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College and university students and graduates from across the world pay much attention to learning the English language because it is the language that unites nations. When pursuing a language-related degree, you will be asked to write miscellaneous essays on linguistics. There are different types of them which have various structure and goals.

Essays related to linguistics are sometimes challenging to compose since they must be utterly free from syntactic, grammatical, punctuation, and other errors. If you have hard times meeting the deadlines or are busy with work, our writers can provide high-quality academic papers for you in a timely manner.

Types of Essays about Linguistic

Composing an essay is a regular task faced by numerous students every day. Essays are normally implemented as assignments, part of tests, and admission criteria to educational institutions. An essay is one of the genres of written papers and a part of any educational program. Essays can be of different types:

  1. Descriptive
  2. Expository
  3. Comparative
  4. Persuasive

When writing such a text, the author’s task is often to express their opinion, discuss, or argue some points; in other cases, these texts are assigned to investigate the problem and bring a person to a certain conclusion. Linguistic essays demand proper structure, which usually is comprised of an introduction, main body, and conclusion; even for short essays, the structure is essential. Also, it is vital to add proper citations to a paper to support the evidence.

Descriptive Essay

The main goal of the descriptive essay is to draw a picture for the reader with the help of words. Usually, the author describes situations, people, or objects, implying a deeper meaning in non-sophisticated descriptions. A historical essay about arbitrariness can be attributed to this type. Typically, such essays affect one’s emotions and make them contemplate; their task is to bring individuals to some conclusions based on what they have read.

Persuasive Essay

Everyone needs to know how to write persuasive essays because they are helpful in everyday practice, for instance, when looking for a job. As the name suggests, the major task of this type of essay is to convince a person of something using facts, logic, and descriptions of situations concerning the topic. Expert opinions, practical examples, and numerical data are widely used in such texts.

Comparative Essay

The primary idea of this type of essay is to explain how two objects, subjects, or phenomena are either similar or different. Comparison is usually based on the misconceptions people have about particular notions or things; therefore, it is vital to highlight their distinctive features. If you need a good comparative analysis propped by reliable academic sources, having zero plagiarism and examples from different corpora, feel free to contact us.

Expository Essay

Expository essays demonstrate an analysis of a certain topic, which is performed using statistics, computational data, links to various studies, and reports. Thus, in expository essays, logic is more important than emotions. Typically, such assignments require proper citations from credible academic sources. Therefore, even when the author is presented in the first person, they should avoid expressing their personal opinion or emotions.

To sum up, writing academic papers on linguistics is an integral part of educational progress. There are numerous types of essays, which have a strict structure and are a part of many educational programs. Either you have to write about linguistics, we can help you with that.

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2178 Informative Linguistics Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Write an argumentative essay based on the following topic:

Review each other's essays and give a comment and score according to the following criteria." a e S 1.a e a c e ' c' cS" c"...e " e cS" e ' c' ' 2.' a a c" a c Se '...e " ' a c c" " c e " a e a" a β†’

Brain structures and functions essay

So we know that our senses trigger a switch in our brain that stimulates the need to learn. We first need to learn some parts of the brain to know how it functions.

Theoretical english grammar

3 Contents Preface Introductory Traditional Grammar Traditional Grammar in Ancient Greece Traditional Grammar in Ancient Rome Prescriptive Grammar Non-Structural Descriptive Grammar Structural Descriptive Grammar Transformational Generative Grammar The Explanatory Power of Non-Structural Descriptive, Structural Descriptive and Transformational-Generative Grammar Structural Features of Present Day English Grammatical Classes of Words The Principles of Classification as Used by β†’

Contents entries found.part a: introduction

Topic sentence is the most important sentence in a paragraph which clearly states the topic and the controlling idea of a paragraph, and briefly indicates what the paragraph is going to discuss. The two parts of a topic sentence As mentioned above, topic sentence has two essential parts: the topic and the controlling idea in β†’

Problem posing paragraph – strong topic sentences

Strong Topic Sentences Does a strong topic sentence make a difference in the way readers will view your work? Not having a strong topic sentence could be problematic in the way of your reader not understanding your idea completely.' Learning how to write a strong topic sentence is not going to be something that comes β†’

Supra phrasal unity

Any utterance from a stylistic point of view will serve to denote a certainspan of speech in which we may observe coherence, interdependence of the elements, one definite idea, and last but not least, the purport of the writer. The purport is the aim that the writer sets before himself, which is to make the β†’

Syntactic stylistic devices

SYNTACTIC STYLISTIC DEVICES The sentence, as a unit of a certain level, is a sequence of relatively independent lexical and phrasal units, and what differentiates a sentence from a word is the fact that the sentence structure is changeable; it does have any constant length: it can be shortened or extended, complete or incomplete, simple, β†’

How can etiquette effect you in your career

Your full February 18, How can etiquette affect you in your career? Interview etiquette is also very important in your career.

Personal statement

My reason for choosing marketing is influenced by a number of factors, major among which is the need for me to take total advantage of booming oil and gas riches that is currently in place in Qatar. I currently have so many experiences, interests and background that make me very suitable for my ambition to β†’

Master degree in commercial music

Master Degree in Commercial Music I am highly interested in pursuing my Master Degree in Commercial Music at Calcutta in Los Angeles, California. I have a baccalaureate degree in music technology and I have taken performance courses during my four years in higher education.

Racial inequalities (controversial subject)

The specific point of contrast reveals the kind of treatment given to both White and Hispanic Americans especially when it appears to include higher responsibility and privilege. The point of contrast lies at how justice might be interpreted on the part of Hispanic group and white Americans.


One of the major culprits of this had to do with the fact that the slaves that worked on plantations came from a variety of different backgrounds; some originally from Africa, some born in the United States. Naturally, the indirect impact of this document and stance was that slaves began to question their innate rights β†’

Light in august by william faulkner and fate

The writer sets the Light In August novel in the context of the 1930's difficult economic times that also entailed significant racial segregation. The novel is open to several thematic interpretations because of the multiple experiences that the characters undergo.

Global studies-the thought about malala yousafzai

No need to prove that there's a lack of peace in the world as Malala herself has been a victim of terrorists. In this way, Malala makes it a vicious circle: more wars and terrorism with fewer rights for women bring less education.

Internship program with cooking corps

In addition to my economic skills, I bring to the table diverse skills that I garnered from different internships as well as computer skills that I gained through using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Computer Programming in my daily activities. I am impressed with the activities that take place in Cooking Corps, and I would β†’

It’s beginning to hurt

Although he lacks authority over his father's choice in marriage, he commands to a great extend through his facial expression that the woman was not the best for his father. He was dressed in a muddy clothes after getting stuck into the mud on his way to the wedding.

Process paragraph

Guanipa describes culture shock as huge sense of discomfort when people travel to foreign land or move to different country that is different to their place of birth. Therefore, it becomes very important to have prior knowledge about the new country and its culture so that one is prepared for changes.

Reflective analysis

It is important for a writer to give their readers a clear picture of what is being talked about. The University's green space is slowly being encroached by housing projects to accommodate more students and staff members.

We are cool

The poem portrays the issues that youths in the 50s underwent, persuaded by the " pop" culture, when they left school. The Norton Anthology of Poetry.Ed.


Despite the fact that the piano lesson is regarded as a play, there are several influences that listeners acquire and play significance roles in their daily lives.a) Through the piano Lesson, we can identify various African ritual dances that take place in the offering of sacrifices moments.b) On the other side, the European dance reflects β†’

Comparing 09/11 world trade center to the triangle shirtwaiste fire of 1911

It may be a bit disconcerting to note that a good number of people had watched the spectacle as if they were once-in-a-lifetime events and see people jumping to their deaths. This in turn led to the crafting of a new mentality which was the global war against terror.

Article example

Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice is a valid statement because, for the realization of fair treatment of all people, the governing rules must apply to everyone. The tension that King referred to was the tension of the fear of an outbreak of violence.

Trip to oregon

My parents are missionaries and they wanted to spread the word of God among the natives of Oregon. The road was horrible especially during " spring when the melting snows and the up-heaving of the frost made mud" that buries the wheel of our carts.

Helping in a dangerous or troublesome circumstances

She decided to accelerate the car, to reach the child before she crosses into the second lane, and stop the car right in front of her. Luckily enough, the driver behind her had noticed the child and managed to stop the car right behind Jenifer.

Eating my favorite fruit

While buying a mango one must look to it that the fruit has a fine leathery surface that is intact and unbroken. A sweet fruity smell coming from a mango is suggestive of the fact that the fruit is ripe and fresh, and fit to be consumed.

Academic suspension appeal

I am writing this letter in an effort to appeal the decision of the university to dismiss me as a student due to my inadequate performance during the past Spring semester. It is my hope that upon hearing about the situation that led to my lackluster performance last semester, the university will find a due β†’

Can a machine have a conscience

In the artificial intelligence field, artificial consciousness or rather machine consciousness is aimed at defining whether machines have the right conscience. Despite the current technological changes and the ability to stimulate autonomy, consciousness in machines is still difficult to attain.

Short answer

A Passage from " My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke: An Analysis The passage describes the manifested actions of the narrator's father while supposedly depicting a waltz. The figurative languages of the passage are as follows: ' The hand that held my wrist' obviously relates to the boy's father's hand that was clasping on his β†’

The controllers and extensions english language essay

A controller can control the behavior of a page and that can be used to access the data which should display in the page. There is no any redirection to a detail page or a custom Visualforce page.edit Navigates the user to the edit page with current record.

3.1 reading report

ARTICLE REPORT WRITING Objective of the study The study was a fieldwork that sought to find the differences in conditions of service of two groups ofdirect sales marketers. Background of the field of the study Direct sales continue to be a growing phenomenon in all parts of the world.

All students should select a major before entering college

Teacher Toulmin argument:" All should select a major before entering college " Claim: All should select a major before entering college Warrant: Having a major selected before entering college indicates that the student is serious in his or her study. Qualifier: students who have selected a major before entering a college are likely to excel β†’


She has extensive understanding of the topical issue since she has been at the center of the implementation of the entire project. Key among the benefits of the audience is the fact that she is a professional in the sector.


A simple definition of consumerism would be the accumulation of wealth or possessions simply for the sake of it. Part of the problem is the " image" that we are expected to portray.

The gay marriage debate: finding a common ground

Consider the fact that detractors of gay marriage usually refer to the Bible as their justification. They do defy gay marriage and hence they refer to the Bible on that issue.

Application letter and a follow-up message

The follow-up message is indeed a gratification message while the application letter asks of the applicant to be considered for an interview at some time in the future. A difference between the application letter and the follow-up message is that the application letter details the strengths of the applicant with respect to the job while β†’

Outside speech

However, as the society progresses, the elderly are airbrushed out of the picture and left to face the challenges of old age alone. Currently, the elderly constitute 65% of the population, with researchers predicting that the figure is likely to grow in the future.

Snow falling on cedars

Clash of civilizations The problem with the relationship between Hatsue and Ishmael needs to be understood in the context of clash of two civilizations and from the point of view of the thinking process of the combustible younger generation and the traditional elders. An individual is therefore, subservient to the interests of the society and β†’

1.1 revised paper

For example, in Thailand as a woman it is your responsibility to ensure that the family is well fed meaning that the biggest role of women is being homemakers. The United States being a place that is comprised of many different cultures, it is clear that growing up as a woman in this area has β†’


The regular class room environment is least restrictive for Rhonda because she had the ability to compete with the rest of the students verbally. On the same note, I would advocate for Rhonda's total interaction with students in the regular classroom setting.

The excerpt from eric schlossers the cogs in the great machine in light of relevant ideas/concepts from marx

" The Cogs in the Great Machine" In Light Of Relevant Ideas/Concepts from Marx The main idea focused upon in the article " The Cogs in the Great Machine" is poor working conditions and pay for workers in the meatpacking industries. At the beginning of this excerpt, the reader is clearly introduced to poor conditions β†’

Evaluating online sources

While conducting a research on the use of animals in medical testing, I came across Katrina Bramstedt's article, ' Using animals in medical research.' Katrina is a PhD holder from Monash University and a bioethicist working at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Katrina's article aims at promoting the use of animals in medical research.

Reading of story

Looking back at their home a one bedroomed house at the end of the LumumbaStreet, you will wonder why he takes such a long walk to the library. Like many children in this society, the culture of reading is a self-motivational one.

Contribution toward eng 105

The justification for this rating can be based upon my first assignment on the response to the " front and back matter" of RGRW and Real Boys which required students to have a definite introduction, conclusion, thesis, and of course, transitions, quotations and organization. It enabled me to carry out a careful analysis of the β†’

A response to the reading

In this case, the author takes the reader through the uncertain steadiness involved in issues that required an individual to exercise external conscientiousness on one hand, and self-preservation on the other. As the story starts, the reader cannot discern the intention of the author and one might take offence with the language that sounds discriminatory β†’

A thoughtful comment about a video

A Thoughtful Comment How to decorate a plate with cocoa and sugar Brendan Cronin is a chef teaching on how to decorate a plate usingblack plate or white plate depending on the available one at home for guests. One the things to note is that the powder used in the decoration of plate will determine β†’


The product had a major opportunity in form of large scale sales opportunity because of the unavailability of the product in the country. Distribution of the product will be in a similar fashion as other Redbull brands: it will be sold in local convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and bars and nightclubs.


In response, the Cleveland Indians Baseball Team has responded to the racism critics by backing itself up for having recreated its current logo as a throwback to its Indians blue ' C' logo that the team used between the 1915 and 1927. In 1933-1938, there was a change of the logo to a mascot with β†’

Socio-economic opportunities in united states

On the other hand, Elisabeth seems to have given more focus on the reasons why many people cannot access socio-economic development opportunities in the United States, despite the fact that America is referred as the land of opportunities. 7 Apr.2014.

How do teacher salaries affect students why does it matter than teachers earn tens of thousands more in some districts than others

Kozol illustrated that the disparity of the quality of education begins in preschool where there are children that receive very little government budget allocation that resulted in inadequate preparation beginning in preschool and there are children who receives huge allocation that provides them a good head start from the rest. This issue matter because students β†’


The president further reminds Americans that they are the people who are represented in the chamber and makes the state of the Union. He promises to work with everyone in the chamber to steer the growth of and development of the country.


Michelangelos father, Lodovico, was serving as a magistrate in the village when he received the blessings of the birth of his second of five sons with his wife, Francesca Neri. At that time, Michelangelo was only 25 years old, and with the reward of 450 ducats he was best and most paid artists in his β†’

Persuasive speech evaluation

Pisani was definitely an engaging speaker as she knows how to lighten a serious discussion with humor and anecdotes that allows the people to feel relaxed and understand the seriousness of the topic without being as serious as heart attack. Pisani gave is that the was able to combine both the informative and persuasive patterns β†’

Freedom and my story

This is mostly because of the freedoms that I get to enjoy in America most of which are not at my disposal in my home country. When I am here in America, I can leave my house at anytime I wish to attend my friends' functions and other events since the country does not restrict β†’

Day at the culture expo event

The Ham was in the form of a long gown, a collar, and a wraps the right lapel over the left. The staple food for Chinese is rice that helps in the economic growth of the society.

Answering a question

The word motivated has been so wrongly used that even an expert in English will have to go through this sentence at least ten times in order to understand what the writer is trying to say. While reading at the first glance it seems the writer will send the most important work to whom he β†’

The picnic

We departed early on the day of the picnic in the face of some threatening weather. After lunch, Sherri and I went on a hiking path that we had totally underestimated the length of.

The notion of success in writing life by annie dillard

Since the very beginning of the story, Dillard provides the readers with the comparison between the lives of successful and the lesser successful people in life which also inspires an individual to work harder and better to prosper. Dillard also explores the psychological impact of fear that leads to failure and the insecurities an individual β†’

Of all the data about global warming and climate change that you have encountered, what concerns you the most

Concern about Global Warming and Climate Change One of my concerns relating to global warming and climate is the devastating effects that they cause to our beautiful planet earth. However, despite peoples' knowledge of these and other means of reducing effects global warming and climate change, the phenomenon is worsening.

Supporting the no child left behind program

The " No Child Left Behind " Program The " No Child Left Behind" program was instituted by the U.S. In spite of the criticisms the program faces, it is a program that is bound to bring a lot of positive change in the education sector.

Logic & reasoning discussion forum

This is called fallacious appeal to the past or appeal to tradition in which people are made to believe that anything that belongs to the past or has occurred in the past for long is better. The logic is that- how can the age of something relate to its efficiency?

Read nancy herthers digital natives and immigrants

Dana Fleming's Essay Critique Dana Fleming uses emotions as well as logic in her article Digital Natives and Immigrants: What Brain Research Tells Us to support her thesis that it is the responsibility college authorities to protect their students against the misuse of social media by treating their private posts according to school's code of β†’

Rhetoric and literature

The speech emanated after injustices felt by the Negros and it was to mark the end of captivity. The life of the Negros was the same after 100 years.

Reflective letter

My writing process and the final products portray the strengths and weaknesses of my work in this course. Indeed, my writing process manifests my strength in the formatting my works according to the referencing and formatting requirements.

Use example to treat medial omission english language essay

The above examples illustrate an extremely common feature of the process of designation in the headlines of Yoruba newspapers where the name of a tribe or an individual is used to refer to decisions, actions and representation of the whole. The effect of contriving rigidity in Yoru ba newspaper headlines is to make headlines more β†’


In this way, these benefits will be defined as the following: the means by which travel helps the individual to experience the world, the means by which travel allows for an interaction of new ideas/languages/people, and the means by which travel helps the individual traveler to bring back many of the ideas and understandings that β†’

Personal interpretation

The societies used their traditional practices as armors towards the pernicious impacts of the perpetual denigration culture of people in the society. The history of Hawaii gives us much information regarding the ancient heroes and heroines of the Land and their contributions in the land.

I pick number 3 in writing suggestion ( narrative assignment)

All of them unanimously wanted me to live my life with short hair but I exclaimed that life was only once and it was my right to live it the way I deemed it right. Eventually, with the passage of time, I noticed that these same people found that I looked good in long hair β†’

Primal dual column generation method english language essay

With this in mind, we carry out a second set of experiments for the CSP in which we have tested these strategies for three different values of $k$.egin{table}[H]setlength{abcolsep}{3pt}scriptsizecaption{Average results on $262$ instances of the CSP for the SCG, PDCGM and ACCPM adding up to $k$ columns at a time.} egin{adjustwidth}{-1in}{-1in}centering egin{tabular}{ccccccccccccccc}oprule& & multicolumn{3}{c}{extbf{SCG}} & multicolumn{3}{c}{extbf{PDCGM}} β†’

Case study example

Depending on the type of job that is being sought, across-the-board utilization of SAT scores to determine which applicant is best suited for a particular position is fruitless.2. The first thing to do in such a situation is to realize that the SAT ultimately measures to particular aspects of the individual.

The things they carried

Even though, the order is from above, he argues that the failure to address the safety of the group and issues of movement affected the reasoning and the initial belief of the job. The experience of the Cross was improved with the death of Kiowa.

Summary of an article

She tried to answer the question why many people are increasingly seeing marriage as no longer necessary, particularly on the heels of a PEW Research Center survey that found that marriage is losing its social, spiritual and symbolic appeal. She observed that wealth has been central to the changing dynamics of marriage since the 1960s.

Convince a client to visit a particular travel destination

Few of the major factors that can help in deciding the travel location are the purpose of the visit and the cash available to finance the visit. The city is also appreciated for its hospitality and it is commonly considered as a city that provides the best value for money.


Varghese is a research paper found on the web page of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Varghese is a Professor and former Head of the Educational Planning in New Delhi.

Brighton seaside

The history of Brighton seaside entails fishermen and farmers as the main inhabitants in the village of Brighton before any other invasion. In the 21st century, Brighton and Hove have grown into a world tourist attraction.

Difference between jobs in saudi arabia and in the u.s

Your full October 28, Comparison Essay Just like the American and the Saudi cultures are different in many social and cultural aspects, they also differ when it comes to jobs and workplaces. And if at all they do work, they are only allowed to join workplaces that are exclusively for women.

Literary theory

Analysis of the poem " last night" by Sharon Olds The poem concentrates around the theme of love. The great height of security that comes with the love experienced in the last night is also shown.

Your choice

What I would do differently if I was to rewrite the fallacies In the first fallacy of my essay, I d that my parentswere of the opinion that video are very dangerous and children should not be exposed to them at all. I considered this fallacy as an appeal to popular opinion as many people β†’

We all have dreams and aspirations english language essay

In order to achieve what you really want in life, to fulfill your dreams then you are going to have to let go of the way you have been doing things, you just have to make changes. I would go as far as to say if you want to get in control of your life, β†’

Week 2 journal

Speaker House Speaker John Boehner is being challenged by the public to bring the immigration reform bill to a vote in the House. The Legislature acknowledged the importance of undocumented immigrants to the society, and argued how vital it is to integrate them to the society.

Explication of a poem

Langston Hughes may have spoken about the river in the poem but this poem does not literally talked about the idyllic or the pastoral quietness of the river but rather the deep struggle that they have been." The Negro Speaks of Rivers" is actually a political statement of a Negro of his struggle often beset β†’

I saw anne frank die

I Saw Anne Frank Die [Type the document sub [Pick the The story is about the conditions of people who were residing in concentration camps at Bergen-Belsen. The author was unable to tell this story earlier since she is of the opinion that during her stay at the concentration camps, the feelings of human beings β†’

Principle of affirmative action

Principle of Affirmative Action Affirmative Action is a policy or a program that seeks to redress the past discrimination against women or minority groups in the society through efficient measures to ensure equal economic and educational opportunities. Affirmative action as a means to Social Equality: As the affirmative action is based on the notion of β†’

A reflective of the pain scale by eula biss

Teacher A reflection of " The Pain Scale" by Eula Biss Eula Biss article en d The Pain Scale is an interesting write because it attempted to measure pain by establishing a pain scale to reference pain so to speak. It is limited because pain is universal albeit how we feel it varies in degree β†’


To help you answer this question, you might consider: - - - the various different parts of the ' emergency kit' and what they mean for you the ways in which the poet creates a voice and attitude for the speaker and reveals how he sees life the impact and imagery of the last four β†’

Vigo county public day sale

In addition, it is a corporate responsibility event that entails promoting a reading culture for the library and the individual lives. I learnt that a library is an essential property for the society.

Free writing journal

I felt anger and frustration at how the men in the story treated women's things and activities as trifles, useless, senseless things. This short story makes the reader realize that women are really in touch with their own nature and they are often misunderstood by men.


Seth Godin has introduced a trend in the retail business in his conclusion by reiterating two somewhat radical concepts, first, that design is free and that design rules, and second, that safe is risky because a product needs to be remarkable. A product which is out of the ordinary would grab the attention of the β†’

Microtheme 2: applying a source as a lens

From the perspective of using a source as a lens in applying a concept or a claim to the analysis of a test object and in this case the film Welcome to the Dollhouse. The thesis by Cohen of a monster representing people's hidden desires helps in analysing the scenes where Dawn is alone with β†’

Race as a social construct/white privilege

Of the five, the one that I find as most common is the claim that " races have genetically determined differences in athletic and musical ability". The reason this is said to be the most common is that there seem to be a lot of real life experiences and facts that seem to justify this β†’

To his coy mistress by andrew marvell

To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell Objective ive The of the poem is based on a person that attempts to tell his love his love through a story Poet The poet is presented as someone with experience in love issues, as he talks about things that they would like to do together with his β†’


Similarly Schrader is of the opinion film noir is not a particular movie that portrays the nighlife of urban areas and he further added that a film noir is not even a film that is create don the subject of corruption and criminality. He states that during the early period of the 1940s, movies such β†’

A little learning is a dangerous thing

We thought that our culture and background is similar to that of the Middle East and hell broke lose when we applied my cultural understanding in Saudi Arabia. Our mode of dressing was just like we are used to at home, and this seemed weird to the countrymen of Saudi Arabia.

Anthem and the bet

Anthem and the Pet In the novel Anthem and the Bet, equality is the basis of a utopian society. People have the same thinking and in case one had a different thinking, then he would be detained for corrections in the palace.

Reading response

A few of the advantages according to the author are that the landscaping that is edible in nature can look good. Growing kitchen gardens at the front and the back lawn can never solve the looming agricultural shortages because the problem is extensive and at a large scale.

Writing the report roanoke, virginia branch

The employees were demoralized hence the quality of the products was substandard c. Finally, the Chief Executive Officer of the branch was kindly requested to review the budget of the branch.