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Gender 29)at this point it’s clear that

If she would marry him they would not have to worry about the future. " The brothers were brought up to be men. The Vicario brothers were brought up to be men.

Quiz: emotion and job satisfaction

Which of the following is an example of being an efficient company? a.operating at the lowest possible cost while yielding a higher output b.reating the highest customer satisfaction ratings c.meeting the production schedule d.obtaining the highest market share e.maximizing diversity at high cost 3._____ is discretionary behavior that is not part of an employee's formal →

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10 defense mechanisms essay

Intellectualization: Focusing on only intellectual parts of a situation to avoid direct emotional ties with it Ex) My sister and " Make a Wish Foundation" have done everything possible to keep my niece happy while she is still with us by taking her on a cruise and doing things my niece wants to do to →

Concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health essay sample

Once the individual is able to understand the concept of diversity, this will then allow them to authorize their patients or clients, this is because they are treating them as who they are and normal individuals in society. It is important that the care worker or practitioner values their clients this is because, the →

Although and realizes family is more imortant that

He begins to think about Florence and the fact that he now he wants her the most to be with him, in spite of his caruelty to her for years. While thinking of Florecnce, hre rarlizes that Florence is the on unchanged thing in his life, and is redeemed because of his meaness and rejection →

Passion vs reason in the play medea

In the play Medea, the protagonist Medea learns that her husband Jason breaks every vow and betrays her by taking another woman to bed. Feeling outraged and hurt, Medea decides to take revenge. The main characters express an extremity of either passion or reason which leads them to their own downfall; moreover, →

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Rikki tikki tavi theme

In the short story, " Risk Tick Davit" by Rudyard Kipling, the primary theme of the story is the Idea of good versus evil. Risk's protectiveness Is evident at the beginning of the story when he went to bed with Teddy, the young boy.

The cold war essay

While the 'why' or ' what happened' is still being argued out over time the 'what' is very clear. One of the main reasons of the Cold War was that there were huge differences in the way that the East and West were led and as many know disagreements usually lead to conflict. The Truman →

Personalized conflict & personal

The other reason why personalized conflict is not a good thing is that it is about emotions of the individuals unlike the substantive which is about issues. This means that efforts to solve the problem may never work because none of the party is interested in coming up with a solution, in →

Seeing the world through a broken heart

Our hearts have been broken and now see things in their most naked honest state, and so, it refuses to rest. What is a broken heart? A broken heart simply is an honest heart. It is a shallow reason but it is enough to cause man to want to →

Touching the void accounts comparison essay

The verb ' sharp' has connotations of knife and pain, suggesting that the cold is another type of pain he gives himself to make him forget about the other form of pain. In conclusion, Joe's determination and restraints are struggling against physical pains and overwhelming emotions, unlike Simon who innately reacts sharp-mindedly and perceptively to →

How to build online business trust in the philippines

A Trust Mark Seal Certification is probably the easiest and most effective way of building trust in your business. Having a Business Verification Trustmark will tell your clients that you are a serious company that cares about ethics, security and reliability. Localized service is key to choosing a Trust Mark.

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Analysis of deposition essay

While we look at this figure, our eyes are look upward to the arm upon hers, which is Virgin Maria's. Then lead by this figure's wired gesture and pointing, our eyes are now looking at the female figure on the left of this painting with a pink headscarf. And also, we can barely see any →

Movie – my name is khan essay

As far as depiction of Shahrukh as an autistic child is concerned, though he is unable to express his emotions but understands the love of his mother very well. His younger brother is jealous of the affection he gets and often revolts and later moves to US. His mother often told him That there are →

Article review on sport psychology

The assumption for this study was that the athletes would not give an attribution unless prompted to do so. It was sought to test the information that individuals can give after a match and after getting the results, whether positive or negative. The outcomes of the two studies indicated that individuals are more likely to →

Analyzing a visual

The ad further draws on the emotions of the viewers when the written words appear in the ad. This is distracting to the advertisements audience because for the people the rest of the ad is geared toward, the incentive will not make a difference in encouraging them to donate.

Professional workplace dilemma paper essay

The next day one of the students came to me and expressed concern for my safety because the previous day she witnessed Bob stating that he knew how to take care of the problem here and pointed at my back as in shooting a gun and clicked. He was also heard telling some students that →

Helping hands essay

I am most passionate about volunteering and helping people who is willing to have my help. The passion I have for helping persons started when I was at a young age. I should say that I really started with the passion of helping others when I was able to help out at my church →

Abstract 1989b; wissing & van eeden, 2002). psychological

AbstractThis study was aimed at finding predicting role of resilience forEmotional Intelligence and psychological well-being.the A sample of 200Hostelite students completed questionnaires that measured individualdifferences in Emotional Intelligence, psychological well-being and resilience, and. Findings indicate significant positive relationships between Emotionalintelligence, Psychological Well-being and resilience. To investigate the relationship of emotionalintelligence and psychological well-being and →


Effects Negative stress can have a detrimental effect on an individual's performance at work as well as progressing into negatively affecting teams and whole companies. They may become defensive and their performance at work will suffer as they refuse to take on board the suggestions given or procrastinate over tasks.

What is language and its importance essay

Language is the most complex form of communication. IMPORTANCE OF LANGUAGE language is important because it is a symbolic communication system that is learned instead of biologically inherited. Language is the light of the mind. Language, of course, is knowledge, and in our world today knowledge is one of the key factors in competitiveness.

What is the conflict between elizabeth and john proctor?

It is important for Miller to create tension within the play to keep the audience interested; he uses this technique in Act two with great affect. The audience is already aware of the Proctors strained relationship following John's affair with Abigail, and Miller highlights the damage that has been done by the affair perfectly in →

To what extent should we trust our senses to give us the truth

In a simple context of analyzing an art piece, for instance in the process of analyzing the nuance of the work, our interpretations of what we see tend to be bounded with the language that we know. The emotions that we get from viewing the art piece, for example, can be described with adjectives.

When is a method of life, rather

According to the World Health Organization , there are also different aspects that contribute and impact a person health such as their: family and friends, education or job, body, spirit and mind, and these all need to balance to ensure good health. When talking about the physical health of someone it applies to how →

Love and deception ( the chaser)

Akshay decides to help Pooja by grabbing the money for her because he is in love with her, Akshay tries to rob Vikram but gets caught. But if it starts by deception it's not a true love and it always ends the relationship with your lover or spouse.

An analysis of “the house”

Kim Krupp Pepe uses self-definition when she says, " My sisters and brother and I grew up there." Another example of self-definition in the selection is revealed in paragraph five when Kim says, " All my childhood memories still live in that house and out in the fields and woods." Throughout the article, she supports →

Interpersonal communications essay sample

The object of this paper is to examine the effectiveness of interpersonal communication. The paper will discuss how human service professionals can help by learning the standards of clients of a different culture.

Emotional intelligence

Put yourself in the role of a social worker at the macro level and who is using macro practice skills to effect planned changed within the field of practice you selected. For example, you might be working at the Department of Health and Human Services and your job is to develop better programs and services →

While stereotype the majority of society held

While it may not be technically true, men and a sizeable portion of women tend to believe that women will never rise to the level of power and respect that men seem to enjoy, simply because women are perceived as the weaker gender because generally they are physically weaker than men. To prove this →

Santa ana

In the first paragraph, she describes the wind as " uneasy" and " tense". She states that the wind " whines" through the canyons and " dries the nerves to a flash point".

Defense mechanisms essay sample

Assertiveness Assertiveness is the emphasis of a person's needs or thoughts in a manner that is respectful, direct and firm. Reaction formation is the fixation in consciousness of an idea, affect, or desire that is opposite to a feared unconscious impulse.

Emotional intelligence abstract

Emotional intelligence is simply understanding ourselves and others, and acting in the best interest of ourselves and others. The Emotional Intelligence test had questions that were to be answered on a sliding scale, from one side being strongly disagree to the other end being strongly agree. The questions were about my feelings →

The impact of emotional intelligence on sales and business

In a world that continues to innovate technologically, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to try to remain ahead of the competition, and it is clarified with this paper that one way to do this is by understanding how to use emotional intelligence to establish customerloyaltyand good brand appeal. The interaction →

Rational emotive behavior therapy (rebt)

It was a long day in the office and I was about to leave when a young lady come running into my office with her mother saying that they needed my assistance, so as the wonderful therapist that I am took out my pen and paper and started listening, the girl →

Artifacts sets of data; sad, neutral, and

The analysis of theattachment style will be performed at each level of processing, i.e.rapidfacial mimicry and delayed facial mimicry, whereas the analysis for the degreeof impulsivity for the whole time-window. A significant interaction found in anANOVA , including all subjects, if in the expecteddirection, will be interpreted as a mimicking reaction. The expected directionsare →

Effect of colors on the brain and on emotions

The purpose of the study was to see if the brain responses differently while looking at different colors and to see if there were any connections between color and emotions. 18% of participants said they were attracted to the color red and the rest of 27% was distributed equally among the color white, blue and →

Causes of frustration

The frustrations are of 2 types 1) Internal 2) External The main hypothesis we concluded is that people in Pakistan, especially our youth has developed a psyche to transfer their burden on others and criticize others. According to our findings and research we have find that frustration could of 2 types 1) Internal 2) External →

Jealousy the urge to want more, is essentially

No matter what these things may be Such as a new job position, lifestyle, or even possession of certain objects The urge to want more, is essentially never ending. It often turns into an obsession for money and power Leading to a loss of personal values and sense of one's actions. Those who are considered →

Does she encourage thinness?

Little best examples the detrimental results of Barbie on children than the reputed decision of one adult woman to request that a plastic surgeon recreate her body and face to mirror Barbie's. When examined closely, however, the woman and, eventually, society learned that Barbie, if created as ahuman being, would have feet →


Pablo Picasso was unsure of the subject of the painting until the bombing occurred. Death is a main theme of " Guernica", from the dead bird in the background to the severed arm in the fore ground.


One way Amir confronts his fears and acts courageously is when he puts his own life in danger to save the life of a child. He overcomes the fears and failures that haunt his past, and becomes a person of great courage, one who is truly respected because he is willing to do what others →

Social control theory vs. conflict theory

Before one can apply the Social Bond theory, they must first have a firm understanding of its definition, which can be accurately described by Hirschi as, " Elements of social bonding include attachment to families, commitment to social norms and institutions , involvement in activities, and the belief that these things are →

Father and sons essay

The older generation prefers to stick to the principles and beliefs that the forefathers have handed down while the newer generation is fast to embrace new ideas and culture, thinking that the new system will bring about great progress in their lives. This is made evident when he acts upon his attraction to Fenichka and →

my grandfather essay sample

My grandfather's presence influenced me to not be a shadow of the world, to be hard working, and to be empathetic towards others. My grandfather greatly influenced me to not be a follower of the world. I was reading " Jack and The Bean's Stalk" when, I impulsively said to my grandfather, " I →

The scarlet letter topics essay

Hawthorne immediately makes it clear of how Hester feels about Pearl: Pearl is Hester only erasure, but also her biggest dread. As Hawthorne writes, " But she named the Infant ' Pearl', as being of great price purchased with all she had, her mother's only treasurer Day after day, she looked fearfully into the child's →

Communication barriers essay sample

In this booklet I will explain 6 of the barriers to effective communication that can occur in the Nursing home. Health issues When a patient is feeling ill most of the home worker may not be able to communicate as effectively as when the patient is feeling well. The patient may →

Which strategies for conflict resolution would you employ?

This essay will attempt to determine the true meaning and motives for ethnic conflict. It will then examine what the " strategies" for resolving ethnic conflict are, and examine the application of these strategies as the causes and resolutions to various conflicts throughout the globe. Furthermore they are likely to want this →

My lai – culpability of guilt

Most of all, would these factors absolve them of guilt? In order to understand the culpability of guilt, one needs to clearly understand what actually occurred in the village of My Lai on the day of the incident. March 16th, 1968: A company of the 23rd Infantry Division commanded by Lt. This description of the →

They army was addicted to heroin. this

The war is a stressed situation and they were in contactwith fellow soldiers who were consuming heroin. One of the influencing factorsthat lead to formation of any behavior is surrounding environment. For example-if you are the only person who does not consumeheroin and all your surrounding people are consuming in front of you, then theystart →

Courage essay

He is one of the main characters and is the basis of the story " To Kill a Mockingbird." Tom is sort of like the underlying hero in a way. I think Tom had courage because he walked by the Ewell place (knowing the kind of people they are), also for sticking around after the →

The attitude of confucius towards women

The Attitude of Confucius towards Women Introduction No one would not recognize that Confucius until now has a great impact not only to China and to its neighbors such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam but as well as to other countries that his teachings had traveled through. According to →

Neurotransmitters and their respective receptors in cancer growth essay

Besides the anti-proliferation consequence of catecholamine on malignant neoplastic disease growing, surveies from different groups have validated that NE or E can strongly bring on the migration and invasion of assorted malignant neoplastic disease cells in vitro and drive the metastasis development of primary tumours in vivo. The chief mechanism of anti malignant neoplastic disease →

W.s. l.p. hatley/ analysis essay

The excerpt is not homogeneous: the narration is interrupted by the elements of description; inner thoughts and feelings of the main character are imperceptibly interwoven with the narration. The very structure of the story adds to the effect of implication but the actual meaning of what is going on is not clear at the beginning →

A critical appreciation of “from the prelude” by william wordsworth essay sample

This occurrence makes a great impact on him as he changes from feelings of ecstasy to brooding as feelings of loneliness, darkness and " blank desertion" overtake his mind and thought process. The " huge, peak, black and huge" intimidated him. It is his conscience that comes between him and stealing the boat. →

Primal fear reflection

A serious bipolar disorder would cause me to struggle with their emotions and be able to understand what they were doing and how I could help them. My family members are very important to me and I would go out of my way to help them if they were diagnosed with a serious mental disorder.

Essay on the three perspective voices

The first- person perspective is utilized directly to communicate the deep thoughts of the narrator, and the narrator's story revolves around himself or herself. The narrator uses the he or she perspectives to convey plot, which shows his or her voice is not involved in the story.

Effective negotiation & conflict resolution

When in the negotiation process it is beneficial to look at these different layers of the Wheel of Conflict to help determine the source of the conflict at hand. However, if the focus is on the interests of each side, then it is possible to come to a solution that is beneficial to all sides.

Ethnic and religious conflict in nigeria

The history of ethnicity and ethnic conflicts in Nigeria is also traced back to the colonial transgressions that forced the ethnic groups of the northern and southern provinces to become an entity called Nigeria in 1914. This was a major seed of conflict that is still troubling Nigeria today. This article is →

There hire a caregiver. the caregiver will be

Alzheimer's is a type of disorder that can be caused by a brain disease or an injury. It affects someone's memory and behavior which is why it is considered to be a type of dementia. The caregiver will be the one in charge of the person with Alzheimer's and their job is to help with →

Sample research paper on single subject research

In this study the measurement of Inter observer reliability was redundant as the dependent variable was simply a numerical value that was calculated from the facial expression signals of the participant. Independent variable In this study, the independent variable was the speech that was recited by the actress during the study. - The independent variable →

Categories of non-verval communication

CATEGORIES OF NON-VERVAL COMMUNICATION Body movements, gestures and postures Kinesics is the interpretation of body language such as facial expressions and gestures or, more formally, non-verbal behavior related to movement, either of any part of the body or the body as a whole. List of idioms concerning FACIAL EXPRESSION: - to face someone down →

Percent of marriages end in divorce

Kelly, in an article for the Journal Of the American Academy Of Child and Adolescent psychiatry says, " children incorporate repertoires of angry, impulsive, and violent behavior into their own behavior as a result of observing their parents' responses to frustration and rage. This is something that many children that witness the divorce of their →

Extremely loud and incredibly close essay sample

Was it just something for work, or more? " Just because you are an atheist, that does not mean you would not love for things to have reasons for why they are".Commentary #1 This was one of my favorite quotes out of the entire book because I question religion all the time so, it →

Belonging: the crucible.hotel california, painting 1977 22/25

The last verse of the song gives the impression that the singer/writer does not belong and is trying to leave. As well as the unwillingness to leave, the mood of the song is isolated and this pertains to not belonging, which relates to the feelings of Tituba in the crucible.

Believe: positive psychology and positive attitude

Chat with a smile on your face, let people around you know that you are confident and enthusiastic. All this needs you to " believe in yourself".

Reflection journal essay sample

Module 1: Driving is Your Responsibility: Please answer the following questions in complete sentences using proper spelling and grammar: Complete the K-W-L information below. K- What you Know List two things you know about driving. 1. Always focus on signs and signals. W What you Want to know →

The disorder and is diagnosed in children above

Autism is aGreek word which means " isolated self", Autism Spectrum Disorder is abrain disorder which is related to inability to understand emotions andgestures, social awkwardness, disconnected to people in surroundings, failureto read or write or speak fluently, repeatable behaviour6, etc. , are thesymptoms of this disorder. It isrelated to " Spectrum" of symptoms, level →

Just be nice

He believes that society as a whole group must work together to handle things better, so that society may learn to love each one another again and not just tolerate other people. Carter also believes people are mean to each other because they have the right to be and can get away →

Comparing anorexia and bulimia essay examples

Thus, teens resort to all kinds of methods just to keep themselves " in" with the crowd, even if it means hurting themselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Defining Anorexia and Bulimia Anorexia is " characterized by self-starvation and excessive weight loss".. After consuming food, they find ways to expel the food they just had →

There are three solutions to prevent adult depression,

There are three solutions to prevent adult depression, which includes recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression and seek therapies for depression, getting and providing support and reduce stress. First, recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression could help patients seek medical treatment earlier in order to prevent the worsening of the situation and →

Tough guise video essay

The person begins to believe in this social image so fanatically that it gradually expands and suppresses the real self. Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity.

Informative speech dreams essay

Then at about the minute mark the dreams mainly occur, the dreams happen in the rapider movement stage of sleep-? w hen brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. REAM sleep is revealed by continuous move nuts of the eyes during sleep. Your eyes alone also have a →

Romeo and juliet (love) essay

Romeo fell in love very easily and quickly which was a downside of his attitude. His longing for love made him make foolish decisions and it put him in a bad position with Juliet as his new love. All of these different opinions show how people do not always have to agree on a certain →

Alex he reluctantly admits that he lost

The society in the novel is broken down by a caste system which is comprised of Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and the Epsilons. This caste system is made possible through test-tube babies and hypnotism, which results in a preconceived caste system comprised of intelligent humans meant for superior positions and conversely, humans with next to →

literature of singapore

While Singaporean literary works may be considered as also belonging to the literature of their specific languages, the literature of Singapore is viewed as a distinct body of literature portraying various aspects of Singapore society and forms a significant part of thecultureof Singapore. Literature in all four official languages has →

Reflections theory

One of the advantage of Johns reflective model is that there is a clear Beginning and an end meaning the person looking back on their experience has a clear outline on where to begin and the process used in the reflection. They both talk about what happened and try to make sense of the situation. →

“twelfth night” by william shakespeare essay sample

Bearing in mind this fact, it is safe to say that Orsino's perspective of love and his viewpoint is one that is totally superficial and shallow in nature. The effect that love has on Olivia is so overwhelming that it drives her to deviate from the norms which a Countess of noble stature should abide →

Social argued that cbt confuses the symptoms of

Social phobia is a disorder where people have fear of being negatively assessed by the society and eventually avoid contacts within the society after showing significant symptoms of anxieties in social situations. (" How to Deal with Social Anxiety, Social Phobia and Shyness | THIS WAY UP," 2018). CBT is a therapy that aimed to →

The type of skills managers need to successfully manage conflict in their organizations essay

A manager should not give preferential treatment to people, like his friends or a person with whom he owes anything. The manager should always align his thinking in a way that he always thinks of the benefit of the organization first and foremost. These skills would allow a manager to perform his work better without →

Childrens physical creative social and emotions education essay

However older kids will accommodate a different usage of ICT e.g.utilizing a computing machine to finish category activities or to utilize a digital camera to take a exposure of a category function drama. It is common for misss to bask playing with speech production dolls ; hence supplying this kind of plaything to a immature →

Web impactful bring in iconic and inspiring

Web outlets stand and represent the company, the image ofyou, and the importance of what you want to sell. Many designers will beginwith mood-boards, wireframes and other working prototypes. There has to be a lot of care and thought put into what will go onthe website and how it will work cohesively with the →

Why this statement couldn’t be anymore wrong. iago

Iago is manipulative and deceiving, that's why he's responsible for all the deaths in the play Othello. To start off, Othello was Iago's main target ever since the beginning of the play. So, in order for Iago to get what he wanted, he had to ruin Othello's relationships and reputation.

Schizophrenia and go, all depending on the

Signs and symptoms may vary, and also have the possibility to come and go, all depending on the person.While signs begin occurring sooner in men than women, signs have a tendency to appear between the ages of 16 and 30. These signs and symptoms involve one being convinced of false beliefs that do not exist →

Respect and disrespect in the united states army

When a person enlists into the military life, they swear to obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over them, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Therefore, military discipline should be a priority in every soldiers life to give respect to →

Emic and etic essay sample

His speech was more complex and he got a certain point across to the crowd. Antony used his feelings to reason with the crowd.

Music appreciation paper

When the song " the house of Marcus Lycus" starts to play, this song is made more dancing then singing the pitch is low, form was verse then instrumental, the tempo moderato, and dynamic mezzo forte. This song has a lot of bras and saxophone. The next song " lovely" where tone →

The through the pre-practicum classes allowed me

The basic belief ofthe cognitive orientation is that a change in thoughts will have a consequentchange in behaviours and emotions.This approach feels the most natural to me within the counseling set-up becausethis is the approach that I adopt in my personal life with success. It is essential for counselors on college campuses to implementapproaches that →

Throughout she commits suicide. lady macbeth’s character is

She is presented to the audience as power hungry and to an extent manipulative at the beginning to the play and by the end is almost unrecognisable by the audience due to the extensive change in her mental state. While Lady Macbeth is conveyed with radical personal changes, her relationship at the start of the →

According good will and become true christians. we

All three religions have reasons why they do not agree to racism and no other not to disagree because Christians are all descended from God, Buddha told us not to behave badly, and God told us to treat others equally with generosity. First, all Christians, Buddhists, and Catholic Churches oppose racism because favouritism is not →

Jung typology test result essay sample

First of all, embracing the values of honesty, dedication and dignity, people with the ESTJ personality type are valued for their clear advice and guidance, and we happily lead the way on difficult paths. Our opinions are not just empty talk either, as ESTJs are more than willing to dive into the most challenging projects, →

When not to forgive essay sample

The best example of some of the dangers of forgiveness is in The Sunflower by Simon Wisenthal. I do not believe that Simon should have forgiven Karl for three reasons, Simon cannot forgive on behalf of others, Simon has no reason to forgive on his own behalf, and Karl is not deserving of forgiveness.

Living in fear of ourselves

In Lord of the Flies it clearly shows how fear led to the death of Simon, the death of Piggy, and how fear can lead to savagery and chaos whether on a deserted island or in every day life. Instead of exploring the island and finding out what they were afraid of , Ralph and →

Chapter too near together: for the pillars

Even in that imagination she thinks to escapefrom the loneliness and longing to meet her parents to feel comfortable withthe help of eagle in her dream. Thisshows the state of Rani's loneliness in Appanna's home. Then the cobrastarted to seek the love of Rani in the form of her husband Appanna due to itschanging form →

Science a boon or a ban essay

Yet the problems is whether science is a boon or bane to society. Science is truth, truth is beauty and beauty is god. Science is the torchbearer of civilisations. Is science really a bane?

Sociocultural influences on a person’s attitude towards physical exercise and heath

Much of what we say and do is motivated by a desire to appear likeable, to gain social approval, to solidify group membership, to manage self-image, or to gain social support. Sociocultural factors that influence a person's attitude towardsHealthand Physical exercise can be classified into three groups: Self-presentation;

To what extent is this true and how important is this conflict to the novel as a whole?

Despite this being the primary theme of the novel we are also presented with a number of conflicts of a different nature. The main conflict of the novel is that existing between sex and religion, as embodied by Catherine and Michael. Michael admits to this failing in Chapter 16, " Michael was aware now...that it →