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Essay # 2 kim pham english

Oedipus is not the puppet of his own fate, but indeed the creator of his own fate. It is obvious that the fate of Oedipus is his own fault.


Body Main Idea 1: When it comes to video games, everyone would normally only tell you that it is a bad thing because the more you play it, the more addicted you will get and it will eventually make you feel more tired. It can help relieving a person's stress if the method is right →

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Role of tiresias in oedipus essay sample

In Oedipus' case Tiresias brings him news of prophecies that have already been fulfilled, yet for Creon in Antigone his prophecy is in the works. Tiresias plays a key role in the reversal of Oedipus' fate in Oedipus Rex, but his role in Antigone has less of an impact.

What is a witch? macbeth essay sample

The second were women who believed they had powers, and took the medicines/mixtures, therefore hallucinating, and they believed this to be the power of the devil. The witches play an important part in the play of " Macbeth" and are featured in the very first scene.

As in fact foretell both of these technologies.

As well, the novel 1984 contained an organization which had the hopes to work towardstaking the pleasure out of sexual interactions, therefore; making it simply aduty done to help the Party." The aim of the party was not to merely preventmen and women from forming loyalties which it might not be able to control. Another →

Frank o’ conor – oedipus complex

Though he is the only child till the birth of Sonny, but due to a very coddling behavior by his mother throughout this period of his father being in the war, it became obvious to him that he is " the boss around". All of a sudden he starts getting annoyed off the thoughts of →

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The criminal psychology of mrs. wright

One of the great rights provided to Americans is the ability to always stand a trial, regardless of the crime, this way even the defendant has a chance to plead their case of innocence. The third clue that Glaspell gives is a bit of a mystery to the women of the play, yet would make →

Individual performing jerry, from jim cartwright’s play ”road” essay sample

His use of minimal staging compliments the monologue, as it shows the futileness and emptiness of Jerry's current life; despite having many memories, the bitterness of being alone has tainted his view of life. He also speaks at a low volume, which in the beginning makes him seem shy and introverted, but as the performance →

It associated with younger granite, metamorphic rocks, dokhan

In the total count contour map The lowest concentration levelranges from is associated with Metavolcanics, Ophiolitic Metagabro, Serpentine and Talc Carbonate around G. The moderately concentration level ranges from is observed at thewestern and central part of study area and related to Quseir and Tarefformations around W.el Muweih, W.el Atwani, G.

Discussing the play henry v

The play opens to Canterbury and Ely discussing Henry, on how his youth was savage and dishonest " the courses of his youth promised it not" but Canterbury also comments on how Henry has changed since his wilder days." The breath no sooner left his father's body, but that wilderness, mortified him, seemed to die →

Themes in a death of a salesman by arthur miller

In particular, both plays battle with the distinction between illusion and reality, the incapability of living in the present, and the desire for escape. In both plays it is perceived that the characters have trouble with distinguishing what is a figment of their imagination and what is reality.

The play arcadia essay sample

Each individual portrays different roles to make the play more exciting and meaningful to the audience. The characters of the said play were categorized into two modern-day ones and the romantics.

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Chapter 1

Some of the advantages of playing online games are; the ability to connect to multiplayer games, although single-player online games are quite common as well, and the ability to build the confidence of the individual in the game that they are used to play. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The main purpose of the study is →

Merchant of venice act 1 scene 3

As a result of this the audience already expect Shylock to be the villain of the play. Later on in the scene, Shylock says that 'Antonio is a good man', this implying that Antonio is good to gamble on.

The significance of themes in the kite runner and oedipus rex

Therefore, each author's use of the theme of blindness is shown by how each author portrays this theme, the way both authors represent the theme of blindness and the significance of the treatment of blindness by each author. Oedipus is not only blind to the fact that he was the murderer, he is also unaware →


The game of basketball is one of the most popular and exciting games to watch or play on any skill level. Dr, Naismith had played rugby and he did not like the roughness of that game.

Metamorphosis – form and structure essay sample

Form:* The play is performed as a piece of Total Theatre.* This is to stimulate all the senses, as they are all engaged in real life.* Every part of the actors' bodies, every facial expression, and all the vocal ranges of the actors' voices are used and pushed to the extreme.* To represent different reactions, →

‘’a doll’s house’’ a major emphasis was laid on humanism and gender roles

Nora is unsure of what to do and has to rely on her husband for literally every decision she has to make for herself, which in last can be seen that she finally realizes her potential and decides to move out of Helmer's nest. As in relation to context and cultural aspects of the drama, →

My oedipus complex by frank o’connor

He is attached to his mother and wants her to belong only to him and considers his father a rival? for her attention. While his father was fighting in the WW1 and rarely went back home, Larry was enjoying himself and relishing all of his mother's attention and care, just as what he said in →

A raisin in the sun themes

A Raisin in the Sun gives a perspective of the Black experience in the 1950's. I believe Hansberry's used this character to reflect the effects of the law on the perseverance of African American men in the 1950's.

A doll’s house history

The traditional middle class morality based on the dominance of the male gender bases the institution of the family not on the feelings of love and affection rather it sees the welfare of the family institution in the form of certain established power relationships. The apparent love of the couple in the opening of the →

Henry v is a play written by william shakespeare around the year 1591

Henry V is based on the real campaign that King Henry V of England led into France in 1415 for the French crown, Henry accomplished some great victories during this campaign, the most notable being the Siege of Harfleur and the Battle of Agincourt. In this act he receives an insulting gift of tennis balls →

Why playing important part for development in child

Nowadays, the saying that " play is the child's work" from child psychologists and educators has led parents to believe that play is something that has to be " worked at" for the success of their children. To a child, play exits in the most unexpected places.

Odets and williams’s women of the depression

The 1930's worlds of Clifford Odets and Tennessee Williams portray assertive and domineering women as the center of families in the age of the depression. All of these efforts are to insure that Laura has someone to support her and that she is not left out in the cold.

Twelfth night william shakespeare

In Twelfth Night, the characters Malvolio, Olivia, and Sir Andrew express the theme that people are blind of their actions and refuse to see their faults until people or events force them to do so. 10 Although Olivia tries to show that she is not madly in love with Cesario, 11 when Cesario is about →

Reaction to raisin in the sun/dream defered

IT seems as so the dream is the source of pain for the writer and the ills that accompany the chasing of the dream are pain, anguish and torture. The use of the sun I found to be significant as the sun is the source of all life and covers the whole world and to →

A historical perspective on “trifles”

The play Trifles by Susan Glaspell depicts the repressed roles of women in 1916 and holds underlying tones of the feminist movement shown through the two female lead characters, Mrs. Performed at the turn of the century, Glaspell's work depicted the events that were still going on at the time, and was used at a →

Our background and circumstances might have influenced who we are but we are responsible for who we become

our background and circumstances might have influenced who we are but we are responsible for who we become What I have Learned: ~that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.~that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.~that either you control your attitude or →

Oedipus translation

Pride breeds the tyrant.violent pride, gorging, crammed to bursting ith all that is overripe and rich with ruin 965 clawing up to the heights, headlong pride crashes down the abyss sheer doom! But if any man comes striding, high and mighty in all he says and does, no fear of justice, no reverence or the →

If and want to know more and brush

Before we get into this, do remember it throughout your reading that one of the three divisions of England National League exhibits the same name so do not confuse National League division with the England National League. England National League is a football league of England consisting of three different divisions; National League, National League →

The functions of comedy in twelfth night

The primacy of love for enrichment of spirit and opening of new avenues of pleasure, as discussed in the previous paragraph, is influential in Twelfth Night's comedy as, if music is " the food of love", then much music is required to nourish the spirit and this is the most musical of Shakespeare's plays. Given →

Lovers or friends: the mystery of viola and orsino’s relationship

Through Orsino and Viola's casual physicality and joint activities as well as the setting and music used in their scenes, the movie version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night portrays their relationship as one of equals and full of sexual tension despite their apparently shared genders, thereby defying the heteronormativity of the era, whereas the play portrays →

The lessons we can learn from shakespeare’s plays

Although, I am not sure how " realistic" his plays are, the experiences within them are universal and as a Christian and, well, human, it is important to be exposed to different human experiences. Anyways, back to my point, although many of the situations within Shakespeare's plays are not relatable, the themes are actually quite →

Hunger paragraph

Because her father pushed to play the violin so much she finally cries out to Tian that she hates the violin, and wants to play the guitar. Anna tries her best to learn the different notes, but she does not have the right hearing to get it completely so Tian focuses more on teaching Ruth →

Romeo and juliet

The mood illustrated in " Romeo and Juliet" changed radically from the beginning of the play to the end. Metaphors are constantly used by Shakespeare through out the play to communicate Romeo's mood, for example, at first he is feeling love for her and is comparing her to the moon, stars and uses the word →

The play “the merchant of venice” by william shakespeare

He is more worried about the money she has stolen from him and not really concerned for her safety " A diamond gone, cost me two thousand ducats" " she is damned for it" This greed for wealth and money affects other characters in the play and, in my opinion it affects Antonio most as →

Freud’s interpretation of sophicles’ oedipus tyrannus is ridiculous

The first reference to Freud having used Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus to help strengthen his theory of the Oedipus complex, which is explained below, and also the first mention of the Oedipus complex altogether comes in 1900 in Freud's The Interpretation ofDreams. Freud's use of Oedipus is meant to show that the Oedipus complex " transcends →

Sterilization and disinfection in a dental office

According to the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration before either of these forms can be used you have to clean the instruments. There are multiple ways to sterilize, but I am only going to talk about the four main ways of sterilizing in a dental office.http://www.nurseslearning.com/courses/fice/fde0008/c7/index.htm The first way is using the autoclave, →

The glass menagerie by tennessee williams and a raising in the sun by lorraine hansberry drama essay

The plays, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams and A Raising in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, both illustrate how their main characters struggle to overcome the oppressive conditions that they experience in their lives. In the play A Raising in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, each member of the Younger family has his/her own →

The long and the short and the tall

This shows just how much of a scallywag and a good-for-nothing slob he really is but he is the only character who can get out of trouble.very easily. This is his power, he is still a bit rascist with the " tojoboy" stuff but he is not as rude and aggressive as before.

Critical lens

In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun, trust is used in order strengthen the relationships within the family. The Younger family's trust within themselves helps maintain their relationships with each other and get through tough obstacles in life.

Twelfth night literature essay

He is criticised for living a life of pleasure but at least, unlike some other characters, he is genuine, he does not try to be anything he is not, and this is one of the reasons why Maria loves him. Olivia receives a lot of sympathy because she has lost her father and her brother, →

Billy scumaci

The proposal that I would like to propose is to pay the students on a per minute basis due to the fact that there are some superstars on a team that play most of the game and other players who do not play at all. As you can see, I feel as if the Division-1 →

Dramatic worksheet for sweeny todd essay sample

The premise of the play Sweeney Todd is that lust for power, love and revenge is present in everybody and it is only the situation in which a person that brings it out of him. The exposition of the play is " The ballad of Sweeney Todd", in which the lead character is been buried →

Benedick’s change in much ado about nothing essay sample

This is why at the end when Beatrice asked Benedick to prove his love, Benedick said he would. This is the point that Shakespeare was trying to make by showing the reader the complete development and change in Benedick and Beatrice's views on love.

Trifles: the little things that mean a lot

The men went to investigate the home, leaving the women in the kitchen to collect things for Mrs. Wright was worried about the jars and Mr.


It is claimed to aid in the production of phagocytes, the production of cytokines and lymphocytes, which are vital in fighting infections. Fats on the other hand, are described as groups of compounds, which are soluble in organics solutions and are insoluble in water.

Macbeth and soliloquies essay sample

Three witches who are the physical form of evil in the play and like the serpent in the Garden of Eden represent the force of temptation. At the beginning of this scene he is in the great hall where a huge banquet is taking place; he is sitting near the King of Scotland, Duncan.

Areas of interest

Children can be energetic and active in the block area. The children are able to explore, develop and create through learning in ways that they believe is fun!

”absurd person singular” by alan ayckbourn essay sample

The control that Sidney had over Jane has also increased, Jane now tries to compliment Sidney on the things he does or what he is good at " Jane: You want to know anything, you just ask Sidney" and she is starting to copy his words " Sidney: Each to his own. I want you →

P phosphorylation and palmitoylation, and degradation [56, 57].

The heterodimeric structure of the LBD complex composedof NMDAR with GluN1 and GluN2 reinforces the view that tetramericNMDAR is a dimer of heterodimers. The positive charge of Mg 2+ is the basis of Mg 2+blocking of NMDAR by the electronic force to the negative charge of aneuron under the physiological membrane potential of about?

Oedipus the king as a tragic hero

In the play Oedipus the King, the protagonist exemplifies traits that a tragic hero possesses as shown in his various actions throughout the plot. One of the traits that make Oedipus a tragic hero is his good nature, his social position, and his true to life consistency.

Development of children and young people between birth to 19

They start to hold on to furniture learning how to walk along or by using the aid of a baby walker, up until they gain the confidence to walk alone. By the age of seven they are able to speak fluently and make up stories.

Discussionwith generated from membrane phospholipids by the action

The research papers reported extraction of phenolic and flavonoid compounds was influenced by the solubility, the degree of polymerization, the interaction between plant constituents present and the formation of insoluble complexes. It correlated the free radicals scavenging activity to the higher quantity of phenolic and flavonoids in the methanol extract.

Break down of the tragic character

Creon is full of himself, and believes that he and his family are superior to other people. Proof of the fact that Antigone did not experience transfiguration is that the messenger and Creon " saw her hanging by the neck.

The oedipus cycle

He marries his mother because, as the man who solves the riddle of the sphinx, he is the savior of Thebes and is given to the widowed queen, Iocasta, as a husband. Therefore, he does not deserve the fate to walk, as the man in the sphinx's riddle, with a third leg, his cane.

The importance of youth sports

The Importance of youth Sports Youth sports give children a huge advantage in their future and throughout their childhood. Sports require a lot of time and effort and qualities that people will need to succeed in the future.

Optical illusion on oedipus rex and othello

The theme of appearance and reality is such a dominant one in Oedipus Rex andOthello, and the obsession with appearance plays such an important part in bringing them closer to Oedipus' and Othello's tragedy, that the plays can be termed a tragedies of appearance in human life, in which the opposite of appearance is truth →

Alexis finch’s personal cook, calpurnia, plays an extensive

The extent of one's dignity makes a person respectable and able to see their value. She's a faithful member of this family and you will simply have to accept things the way they are.

  oedipus the king is a tragic hero

Oedipus the main character of the play is a great king of Thebes with ideal traits in his ideal personality also but he breaks moral laws so he is a tragic hero.this drama shows as catharsis at the end of the drama when all the good deeds of Oedipus are wasted in the struggle against →

‘much ado about nothing’ some critics have seen claudio as a “problem” essay sample

I feel that as Claudio is a young man and, therefore, has much to learn about life, he is having to follow social expectations and not his true thoughts and feelings, and therefore reacts to the situation as he does. This upsets Claudio very much and shows how insecure Claudio feels about life, as shown →

Play a short guide for parents

Play a short guide for parents " For a small child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does ' just for fun' and things that are ' educational.' The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play. To help children →

The glass menagerie is an alltime favorite play for many

Another thing that stands out from the text and the film is when Tom is arguing with his mom and he bumps Laura's Glass Menagerie off the table she yells " my glass menagerie!" Laura did not yell in the film, she just stared at Tom as her mother walked away in grief after the →

Oedipus rex character analysis

King Laios of Thebes was given a prophecy from the oracle that he would be murdered by his son's hand, and that his son would marry his wife, Queen Iocaste. In search of the truth, he went to the shrine at Delphi, where he was told of the same prophecy his birth parents already knew, →

Child observation

In terms of language, it seems like the kids understands and knows how to speak but with just little words. They were surrounded by a lot of toys but they only play with the ones that are near them and they arrange the toys to where they can reach it.

Th? him. victor’s obs?ssion b?cam? so ignorant that

Victor b? com? s absolut? ly obs? ss? d with his pow? r to b? god and cr? at? lif. Victor w? nt on to coll? g? and b? cam? mor? obs? ss? d with th? id? a of cr? ating lif.

The play doh: investigating resistance

I connected from the of the power supply i went to the ammeter and from the ammeter i used a wire with a clip and a needle to penetrate into the hole in the tube. The tube is filled with Play Doh and the two needles gets moved to the next hole to investigate the →

Trifles by susan glaspell essay

The characters look at the murder differently and this discussion will focus on the development in terms of roundness and flatness of the characters and the degree to which the characters are stereotypes.Mrs. However as the play progresses we see a woman who is empathetic and even agrees to commit a crime by concealing the →

“a night out” by harold pinter essay sample

The topic raised before Albert tries to leave is that of his mother, and based on the speed with which he reacts, it is obvious that he does not want to talk about his mother. From the very start, it is obvious that Albert does not want to talk to his mother.

Leopold of an advantage that may not even

Leopold analyzeseconomic considerations in relation to the environment. As Leopold states, what happens to the environment is not aresult of economic considerations, but rather of the preferences the people whouse the environment have.


Drama In the 1580s Philip Sidney complained that English playwrights were ignoring the principles of drama; he meant the classical principles exemplified by the tragedies of Seneca and the comedies of Plautus, Ben Jonson published his own plays in a grandiose format, and with a title, that invited comparison with the editions of these same →

Act iv of “much ado about nothing” is extremely crucial to the play essay sample

Claudio's answer is totally different to that of Hero's, as she just says ' I do.' In this he has used two meanings as if he is masking the truth. This is totally different to the misogamist at the beginning of the play.

Summary/plot living among them. the officials, including egan’s

Jacob's mind is the last setting because he dreams a lot and that plays a role in the book. Characters: Jacob- He is the protagonist of the book.

At the end of the play, malcolm refers to lady macbeth as “fiend-like” essay sample

Before the murders, Lady Macbeth is strong, sure of herself and her husband's position, and certainly displays some fiend-like tendencies. There is sufficient evidence at the beginning of the play to call Lady Macbeth " fiend-like", but it is presumptuous of her character as a whole: Lady Macbeth is strong for her husband when he →

A raisin in the sun summary

Each family member's selfish desire for the use of the deceased father's insurance money conflicted with the family common good and produced calamitous consequences for the family. Once mama trusted Walter with the money he went and blew it, which caused the family to lose all of the money.

Stereotypes and stereotyping in susan glaspell’s trifles

The peculiar one is the inferiority of women as opposed to men. It believes that women can play a major in the social, economic and political development of a nation.

Sarah tedford

The authors the monkeys are named after are also the best of their time and genre, and it would seem appropriate to name the monkeys such since the scientists are expecting that quality of work.3-A. Creon returned with the news that he was to find his predecor's murderer and the city would be saved.

“antigone” by sophocles and “the long walk home” essay sample

In the story, Antigone, a young girl named Antigone is stuck in the middle of a crisis in which she must make an important decision whereas in the movie " The long walk home" Odessa, a black maid, must fight off racism and raise the family of her own as well as her employers. Both →

What is the setting of trifles?

The key highlight in the play that supports the major problem of patriarchal dominance in the play are the very ironic consequences when it emerged that a woman is the one who discovered what men had been looking for. At the onset of the play, men are depicted as dismissive of the possible leads in →

Sons and lovers: a psychoanalytic reading essay

This essay offers a psychoanalytic reading of the novel Sons and Lovers and addresses the psychological needs of Paul and Gertrude Morel both conscious and unconscious and examines how the dynamics of their relationship mirror Sigmund Freud's theory. The complexity of the author's sexuality lends itself to the Freudian interpretation of his creative expression, particularly →

How to raise your child to be good

Having your child have fun while also exercising is a great thing and I think introducing your kids to sports at an early age is would be a good idea too because they can later develop a love for a sport. Of course pushing your kids to play a sport they do not like is →

Sophocles, selfishness in ancient times

Just like sight, they could not get the thought of listening to what others had to say. The dramatic meaning of the sight becomes more understandable when appealing to the play and the text itself because of how they responded.

Changes in willie by act 4 essay sample

In Brighouse's play Hobson's choice, Willie is presented as a completely changed character by act four compared to how he started off firstly in act one. By act four Willie has now become more confident thanks to Maggie which relates to the fact where Brighouse says that behind every successful businessman there's a woman that →

Dent life *

For the first time a person, either a girl or a boy prepares for the difficulties in the life. In the recess time also I talk of the topics taught in the classes with my friends and come to class at 2 P.M.

Working with children & young people level mu 2.4

The children must be provided with opportunity and encouragement to use there skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes, and be supported in developing the confidence and disposition to do so. Games and puzzles are used to so the children use the language that is necessary to take part in →

Observational learning may occur through indirect experiences when

Vicarious learning is observing others receive reinforcement or punishment that will increase or decrease the likelihood of the subject imitating the behavior in the future. Behavior analysis wants to measure observable behaviors and disagrees with the idea of cognitive variables being a part of the observational learning process.

The vision of blindness: sight versus insight in sophocles’ oedipus the king

" Anyone who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eye are of two kinds, and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light, which is true of the mind's eye, quite as much as the bodily eye; and he who remembers this →

Introduction: from maintaining our body metabolism to keeping

Through this process we trick the bacteria by putting all the synthetic material in to a DNA and make the bacteria think that this DNA is it's on. Make sure to scrape the bacteria until it is completely fills the hole of the loop before adding it in the transformation mixture.

Oedipus: a tragic hero

Through the play we see that Oedipus posses many of the characteristics of a tragic hero such as: he is of noble stature, his downfall was his own fault, and that his punishment was not wholly deserved. The next characteristic that Oedipus possesses that makes him a tragic hero is that his downfall is of →

The crucible – a morality play

John Proctor and the Reverend Hale are notable and key figures in the condemnation of witch trials; Abigail, Judge Danforth and his supporters are in power in the society. In a society in which the norm is to accuse or to be accused, she decided to respect her morality and spirituality, even if that meant →

Evaluation of the thebans’ high regard towards oedipus

We see the Thebans' high opinion of Oedipus in several key scenes, firstly when the gathering of citizens comes to Oedipus for help in the beginning of the play, then when the Chorus' representative deems him " first of men". The fact that the citizens choose to immediately follow the lead of Oedipus and allow →

The election of edipo or the self-deuter of the tiran

Oedipus consults the blind prophet Tiresias to help end the plague by guiding him to the murderers of King Laius; however, Tiresisas is reluctant to reveal to Oedipus and attempts to leave: " How terrible to see the truth 360 when the truth is only pain to him who sees! Oedipus is blind to the →

A raisin in the sun: walter lee younger character analysis

Although most of the household was against Walter and his plans, he continued to try to persuade Ruth and Mama to just trust him and let him use the insurance money. Although Walter's plans did not go as he had planned, things still did work out for the better of him and his family.

Compare and contrast: death of a salesman & oedipus

This is the case between the two plays, Oedipus The King and its counterpart Death of a Salesman, one written approximately 430 BC and the other written in 1949. In the very beginning of the play Oedipus the King, Oedipus is addressing the conditions of the people and instead of really addressing the issues of →

The play “anne frank” essay sample

This essay will examine the play ' Anne Frank' and look into how she is as a person in the play, how she develops throughout the two years she is in the attic and explore the way in which she interacts with other characters. Throughout the play, it is obvious that Anne matures and is →