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French literature- diderot

What is the effect of these declarations in your understanding of the story? If not, what is the effect of this repetition?

Depictions of social climbing in 19th century french and english literature

Whereas England was consistently governed by a constitutional monarchy during the Industrial Revolution, such that there was no significant disruption to the existence of the land-based independently wealthy " gentlemen", France's economy and society was ripped apart by a violent revolution in 1789 followed by a decade known as the Reign of Terror in which →

Romanticism- rene (french literature)

Possession of a " sublime quality" implies a reverence for his father, as though he has inspired awe and brought veneration to Rene even after his death. His father, although just a ruin of the past to the current world, is still able to arouse the mind with a sense of grandeur →

What was revolutionary about the french revolution

The French Revolution is considered one of the greatest social and political upheavals in European History and its tremors can still occasionally be felt. In the popular imagination, the magical figure 1789 conjures up conflicting images of Liberty, Equalityand Fraternity alongside the " tricoteuse" and the " guillotine", of a revolution that offered individual choice →