and demonstrates for the reader the implications of each character's individual interpretation. Instead of using the Son to counteract the Satan's incorrect understanding of rank and value in the spiritual hierarchy, Milton uses a lesser angel, Abdiel.

Fathers in my papa’s waltz and my winter sundays

As a result, the title of Roethke's poem and the way he describes his father at times in the poem is generally positive. Another illustration of the child's respect and affection for his father is shown by the things he overlooks and ignores to go on with dancing with his dad.


The poem " Beauty" by the author Tony Hoagland is a piece about the true beauty of a woman. Hoagland uses extended metaphor, third person point of view, and imagery to portray the loss of a woman's virginity by comparing it to the strive to be beautiful to gain the acceptance of society.

Breaking bad analysis

We are shown this theme through the clever employment of motifs such the damaged pink teddy bear, a reoccurring 8 symbol and The damaged pink bear in the series symbolises " all the terrible grief that Walt has wrought upon his loved ones" and " the judgment of God". The pink teddy bear is then →

Song of solomon term papers example

In analysing the text, we will look at the events that had just taken place before the writing of the scripture, and the audience that the passage was directed to. The title of the book is derived from the author of the book and the fact that it was a song.

Hero of paradise lost

My contention is that Satan is the hero of the story. He does not fear God because he believes in the power of his own thoughts and actions.

Semblance and truth in milton’s lycidas

On the one hand, the poem's many inconsistencies are obvious and frequently discussed; on the other, as Victoria Silver asserts in "' Lycidas' and the Grammar of Revelation," we all even Stanley Fish resist them, attempting to make sense of and thus erase the incoherence. Further, a sentence may contain a hierarchy of empathy relationships, →

The lady of shalott by alfred lord tennyson essays examples

In a poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1842, The Lady of Shalott, it is clear that there is a major separation of gender roles between men and women and they each had a personal space just meant for them. This is a clear picture of what the Victorian woman was undergoing and that →

Example of essay on “there was crimson clash of war” by stephen crane

" There Was Crimson Clash of War" by Stephen Crane The poem talks about the consequences of the mental and physical violence that is associated with war. This is because Crane's background was involved in fascination of war; hence he spread the inspiring messages through this poem.

‘the battle’ louis simpson, ‘a lullaby’ randall jarrell and ‘icarus allsorts’ roger mcgough essay sample

The Battle, A Lullaby and Icarus Allsorts could all be seen to have clear differences between them, but all at the same time have some similar characteristics.' The Battle' is written in a form to strike the reader as short but as something that because of this impacts the reader of the points and description →

Example of beowulf literature review

Beowulf who is the hero in the poem grows in wisdom through pain and at the end of the epic tale, he triumphs through personal experience. In the poem, Beowulf is portrayed as the hero of the people for saving them from the monster Grendel.

Theme of suffering in lady lazarus by sylvia plath

In the poem Lady Lazarus, Plath uses literary devices such as dark imagery, setting, and allusions to historical happenings to portray the speaker's subjection to enduring at the hands of those around her who wish for her to live. Lady Lazarus compares her suffering to the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust to show →

Poem comparison literature review samples

Those Winter Sundays," by Robert Hayden and bilingual bilingue by Rhina Espaillat address the past events as they appear in the memories of the authors. The father used to wake up early in the morning during the winter Sundays of the times and light fires in the fireplaces in order to warm the house.

The iliad by homer essay sample

It also moves from the withdrawal of the greatest hero of the Achaians and the possibility of Achaian failure to the death of the greatest of the Trojans and the future destruction of Troy. As the poet fills in the details of the Iliad on the basis of a general scheme of events, so too →

Death in a worn path and the jilting of granny weatherall

Although, by nature, aging and death are merely facts of life; a loss of hope, the frustration of all aspirations, a leap into a great darkness, and the feelings of fear and anguish. Phoenix Jackson walks a worn path and overcomes obstacles and adversity to reach her goal." She carried a thin, small cane made →

Good example of sonnet 43 how do i love thee essay

The theme of the poem could be recognized in the octet, and the sestet consists of the conclusion of the poem together with the poem's resolution. The theme of the sonnet is love, and it is described as an aspect that is eternal and consist of all.

Dulce et decorum est by wilfred owen

In the scene, the narration helped communicate because it gave us a hint of where we were in the play if we went wrong and it described the actual poem to the audience making them become a little more in depth with the play. Had we managed to lay our hands on such a symbol →

“i felt a funeral in my brain” by emily dickinson

The line " I felt a Funeral, in my Brain" could suggest that the speaker's mental health is not all that good, and that the speaker might be on the brink of insanity. This could indicate that the death of the speaker's mind haunted him and in some way affected the speaker's soul.

Free comparing and contrasting frost and dickenson essay example

One of the most notable differences between the poetry of Frost and the poetry of Dickinson is the length that both poets use to convey their themes and message. Robert Frost is also concerned in his poetry with the passage of time and the inevitability of death.

Good essay about how a poem is artificial, and one poem is realistic

From the five poems of this assignment, Christopher Marlowe " Passionate Shepherd to his Love" is an example of a poem that shows the true vision of love. These items are always used to show deep love, and it can be concluded that the writer is in deep love with the Shepherd.

Understanding ‘nothing gold can stay’ literature review examples

It is believed by a multitude of literary experts to be one of the best poems written in English. The poem is a teacher which inspires us to respect life and accept the changes.

Documentary: “the journey of man, a genetic odyssey” essay

Human beings have elicited the greatest form of diversity in terms of the reaction of the differences in people of the world. The world is becoming diverse, and there is a continued embracement of the differences in people.

Love, morals, life, and death: essay examples

A Comparison of Updike's Dog's Death and Dubus's A Father's Story A Comparison of Updike's Dog's Death and Dubus's A Father's Story Upon first read, John Updike's poem, Dog's Death, and Andre Dubus's short story, A Father's Story, appear to have few similarities. Despite having many differences on the surface, after reading the two pieces, →

Dulce et decorum est – poetry analysis essay example

Owens, in the poem, seeks to provide the reader with a visceral experience of just how awful World War I, and warns against those who would rush to send others to fight that they know not of what they speak. The first part of the poem describes the arduous, terrible, and rough grind of a →

Xenia and odyssey

The function of xenia assists the development of the plot in both positive and negative ways. He proceeds to move a large rock and trap the men in the cave, promising Odysseus the gift-token of eating him last.

James langston hughes essay example

Much of James Langston Hughes' work addresses the racial inequality in the United States of America at the beginning of the twentieth century. The first line of the poem poses the question, " What happens to a dream deferred?".

Odysseus and the gods

Odysseus was definitely thankful for all the gods and their contributions to his long journey. Odysseus was definitely thankful for all the gods and their contributions to his long journey.

“chicago” by carl sandburg essay sample

" Chicago", written by Carl Sandburg is a strong meaningful poem illustrating the pride and confidence that pours out of the city of Chicago. Throughout the poem he points out the shortcomings of the city, but at the same time challenges the reader to find another city as majestic despite its flaws.