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How language shapes thought

Shaped by Language: What Comes First the Thought or the Language Language, due to its specific properties, is one aspect that makes human beings unique in comparison to other animals and species. Drawing on our experiences we must contemplate the original theory that language shapes thought. The hypothesis introduced by Benjamin →

Postcolonial language debate

Some African writers believe that the culture of the African people is disappearing because all of the history books and novels written about African history and culture are in the English language. He refuses to write any of his books in English and wants people to learn the native language because that is the only →

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A. then would be possible in languages such

They are as follows: 1) Robot Control Controlling the robot using gestures considered as one ofthe interesting applications in this field proposed a system that uses thenumbering to count the five fingers for controlling a robot using hand posesigns. The orders are given to the robot to perform a particular task , where each sign →

The power of language

Malcom X's autobiography tries to tell us that no matter how hard it is to learn a new language , it makes you feel satisfied and free after you know you have finally understood it. David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day also describes how he painstakingly learned a new language the French language →

Importance of spoken english language: overview

The effects of that time can still be felt in the number of English speakers in India, select parts of Asia and Africa, and North America. The influence of English grew stronger in the 20th century, with the increased mobility of populations, the growth of the United States as an economic power, →

Immigrants’ original brushstrokes to a picture of local language

Welsh English is going into a new stage of language transformation being shaped under the influence of a new wave of immigrants from Eastern Europe. Thus they are the most active communicators of a new accent.

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Elc1013 unit 1

The questionnaire required the respondents to indicate the frequency with which they speak, listen, read, and write in English outside the formal setting of the English-medium classroom. The first section of the questionnaire asked the subjects to indicate on a six-point scale how often they speak in English in a range →

Politics and the english language analysis

George Orwell writes about the traditional style of English, and the connection between language and action. Orwell discusses the problems of Modern English and the slow spread of vagueness in writing. In this essay the thesis was explicit; it stated that the English language is in a decline and that modern English of full of →

The university of the west indies

He further articulate that they are five levels of difficulty in phonological awareness these are Awareness of rhyme and alliteration, comparing and contrasting the sounds of words for rhyme and alliteration, blending and splitting syllables, full segmentation of component phonemes and adding deleting and moving phonemes. Other more difficult elements of phonological awareness are developed →

How to learn a foreign language

So, we need to learn the foreign language step by step until we get used to it. We can start by reading the easiest and fun book such as comics and then we try to get the feel of the language.

English phrasal verbs translation into russian and finnish

The article is a short review of English phrasal verbs and their translations to Russian and Finnish. Conclusion English phrasal verbs usually have a single-word translation equivalent in Russian and Finnish.

Language variation and change in sultanate of oman

Arabic, the sixth largest spoken language in the world, which consists of 186, 000, 000 speakers around the globe and being the central language of the Middle East, is one of the most significant languages in this century. Addition to that during the 19th century Oman took a lot of influence from East Africa, →

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Introduction to language essay sample

He has already constructed the spoken language and with his entry into the classroom, he will begin to consolidate the spoken language and begin to explore the written forms of language. Because language is an intrical involvement in the process of thinking, the child will need to be spoken to and listened to often. →

Free article review on ” the two languages ” by kenneth koch

While regarding poetry as a mysterious being that no one has quite been able to explain where and how it comes from, author Kenneth Koch invokes the ancient Greeks calling the Muse the source of poetry and others ascribing it to coming from some residually creative place in an unconscious →

Emotion and language

She tells us about her different struggles she's put up with as her teachers deeply enforced her to forget her roots and adapt to an American way of thinking and speaking. Her knowledge and experiences of using different languages that are forms of Spanish, give us reason to listen to her. As she →

Return to wirikuta

The priest guides the Huichols to hunt the peyote on their return to Wirikuta. Wirikuta is an elevated desert situated far from the Huichlos current habitat. The peyote hunt opens Wirikuta to all the pilgrims but then just as the priest, they have to assume their names and become supernatural in order to enter the →

Ha, truong l9919579

In the article, " Esperanto, the hope of the world", published in 2011, Yan Rado suggests Esperanto should be a global language, whereas in the article " What's the point of Esperanto? ", published in 2011, Angla Sola presents that it is a false claim that Esperanto is the best choice for the world's second →

Problem research proposal

English as a Second Language Introduction: This research is about English as a second language. Teaching English as a Second Language,.Rev.and Enl.ed.

People whose native language is not english

But people whosemother tongueis English do not have to go to school to learn these things, they learn it automatically, from their parents, their relatives, their friends and from everyday life. For example, they do not have to 'learn' the grammar structure, or the various forms for past, present and future tenses; →

Emergence of communicative language teaching

Anthony an approach is a set of correlative assumptions dealing with the nature of the language and the nature of language teaching and learning. The Audio-Lingual Method The Audio-lingual method is a style of teaching used in teaching foreign languages.

Sheltered instruction and the english language learner

When be aftering lessons around content constructs, the followers should be considered: the pupils ' first linguistic communication literacy , their English proficiency degree , their reading ability, the cultural and age rightness of the L2 stuffs, and the trouble degree →

Language and globalisation

Discourse refers to very specific patterns of language that tell us something about the person speaking the language, the culture that person is part of, the network of social institutions that the person caught up in, and even frequently the most basic assumptions that the person holds. Thus, the idea of discourse includes →

English as a global language

The domination of a people's language by the languages of the colonising nations was crucial to the domination of the mental universe of the colonised. Ngugi wa Thiong'o (extract from his famous essay on " The language of African literature") But there are several arguments for the demand of the adoption of the ex-colonial languages →

Universal grammar

Grammar, while varying by language, is understood to be a systematic and proper for humans to communicate with each other and its use a result of natural selection given the youtube video, " Charles Darwin's Legacy". In " Charles Darwin's Legacy" Richard Levins, a professor at theHarvardSchool of PublicHealth, stated that, " →

A jack of all trades

I went to Westwood high school, which is one of the best schools in the US, and I found out that the curriculum there challenged me intellectually and physically. I decided to quit sports when I went to junior high because I took up 5 AP classes. Thus, I am very proud →

How and why it is good to se goals

It seeks to broaden students perspective on the world outside of the o en they live in and shed light on the mannerisms and way of life of other cultures, with the help of unique the projects and Nicolas lessons. The first project the students will take on is figuring out how to create year →

One language spoken worldwide would lead to better international relations essay sample

In order to avoid this chaos some people HAVE startED to support the idea that one language spoken worldwide would lead to better international relations. When easy communication is taken into a consideration, a single language spoken in the world is highly significant. Additionaly, translation can harm the meaning unity and beauty of the →

How non english native speaker translate slang texting into regular english

INTRODUCTION The subject of this study is slang and how the use of slang can be transferred from a source text in one language to a target text in another language. From a translation studies' point of view, slang is interesting because of its connotations in its source culture.

Voice and language in their eyes were watching god

In particular, I will address the issue of narrative voice, the shifts between first person and third person, and I will also include in my analysis some aspects related to types of language variety and style variation. I have chosen this text because generally it is considered Zora Neale Hurston's most important piece of fiction, →

Practice english language essay

Context plays a massive role In determining whether taboo language use Is tolerated or acceptable, and can definitely shock or offend, within certain context. Body Paragraph 1: Taboo language used to establish group solidarity or used simply to create emphasis r show distaste Taboo language can be used by an individual to show →

Textbook analysis

The textbook is oriented for students preparing for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English examination. Further, the analysis of syllabus will be based on the material given in the revised and updated edition of the " Advanced English C.A.E." The whole text book consists of 240 pages. After doing a pre-reading and →

The pover of language in the handmaid’s tale

The bible passage is used to defend this idea and to encourage the use of the handmaids for the good of the society. The practice of referring to the police as the Guardians of Faith and naming all the stores so they allude to biblical stories fortifies the idea that all the changes are being →

Synthesis essay

The reason I think language can be used as a mirror is because people use language to directly reflect who they are as a person. Usually the image that a person portrays in their language is a direct reflection of their true personality; however, people can also use language as a tool when they purposely →

What are the good methods to study english efficiently

Choosing a reasonable way to learning and practising English is extremely important to anyone who wants to master their English. According to my experience, the best way to achieve a high goal in learning English must be to practise it everyday and everytime you can.

Compare how poets use language to present feelings in the manhunt and one other poem (nettles)

The way in which Scannell merges the child's laughter of comfort and relief with the tears of pain from the sting of the nettles shows that the child is being helped by his father to get over the pain. Simon Armitage allows the wife to speak of how hard it is to connect with her →

The watch (english language creative writing)

Hard black plastic handle - cold to touch, black metallic covers the barrel and the heaviness weighs my hand down as I hold it under my coat, carry it to my car and place it on the passenger seat. I take it to my house, hide it under the bathroom sink - and never speak →

Studying abroad helps improve language skills

If you want to get the hang of a foreign language while studying abroad, do not hesitate to make local friends. Your language skills may not be good enough to speak with them comfortably in the native language, but you will still pick up quite a bit of phrases and vocabulary words →

Linguistics and language teaching.

Generally, English educated Malaysians of all ethnic andfamilylanguage background speak and move alike. However, with the implementation of the national language policy of Bahasa Malaysia as the national language of Malaysia and as the language of instruction, (except in the cases of Chinese or Tamil medium primary schools), the status of English →

How does the writer of this text use language and grammar?

This is done by paying attention to his audience which is the readers of the Metro, which are public transport users. The use of puns provides amusement to his audience and by placing this pun at the beginning of this article it makes the reader intrigued to read on.

How does shaw introduce his ideas about society and language in the first two acts of pygmalion?

Shaw also uses accent, revealing society's bias that accent is the key to social status. This is already apparent through the proleptic irony of Liza, and the status of those around her. He believes that Liza's English " will keep her in the gutter to the end of her days" It is his →

Finally, new languages and techniques. learning french

A lot of the military experts came from france, so the students who learned french could later translate what these experts were saying. In addition, they could translate texts into turkish and arabic and teach others in Egypt. Thus, more sick people could be attended to and saved from death. A school for midwives, which →

Phonetics and phonology essay sample

In this paper I concentrate mostly on the articulation of speech sounds in the English language, with little mention of their acoustic and auditory characteristics. Phonology is the study of sound system of a language, the general properties displayed by this system; it studies how sounds function in relation to each other, the way →

Implementing hypnoteaching to improve listening ability

It is the real impact of the way to face the globalization era. In this case, a Teacher has a very significant role to introduce English to the students until consult them to master it.

Jared potts

It has been proven that students' grades have gone up because of studying or knowing a second language." Studying another language can improve your skills and grades in math and English, and can improve your entrance exam scores." When you learn another language, you also learn a lot about your own native language. →

Sport in school essay

It is also my belief that it students should have the right to choose whether or not we do sport/PE, because we are allowed to choose the subjects that are more important, so why are we not allowed to choose whether or not we do sport? And it is not only the actual time you →

Cognitive effect of bilingualism: enhancement by stimulation

Through the mechanism of stimulation and enhancement, the correlation between bilingualism and cognition could be explained. From previous research by Liquan Liu in 2017, it is possible to find benefits of bilingualism in cognitive development. By comparing bilingual and monolingual brain, it is possible to see the difference in brain development. Moreover, if learning a →

Communications ii

The Mexicans defined it as the action of hitting someone in the head or as to a punch. And as for the Filipinos, the term defines a variety of things that include way of living, the way of speaking, mannerism, and even the fashion sense that a person holds.

Improving listening skill

Listening in the Classroom is not the same as real-life listening but is as realistic a simulation of real-life listening as possible. Listening activities should be training students and preparing them for effective functioning outside the classroom. Long response activities: Students can engage in answering questions verbally about a listening text, taking →

Second language acquisition essay sample

According to Swain,...producing the target language may be the trigger that forces the learner to pay attention to the means of expression needed in order to successfully convey his or her own intended meaning. In Swain's view, learners need not only input, but output: they need to use language in order to →

String mathematician and computer pioneer george boole

String -The string data type can hold multiple characters as a sentence or wordlike " Hello" and a string needs the quotation marks around the wordso that the program knows that that is the word to be used string is generallyunderstood as a data type and is oftenimplemented as an array data structure ofbytes →

Organizational language

It functions on the basis of words which is unique verbal symbols which correspond to all the objects or ideas which the speakers of that language need to communicate to one another. The rules for using a language are followed by all members of the linguistic community, for all wish to be understood.

New helps in finding suspicious words in

These are words such as: and, the, of, it, as, may, that, a, an, of, off, etc. Stemmer strengthNumber of words per conflation categoryis that the average size of the teams of words converted to a stem word.

Analysing sentences essay sample

AC) - (AC Children sometimes invent games they can entertain themselves) (so that they are free of adult interference RC). - a coordinating conjunction a conjunction set between words, expressions, provisos, or sentences of equivalent rank - a subordinating conjunction a conjunction that presents a subordinate proviso, e.g., despite the fact that, in light of →

Be able to support individuals to use the toilet

When the individual is sitting on the toilet cover his/her private area with for example towel to respect their dignity.4. Ask if they the individual needs some privacy, if it is save to live the individual by him/herself on the toilet inform that you are going to wait outside the toilet and →

Wikang filipino essay sample

Topics: The general strands of the conference are: Pedagogy, Literature, Community and Communications, Culture and the Arts, Youth, and Advocacy. Likewise, abstracts or all presentations together with the names , titles and affiliations of presenters and discussants should be included.2.

Puritan essay

Winthrop used figurate language to express the views and wants of he and his fellow Puritans. One of his main reasons was that the group of people could, " carry the Gospel into those parts of the world, and to raise a Bulwark against the kingdom to Antichrist". Whereas, Richard used a →

The language features of forrest gump

In the 10 chapters, Gump retells his adventures through American history, with everything from college football in early years to theVietnam Warand Ping-Pong games In China later in his life. Despite his low IQ and being an Autistic Savant, Gump Is full of wisdom and humor.up to now, what has left us a →

Nida and taber: formal correspondence and dynamic equivalence

Nida and Taber: Formal correspondence and dynamic equivalence Nida argued that there are two different types of equivalence, namely formal equivalence which in the second edition by Nida and Taber is referred to as formal correspondence and dynamic equivalence. Dynamic equivalence is defined as a translation principle according to which a translator →

Koko the gorrilla

Although there may be many linguists who discredit this notion, AOl chat was able to provide transcripts between penny, who is Koko's translator, and Koko the gorilla through the use of American Sign Language The transcripts provide evidence of gestures, behaviors, and thoughts that Koko does through her conversation with penny. To →

Applied linguistic and language learning

The object of applied linguistics study is not another language, that are the human language that serves as communicationsystems that use speech as a medium, human language daily, the language that is used daily by humans as members of a particular community, or in English is called with an ordinary →

“welding with children” language analysis essay sample

I pictured him crumpled up on that smelly shag rug she keeps in front of the TV to catch the spills and crumbs". Within the passage it mentions that the child had no idea what late was. The next sentence, it states that his mom probably lets him fall asleep in front of the →

Comp 090

Second, if a person knows more than one language it will be easy to communicate with the people of different culture and one can know about that particular culture. In the article, Marcin Skomial explain people have second tongue to speak language, it will useful for them to get a job and for their own →

English vs hungarian essay

Hungarian: Patterns and Contrasts: 1. Hungarian ?

Ict in language teaching

Multimedia and languages: Students can create their own multimedia software, to help in their learning of a foreign language. Thus Students can the language in a playful way. E-learning: E-learning is defined as an interactive learning in which the learning content is available online and provides automatic feedback to the students learning →

Lecture notes on pcds theory and problem solving and programming essay sample

Algorithm is the sequence of step by step instructions to solve the problem corresponding to a solution that is independent of any programming language Algorithm consists of a set of explicit and unambiguous finite steps which, when carried out for a given set of initial conditions, produces output and terminate in a finite →

Figurative language

Jeremiah used figurative language to tell stories and to explain to the people what was going to happen if they continued to sin. The natural imagery that Jeremiah uses can be seen as useful in getting his point across to the disobedient people because he used it to paint a scary →

Class evaluation

I feel like I got more out of this class than I have in some of the other classes I have spent entire semesters in. I believeeverybody in this class is cool, smart and each of you has a great potential in life and I hope we all achieve the same goal we pursuing in →

Sophie’s world by jostein gaarder essay

Information about the author and his time 20%Jostein Gaarder is a Norwegian worldwide author of several novels, short stories and children's books. He was born in 8 August 1952 in Oslo and grown up in a scholar family within his father was a headmaster and mother was a teacher as well as a writer →

Taboo language essay sample

Not to be extremely precise but just to give a general insight, obscene depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way, while broadly, the word profane refers to irreverence towards God or holy things, particularly to the blasphemous use of the name of God. So it seems that what first refers to →

A short story of the english language essay sample

That language, if I am not wrong, has come to be called " lingua franca" which was the name of a Mediterranean language from the 11th C A.D. This was a mixture of Italian, Greek, Old French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Occitan that was used as the language of commerce and diplomacy in the →

Sumerian language

Modern-day math still uses aspects of this system. Next, according to the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, writing emerged in many different cultures throughout the ancient world, it was not the creation of one people; however, the Sumerians are credited with inventing the earliest form of writing around 3, 500 →

Persuasive language techniques

Example text: It is time for us to show our belief in the value of mateship and a fair go, and give generously to the Good Friday Appeal.5. Example text: I can tell you that, as a single mother of two, I received very little in the way of financial support during my attempts to →

Nature vs. nurture in language development

Universal Grammar * An innate property of the human mind * Growth of language is analogous to the development of a bodily organ * Abstract that it could not be learned at all Principles of UG: 1. Empiricism is otherwise known as the doctrine that says sense experience is the only →

History of english language persuasive essay

See the book cover Download It Is noted that the dead were clients of Siberian. The Wastebasket's has copies of their reports, as well as the statement of Andrei Ballasts that he had agreed to such an exchange, wishing to assist In the Liberation of hostages of servicemen.


Being in this state of unacceptability, the only alternative is to arrive at a higher understanding or denial of the supposed presupposition of the thesis and anti-thesis forming a third proposition termed as the synthesis. A more simple and un-Hegelian example to understand dialectics is, let's suppose you just got a hold →

Analysis ”mother tongue” by amy tan essay sample

Tan's life was hard for her to become the aspiring writer she wanted to be. And even though English was not Amy's first language, in the long run it changed her understanding of the English language.

Contrastive there is also an appropriate idiom

CONTRASTIVE ANALYSISOF IDIOMS 6Idioms formed with the colour redThe conceptual meaning of the colour red in Oxford OnlineEnglish Dictionary is ? Both English and Frenchare rich in idiomatic expressions containing colours and the most common onesare those formed with black, white and red. From this analysis we can concludethat colours are of great importance →

History of english language

ISL Linguistic Date: 12 January 2013 History of the English Language Indo-European LanguageFamilyTree World Englishes History of the English Language Source: The figure below shows the timeline of the history of the English language.* The earliest known residents of the British Isles were the Celts, who spoke Celtic languages a separate branch of →

reflection on differences between written and spoken discourse essay sample

On the other hand, when speaking, the listener is present and can give immediate feedback to what is being said. Still, it is a good start to set the differences between spoken and written discourses relying on the factors of time and audience as established on the previous paragraph, as they are more evident in →

Good pragmatism essay example

In the article An Introduction to Classic American Pragmatism, the main aspects of pragmatism are examined. The author, Raymond Pfeiffer, Professor of Philosophy, argues that every person understands pragmatism differently, though in common language, the term " pragmatism" conveys the inclination for the practical. As a philosophical term, it was created by a Charles →

To what extent can language shape our beliefs?

So if we believe in something, that has a meaning in dictionary, can we know what we believe in? But if we look at artists, how can they express themselves? He just makes an image and he can tell everybody else, what they believe that love is. But, if →

Isu analysis – the jade peony essay sample

One of the themes of the Jade Peony was the difficulty that the early Chinese immigrants had to face when they came to Canada in the late 1800s. The Chinese created their own small town over the sea and out in the middle of a strange country, to produce the next generation and →

Dialectical theory

It is how the parties engaged in a relationship respond to tensions that shapes the way parties will handle tensions. For a husband and wife in a marriage or a boyfriend and girl friend in a love affair, the knowledge of the underlying assumptions of the dialectic theory is fundamental. The partners may therefore have →

Types of slang

For example, the word " LOL" which is the abbreviation of " Laugh Out Loud" is often used by Internet users to express their feeling. The forth type of minor slang group is slang of the army and police which includes a series of terminologies in the armed forces. For example, the word " commodore" →

The social-functional, social conflict and symbolic interaction theories of education essay

The Social-Functional, Social Conflict and Symbolic Interaction Theories of EducationThe ultimate goal of education is the effective participation of an individual in social situations. This may be connected to education in the sense that the conflict theory " sees the purpose of education as maintaining social inequality and preserving the power of those who →

Value of codeswitching in an interaction


Learning a second language

Unconsciously, they learn to recognize contexts and begin acquiring finediscriminationin their use of a language. This means that for a second language learner, the best way to learn is through immersion in the language. The " sink or swim" concept is so very true in the learning of a second language, the language must be →

Patrick henry speech to virginia convention essay sample

In the " Speech to the Virginia Convention" by Patrick Henry there were a lot of things that made his speech very persuasive. Here he is that a big struggle will be coming very soon. A superior example of a metaphor that Patrick utilizes in his speech is when he is talking →

English: the language of global business

One of the primary benefits of learning English is that it is often considered the language of global business. For anyone interested in traveling to countries in which English is the primary or common language, it is often essential to understand and speak it.

Requirement of assamese language essay sample

That cannot say as their fault, but at a same time, to making children's interest towards also Assamese or any other their mother tongue is not the responsibility of parents? I came across through a survey on the different book stalls especially in Guwahati, and I found that in last few years the interest →

Teenagers and technology are destroying our beautiful english language

It is part of our essential human nature and it is what make us what we are and who we are. However, due to the emergence of technology and the way how teenagers use language may affect our beautiful english language but will not destroy our beautiful English language. All these interactions →

Cultural gaps in linguistic communication with

The first aim of this paper is to examine some of the problems that are caused by cultural differences on the basis of linguistic communication, i.e., the verbal means of contact between the source language culture and target language culture. When trying to carry out the same meaning in interpreting a text from a source →


Education' comes from a Latin word. One of the important things about education is to give people an interest in knowledge and an ability to learn - or strategies or techniques for learning - and a knowledge of how to find out about things they want to know. People going to school and →

Languages of love

That Is the reason why Words of affirmation speaks to my heart as well. Lastly, my most cherished of all the love languages is Quality time.

Slang in modern english

A great amount of American slangs take advantage of the euphony to achieve the aim of being easily to be understood and remembered and to get the purposes of being readable and vivid. Originality Slang is the diction that results from the favorite game among the young and lively of playing with words and →

A study of najdi arabic & arabic language (saudi arabia)

Arabic is treated as a biggest member of the Semitic branch and it is some what same as Hebrew and Aramaic. Arabic is studied widely in the Islamic world. The Arabic used in Qur'an is treated as the perfect Arabic and is a stander for written form of Arabic. →