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*DATE* *TEACHER_NAME* *CLASS _#* *DAY_MONTH_YEAR* Brutus, the Tragic Hero There is much debate as to who plays the part of the tragic hero in Julius Caesar, but through analysis and literal evidence, it can be proved that Marcus Brutus plays the tragic hero. The definition of a tragic hero, as by Dictionary.com, is " a →

To what extent do the characters antony and caesar embody the conflicting worlds of egypt and rome in antony and cleopatra

TO WHAT EXTENT DO THE CHARACTERS ANTONY AND CAESAR EMBODY THE CONFLICTING WORLDS OF EGYPT AND ROME The Shakespearian play ' Antony and Cleopatra' is a tragic love story between the two characters Antony a Triumvate Ruler of Rome and Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt. Yet, he still has this need for Antony in how →

Shakespeare’s presentation of the character of mark antony in ‘julius caesar’

From this point onwards, Antony becomes a key player in the action and begins to change the nature of events in the play, especially with respect to Brutus and Cassius. We see clearly Antony's love and admiration for Caesar in the three short statements he makes before Caesar's death, and over his corpse as he →

Is brutus justified to kill jc?

If the leader is good to the people, does everything for his country, and fights for the country, even if a potential threat, the assassination would not be justified. He was one of the best president of the United States of America and also the youngest president at the time.

Sulla (early life, first march on rome, and the first mithridatic wars)

In his first march on Rome Sulla was in the position of counsel as he appointed by the senate. Sulla ran through the walls of Rome and his soldiers overpowered the Gladiators as he angrily addressed the senate.

7. the end of roman britain

The End of Roman Britain By the year 400 Britain had been part of the Roman empire for over 350 years. Photo Patrick Ottaway In the early 5th century the Roman empire lost control of Britain.

The wives in julius caesar

She also tried to charm him to tell him and tried to tell him that he can trust her because she will be forever loyal to him. She had a dream that someone is going to kill Caesar and she is afraid that if Caesar leave the house that day he will be killed so →

Dbq on ancient greece

The ancient Greeks revolutionized human thought and philosophy, changed mankind's values toward human life, and introduced art and culture that exemplifies human creativity of the era. Aristotle believed the most important characteristic of human nature is the ability to reason.

The broken spears: the aztec account of the conquest of mexico

The book has as mission, bring the voices of past to the audience: present the indigenous people to the rest of the world; contribute to the global history with this review of struggle. The object of study during those years is the arrived of the Spaniards, the resistance of Aztecs and finally, the surrender.

How does theme help structure julius caesar

Julius Caesar T he structure of the tragedy is chronological, in the sense that the different situations that take place are in order, despite the fact that Shakespeare, in some cases, cuts the time between an event and the other so as to be able to cover from the time the conspiracy is planned until →

Moral status of animals in the ancient world

There is a hierarchy based on the theological concept of " dominion," in Genesis, where Adam is given " dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." Although the concept →

Essay on aztec culture

A work of art from the textbook similar to the piece shown above is the Llama of the Inca tribe. A work of art from the textbook similar to the piece shown above is the Taos Pueblo made by the Pueblo tribe.

A portfolio of atlantis casino resort

Examples of these are the Aquarius Casino Resort, the Avi Resort and Casino, and the Downstream Casino Resort, which are all a combination of casino and resort. This model states that there is a parallel development occurring in the resort, the transportation, and the number of customers.

The tragedy of anthony and cleopatra

But the central image here works for the Antony of the entire play: what is unfor-gettable in this Antony is his " heart" on any level, the organ of courage, of magnanimity, of loyalty, of love, of hysterical valor possible only by a " diminution in [his] brain". The cliche of the anticipation of death →

Mesopotamia civilization: aztecs

Another very important achievement that the Aztecs made was that they created " floating gardens", " Floating gardens" were used because the Aztecs were originally located on a small island, there was not a whole lot of room for the crops that the Aztecs wanted to grow and sell. The island was also the capital →

Relationship between marc antony and julis caesar

Using persuasive rhetoric concerning the means of Caesar's will, he then clenches the hearts of the people and gains a guarantee of having them on his side. He sagaciously employs Lepidus as a member of the triumvirate to bend to his own aspirations.

The king and his role in ancient egypt

The King as a Divine Creature Although out of the archives and data that has been collected over the past decades about Ancient Egyptian, the evidence that shows the King as being an actual divine being of the Gods, usually an incarnation of a particular God or sometimes a mosh of multiple Gods the King →

Julius caesar, act ii, scene 1: a lesson is dramatic effectiveness

The line, ' I cannot, by the progress of the stars, give guess how near to day', provides a reminder of the storm and odd happenings of the night, which signify both the political turmoil of Rome and the inner turmoil of Brutus; whether or not public interest is more important than private friendship. Brutus' →

Brutus and caesar characters in the tragedy of julius caesar

From the beginning of the play to his death, Caesar is shown to be power-hungry. Gradually, this makes Brutus believe that instead of Caesar, he should be the person in power of Rome.

Ancient egyptian history

If the pyramids were a structure for the afterlife of the pharaohs, the tombs that would have been built through the rock cliffs were the tombs of the kings of the Middle Kingdom, and in the period of the New Kingdom. In addition, the body of the deceased was made of stone and placed in →

Antony’s rhetorical superiority analysis essay

Most importantly, however, Antony's greatest ability was the way that he presented himself almost simultaneously as both a common man and the mighty noble that he was, using Ethos to its utmost effect and connecting to the mob in ways that Brutus and even Cassius could not. Using parallelism, and continuing to juxtapose the incontrovertibility →

Roman virtues notes

Gravitas is the most important of the Roman virtues because it encompasses all that a Roman was supposed to be. It was a combination of physical, mental and emotional stability and duty that one should have or either the empire should have; first to the state and then to family.

Households and domesticity in ancient world

I will get down by placing what it is that separates a swayer 's home from the remainder of a community and will so seek to place why a house would be used as a temple and the grounds for why there would hold been the passage to a dedicated spiritual edifice. The period of →

Ancient greek theater research paper

The choruses were only men, as were the actors and the audience. The plays originally had a chorus of up to 50 people who performed the plays accompanied bymusic, beginning in the morning and lasting until the evening.

Term paper

In the first place, the Senate was formed in the early days of the kingdom of the youth Roman Empire to advise the monarch. One of the officials, who on the one hand could have imperial power or on the other hand was one of the tribunes of the people, could convoked the senate meetings →

Essay on julius caesar

Undoubtedly, Brutus is the main character, and driving force of the play, despite the misleading title of Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus is the protagonist of the play.

Julius caesar literary analysis

Marc Antony opposes Brutus, being a strong advocate for Caesar's rule, in order to bring justice to his deceased acquaintance and improve the lives of the citizens of Rome. The author initially uses paralipsis to display Antony's subtle mockery of Brutus and his fellow conspirators.

Abortion in ancient times

In contrast, there are 78% of developed countries that let abortion for economic and social issues, 67% of them permit it on request. In the vast majority of countries, to have an abortion woman has to pass additional procedural requirements.


They also used the sculpture idea from Greeks, but the difference in the Greek sculpture and the Romans was the Romans used marble not Bronze. Like the Romans the Greeks were strongly affected by the gods and goddesses, they worshipped them everyday as well.

Pangaea: the ancient supercontinent

Laurasia, composed of the present-day continents of Asia, Europe, and North America, occupied the northern hemisphere. By 135 million years ago, the breakup of Laurasia and Gondwanaland was underway, leading to the present-day locations of the continents.

The protagonists of julius caesar

The Protagonists of Julius Caesar In the play, Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, the plot uncovers several different characters: the tragic hero, Brutus, the anti-hero, Cassius, and the hero, Mark Antony. For example, he ignores Cassius' consul and allows Antony to speak to the crowd at the funeral, creating tension between himself and the →

Aa100 tma 01 part 01 cleopatra

The depicted her as the reincarnation of Cleopatra and not just an image of an historical figure. Cleopatra relationship with Julius Caesar and that of Marc Anthony was one of control and alliance to obtain the necessary power needed to protect her beloved Egypt and not one of love for the person.

Ancient china critical analysis

The structures that the Chinese Empire had during this period were The Great Wall of China and The Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City is a place where the Emperor of China lived.

Why was vindolanda built?

The forts stretched from east to west, and are considered to have been a consolidation of the frontier of the Roman Empire. They invaded the south of Britain and they used the picts to trade with the Brigantes.

Julius caesar’s contribution to the world

Caesar's uncle was overturned as emperor and Caesar was stripped of his position as the High Priest of Jupiter by Sulla who had become dictator of Rome following the defeat of the Marius at the Battle of Colline Gate because he was unwilling to divorce his new wife to marry someone in Sulla's family. Through →

Ancient greeks and romans.

The Greeks and the Romans are similar and different in many aspects including religion, social/political aspects, influence of geographical factors and the lasting effect they have had on later civilizations. The Greek and Roman civilizations were some of the greatest civilizations to evolve.

The ancient city of uruk

Low entree to these stuffs led to the desire for trade and the formation of extended relationships with other metropoliss, which, along with other factors, led to the enlargement of Uruk, an event which can be displayed by a rapid population addition and drastic societal alteration. As Uruk's influence, as the trade Centre of the →

Military of ancient egypt: warfare

The world's first armies are known for the invention and spread of agriculture coupled with the domestication of animals in the fifth millennium, of which set the stage for the emergence of the first large-scale, complex urban societies around 4000 B.C. During this same period, warfare assumed great proportions in the size of the armies →

Virtue and ambition in julius caesar

In the play, when Caesar begins to display signs of power-hungry, arrogance, increasing ambition and even the idea of tyranny, which clashes with the Roman republican virtues, the tension is built. Brutus enters into an internal conflict as to the nobility of this conspiracy and murder, and eventually comes to a conclusion that he is →

Rime of the ancient mariner commentary

This is the origins of the ballad, because he is talking to the wedding guest as a warning. That is the juxtaposition created between the pain of the curse, and the happiness of the wedding.

Research of people’s life in ancient china

The girls of thefamilywere to work in the house and had few privileges. The kids in ancient China were very much like the kids in our time; in some ways.

Famous people in economics

Magellan also gives his name to the Magellanic Penguin, which he was the first European to note;[1] the Magellanic clouds, now known to be nearby dwarf galaxies; the twin lunar craters of Magelhaens and Magelhaens A; and the Martian crater of Magelhaens.[2] Charles Robert Darwin, FRS was an English naturalist.[I] He established that all species →


10/29/12 HIS 004A Justinian The Emperor The Secret History is an extremely rare historical document that takes an inside investigation of the crimes of the Roman Empire in the sixth century. Prokopios' writings display many concerns relating to the decay of moral standards, the rise of corruption, and the promotion of incompetent men and women →

Conflicting perspectives

Conflicting perspectives are generated through the use and potential abuse of power, manipulation and the contrast between public and private personas and thus the responder is positioned to accept the perspective the composer has deemed to be valid. The use and abuse of power, the use of manipulation to gain power and the contrast between →

The tragic hero of julius caesar

Because Brutus is the character who has a tragic dilemma, as well as the many other elements of a tragic hero, Marcus Brutus is the tragic hero of Julius Caesar. Therefore, Marcus Brutus is the tragic hero of Julius Caesar.

The difference between ancient china and egypt

Ancient China and Egypt By: Jessica Isham Ancient Egypt and Ancient China were 2 of the biggest civilizations thousands of years ago. The religion of ancient Egypt was polytheistic and centered on the divinity of the ruler and the eternity of the soul.

The schematization of aesthetics was founded in ancient times

Tanizaki's key of aesthetics is logically plausible in Langer's philosophy since she espoused a relativistic means of understanding the nature of things and the contingency of the universe, in context with aesthetics. Tanizaki and Langer's philosophies on aesthetics are significant because of its willingness and openness to the possibility of new keys, in terms of →

Tutankhamun’s tomb, egypt

This technique was developed in WWI for the purpose of maintaining a system that ensured stratigraphic control of excavations in trench digging and artillery barrages. Using these methods, on November 1st 1922 a staircase was uncovered in the limestone cliffs of the Valley of the Kings. In 1925 the body was removed →

Mythology by edith hamilton

The main pagan religion being that of the Greek gods like Zeus, Hera, Ares, and Hercules which was the most prevalent and accepted amongst Europeans at the time. Which were the gods of the city states of Sparta and Athens.

The ancient art of parenthood

Therefore, they listen to the advice from their parents on the dealings of financial matters. In addition, parents teach their young to eat the right meals, to absorb enough sleep, and to do their best in school.

George w bush’s protection of the iraqi people and caesar’s protection of the gauls

Now I am not suggesting there is any similarity between George W Bush's protection of the Iraqi people and Caesar's protection of the Gauls. For a start, Julius Caesar, as we all know, was bald, whereas George W Bush has a fine head of hair. In any case, George W Bush is not personally making →

Ancient rome and cleopatra essay sample

Plutarch wrote 150 years after the events of Cleopatra and Antony and was therefore heavily influenced by Roman views of, not only, the couple themselves but also by Roman's understanding and expectations of relationships, gender and race. Plutarch highlights the inseparability of Cleopatra and Antony with his long list of the couple's activities. As →

Augustus and the use of propaganda

When studying propaganda in the age of Augustus, it is crucial to mention Augustus' own literary works, The Deeds of the Divine Augustus. Augustus included the moment he was bestowed the title in his own literary work The Deeds of the Divine Augustus: In my sixth and seventh consulates, after putting out the civil war →

Han and rome comparitive essay

The Imperial Roman Empire and the Han dynasty were considered the strongest empires of their time and nearly unrivaled in conquest and expansion of their empires. Both Han and Rome had some form of trade in which their empires grew; this was a crucial part in the development of the →

Ancient greek architecture

The construction of the building started in the year of 1907 and finished in 1909. Additionally, The pediment of Temple of Artemisia is highly decorated with sculptures, whereas the pediment of The First Church of Christ Scientist is plain. The First Church of Christ Scientist is freestanding, with columns only on the front →

Ancient china summary essay

The Han Dynasty accomplished more things than the other dynasties, they invented paper, the seismograph, set up the Silk Road, started exams for civil service and finished the Great Wall. Thesis Statement; Although the other dynasties were great, the Han Dynasty was the greatest. The Han Dynasty was the greatest because they →

Education in ancient athens

Ancient Athens had an excellent system of education and therefore was able to prevail and live for a long time. They learned grammar, which consisted of reading, writing and math. Musicwas an important subject to the Athenians and so was gymnastics.

“the tradegy of julius caesar”

Shakespeare wrote many tragedies, which included The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. He chose to take an important event in Roman history, the death of Julius Caesar to write a play for the Globe Theater in 1599. The people who lived during the Renaissance were very interested in the play and the story of Julius →

Byzantine golden age

The goal was completed and Belisarius restored the Roman Empire to the Mediterranean region. The Byzantine golden age was truly a time of advancing borders, culture, and government.

Today’s mythology

Like the monsters of old they can prevent me from becoming the best that I can be and I should always maintain constant vigilance against them. Heroes are a source of inspiration and pride for their people. In spite of all the challenges Aeneas triumphed and made a new home for his →

The palette of narmer

Based on its size, shape and detailed images it is apparent that this palette was not used for daily purposes or historical archives. With further inspection of the images on the palette, it is clear that the chief purpose of the piece was not to record the historical ventures of King Narmer →

Appeals compare and contrast essay

To be sure that he is imprinted as a " heroine" for saving the roman empire he makes Mark Anthony go, knowing that the audience will believe him for he was Caesars best friend. Brutus makes sure that he implies him as a good guy by giving him restrictions on what he →

The use and acquisition of authority in julius caesar and the prince

To palliate these controversial claims in his predominately Catholic context, he cites " Hannibal's tremendous cruelty" as the leading factor in the general's immovable authority, an allusion providing historical validation for his violation of the virtues espoused by leaders in the ' Mirror of Princes' genre. Faced with a differing contextual purpose to both entertain →

Ancient egyptians

2700 BC Pyramid building began, also the beginning of the Old Kingdom 2200 BC The collapse of the Sixth Dynasty and the Old Kingdom; beginning of the Middle Kingdom 1700 BC Earliest evidence ofdiagnosticmedicine in Egypt and foreign invaders occupied the delta region; the fall of the Middle Kingdom 1550 BC The rise of the →

Supernatural in julius caesar

Through the use of superstitions and omens, Shakespeare foreshadowed Caesar's death, exposed the changes in various characters, and allowed the characters' true intensions to reveal themselves through the misinterpretations of omens. The superstitions and premonitions added by Shakespeare were used to foreshadow the death of Caesar. By doing this, Shakespeare to made →

Conflicting perspectives: shakespeare’s julius caesar

An Into English Presentation Conflicting Perspectives: The Theory - All texts are deliberately constructed to convey an agenda and a set of values.- This means that every composer has a purpose, which is based on the issues arising from their context and audience.- To that end, the composer uses conflicting perspectives as a vehicle for →

Powerful ancient civilization – rome

It's also one of the most prosperous empires in the world. The first king of Rome who found the city of Rome in 753 BC was Romulus.

Ancient india

The Greeks were the first to invade India in the 2nd century BC. The Greek contributed to the development of the Indian theatre by the use of curtains 28.

Mark antony: a study of the person

The second comes from the historical analysis and commentaries of Plutarch who compares, contrasts and views all the actions of Mark Antony in back-drop his three contemporaries who also happen to be three of the greatest figures of history-Julius Caesar, Octavian Caesar, and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, and find Antony a man driven →

Idea of betrayal in williams shakespeare’s play julius caesar

In both the play Julius Caesar and the movie The Ides of March, the writers address these topics and incorporate them in into the plot in their own ways. The play Julius Caesar portrays these themes in a more in depth way while adding detailed dialogue to better display the big ideas. The big idea →

Thugs in ancient india

They believed their killings were a means of worshiping the Hindu goddess Kali, who was honored at each stage of the murder by a vast and complex system of rituals and superstitions. Thugs were guided to their victims by omens observed in nature, and once the deed was done, the graves and bodies were prepared →

Power of rhetoric

In the play we find a somewhat large number of situations when the power of rhetoric is used to shape the entire lives of characters, and redirect the plot of the entire story. Rhetoric in " Julius Caesar" can be defined using four main points of analysis, first being the role of Caesar compared with →

The invasion of a new world: aztecs and avatars

With the arrival of Cortez, the Spaniards were overwhelmed at the new world they had found and the potential it could have for gold. On the other hand the Aztecs were overjoyed because they thought the new conquistadors were gods they had been awaiting. In general, the Aztecs and the Avatars reacted →

Conrad demarest model of han and rome essay sample

Some characteristic of well-run empires consist of: the building of roads, increased trade, the flourishing of education, effective bureaucracy, the use of a common and official language, the use of a system of justice, and citizenship. The Han made merchants more welcome by installing the silk roads which was initially used for the →

Ancient rome and greece

This led to the assemblage of Athens and the start of the golden age and the Delian League. The Punic wars occurred between 264 BC and 146 BC. Alexander the Great was the king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and the one to invent the first formations during a battle.

Research of people’s life in ancient china

The girls of thefamilywere to work in the house and had few privileges. Farmers and artisans were not treated well because of the amount ofmoneythey had; which was not much. The kids in ancient China were very much like the kids in our time; in some ways.

Marriage and ancient greek culture

In ancient Greekculture, this reflected on the relationship of the King and Queen, and Odysseus and Penelope, but they were not quite similar. The better relationship is between the King and Queen. Unlike Penelope and Odysseus, they live together.


After Antony's death, Cleopatra was taken to Octavian, where she was told that she would be displayed as a slave to all of the countries that she had ruled over. Along with this is the lack of evidence of a snake in the mausoleum and the temperature for August would have been to warm for →

Outline of mesopotamia and ancient egypt

Egypt developed North and South hugging the banks of the Nile River Valley.* The Nile River systematically floods which flooded the surrounding banks and made the soil exceptionally rich.* Egypt bordered on the side of sea and dessert which was difficult to invade and conquer it.2. Mesopotamia has the Tigris and Euphrates River, commonly referred →

Architecture: ancient rome and frank lloyd wright

So, you cannot LIVE without architecture, it is the act of creating buildings, buildings are shelter, without shelter you would die in three hours. So you can thank all the people in the field of architecture, that you are reading this now. India was one of he most primitive building societies. →

Julius caesar group project

This took a much longer time to decide than it did of Brutus' speech, this could be that Antony is a smarter and nobler person or that it's just how Julius Caesar constructed the speech to persuade the crowd. I felt that there was more use of persuading in his speech than informing but that's →

Julius caesar conflicting perspectives essay

Steven Spielberg exploits the conflicting perspectives of the characters and the bigger picture of the opposing countries in World War 2 to create suspense, excitement and tension throughout the film. Spielberg skilfully uses a variety of camera angles, costume and lighting to make clear the perspectives and feelings of each protagonist and to differentiate between →

Ancient greece – essay

Olympia, which is a city in Greece, was a known place for athletics in Ancient Greece. Also, in Ancient Greece, the social life of a female was limited to none.

The roman government

It appears on coins, at the end of important documents , gravestones and was branded on the arms of the men in the Roman legions. The Emperor The Leaders The emperor was the general learder of Rome and was responsible for the city.

The second triumvirate

However, tensions quickly arising Octavian attempts to secure his inheritance * Octavian was in Macedonia at the time of Caesar's assassination and did not learn of his inheritance till his return to Rome.* Despite his parents' opposition, Octavian decided to agree to the inheritance and also took the name Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus.* He now →

Julius ceasar better leader

In the play, the two main characters, Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus, both possess leadership qualities, but if the citizens of Rome had a choice, they should most definitely choose Julius Caesar. In the play, the two main characters, Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus, both possess leadership qualities, but if the citizens of Rome had →

The glory and grandeur of the acropolis essay sample

The city of Athens is not the only famous for being the site of the first Modern Olympics but also for various museums that showcased the architectural expertise of the Greeks of the ancient world(UNESCO, " Acropolis, Athens "). During the second half of the 5 th century BC →

Ancient china’s web quest

Write your answers on your worksheet.| 1.| China is located on the continent of _____China is entirely located on the continent of Asia___________________.http://www.rcps.org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/where_is_china_located.htm | 2.| The capital of China is ____Beijing____________________________.http://www.rcps.org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/capitalofchina.htm | 3.| There are 3 major rivers in China. Two of those rivers start with the letter " Y". The name →

History of aztecs

From the start of the 1300s to the early 1500s, central Mexico was dominated by a Mesoamericanculturecalled the Aztecs. While the Aztecs were performing all of the sacrifices to sustain the universe, they were also halting the growth and expansion of their empire.

Spartan social structure- importance

The helots were enlisted to add numbers to the Spartan army. They were significant in the fact that they were the foundations of Spartan society. The contribution allowed the Spartans to stay in the military mess, tying the functions of the helots into the maintenance of militaristic factors of the Spartan society.

The tragedy of julius caesar

In life, people can change for the good or bad, or maybe the bad has always been in them and they finally let it out. Everyone should be able to trust someone but people will always look out for themselves in their own way. The circle of life was present during this story there →


Marcus Brutus is one of the many ignoble Romans in Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus does not thoroughly analysis the consequences that would result in the assassination of Julius Caesar.

William shakespeare’s julius caesar

These qualities are seen most strongly across the protagonists of the story: Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and Antony. Throughout the text, characters claim to oppose Caesar's rule for the pure reason of conserving the traditions of Rome's government and heritage, but some developments strongly suggest the ulterior motive of desire for power. The →

Augustinian theodicy

If he cannot, he is not all-powerful, if he will not he is not all-good.' Augustine 'The believer must have, in a cool moment, a solution to the problem of evil. In this way Augustine tries to prove the righteousness of God.

The warriors of ancient sparta

But the Spartans, both men and women, were tough, and the Greeks admired strength. The population of Sparta consisted of three main groups: the Spartans, or Spartlates, who were full citizens; the Helots, or serfs/slaves; and the Perioeci, who were neither laves nor citizens. In Greek mythology the founder ot the city was →

The first triumvirate

This secret, non-official alliance should not be called the first triumvirate because it was non-offical. The triumvirs- Pompey, Crassus and Caesar each used different methods in order to achieve their respectivegoals- whether it was for their personal interest or the interest of the political and social group of populares these men represented →