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Psychological contracts

Psychological contracts change over time considering the fact that the needs and expectations of employees and their organisations also change over time. Irrespective of the generation of employees that work in a company, management must continue to cater for the expectations of all its employees.

Request for payment

I have to warn you that you have already been charged 3% a month in adition to payment for the late remittance as is stated in our terms and conditions. I have to warn you that you have already been charged 3% a month in adition to payment for the late remittance as it is →

Investigation to find the water potential of potato and carrot tubers

C2 and C3 As the concentration of the sucrose solution increases, the average percentage change in mass decreases in the potato tubers and this is the same as in the carrot tubers. At low concentrations of sucrose solutions the mass of the carrot and potato tubers increases due to water moving into the protoplast of →

Contract law free on board fob cif

General picture of a FOB contract can be congregated from the case of Wimble & Sons v Rosenberg & Sons which describes it as a contract for the sale of goods where the seller which in this case is Patina who agrees to deliver the goods over the ship's rail and the buyer or Luca →

California budget

The answer to fixing the budget is not hurting the agencies that have help the state rather than hurt them. A furlough is unpaid time off given to government employees for the purpose of reducing the state's budget.

Breach of contract

If one of the parties fails to carry out their side of the agreement then the party can be said to be in breach of contract. The Terms and Conditions If a contract dispute is brought to the law courts then great emphasis will be placed on the terms and conditions of the contract.

Tender-invitation to treat-contract law

Contract Law Presented by Kerra Bazzey Contract Law Formation of a Contract Terms of a Contract Discharge of a Contract Remedies for Breach of a Contract Formation of a Valid and Enforceable Contract Offer Acceptance Consideration Intention to Create Legal Relations Privity of Contract Capacity to Contract Must not be illegal or contrary to public →

Supplier selection for the contract of gh’s hazardous waste disposal

And as per the above schedule GH procurement department of analysis and evaluation of two elements price and service, the analysis results for the main three suppliers A have got the best service, supplier B have the best price, and the supplier C is out of the competition because his offer is not clear about →

 business law case

The baby chicks require a continuous supply of a oxygen to survive and the necessary equipment for that purpose is connected to the electric power supplies to the farm. He had taken further precaution of having a battery-operated powerfailuredetector in his bedroom so that if the electrical power in the farmhouse failed, a warning signal →

Legal and regulatory framework

The significance of specialist terms in the contract Example: " Final interpretation of the business" " Holidays cannot be used" The significance of the specialist term: " Final interpretation" owned by the business belongs to a typical no-trade clause. In a contract of sale, other than one to which subsection below applies, there is an →

Business law case analysis

Toward the end of the second month, the bank withdraws the offer. The bank withdrew the loan offer prior to the advertised allotted time and prior to Sam applying for the loan.

Mgt 520 final exam study

If you are unable to enter the Final Exam, contact first the help desk and then your instructor.* You will always be able to see the time remaining in the Final Exam at the top right of the page. Submitting Your Final Exam: When you are finished with the Final Exam, click on the " →

Problem analysis contract law

The general rule is that the intention of the parties should be assessed objectively, as in Smith v Hughes LORD 6 CB 597 where Blackburn] stated that the promises conduct should be considered in a way that appears to a reasonable man. Communication of acceptance Whilst communication of acceptance is needed in the usual case, →

How contract breaches affect businesses

A contract, if properly formed, is legally binding and all parties to a contract are required to perform their respective obligations under the contract, failing which legal action can be taken. Afailureor refusal to perform one's obligations under the contract will be called a " breach" of the contract.

English contract problems in indian code and case law

This means that the offeror is bound when the offeree posts the letter of acceptance so as to be out of the reach of the offeree and the offeree is bound when the offeror receives the letter. The other reason is that the post office is considered to be the agent for both the offeror →

Strict liability in business law

402A of Restatement of Torts, 1977 enunciates that seller of any defective product which is unreasonably dangerous to the user or consumer is subject to liability for physical harm thereby caused to the ultimate user or consumer, or to his property, if the product is expected to and does reach the user or consumer without →

Business law case: oral agreement

The agreement here is oral and it is really hard to prove in the court that there was an agreement. In doing as such, there will be an onus to feature the key terms of the agreement and to demonstrate the presence of the fundamental components.

Where value rests: in price and in deed

The cost of the contract has been the basis of and has set the price of the tickets we have been selling. It is the position of the student activities committee to immediately look into ways and means to avoid the scalping of the tickets for this concert.

Notes on contracts in law

Without any learning of the terms and conditions, Nathan, unconscious of the three-year term contract he wishes to return the product and withdraw the contract. Under the substance of the agreement, the legitimate rights accessible to Nathan are; the attempt to sue for 1 misrepresentation, unfair contract terms or unconscionable conduct.

The interpretation of legal terms about contractual

OBLIGATIONS Conditions and requirements for granting authorizations ) The authorizations may be granted on such conditions and requirements in order to ensure: a) the proper performance of the activities permitted by the authorization b) the financial contribution inmoneyor a contribution in hydrocarbons c) national security d) public safety e) publichealthf) security of transport g) protection →

You’re a contract painkiller

The purpose of this essay is to describe the remarkable properties of Aspirin, to help relieve from different types of pain, and how Aspirin has formed and the mechanism by which it provides instant relief from the pain. By this, it has really help understand the overall functioning and mechanism of an aspirin in an →

Hollywood conflict ultimately a valid question

The question of the respective interests of the two sides in the Hollywood conflict is ultimately a valid question in light of the article. The clearest separation between the two sides shown in the article is that of the guilds versus the producers or movie houses.

Case portfolio on business law cases: roe vs wade

The court in reaching this decision put into consideration the provisions of the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. The statutes contravened the rights of a woman to privacy as provided for in the constitution and thus had to be declared null and void.

Rein and contract law

" The parties to an executory contract are often faced, in the course of carrying it out, with a turn of events which they did not at all anticipate a wholly abnormal rise or fall in prices, a sudden depreciation of currency, an unexpected obstacle to the execution, or the like. The contract was frustrated →

Current issues in business law

In this same connection, there is a uniform commercial code which has by now been adopted in all the parts of every state within the United States which tends to be the main primary authority which governs the business transactions. Despite the fact that uniform commercial code normally controls so many aspects →

Ownership right in current south african law

The assertions made by the well known Constitutional Court judge seem to suggest otherwise, as he believes that the current iteration of the common law view of property still carries vast remnants of the Apartheid past, further suggesting the authoritarian traits of the latter still persist. These limitations do seek to protect the interests of →

Contract and offer

As per Sec 2 of the contract act " When one person signifies to another his willingness to do or abstain from doing anything, with a view to obtaining the assent of that others to such act or abstinence is said to make a proposal". The word offer of the English →

Capacity contract law

This means that the seller will be ready and willing to give possession of the goods to the buyer in exchange for the price, and the buyer will be ready and willing to pay the price in exchange for possession of the goods. However, before look on the section 32 of the →

Twc and miramax

If the cost of starting their own distribution company teamed with a higher cost to distribute the movies brings In a higher revenue than the cost of purchasing ETC teamed with distributing the movies at a lower cost than It would be better to start their own distribution company and vice versa.. ETC could definitely →

Business law. tutorial 2 1: ali and abu

Advise Abu. Referring to section 2 of Contracts Act1950, the use of the words " has done or abstained from doing" imply that even if the act was prior to the promise, such an act would constitute consideration so long as it is done at the desire of the promise. In →

Remedies for breach of contract reading

1-When a contract is breached, the party in breach is generally required to pay damages to the injured party. What is the purpose of awarding such damages? In order to recover damages, there must be: a breach of the contract loss suffered by the plaintiff which is caused by such breach, the loss →

Business law: exemption clause

He is entitled for reimbursement because the notice in the room did not form part of the contract between himself and Y. He became aware of this policy after the contract was made and therefore it cannot form part of the contract. This means that the exemption must be in a contract →

Liquidated damages vs penalty: are causation and loss required

In discerning the true nature of the contract and the compensation payable, the court must have regard to the terms and inherent circumstances at the time of the making of the contract and not at the time the breach occurred. The terms used by the parties are not conclusive and the court is not bound →

Business law cases summary

Principle: In the self service system, the offer is made by customer at the checkout point of sales while the acceptance is made by the cashier at the checkout point of sales as well.2. Acceptance Is an absolute and unqualified assent to the terms of the offer, made in the manner specified or →

Achieving greatness

He had a garden in his back yard, when he would get home from work he would go straight back to his shed and start gardening. He would put a check in the offering every time. Ben's loving personality was shown when he was in the garden, playing with his dog, Duke, or →

Fraud invalidates a contract

Week Four Assignment As our textbook explains fraud invalidates a contract." The presence of fraud affects the authenticity of the innocent party's consent to a contract. Normally, the innocent party can either cancel the contract and be restored to her or his original position or enforce the contract and seek damages for harms resulting from →

Course: contract and liquid chemical co.

Alternative A: It is the status quo.(i.e., Liquid Chemical Co.will continue making the containers and performing maintenance.) Alternative B: Liquid Chemical Co.will continue making the containers, but it will outsource the maintenance to Packages, Inc. Identify the relevant costs for each of the four alternatives, and explain why these costs are relevant to →

Discount and hawkins

Developer needed to be sure that the retailer would perform the best they can and they needed to be safe in case the Marketplace wanted to make sudden changes after signing the contract, like changing the location too soon. The Retailer's aspiration level was to have the contract signed for a period →

Introduction fasam system

Creating a prototype: The input for this will come from the requirements document. The outcome of this will be a working prototype of the system. This process will only cover the developing of a fire and security threat system.

Treibacher industrie

Treibacher introduced evidence of the parties' prior dealings to show that the parties, in their course of dealings (extending over a seven-year period), understood the term " consignment" to mean that TDY had a binding obligation to pay for all of the TaC specified in each contract but that Treibacher would delay billing TDY for →

Informative essay on business law

Frank's participation in Acme's bribery could come back to him in the form of a reputation in his industry, which could impede his future employability. This could be a future problem for Frank in that he will not develop he necessary skills he needs for ethical sales, which will mean that he will most likely →

Introduction and client care issues

It may be that an agreement was entered into when Ebenezer left as a director and as this has not been presented here, it is assumed that no such contract exists and therefore the advice being provided will be on the basis that no such contract does, in fact, exist. The advice here is broadly →

Business law. hire purchase

The owner then hires the goods to the hirer under a hire purchase agreement.[pic] Hire Purchase Transaction Hire Purchase Act 1967 is an act to regulate the form and contents of hire-purchase agreements and the rights and duties of parties to such documents. The act is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry →

Business law ch 1-8

Answer Selected Answer: True Correct Answer: True Question 2 0 out of 2. 5 out of 2.

Lwc1 flashdb

Through the Truth in Lending Act What government regulations apply to consumer product safety? *Federalfood, drug, cosmetic act *Food quality protection act What is the role of the Environmental Protection Agency? Monitor and protect the air, water and land polution... What is the point at which a legal agreement is said to →

Aspects of contract and neglegence for business essay

This study will assist scholars to understand in and all about the contract formation and carelessness of contract in concerns. Learning OBJECTIVES TASK 1 Understand the indispensable elements of a valid contract in a concern context TASK 2 Be able to use the elements of a contract in concern state of affairss TASK 3 →

Main lines

Why? The domestic distribution revenues of $3 million because the deal had not been finalized Even if the deal on the projected domestic sales of $3 million had not been materialized, it is not proper to reduce the maximum and minimum lost profit of Main Line. There would be no problem for producer who →

Important rules for visitors

The software records each visitor's name and company affiliation, as well as the purpose and duration of their visit. It is not allowed to take photos the visitors to installations without prior authorization of plant protection guard; in case of getting permission from him/her, this person deeds to valid the nature for which →

Explanation of various types of fixed price

Explain the areas that need attention for effective control of the contracts in a project [Core competence of the project manager Requirements of the working system Use of Work Breakdown Structure Recognizing the limitations with flexibility] 6. Explain the need of Procurement law and what are its objectives? [Explain the need of Procurement law List →

Conditions & warranty

On the other hand, " Warranty is an agreement with reference to goods which are the subject of a contract of sale, but collateral to the main purpose of such contract, the breach of which gives rise to a claim for damages but not a right to reject the goods and treat the contract repudiated.

The education implementation in singapore

MOE has made enormous procedure in instruction system. The Singapore instruction is most secured state for choice instruction around the universe, the authorities has introduced many new structured for instruction system and got strong repute. The instruction system in Singapore 's are adopted by the MOE that leads to the Singapore to universe →

Informative essay on social contract theory of john locke

Social Contract Theory of John Locke Lisa Moore University of Phoenix Ethics in Justice and Security CJA 530 February 29, 2010 Roger Long, JD Social Contract Theory of John Locke According to John Locke , " the people give up some freedoms to the government or other authority in order to receive or →

A study on the contract laws and business overview of acme fireworks

As such, it is necessary to take a closer look at the circumstances themselves to determine what the contract falls under. When a contract applies to both goods and services, such as this one, the dominant element in the contract determines whether the UCC or common law applies.While it is true that some of the →

Evaluating eligibility rules

The services they provide after eligibility has been established are case management, physical and mentalhealthservices, chemical dependency services, legal assistance, school engagement, job readiness and assistance, and finding safe and stable housing. There are many types of criteria that can be evaluated for a variety of different organizations such as: prior contributions, administrative →