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Courage, meanness and flattery in all the pretty horses

Later in the text, McCarthy describes the ghosts of Comanche warriors who once used that same road which John Grady is riding to cross the land, the road is described as " pledged in blood and redeemed in blood only". In this quote, John Grady expresses his love and desire to protect the horse no →

Robinson crusoe’ and ‘pride and prejudice’ by daniel defoe and jane austen explicatory essay

In the novel, Robinson Crusoe, Defoe describes it as a history of facts that seeks to portray the social institutions and structures of the medieval British society. DeMaria says that it is clear that throughout the novel she uses such stylistic devices as irony and contrast to highlight the theme of social relationships in the →

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Things fall apart: the community in umuofia

The tribal community has a responsibility to ensure that all are following the laws of the set forth or the entire village will be punished. The villagers respected the title and with the exception of the medicine man the importance of a man's title position was not significant to relationships within the novel.


Lemmon plays a 78 year old retired aeronautics worker and now slipping into contented senility with the help of his tiresome take-over wife, and Danson is his immensely successful stock-trading son/ wall street wheeler-dealer and himself the father of a son who is as strange to him as he to Jake, John return home, to →

Bakhtin’s heteroglossia and its place creative writing

Thus, the impact of Bakhtin's linguistic concept of heteroglossia on the modern stylistic analysis of novelistic prose and philosophy of discourse is hard to underestimate. Stratification of the language in the novel is likened to the social stratification of the real world, and Bakthin's heteroglossia is definitely a highlight of his literary theory.

How effective is the opening chapter of “great expectations”? essay sample

At the beginning Pip uses repetition of his name suggesting that he is going to be the main character in the novel. This is effective as it makes the reader aware of the danger Pip is in.

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Fish morphometrics, its estimation and how it uses

Yet, the scientific basis for morphometry in fishes, or particularly the mathematical access as poise relates after length, was once put in with the aid of Fulton, in 1904, anybody because the first era delivered fisheries erudition in ' allometry'. Consequently, taxonomists bear to taking in the morphological characters of whole length bunches covering substantial →

Free the hobbit essay example

Compare The Hobbit to The Natural, in terms of a main character's journey from the start of the novel to the end. The story is basically the journey of the main character who is Bilbo Baggins from his rural surroundings as he attempts to win his share of the treasure that is guarded by the →

Review on “heart of darkness” written by joseph conrad

From his introduction in the beginning of the novel, the character Kurtz presented himself as a robust personality. In the words of the author, Kurtz is a man of " sombre pride," and his undying will " consumed his flesh,".

Economic concern in pride and prejudice

For example, the Bennets are middle class and they are made to know it by their economic and social superiors - the Bingleys and Darcys. Bennet and the rest of the sisters after the event of Mr.

”la confidential” – the novel and film essay sample

The movie is an excellent adaptation to the novel as it still maintains the same conflict and plot line and grasps the action and suspense which the novel invokes in the reader. This contrast in atmosphere is seen through the difference in the development and presentation of Jack Vincennes, the contrast in character of Ed →

Caleb fayani

In the short article " The Future Of 'Short Attention Span Theater" it talks about how technology is interfering with peoples lives and how they are being distracted from what is important like their relationship with the ones they love." Technology has totally changed what it means to watch television or a movie". They are →

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Feminist literary criticism in english literature

The aim of this paper is to express Feminist Literary Criticism in English Literature, as critical analysis of literary works based on feminist perspective, as well as to uncover the latent dynamics in a novel relevant to women's interior role in society. Women, feminist literary criticism, novel, patriarchy, literature.' As a social movement, feminist criticism →

Themes of the wheel of time series

During the current Third Age, the countries of the Westlands continent play a central role in the struggle between the Light and the Ba'alzamon, the Dark One. The vast majority of the world believes in the religion revolving around the Wheel of Time, the Light, and the Shadow.

Daniel pukaluk

The movie is set in McMurphy's perspective, while in the novel, the narrator is Chief. The perspective shift that occurs in the movie makes it difficult for the audience to determine whether or not Chief is deaf and dumb or if he's just acting.

Short story and it’s elements essay sample

The earliest forms of the short story were the tales of adventure, dealing with the deeds of valour or of chivalry of some popular hero. Tales told in the Ramayana, the Mahabharat, the Buddhist Jatakas andPanchatantras, the Easop's Fables, the Arabian Nights and The Decameron testify to the popularity of the short story all over →

The importance of time in virginia woolf’s “mrs dalloway” essay sample

Nevertheless it is immediately obvious that the interest of the novel is not only in the form but also in the content. The action takes place in a single day of June in 1923 and what is interesting in the structure of the book is that simultaneously with the story of this single day, time →

My personal opinion about the topics involved in the book “heart of darkness”a

The way in which Conrad explains the voyage on the Belgian Congo is very explicit and represents his own vision of the situation lived on that time. That is why I think that the descriptions used on the book are authentic and explain correctly the treatment and the behavior of people.

Quotes describing the setting in different points in the novel lord of the flies

At the sight of the flames and the irresistible course of the fire, the boys broke into shrill, excited cheering... The vicious beast of whom they speak is precisely the boys or the terrible evil within the boys.

Picaresque novel

The main point of the picaresque novel is to present the main character and reveal his/her adventures. The point of this type of novel is to address the life story of the mischievous main character.

Contrasting “conflict in things fall apart” and “heart of darkness”

The obvious distinction between the two is that Heart of Darkness tells a tale from the European point of view while Things Fall Apart tells one from the Native African Tribe point of view. In Heart of Darkness, the conflict has to do with the destructive consequences of the self-discovery and internal turmoil that goes →

Frankenstein and blade runner essays examples

However the monster created by Victor Frankenstein is by far the most loathsome and reviled in history and the physical sense of the monster is rooted in Mary Shelley's almost ghoulish imagination especially due to the fact that she was obsessed with the gothic and the mysterious. There are also parallels between Victor Frankenstein and →

Furniture and character in kafka’s metamorphosis

In order to do so, Gregor, still not accustomed to his new physique, must use a chair in order to reach the door leading out of his bedroom." Gregor slowly pushed himself across the door with the chair, there let go of it and dropped against the door...and there rested a moment from his exertions". →

Essay on the stranger and the great gatsby essay sample

Fitzgerald and The Outsider by Albert Camus, the backdrop of events during the writing of the novels as well as the personal histories of the authors have noticeable effects. The setting of the novel in the 1920's directly influences the theme of the corruption of the American Dream, the theme of increased hedonism and moral →

Okonkwos life was dominated

But again, Okonkwo's failure to change his sense of justice to the situation led to his failure. He believed that because he had his high standing in the village, it was just for him to kill Ikemefuna and would be rewarded for sacrificing his own sense of justice because the clan came before the individual.

Characterization and motivation in uglies by scott westerfield

This is an example of direct characterization because the author directly states the character trait for the reader. This is a direct characterization, because the author directly states the character trait for the reader.

Free essay about comparison and contrast of novels, pattern recognition and projects gods and chips

In the novel Projects Gods and Brainchips, there is a progression by the main character, who grows from one level to another in the understanding of the truths that surround family, life, and God. The novel revolves around the examination of a people's desire to find out the meanings of things and goes further on →

The analysis of the film “noir”

Film noir has become famous for its single lighting sources and uses of shadows and silhouettes; this is used to represent the mood of the film. The femme fatale is always a gorgeous woman who is usually the antagonist and causes the protagonist to fall to his doom.

The main aims of the author in “things fall apart”

However to look on another perspective one could say, the Abame people had a reason to kill the white man who visited them prior to the large group of white men's visit because, at that moment the Abame natives felt the action to kill was the safest to do to protect themselves and were afraid →

A sense of place in austen’s pride and prejudice

She is large, intimidating, and self-centred, and it is interesting to note that both she and her estate invoke a sense of discomfort in those who have the misfortune to be nearby. Pride and Prejudice is a novel in which Jane Austen has used several techniques concerning the sense of place to create a fine →

Use of different settings in the awakening

Edna's rationality communicates her larger meaning as a whole because she realizes how much she wants to be herself but cannot do that in the society she lives in and she is learning how to handle and understand the feelings that she is going through. She cannot do anything about the way her husband treats →

The things they carried- tim o’brien research paper example

They are often skeptical about the war and the entire colonial-imperial enterprise in Asia, finding the death of their comrades in the jungles and swamps to be futile and pointless. They will carry all the memories and images with them for the rest of their lives, just as O'Brien also carried the burden of recalling →

Sample essay questions

Refer to your prescribed texts and one other related text of your own choosing' Planning: - Memoirs of a Geisha: Chiyo leaves behind the life of a poor fisherman's daughter, along with her mother and sister, for the life of a Geisha - Things Fall Apart: Nwoye, Okonkwos weak son Nwoyea converts and submits to →

Things fall apart (literary analysis)

He learned from Unoka's mistakes, and as an adult tried to become the opposite of him." Okonkwo was ruled by one passion- to hate everything his father had loved. The same thought also came to Okonkwo's mind." Later in Nwoye's life, he defied his father's wishes and joined the Christian church.

Huck finn notes

Twain exposes the hypocrisy of slavery and demonstrates how racism hurts the oppressors as much as the oppressed 1. The Mississippi River- the ultimate symbol of freedom for Huck and Jim A.

Compare and contrast two authors’ representations of masculinity

The authors' used their protagonists' interactions and conflicts with Darcy and Rochester to delineate the ideal model of masculinity through their emotional maturity, allowing them to join in a unity of equality with the protagonists'. The male character was used as a vehicle to convey the authors' political, social and cultural opinions and they had →

Is the narrator from notes from underground an anti-hero essay example

Most novels need a hero and many times the readers may feel sympathy for the narrator in Fyodor Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground, but the fact remains that the narrator has many of the traits of an anti-hero and this paper will be concluding that he is indeed the anti-hero of the novel. In Part II →

Kafka’s stories “metamorphosis and a hunger artist” research paper

One of the reasons why Franz Kafka is considered one of the 20th century's most prominent writers is that the reading of his masterpieces leaves very few doubts as to the fact that, while pursuing a literary career, he remained thoroughly aware of what used to account for the major discursive issue of the time →

Plot summary of bone by fae myenne ng

The novel is narrated through the memory accounts of Leila who is the oldest of three, and Leon's step daughter. Ona fell in love with Osvaldo, who was the son of Leon's business partner that went south.

Anne michaels’ ”fugitive pieces”: an analysis essay sample

Anne Michaels' " Fugitive Pieces" is a powerful novel about damaged lives and the indestructibility of the human spirit which was empowered through its poignant depiction of the concepts of loss, pain, memory, language, and love Loss, as one of the main themes in the novel played a very big role. Best example of this →

”montana 1948”by larry watson essay sample

During the tragic events which took place in the ' Wild West' town of Bentrock, isee the misuse of power and reputation through the tyrannical characters of Julian and Frank Hayden. Julian is the epitome of corruption and is the power broker in Bentrock.

Satire in ‘the diary of a nobody’ by george and weedon grossmith

In the blundering, preposterous, yet at last charming character of Pooter, the Grossmith siblings made a magnificent picture of the class framework and the inborn self-importance of the rural working class the suburbs one which sends up the late Victorian rages for Aestheticism, mysticism and bicycling, and in addition the mold for distributing journals by →

“pride and prejudice”: lady catherine and elizabeth bennet

Her passion and overwhelming capability to stand her ground is just an introduction into her ability to be able to oversee the weak, the na ve and the dominating. Throughout the novel it is evident that the characteristics of Elizabeth Bennet and Lady Catherine, are at many times, repealed against each other.

Social change essay examples

The social change in this novel has affected the lives of a minority in the novel. From the author point of view, the destruction of the mountain tops by manufacturing companies destroys the environment and also destroys the habitat of members of the community.

Half of a yellow sun book review example

In her novel, Adichie emphasizes on the impact of the Nigerian Civil War on the civilian life, not only the deaths in battle but also the starvation that followed. In her novel, Adichie deals with a delicate subject, the events that lead to and the course of the Nigeria-Biafra War in the 1960s.

Confessions of a mask argumentative essays examples

He wears the mask which hides his inner truth and the first truth that crosses the readers; minds is that societies do indeed need a lot of time in order to learn to accept their members for what they are. This is the message that the novel ' Confessions of a mask' puts across to →

Posttraumatic stress disorder in the things they carried

PTSD in relation to war is clearly seen in the different collections of stories compiled and written by Tim O'Brien in his book. One particular story found in the book that shows PTSD in the case of a war veteran is " Speaking of Courage".

Fictional novels by john boyne essay sample

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, a fictional novel written by John Boyne in 2006, is about the life of a boy named Bruno during World War Two. Liesel develops a close relationship with Max the fleeing Jew while Bruno becomes closer with Schmuel the Jew on the other side of the fence.

“of mice and men’s” literary merit essay sample

While Lennie is savoring the dream, George, with great difficulty, shoots him on the back of the head, and thus saving Lennie from the torture that is promised to come. In summary, the characters' genuine friendship, like the unbroken bond between George and Lennie is one of the most important themes to the story.

Convict in great expectations

One day down at marshes by the churchyard Pip come into contact with a convict who is supplied food by Pip, later on the convict gets caught and this is the last we hear of him for a while. The convict then tells Pip that he is Pip's benefactor, much to Pip's disenchantment.

Nationalism, religion and gender in the good lord birdand the farming research papers example

Nationalism, Religion and Gender are prevalent in the texts " The Good Lord Bird" and " The Farming of Bones". This is one that unobtrusively weaves the knowledge of the prior to the war outskirts and of subjugation with the portrayal of Brown's frequently flighty brutality.

Dual topics essay examples

The moral of this story is that the battle between the church and science has resulted to chaos and confusion in the society Covert one is a novel by Robert Ludlum and is concerned with the effects of scientific research on the society. In the book, Blanchard Pharmaceutical creates a virus in a bid to →

The watchful eyes of big brother

The one in which seems to be the most effective is the placement of telescreens on every street, in every house and building, which are used to watch each persons every move and to deliver information to the citizens. The Party uses this tool as a way to be able to identify the supporters of →

Wuthering heights gothic genre

Gothic novels are often set in dreary places such as old castles that are often haunted and dark a surrounding to put the sense of unease and tension in the reader How does Bronte use or adapt the conventions of Gothic Fiction in the opening of her novel, Wuthering Heights? At this point she could →

White teeth

Millat feels like a little gangster and he is the leader of the Raggistani that is the name of an ultra- Muslim activist group. That is the reason why he wants to protest against that book.

Mark watney`s adventures in the book” the martian”

He realised that he survived just because of the antenna which was pierced in his body suit and also found he was all alone left on Mars. So finally, at the end he was rescued and came back to earth.

What can be learned from the novel “the war between the classes” essay sample

Many active characters in this book are impressive, such as Amy, Juan, Hideo and Adam, actually Otero is the most interesting character in this book, he is the teacher of Social Studies, and designed the " Color Game", which is an experiment intended to make students aware of class and racial prejudices. This novel is →

Lewis carroll english paper

Lewis Carroll is an important English writer because of his position in English literate ere, and his many arks, such as his novel, " Lice's Adventures in Wonderland," have impacted o r influenced some writing styles of today. It is important to note however, that Lewis Carroll was a man of mystery.

Joe gargery: ironic virtue in great expectations

He is a strange mixture of wisdom, stupidity and generosity, being the most human of all the characters with his strengths and weaknesses, which the readers grasp by reading between the lines of Pip's description, Joe's own actions and his interactions.' Joe' is a common name, and Dickens' clever play with nomenclature instantly makes us →

Miss havisham…a victim or a villain?

It is necessary for the reader to know that Miss Havisham's psychotic behavior began precisely at 8: 40 a.m.on what was to have been her wedding day. Miss Havisham was a victim only because she allowed herself to be.

Fahrenheit 451

The reason that these houses along with the books are burned is because the government of this society does not want its people to read books. Ray Bradbury chose the title, Fahrenheit 451 for this novel because he says, that is the temperature at which books burn.

All quiet on the western front: soldiers in war fought for survival essay sample

This exposes the purpose that he wishes to convey to his readers of the honest truth, war is really not kind, and that it is ridiculous. Erich Maria Remarque and Stephen Crane's works both contain a purpose, to explain to readers the destructiveness of war plus the dehumanization of soldiers that participate in the battle →

Example of essay on shelley and boccaccio on the source of meaning

One of the more fascinating traits of humanity is the tendency to reflect, and to create art on the basis of that reflection. Much of literature attempts to speak to the ways to live a full and meaningful life.

“one day in the life of ivan denisovich” by aleksandr solzhenitsyn

It happens in Russia whereby Russian people endured in the Stalinist system, Ivan and ordinary Russian was also caught in the chaos of II world war and served faithfully in the Red Army in a period of four years where he survived the bitter cold and a lot of hunger in the western front. Even →

Market analysis of the damosa – mamay road area essay sample

COMPETITIVE SET SUMMARY PROPERTY NAME NUMBER OF GUESTROOMS Microtel Inn N/A Maxze's Bed and Breakfast 35 Housmates Dormitel N/A Site #1: Beside the Bellisario Heights area The following bullets summarize our findings in regard to the potential for full-service hotel development in the beside the Bellisario Heights area.* The available potential sites are well located →

Emotions in the things they carried

In his story " The Things They Carried", Tim O'Brien, enlightens the reader with the many faces and emotions of men. Experience of war O'Brien gives a graphic portrait of the experience of war by mentioning the weight of the things which the soldiers carry.

Main themes of the novel crabbe by william bell literature review sample

He develops considerable self esteem in the proceedings of the novel and also moves forward accordingly through to his final confrontations with Mary in what some may deem as a world of his own. First of all she is a girl who is accustomed to the bush, something which Crabbe definitely is not and she →


As the physical embodiment of Sethe's past, Beloved inhibits her from conquering the ghosts of the past in which she remains. Although Beloved succeeds in the instant, she does not rid 124 of Paul D, but instead leads him to the realization that Sethe cannot move on as long as her past haunts her.

Red scarf girl by by ji li jiang essay sample

This award-winning novel occupies a very prestigious place in the realm of novel writing because of the fact that the main character of the novel is a true character and she is none other than the author of the novel Ji Li Jiang herself. Chinese Cultural Revolution" in brief was an unlawful and unethical struggle →

Good example of essay on bao ninh’s the sorrow of war

Boa Ninh's, The Sorrow of War is the tale of Kien, the protagonist and his journey during the war and after. The first time Kien leaves Phuong for the war and the second time, the rape of Phuong in the train causes them to separate.

Okonkwo and sonjara

Okonkwo is a tragic hero in the typical sense: although he is a superior character, his tragic flaw, the equation of manliness with rashness, anger, violence, and arrogance brings about his own destruction. Okonkwo had started a farm of yams in his early teens and survived through one of the worst drought seasons the elders →

Research paper on pedro paramo and susana san juan

At the beginning of the story the reader encounters Juan Preciado, the narrator of the story, who, being the son of Pedro Paramo, had promised his mother at her deathbed that he would go to the town of Comala to meet his father. In the course of the novel Preciado dies and the events take →

Class stratification in pride and prejudice

To begin, the most basic of the differences between social classes is not the beliefs and the convictions held by those within it, but rather the behaviors and the way in which they present themselves to others. To conclude, the stark contrast of those with rank vs those without is both deep and all encompassing.

Free book review on catch-22 by joseph heller

On the surface it is a light-hearted account of the experiences and life of Yossarian and his air force colleagues, written mostly in a quite unusual narrative style. Yossarian recounts that when the drip is empty and the urine bottle full, the nurses simply swap them over to recycle the contents Another example, also in →

Mary shelleys frankenstein term paper sample

Motifs of Knowledge in Novel First, it is important to look at how Shelley brings out the motifs of the acquisition of knowledge, in term of education within the story. However, the society in context seems to have a value for education and sees the knowledge acquired from education as being a remedy to the →

Love and hate in the shadow of the wind thesis example

The Shadow of the Wind is a novel about a love story between two people; it is also the story of a love affair between a man and a book. It is time to hate the sin and love the sinner.

The culmination of tragedy: tradition and change in things fall apart

The theme of tradition versus change in Things Fall Apart is used to highlight the tragedy of both Okonkwo's isolation and his society's dissipation. Okonkwo is so disappointed in his son that he denies Nwoye as a son and degrades him to the role of a woman.

Lord of the flies – alternative ending for the book to replace chapter 12 essay sample

The twittering of the birds, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, and the crash of the full tide against the rocks. Was not I the one who did this to you?" He looked at Ralph's puzzled expression, and laughed the cold laugh once more".

The old man and the sea essay sample

Santiago's pride which he criticizes and holds responsible for the destruction of the marlin can also be seen as a positive thing because, it is his pride that allowed him to realize his genuine and absolute capabilities. Towards the end of the novel we an also see Santiago clinging to the hope that he has →

Analyze africa’s actions and reacions during european scramble for africa dbq

Given these new conditions of the relationship the Africans decided it was in their best interest to take up arms against the Europeans and try to rid themselves of the harmful White Man. In the beginning of the European- African relationship we see much evidence of civil exchanges, though the Africans seem to be apprehensive →

The idea of moral development in the novel “adventures of huckleberry finn” by mark twain

Huck's struggle to find the right action to take reaches a peak near the end of the story; this is also where his character comes a profound realization that shapes the way he sees the world. The fact that he is willing to " go to hell" shows quite a bit about his personality at →

Things fall apart and distinctive world

Harry Lavender the antagonist of this novel is a man of strong power who is metaphorically illustrated to be the heart, the veins, and the blood of Sydney. The distinctive voice of this novel is the character Okonkwo, the society he lives in reins his thoughts and actions.

Things fall apart by chinua achebe summary and analysis part 1: chapter 12 summary

On the following day, the village celebrates the next event in the marriage of the daughter of Obierika, Okonkwo's friend. These descriptions follow the events of the preceding chapter and illustrate the strength of the villagers' beliefs in the earth goddess and her powers, even when she requires the near abduction of a child.

Marlow’s reaction to the death of kurtz

This changing or evolving perspective is ignited once Marlow returns to Belgium and begins to interact with the people who knew Kurtz prior to his derangement resulting from his savage experience in the Congo jungle; this eventually culminates in the meeting between Marlow and Kurtz's Intended. It is through this solidarity that Marlow is able →

Heart of darkness: plot overview

Also, one of the main points is that Marlow believes that civilizing and enlightening the African people and their culture is a fruitless effort. Kurtz is believed to be a magical being by the natives on account of the guns he has and the power they represent.

Good i know why the caged bird sings literature review example

She feels that the area is full of displaced individuals and is able to identify with a population that is not solely African American for the first time in her life. The overwhelming message of " I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" appeared to be that racism was, and still is, a prominent issue.

Private peaceful practice essay essay sample

Also it is shown that Charlie was expected to look after Tommo at war, just like he was when he was a kid. This caused Tommo to see that he needed to change his life and become a true man, especially when Charlie died.

Language as a bridge to understanding in things fall apart, a novel by chinua achebe

The author is largely successful in developing a blend between the English language and the culture of the Ibo people. One example of this can be found in almost every chapter with the breaking of kola nuts, the fruit of kola trees found in African rainforests, as a ritualistic metaphor and common practice of the →

To kill a mockingbird by harper lee

The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Atticus is the father of the two Scout and Jem.

The role of women in heart of darkness

The power possessed by the female characters closely relates to how paramount these women are in the development of the story and plot. Marlowr's aunt, the knitting women, and Kurtzr's mistress all hold a grip and power of the men in Heart of Darkness.

The expedition of humpry clinker research paper samples

One of the reasons that Lydia Melford's character is limited at the sidelines is because the main characters overshadow the presence of Lydia Melford in the novel. Disregarding the wrong person for a good reason is a method to encourage prejudice among the readers of the novel and allowing the construction of the commentaries about →

The long road to freedom

Kate Chopin's The Awakening and Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn share a number of parallels in terms of character and setting, namely between Edna Pontellier and Huck and Jim, and the significance of the sea and river to the aforementioned characters. Therefore, it can be said that both Edna and Jim's journeys were a →

Snow orhan pamuk essay

Ka has only begun to do this in order to re-create his lost fortieth poem believing that if he plots all the other poems from his new collection on the snowflake of his life, he will be reminded the final, missing snowflake, in a way this action reflects what Orhan is doing in the present →

Aesthetic reading: reading for appreciation and enjoyment

Let's get the most out of Literature * Reading literary selections like poems, short stories, novels, plays, or essays, not only provide pleasure.* It also develop your analytical skills as you must consider each part of the text separately before you can interpret the meaning of the entire work and eventually appreciate it. Poems may →

Literature review on the narrative of the life-billy bud, sailor

The novel describes his life as a slave, the horrors of slavery, and his struggle for freedom. Douglass on the other hand, was a slave who suffered under the hands of his cruel masters and was put to jail when he attempted to escape.

Vianne vitug

It was the fear of himself, lest he should be found to resemble his father." He had a strong drive to not become like his father, Unoka. In the end, it was Okonkwo himself that destroyed his own life because of what he strived to become.