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Truth from trauma in the story of an hour by kate chopin and good country people by flannery o’connor

Even to the point where when she takes Pointer up to the hay barn she did so to enlighten him because, " True genius can get an idea across even to an inferior mind." She knows that she is smart and everyone around her is dumb and she had convinced herself she was a nihilist →

Chaos and sorrow in the great gatsby

As chapter seven begins, Nick starts to perceive Gatsby as who he really is, rather than the one he's portraying to everyone else. Daisy and Gatsby are a couple in the shadows until Daisy's husband, Tom, shines a light on their relationship.

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Family ties in the grapes of wrath

Steinbeck has cleverly cornered the man by utilizing a tool often implemented in Depression-era literature: the classification of the guilty rich as anonymous, thus convincing the trucker that he is " not one whom any rich bastard could kick around". The notion of a collective spirit is explored when Tom meets the former preacher, Casy.

Kezia jose

Atticus Finch is a good father because he shares a truthful relationship with his kids that will always be treasured. Atticus does this because he is a parent who knows that if he says things and he himself does not follow it, then why should his children.

Examination of freedom as an overall theme in adventures of huckleberry finn

The first being the attempted civilization of Huck by the Widow Douglas, and the second being Huck's desire to escape the wrath of his dangerous and abusive father. Because of his jealously of Huck, Huck's father adopts the belief that Huck is attempting to make a fool of him.

Hurston and her novel’s critics: racism, the harlem renaissance, and the disputed merits of the eyes were watching god

Wright goes as far as to suggest parallels between Hurston's portrayal of black characters and the racist theatre practise of minstrelsy: " Miss Hurston voluntarily continues in her novel the tradition which was forced upon the Negro in the theatre that is the minstrel technique that makes the ' white folks' laugh"[8]. Indeed, the perceived →

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Religion is a simple concept to learn. webster’s dictionary defines religion

His religion is tested when he lies to most of the people he meets traveling down the Mississippi River, and Huckleberry's religion is tested when he decides to help Jim escape from slavery for good. As Jim and Huck travel down the Mississippi, Huck, at first, does not think much of the fact that he →

Aunt alexandra in “to kill a mockingbird” by harper lee

Examples of her tyranny include the time she made Atticus attempt to impress on the children the facts of life and how she forced herself upon Atticus and the children. Good qualities include the fact she wants the best for Jem, Scout and the rest of the family, she will uphold any moral, she had →

Great gatsby

Yet, without being acquainted with Gatsby, Nick is nonetheless a relative of Daisy and consequently introduced to the Buchanans and to Gatsby's story.A. Nick's reconstruction of events Nick is a self-conscious narrator; he is aware of the difficulties of writing a report that would approach the truth.

The yellow wall paper

By the final section of the story, what is the narrator's relationship to her husband? By the final section of the story the narrator's relationship to her husband, Jennie, and the wallpaper had greatly changed.

The grapes of wrath: movie analysis analytical essay

In the movie, the family is depicted as one of the struggling families in the United States after the economic crisis of 1930. The first part of the movie is similar to the novel, but the second part of the film differs greatly with the book.

Adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain

Here Huck begins his adventure for a new life on the flow of the Mississippi River and a quest for the American Dream accompanied by Jim a now runaway slave. He preferred the simpler things in life and was not shy of causing a mess or a ruckus.

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Babylon revisited & the great gatsby: motifs & themes term paper

The main protagonist of " Babylon Revisited," Charlie, and Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby continually strive to win back the females they loved and lost. When he pleads his case to the guardians of Honoria, his sister-in-law Marion, and her husband, he continually evades his escapades of the past and recounts his hard work →

Jem and gender, calpurnia and race: challenging and defying stereotypes in to kill a mockingbird

Scout is able to defy stereotypes about her gender and change the beliefs of her aunt, while Calpurnia defies is able to defy racial stereotypes and change the lives of the African American community and Finch family. Scout, is able to change the sexist, gender-restricting beliefs of her aunt.

The great gatsby: expectations of women character, hard fate and an interesting denouement

To start, in the 1920's, a married women is not allowed to show any dominance; only obey her husband and not have a mattered opinion. Tom punches Myrtle, applying the rule that a man's responsibility is to control his wife and be the dominant in the relationship.

Masculinity portrayed in “the great gatsby”

In these three texts, the males portray their masculinity by their roles as head of the family and their work and wealth. Similar to Pa in The Grapes of Wrath, Tom in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, demonstrated his masculinity as the head of the household after his father had abandoned the family.

A review of the selected chapters of thomas foster’s ‘how to read literature like a professor’

In chapter eleven, the author is trying to explain that violence is a part of life and not only bad things come from violence. I agree with the author because most of America is a Christian culture and many people in America were taught to be Christian and were taught what Christianity is.

Frankie gianiotis

Usher CP English 9 19 November 2012 It is a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the title represents innocence and hatred. Atticus explains that, " it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." Clearly, this is the title scene, but the theme continues throughout the book.

Money in the great gatsby

Fitzgerald uses the city of New York and the east coast as a place of opportunity, where once wealth that all strive to have is earned, it can be flaunted in a number of ways. The place where the people broken and stranded in the immoral business endeavors of those who enquire new money is →

Causes and effects of the salem witch trials

This paper is intended to discuss the causes of this hysteria, some of the trials that took place during the year 1692, and what finally stopped the madness of the witch-hunt. The girls were asked to name the witches that had bewitched them and they spoke the names of three women.

William faulkner’s “a rose for emily” reaction paper

The reader also gets the impression of Miss Emily as a woman held in the past; in the second paragraph of " A Rose for Emily," William Faulkner gives a scenic account of the setting that Emily Grierson lived. An Analysis of the Social Causes of Emily's Tragedy in A Rose for Emily".

Abigail williams character

She became obsessed to that point that she drank blood, and did a dance with the devil in order to see Mrs. Analysis and study of Abigail Williams in The Crucible shows that she is a villain with manipulative skills, and is a compulsive liar, who is motivated by sexual temptation and John Proctor.

“love conquers all”: analyzing romance and relationships within the great gatsby

In The Great Gatsby, a number of love relationships are introduced and explored, including the bonds between Myrtle and George Wilson, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, as well as Daisy and Jay Gatsby. In the Buchanan relationship, Tom is unfaithful to Daisy, and it is known that Tom has a long history of affairs.

In another country

In Another Country: Essays and Criticism The Code in Hemingway's " In Another Country" Overview of " In Another Country" Hemingway's Invisible Hero of " In Another Country" The Look of Hemingway's " In Another Country" 10. His crisp, almost journalistic prose style, free of the long, sometimes flowery language common to much of the →

Informative essay on to kill a mockingbird

As Ambrose Redmond had said, " Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the Judgment that something Is more Important than fear." That quote directly relates to To Kill a Mockingbird and the Finchfamilyin that the fear of standing up against Macomb's abundantracismand unfortunate prejudice is nothing compared to the rewarding courage one →

Silver & gold: color symbolism in the great gatsby essay

Although the color palette presented in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is rich, the problem of differing social status is most vividly described in the novel through the use of golden and silver colors that stand for wealth, success, the Golden Age, and the American Dream. When Fitzgerald tells the reader about Jay Gatsby, the use →

The story of an hour

The rising action which adds complication to the story can be found in the part of the novel when " she was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and she was striving to beat it back with her will as powerless as her two white slender hands would have been. →

Why is fitzgerald’s the great gatsby a satire? essay

However, Gatsby, the protagonist of the story, is not as great as the reader expects. Another aspect of satire in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is the wealth associated with Gatsby, as the reader observes in chapter two.

A short tale young goodman brown by hawthorne

The journey into the woods itself has symbolic importance, as is made plain when Goodman Brown responds to the request of the Devil to go farther into the woods. He assumes that if he follows the Devil into the woods, he would be the first of his family to do so.

The exposition of the grapes of wrath

It begins on the Joad family farm as they prepare to head to California before the conditions of the dust bowl get worse. He decided to go up and surprise the family with a visit, and they told him they were going to California.

Twice-tilled tracts: revisions of the garden of eden in hawthorne’s short stories

The kiln performs the act of fusion and assumes the state of permanence that Brand s mind craves and mimics: The kiln, however, on the mountainside, stood unimpaired, and was in nothing changed since he had thrown his dark thoughts into the intense glow of its furnace, and melted them, as it were, into the →


Therefore, according to the system of matrilineality, an individual is supposed to belong to the same descent social group as his/her female ancestors. This concept is contrary to more widespread and popular social system of patrilineal descent, in which a person belongs to his/her father lineage.

To what extent is nick a reliable narrator in the great gatsby essay sample

However, Nick is also connected to the Buchannan's: he is Daisy's cousin, he comes from a wealthy background and he went to the same college as Tom Buchannan. This is a metaphor representing his involvement in telling the story, when he is " within" he is the character and takes part in events but when →

The use of name significance in their eyes were watching god

Each of her husbands, Logan Killicks, Jody Starks, and Vergible " Tea Cake" Woods, boast significant names that reflect their personalities and their treatment of Janie. In addition to the lack of adoration, they appear polar opposites and while Janie desires to get in touch with nature and find her own voice as a woman →

First impression: the great gatsby essay sample

As a teenager, he realizes that he wants to succeed in life and he has his mind set on the future and how he could have an impact on the world. In a part of the novel, Gatsby is speaking to Nick about Daisy and he tells him about the first time he met her, →

Famous names in american literature

His best - known book is " The Last of the Mohicans". This famous humorous writer of the 19th century is best known for the novels " The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and " The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".

Leadership of atticus finch

Though he may have upset a good many in challenging the values of the time period, throughout the novel, Finch displays leadership by bravely acting on his principles, as well as in the way he raises his children. In speaking to his son, Jem, about representing the innocent Tom Robinson, he says, " I wanted →

Review of harper lee’s, to kill a mockingbird, s. flanagan’s obesity: the last bastion of prejudice, and cove by j. moloney’s, a bridge to wiseman’s cove

These aspects of prejudice are illustrated in the texts, " To Kill a Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee, " Obesity: The Last bastion of prejudice" by Sahale Flanagan, and " A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove" by James Moloney. Leslie Lampert By using a personal experience, Flanagan shows the other side of the story and is →

Religion and beliefs in political system in the crucible

Another example that I believe that we have been successful at separating the church from the state is we have allowed the government to rule with their ideas and also allowed the church to have its own opinions and ways of looking at things but at the same time let the government rule and everyone →

Realism and romanticism in the adventures of huckleberry finn

Twain's use of both Romanticism and Realism to develop his characters is evident in the dissimilarity between Tom and Huck. Twain creates conflict between the Romanticism of Tom and the Realism of Huck, yet this conflict is not repeated in the development of the plot.

Character analysis of a rose for emily by william faulkner essay

The author of A Rose for Emily managed to portray this through the Townspeople who dedicated their resources to ensure Emily has access to a hygienic environment. This essay discusses the character of the Townspeople with regard to the development of the themes and plot of the story.

To kill a mockingbird: childhood experience

In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jem and Scout grow and mature through experiences with Tom Robinson's trial. Jem had matured enough to know it's not right when the majority of the adults there did not and Scout just brushed it off.

Arthur millers life and influences

It was a house trembling with resolution and shouts of victories that had not yet taken place but surely would tomorrow." It describes the disillusionment of the Newman family which later caused Arthur Miller to rewrite his short story, turn into a play and name it The Death of a Salesman. He compares Willy Loman →

Liberate elizabeth – the crucible

In court, Mary Warren gives in to Abigail and refuses to witness for John and Elizabeth as she starts to pretend to be witched by Mary. Trapped, the only way Mary would get out of Abigail's trick was turning the accusations to Proctor.' You are the Devil's man! ' As the girls were just making →

The great gatsby essay

Nick Carraway is not only a character in the novel The Great Gatsby, he is also the narrator. This is related to the fact that he is both a character and a narrator in the story.

Grapes of wrath

There, your capacities are sure to be appreciated and your industry and energy rewarded"., were the words of the former lead editor of the New York Tribune Horace Greely, regarding the necessity of expansion of the United States of America to the Western coast. Before the Joads make the journey to California, Steinbeck foreshadows the →

American literature critical essay

Such is the greatness and purity of the artists that they are believed to have given birth to a completely new form of writing that the modern Literature is so proud of. His language, in the poem, is a mixture of playfulness and seriousness.

Man versus nature

In the world as Huckleberry Finn views it, society has corrupted the notion of justice and morality to fit the needs of its people in the nation at a particular period of time. In the very beginning of the novel " the Adventure of Huckleberry Finn" Huck plainly states that he did not wish to →

Ing bi

However, some people had the power to change society which is explained by Harper Lee, through the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Once in the novel, there was a mob trying to lynch Tom Robinson, and lynching was very powerful, and difficult to stop because this was a belief of everyone's in the mob.

Choosing right over wrong

Huck Finn, in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, is faced with such temptations and situations where he is able to make the right choice and mature physically, mentally, and spiritually. This shows that Huck is developing a conscience and that he is able to recognize that what the Duke and King are →

Harper lee’s biography

She had childhood experiences, grew up in Alabama, life experiences, friendships that shaped her as a writer, and a critical analysis on To Kill a Mockingbird. This led to them working together on the book Cold Blood and in the end he dedicated the book to her.


Differences - Atticus is selfless and Bob is selfish; Atticus is courageous while Bob is cowardly; Atticus' actions demonstrate his law-abiding nature while Bob Ewell's actions portray his law-breaking tendencies; Atticus is honest, truthful and demonstrates love while Bob Ewell is deceitful and hateful 2. Atticus is selfless and courageous while Bob is selfish and →

A man will not cast away his good name

At the end of the play when John Proctor about to be hung he realises he cannot save himself at the expense of the honour of his friends and as a result they are able to die as saints, by not confessing himself to witchcraft he does not damage the integrity of his friends. Before →

Analysis of the catcher in the rye

The Catcher In The Rye Essay Throughout the book, The Catcher In the Rye, the theme that I saw reoccurring in the novel was the painfulness of growing up. Holden is very afraid of growing up and is also afraid of the unknown.

Selfishness in the crucible

The theme of selfishness is demonstrated through the character of Abigail. The theme of selfishness is also demonstrated through the character of Reverend Parris.

Freedom and societal pressures in hurston’s novel

Hurston highlights the need for self-actualization and independence in order to reach a state of equality. Hurston wrote the novel in order to show women the importance of having self-actualization and independence.

The effects of discrimination -to kill a mockingbird

Individuals also feel the need to point out another's differences due to the fact that they are odd to them, and do not totally understand the beauty of being unique. Scout learns that discrimination can hurt and affects the lives of people, and the only way to change it is to not be a part →

The element of suspense in the giver

Both of these types of suspense are displayed in Lois Lowry's, " The Giver." " Jonas felt more and more certain that the destination lay ahead of him, very near now in the night that was approaching. Jonas stopped the bike wearily, lifted the child down, and realized with heartbreak how cold and weak Gabe →

My analysis of “the lottery” by shirley jackson

Seeing that the men stood together away from the stones having known what the stones were for, showed that there was a bit of intimidation in them, as was with the children with what could be their fate at some point in that day. Summers who was the conductor of this lottery, and all the →

The great gatsby – dichotomy illusion vs reality

A very effective way to understand and interpret literature is to locate the different dichotomies, and try to understand why the author is using them. So Fitzgerald uses the dichotomy of Illusion / Reality throughout the entire novel.

The development of huck’s opinion and views on african american slavery and racism in the adventures of huckleberry finn, a novel by mark twain

When Huck learns that Jim has run away, he is faced with the dilemma of turning him in, which is what he was taught as the right thing to do, or if he should help Jim on his journey to freedom. Yet, once Huck learns that she was going to sell Jim for $800 and →

Who’s afraid of boo radley?: an essay on to kill a mockingbird

Throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout's feelings and notions regarding Arthur " Boo" Radley change from her initial preconceived impression that he was a monster, to accepting Boo as a person and empathizing his perspective of the world. Now that Scout had accepted Boo Radley's existence and had seen the world from his →

The ignominy of insanity

In each story, the authors, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and William Faulkner, use the theme of insanity to bring attention to problems within their eras regarding the topic of mental disorders and isolation. Faulkner tells the story of Emily Grierson in A Rose For Emily and how she, longing for companionship and love, is driven to →

Their society are all the same

The setting of the controlled community in The Giver explains the conflict between the desire to solve societyr's problems and the need for individual freedoms. They come up with a plan to help the community and to free Jonas.

Support for calvinistic faith in “young goodman brown”

Brown describes the fearful nature of the wilderness after proclaiming his faith is gone: " The whole forest was peopled with frightful sounds the creaking of the trees, the howling of the wild beasts, and the yell of Indians". From the Puritanical perspective, Brown's mistake is abandoning his faith in order to overcome the evils →

To kill a mockingbird essay

To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Introduction: * Thesis: In To Kill A Mockingbird, characters such as Calpurnia and Boo Radley are not who they are made out to be in the beginning of the play to both the readers and Scout.* Point 1: Jem and Scout learn that Calpurnia, their housekeeper, is not who they →

Life and times of mark twain

Many of the characters in Mark Twain's novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, are based on people who were prevalent in Mark Twain's life throughout his early years. The novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the life of Mark Twain relate for the novel is based directly on his real life experiences.

To kill a mockingbird chapter questions 1-8

Chapter 2: #1 one- theteacherfound out that Scout already can read, so she make Scout promise not to read to with her father.second- the teacher found out Scout was writing a letter to Dill, the teacher stop her from writing it and told Scout that in Grade 1, you only learn printing.third- Scout was trying →

Arthur miller about witches

In Millerr's The Crucible, he confronts the hard truth of what peopler's behavior did during the Salem witch trials to seemingly innocent women, along with relating it to Senator Joseph McCarthyr's desire to expose alleged communists in the federal government and Hollywood in the early 1950r's. Within the next years, the Puritan church established the →

Catcher in the rye analysis book

Holden is a virgin, but he is very fascinated by sex, and, in fact, he spends much of the novel trying to lose his virginity. Holden states that he is lonely too many times to count in the book.

Great gatsby – the jazz age

The Jazz Age was the period during the 1920's when jazz music and dance became popular. During this time, there was a boom in production and the ammount of money that many people had was beyond belief, we today, know this as the American Dream, which was set place in the Jazz Age.

Holden and phoebe

He refers to the value of his coat, his cases, his typewriter and even his pens, but he does not cherish his possessions as he gives his typewriter away and lends his coat to Seedeater. Society has taken everything from Holder, both of his brother's presence and his parents Seedeater borrows all he owns, his →

Character analysis of atticus in harper lee’s, to kill a mockingbird

But this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men."Atticus fights for Tom Robinson with all of himself, he does not care about his skin color, only his innocence. Atticus is a very sympathetic and insightful person.

The individual and society (the crucible)

I agree with Bonnet's analyzation of The Crucible because I think that there is a very complex relationship between the society and the individual in the play. On of the first things that the author of the article points out, is that the author himself has contradictory statements on the roles of the society and →

Huckleberry finn

Most schools across the country have banned the book " The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain because of this very reason. Mark Twain's timeless classic " The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" Should most definitely be taught in schools.

Women and the american dream

Although Daisy's status as an East Egger gives her more agency, Daisy's pursuance of her true American dream is hampered by her society's expectations of her class and of women in the 1920's. Daisy, with all of her class, has to rely on her marriage to Tom, a male East Egger, in order to achieve →

Censoring young adult literature

When considering the adolescent profile, it is important to remember that they are in the thick of self-discovery, navigating daily situations that prompt them to question identity, spirituality, and a host of values that make us who we are. In a stage of life which is consistently recognized as a time of exploration, it is →

Characters of jim casy and tom joad in john steinbeck’s the grapes of wrath

Towards the beginning of the story, Tom is shown to care only for his family and the people in his immediate surroundings. Casy serves as the impetus for Tom Joad's major transformation, from that of a somewhat selfish family man to social activist.

Gender roles in “their eyes were watching god”

In the article " Sexism in the Early 1900's", Becca Woltemath states that "...a woman's job is to take care of the house and to bear children. As soon as the novel begins, it is evident the roles of men and women play a very big part in this novel: " Ships at a distance →

Self introduction essay for college

The word " occurrence" in the story title indicates how cheap is the value of life and how common the loss of life was during the war. Ambrose has used illustrations of foreshadowing throughout the story, to act towards the gap between illusion and reality that broadens through the course of the story.

Jane’s postpartum depression in the yellow wallpaper by charlotte perkins gilman

The relationship between the amount of isolation Jane suffered through and her insanity is not a coincidence. Her baby blues are what cause her to be in a unwell mental state, and it is only perpetuated by the under stimulation she experiences through being locked in her room.

Atticus is a great father

Throughout the novel of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee uses drama, compassion, and grammatical features to present the characters of Atticus, Scout and Jem, and the special relationship Atticus has with his children. The simple act of calling him " Atticus" and not " father" brings Scout and Jem to the same level as →

The lottery vs. the destructors

In The Lottery, the purpose of author Shirley Jackson is to place focus on tradition and raise the question of following it. The tradition is that the citizen who has the paper with a mark on it is selected to be stoned to death as a sacrifice for the crops to grow and the village →

Tamia barnes

He is not afraid to be himself and he is the same inside the house as he is on the streets. He explains this to his children, "' I want you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.

Role models in to kill a mockingbird

In Harper Lees novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the protagonist Jean Louise, also called Scout, sees the full truth of the people in her community. This was referring to the bitterness of the Tom Robinsons trial and disease as racism in Maycomb.

How does harper lee present and develop racial prejudice in ‘to kill a mockingbird’

In my opinion this makes the novel more exciting, and makes the reader think and understand differently in the book. We find in this novel that at the beginning of the book we see the immaturity arise in Jem and of course Scout.

Lasting effect of the salem witch trials

In this time period there was lack of medical expertise who could correctly diagnose the situation, It then when there was no conclusion about the source of the girls ailment that local doctor William Griggs in accordance to the general attitude and beliefs at the time; made a diagnosis that the conditions of the girls →

Poe’s favorite subject matter is death essay

This is not an exaggerated statement judging from terms and imagery used in at least four of his popular works such as The Cask of Amontillado; The Black Cat; The Tell-Tale Heart; and The Masque of the Red Death. In his entire life, Edgar Allan Poe was acquainted with death and also the various things →

Grapes of wrath chapter 25 analysis

Steinbeck continues to build these men up by describing them as " men of knowledge"; again referencing California as the Garden of Eden by comparing the men to the Tree of Knowledge which serves as foreshadowing as the Tree of Knowledge bore the forbidden fruit that caused the fall of man. This is a call →

Young goodman brown- nathaniel hawthorne research paper

The works of Nathaniel Hawthorne were a reflection of the history of his Puritan relations and the New England during his days. The duration from 1850 to 1853 was the most fruitful since he wrote The House of the Seven Gables and The Blithedale Romance.

Individuality and community in “the lottery” by shirley jackson

Thus, from the beginning of the video until the end, there is an enormous sense that something terrible is about to happen due to the director's effect use of foreshadowing through the picture of characters and setting. The narrator describes the day as very lovely, but strikes between the pleasant atmosphere of the town and →

J.d. salinger’s novel the catcher in the rye

According to MentalHealthAmerica, one of the most obvious signs of depression is substance abuse. In addition to his drinking, Holden is also a heavy smoker.

The portrayal of maslow’s hierarchy of needs in the character of holden caulfield in the catcher in the rye, a novel by j.d. salinger

Due to the childhood traumas of his life, Holden arguably is at the very bottom of the hierarchy because he can only satisfy his basic needs of food and water. He even gets to the level of self esteem needs and is able to feel slightly confident in himself.

Jay gatsby

After he finds out that Daisy married Tom because he was rich he figures that he needs to be rich in order to have her so he begins to become a millionaire just for Daisy. All that he though about was Daisy he basically had a one track mind and all of his parties were →

Southern gothic in a rose for emily

In A Rose for Emily, the story is about the life of Emily Grierson, telling about the death of her dad, and her being trapped from dating and being in the real world up to her dad's passing. A Rose for Emily may also fall under the topic of Southern Gothic because of the amount →

The crucible and year of wonders: comparing the dichotomy of appearance and reality

Arthur Miller's allegorical play, The Crucible, illustrates the parallels between the Salem Witch Trials and the HUAC communist crisis, highlighting the injustice of McCarthyism. This displays the uneasiness of the community and how their fear blurs the line between appearance and reality.