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Family is the most important part of people’s lives. Relationships within our families and friends, their love and support are the values that we share and cherish. Moreover, knowing your family history and background can help you understand a lot about yourself. That is why teachers often ask students to write essays about family. They get creative, too: today, you have to describe a family reunion, and tomorrow, discuss your family’s expectations of your future.

It may be an assignment for the Common App, essay on conflicts between parents and kids, or a story about embracing your ethnic identity. Whether it is a short essay on the importance of family values and ideal family or a bigger work on family violence for your sociology class, we can help you learn to write perfect papers. And the best part? It’s free!

Types of Essay about Family

Our website is a database of free essay samples of different types, since family essay examples can vary depending on the purpose of your paper. Essays can be:

  • Reflective
  • Narrative
  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Etc

We have samples of all these essay types, so you will learn to see the difference. Best of all, you will have all the tips and prompts you need to be able to write any kind of essay on family.

Themes and Topics

There is a huge variety of essay topics on our website, including family, culture, and other sociological themes. Although there is always a common theme, topics for essays on family can vary. From writing your childhood memoir to describing a family portrait, thinking of the ideas can be more challenging than it sounds. Among the most common topics are “My family tree”, “My family’s traditions”, “Modern family values”, “Conflicts between family members”, and other family matters. Our essays can be a source of inspiration that will help you form and present your own views.

Family Essay Structure

With various topics and types of essays, you have to learn to use the right essay structure. The basic structure is mostly common for all essays. So, before you begin, you need to make an outline. This is when you create a list of paragraphs and write down ideas that each paragraph is going to focus on. Most essays have three main structure elements:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Apart from that, you have to think of a good title for your essay. No matter what your assignment is for: a scholarship exam or preparation for an IELTS test, you will need writing skills. Even if you simply have to present some pictures from a family photo album to the class, proper structure is key.
Our database will provide you with hundreds of essays for various levels of education: college, high school, university, etc. With both academic and non-academic samples, you will learn everything about essay types, structure, citation style, and formats. All samples are available in DocX and PDF formats. The length of essays differs as well: papers that are 250 words and longer are available to all users. After some practice, you will be able to follow the guidelines, find credible sources, and complete all your essay assignments on time.
All in all, we made sure you have everything to get the highest grades possible for all your essays. Below you will find several samples on common topics. Using them, you will learn to write essays that are high-quality and do not take too much time to write. Thank you for choosing us to help you on your way!


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1324 Informative Family Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Josephine alibrandi

Josephine Alibrandi grew up in a Italian community; although not completely accepted into this community because she was the result of a affair her mother had when she was 16, josie still felt that this community understand her family life, her culture and the way she lived; quote on page 7 " they were Italian →

Is the family in decline

In fact the decline of the family has been linked to the changing social attitudes in society when compared to that of the past. Specifically, according to these theorists, the decline of the family is said to be down to the direct result of many factors, such as the ease and quickness of divorce, more →

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Elements of design

In the example of the ' Greed is Good' scene in Wall Street, the production designer is responsible for creating the atmosphere in which the speech will take place. The scene is simply one of a stockholder's meeting, and nothing more.

Author: nicole smith

Author: Nicole Smith Character Analysis of Gregor in " The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka In Franz Kafka's " The Metamorphosis , the transformation of the character Gregor from a man to one of the most repellent insects, a cockroach, may seem exaggerated and ridiculous, becoming more so over the course of the story as the →

Helping pauline face her sister death

In the case of Pauline it will be very difficult in the beginning for an existential therapist to argue with her the meaning of life when it is the reason that aggravates Pauline's situation. Next is to encourage her to face death by preparing well for it and telling her the advantage that life is →

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My idea of the ideal family

As life has progressed and so much has changed in the world around us all, so has my idea of the ideal family and several of my thoughts of what life for my family should be like; in hopes that someday this family will be a reality. Although, unconditional love for all people and things →

Financial markets

The analysis of these companies is also presented in terms of return per share and percentage of return on Investment. The basis for increase in the prices of Yamana Gold was that the gold prices in the international market were increased between January to April, which resulted improved the performance of Yamana Gold and resulted →

Journal entry as a freed slave essay sample

My owner has not found out that the slaves are no longer slaves, and if he does then I am ready to bet my life that he will shoot me because he hates me. I got lucky they did not kill me, because I was old and they wanted to hurt me by making me →

My family

My father's name is Tanet. My father's name is Suchat.

Franz kafka life and style

The stories included in my analysis are " The Judgment " The Metamorphosis and " The Trial. After Georg tells the story of his friend's move to Russia, his father declares that he does indeed remember the friend.

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Long-term care essay examples

The problem is visible in almost all the parts of the world but this paper discusses about the long term health care policies of Americans and several other related aspects of the issue. The issue of long term care is a very complex issue that requires attention and needs to be treated on urgent basis →

Nutritional facts about packaged foods

After getting acquainted with the misleading information provided by the food industry about fat and protein content in packaged foods, I analyzed the nutritional facts and calorie count of three packaged foods that I use to get a better idea how much fat and protein calories my foods contain. Similarly, in the case of Honey →

Warm relationship with my grandmother

I would call her In the middle of the night and she was there to pick up my phone calls. She supports me emotionally by always being there for me in times of difficulty, making me laugh when I am sad and encouraging me to try my best with everything.

Blended families

It is the role of every parent to obey theirresponsibilityof properly raising children and children have a responsibility to honor and listen to their parents. Therefore, it's clear that having appropriate discipline, overcoming difficulties, and spending quality time with each other are the three most important things for a blended family to do.

Nervous system description

Nervous System Nervous System The nervous system is one of the vital organ systems in animals which transmit signals between different parts of the body. On the other hand, peripheral nervous system collects the information from the central nervous system and distributes it to the rests parts of the body.

Living with chronic pain and arthritis

The reality that pain is a subjective phenomenon, and pain behavior is the outcome of the contact of somatic, behavior, and environmental aspects, means that learning has a part in pain. Being a chronic pain patient is hard, but finally with the help of physicians and medicine things should get easy to handle.

The confucian struggles of three brothers

As the " first son of the first son" he is the head of his household and as a result is forced to take on responsibilities he does not want and which his two younger brothers, Cheuh-min and Cheuh-hui, ridicule him for. Chueh-min is perhaps the wisest and most coolheaded of the three brothers, yet →


Introduction to Psychology Written Assignment 03/31 Introduction to Psychology Written Assignment Like most behaviors in the study of developmental psychology, a child's ability to perform in the classroom is a complex interaction between genetic and environmental factors. The health of aging lesbian, gay and bisexual adults in California.

Never give up – difficulties raise will

I am fortunate to have him as my father and friend, and to receive his love and guidance that I am sure will continue to help me in times of distress throughout my life. Then, my teacher called me to her chamber and announced that I had failed because of cheating in the exam.

The real cholly breedlove essay sample

In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, one of the main characters, Cholly Breedlove, can be examined through a Freudian psychoanalytic lens, as he struggles with things like the structure of his personality and the Oedipal complex. Cholly is clearly a troubled man and throughout the story he experiences difficulty in trying to find a balance →

Financial strain in the family

In the book, the authors talks of financial strain as an essential thing for a happy marriage in that these strains strengthen the family bond. Therefore, the two aspects are also essential for a family to be happy.

What is the crisis in the british family a crisis about? how is the crisis gendered?

Quoting Wright and Jagger, according to them 'the turn of the century is marked by a growing crisis in the family, a crisis that may prove terminal unless decisive action is taken', and the crisis has been pointed out as the collapse of marriage and the 'family'. Resistance to this form of the family has →

English cambodian

According to Loung Ung in First they killed my Father and Elie Wiesel in Night, hunger and fear will cause people to turn against one another. In the book, First they killed my Father, by Loung Ung and Night, by Elie Wiesel, it is shown that fear and starvation will cause people to turn against →

A passed on treasured possession

However, the price of the watch is not the reason for me to treasure it so much, the story behind it is more important and valuable to me. My grandmother purchased the watch for my grandfather's birthday, however, that was the only present my grandmother bought for my grandfather.

Handbook for william

Dhouda refers to the different writing styles used and states that they were intended as part of her plan, " From the beginning of this book to the end, both in form and content, in the meter of rhythm of the poetry as well as in the prose passages here-know that everything, through it all, →

Reflection essay on technology and new technological generation

However, the negative and positive effects of technology depends completely on people's exposure to it and the use that they give it. However, people should take advantage of the technology advances and use it wisely in benefit to their lives.

50 essays: a portable anthology essay sample

In Richard Rodriguez's, " Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood" we see how the author struggles to find his public identity and in Gloria Anzald a's, " How to Tame a Wild Tongue" we see how the writer shows that a person should not be viewed any less of because of the language they →

My father essay sample

He would cook dinner before I got there, he would assist me with getting things that were needed for my son, or me, and he even allowed me to live rent-free so that I was able to save for an emergency. I would never forget the role my father played in my life and how →

Reflective paper 3

I would certainly tell him that the age of 15 years is not ideal to be experimenting with sex. I would tell her about the honor and value of the marital bond.

Discussion of changing family structures in the uk

This was the democratic and educational revolution and the era of the nuclear family. Family structures tend to base around suiting the type of society there in.

Family vacations to disneyland

This is one of the reasons why my husband and I wanted to take a vacation to Disneyland. Disneyland has been a symbol of Americanculturefor over 50 years and will continue to be for years to come.

Describe thanksgiving day with family

After the prayer, we gave a round of applause to our Creator, and gave everyone a hug. Then we all raised our glasses and made a toast to mark the beginning of another thanksgiving season.

Free creative writing about paper due date

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman takes the reader through the first-hand experiences of the narrator's bed rest following the birth of a child. Gilman uses a variety of methods to convey the mental anguish the narrator is experiencing and one of these methods is the use of shorter paragraphs.

Structural family theory essay sample

In disengaged families, boundaries are rigid and the family fails to mobilize support when it's needed. In enmeshed families, on the other hand, boundaries are diffuse and family members overreact and become intrusively involved with one another.

La haine by mathieu kassovitz

The film portrays a high level of racism in the society that originates from the residents of Paris as well as the authority in the area. This portrays the negative effects that are experienced in the community when the police take sides instead of protecting the wellbeing of the community.

Carmen guerrero nakpil essay sample

She was appointed chairwoman of the National Historical Commission and the cultural committee of the Philippine commission for UNESCO. In 1984-1986 she was managing director of the Technology and Livelihood Resource Center.III.

Joint family

The culture remains alive and is passed on to the children more efficiently in a joint family. I think for any family to coexist, the extended and the nuclear, proper understanding must be achieved in various levels.

Essay on interpersonal communication

To be sure of the partner, it is advisable to hold a discussion between the partners in the relationship to be in opposition to know one's partner better through various questions. Among the top questions that are essential in the relationship may include: Do you think it is important to be faithful to one another?

Technology impact on family time

The impact of Technology to our real life is time on family. That means applications of computer not effect on family time and relationship.

Salvation on sand mountain: snake handling and redemption in southern appalachia by dennis covington report

The book Salvation on Sand Mountain: Snake Handling and Redemption in Southern Appalachia was published in 2009 by Da Capo Press and it is a factual retelling of a journalist Dennis Covington's investigation into a branch of Christianity that celebrates some of the more exotic worship practices available. In the book's short prologue there is →

Will and grace serial that showcases diverse family

The family comprises of the main protagonist, Will and his best friend, Grace from college days who live together. Preference would be given to the family where the mother is black and both siblings are girls as I want sisters who would adore me and lend me their dresses when I go to parties with →

Carbohydrate mouth rinse: does it improve endurance exercise performance

As such, case studies of other scholars are used as the means of collecting data and making the various inferences related to the issue of CHO and endurance exercise performance. Hence, the nutritional study was not effective in delivering quality information on sports performance as related to power and strength.

Three potentail topics for final project

The results will be helpful to predict the number and the severity of the natural disasters. The research question is " has the number and the severity of the natural disasters significantly increased with the climate change?

Family and tan ling wei

I was so young and I did not know how to place my legs on the passenger seat, consequently I hurt my foot by getting it trapped in the bicycle wheel. The reason why am I so boyish is because when I was a toddler, I mixed mostly with my cousin brothers.

Disabled person

Discuss the family as a system with mutual and interactive consequences for each other in their blame, comfort, support, etc.in the care of the disabled individual. Living with a disabled person can have profound effects on the entire family parents, siblings, and extended family members.

Criminal sentencing

In the context of criminal sentencing, incapacitation means to deprive a criminal from the right to hurt someone else in the society. It is a purpose of criminal sentencing to protect members of the society from the wrongdoings of a criminal.

Battered women

Understanding the meaning of the word and the difference is Important in making sure that it is not mistaken for a specific form of abuse. Battered women: Designation from other forms of abuse to avoid misuse and reduce the ambiguity is important.

A family legend passes

What happened next I was not prepared for, I walked into the room and an nfamiliar chill overcame me I felt it coming before it could be said, " the doctors say she is not going to make it this time Blake they want to sedate her and let her go peacefully" I stormed out →

Family guy and the good the bad and the daily show

Jason Zinger writer of " The Good, The Bad, and The Daily Show" and Antonia Peacocke writer of " FamilyGuy and Freud: Jokes and their relation to the unconscious" both maintain the same view of how harsh comedy is used in both shows. They differ entirely in their portrayal of how the shows comedy is →

Family and old woman

Fight for who is going to get the medicine Strong son: I am stronger the both of you and better then you I will go get the medicine alone I do not need your help. Old woman: Yes, I met them before you, but I will you want to go there and find the medicine →

Family photo albums

My brother and I always hated being in the pictures and wondered why she still made us be in the picture. Personal images, like family photographs, offer an emotional and even ideological foundation for memory to remind us of these differences in order to understand the present.

Ancient dance references

The only evidences preserved for us to see in physical form the dances of ancient times are the drawings left by past civilizations like the ones engraved on the stones or woods found in Egypt and other pertinent places among which is India. In most history books and historical films, dance has a virtual importance →

Principles of business

The net income of the company in 2009 was $11. The debt ratio of the company is 1.

The girl in the green sweater

The Girl In the Green Sweater Day to day people walk the streets in their new shoes and fancy clothes and never think about how good they have it. When times are hard you must do as needed and for this family the only way to stay together during the Holocaust was to live within →

Supporting a family

While this can provide an individual with a stressful existence it also provides them with the ability to become a stronger person from within. This increases the amount of time a child must spend in daycare which in turn increases the costs concerned with the day care center.

Family problems persuasive essay

Regarding risk factors, Tom Luster and Harriett McAdoo of Michigan State University summed up the findings of 17 eminent researchers in the field in 1994 by noting: " Over the past 15 years, research on diverse samples of children has shown that children who are exposed to several risk factors simultaneously tend to experience learning →

Poetic imagery: mi abuelo by alberto rios essay sample

Whichever it is, his grandfather is giving him advice for the future to come, and he feels that he will make it far with his grandfather's advice. It's a poem about the grandson paying his respect to his grandfather.

Family law

However, in 2004, the Commonwealth Government reaffirmed the traditional concept of marriage in the Marriage Act 1961 as the union of man and woman, which automatically forces same-sex marriage to be void in Australia.* The exclusion of same-sex marriage within family law demonstrates that there are still changes needed to be made in order to →

State policy affect on the family (uk)

Using information from Items B and C and elsewhere, examine the ways in which state policy may affect families and households State policy has an influence on families and households through the laws the government create, and the messages certain policies give. Policies such as the payment of child benefit to the mother, and the →

Antitrust law

Antitrust Laws and Applications 2 Antitrust Laws and Applications The major antitrust legislation from 1890 1940 included the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act and the Robinson-Patman Act. Antitrust and sales-below-cost laws: the case of retail gasoline.

Facts and inferences

The other day, one of my family members mentioned that they love all their family members and they cannot stand to go another year being without them. Inferences will be that they think their better than everyone else and naming it the Johnson's Family Reunion.

What makes a family functional or dysfunctional

The main purpose of a family is to guarantee the social and physical continuity of humans through production and reproduction. Similarly, a functional family must manifest the will to participate in efforts of solving disputes between different family members.

Family relationship in the tempest

Clinical showed Prosper all of the elites of the island like the desert, the fresh springs, the fertile and salt water pits as a tour guide. The red robe in the poem refers to the umbilical rod which maybe symbolizes as physical and emotional in a sense that mother and child are physically connected through →

Pest analysis environmental

According to the 2000 official census of the United Sates, there are a total of 656562 people in Austin out of which 337569 are males and 318993 are females. This is in the wake of labor agitations and cry for fairness in trade.

“only drunks and children tell the truth” 60”s scooped

The loss of language and culture with aboriginal community is a factor in the breakdown of families values, addiction and anti-social behaviour, to name a few consequences. I have learned during the 60's scoop, a time when fisrt nation children were removed from First Nation homes and communities or adopted out in non-aboriginal homes or →

Assignement iii

Earlier on in April, Apple had sued Samsung in a federal Court of California due to Samsung's Galaxy series being copied from the iPad and iPhone. Apple also was seen making a request to the court along with the claim against the designs, saying that they wanted to see the new designs of Samsung before →

Court for custody

The two of the Three Primary Schools of Ethics that this dilemma is Ends Based Ethics and Rule Based Ethics. The differences in this dilemma for Ends Based and Rule Based Ethics are right or wrong, fear of the laws, and codes.

Othello and family guy

Similar to Othello, Cleveland racially does not fit in among friends, and both are treated different as a result. Both characters lack a sense of emotion and compassion, as they are willing to do things, like kill friends or a wife, easily.

Millennials and the paradigm shift for hr departments

Related: HR's traditional and transactional role is on the verge of extinction with HR makeovers being the talk of the town. When employees are faced with a decision-making difficulty, access to a member of the does not just help them with guidance, but also strengthens the tie between the employee and the organization.

Family structure changes

Many suggest that both a father and a mother are necessary for the normal development of the child and that any time of significant change in family structure is a time ofstressto the parties and the children involved. Sexual abuse is any type of touching that is unwanted and it is often performed by a →

Change in retirement since life expectancy increased

On the other hand, some individuals face financial crisis and then in old age they look for some source of earning to fulfill their needs for day-to-day activities as well as to meet their health expenses. Observation reveals that some of the retired individuals get only meager from their retirement savings and so they work →

Family strengths: often overlooked, but real by kristin anderson moore

The article notes that such a focus on family strengths is necessary to counteract the dearth of knowledge in this area, owing from the traditional focus on family ills in the literature to the detriment of serious inquiry on how healthy and strong families work. The findings that family strength levels are healthy for the →

The families in the 1950’s

Women stayed home did the chores and kept up with the house and took care of the children, while the husbands went out to work. Although the 1950's were a more popular time then other decades, I do not think people would want to go back.

Models of consumer behavior

Models of Consumer Behavior Environmental factors Some of the primary environmental factors that influence the consumer behavior in purchasing Whirlpool washers and dryers include the cultural and social environmental factors. Consumer factors The three primary consumer factors that influence the purchase of the Whirlpool Washers and Dryers include the individual's occupation, age and lifestyle, →

Dysfunctional families

Family is important to the main characters in each of these texts, as it is the source of their values, morals and beliefs. Tom, therefore, works in a shoe factory, which is not the most exciting job in the world, and this is the main source of income for the family.

Buying vs. leasing

If the person wants to own a car for a shorter period of time and aims at changing the car in a limited time period, then the person should opt for obtaining the car on lease. If the person wants to keep the car for a longer period of time, then the person should obtain →

Food processing, preservation and consumption

Fruits and vegetables are food groups that provide the body with the majority of the nutrients required. Salt is added in the process with the purpose of preserving the flavor and reducing chances of spoilage.

Assigment 3

The children also displayed fine motor skills by playing with the props and toys; they would use the toy as a tool to smack the other toy. Whenever the speaker would talk to them, they would listen and respond/react.

The environment in which i was raised

To start of, I owe my biological existence to a very loving mother and a father who is constantly dedicated to making sure that the needs of the family are sufficiently met. With this reality, I have become able to establish a sense of confidence as I deal with personal issues especially in relation to →

Fast foods restaurants

As far as the fast food in the marketplace my favorite fast food restaurant is Taco Bell. The quality of their food is higher than other fast food restaurants.

Family health

Family Health The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit to identify the major traits of a healthy family and the keys to build strong family bonds; and to explain each major trait. A healthy family not only promotes the welfare of the family as a unit but has sense of commitment and →

Gary becker’s contribution to family economics

Robert Pollack, a self-stated critic of Becker's concedes that he is really more of a follower of Becker's than a critic, and that in all reality Becker put the family on the economic professions research agenda. Results The results of this paper are to explore Becker's theories of economics and present the results in a →

Defining yourself

I would therefore try to explain to her that in the process of gathering of gaining knowledge, the students are expected to engage in both theoretical and practical aspect of the syllabus. I would also explain to her that one of the best methods of learning for students is to encouraging them to participate in →

International business

ENTRANCE/EXPANSION INTO THE DATA SEGMENT Growth of the Market Difficulties Global Economic Downturn Wait and See In regards to entrance/expansion into the data segment there are a number of considerations that need to be made. With the expansion of business in the domestic market the company will have to leverage their expertise in the B-C →

Family size

Disadvantages of children in a small family are that they do not learnresponsibilityand become selfish due to having their own stuff and not having to share with siblings. In my opinion, having and being part of a small family results in children being spoilt and unsocial.

The effects and development of adolescent females reared fatherless

The paper " The Effects And Development Of Adolescent Females Reared Fatherless" is an outstanding example of a research paper on family and consumer science. This research paper will examine the effects of adolescent females between the ages of 15 and 19 who were reared in homes without a father.

Assess the view that the nuclear family is no longer the norm

This structure became the norm in modern society as it fulfils Murdock's 4 functions of the family: Sexual; helps maintain a healthy and stable relationship between the parents, Reproductive; to continue the population and produce workers for society, Economic; to support the family by working in society and sharing roles between the man and woman, →

These millennials are running franchises with their parents. here’s what they’ve learned.

The elder Crowe was heading east to learn more about the franchise business and just wanted his then 25-year-old son, who was working in retail at the time, along for company." Working with my dad did not cross my mind," Jon P.says." I was there looking out for him and ourfamily. While Jon S.handles and, →

diverse family structures

I would provide them with not only information but services that are offered to families in their situation such as shelters and pantries. I would also provide essential support for students who appeared to be struggling with the content by selecting and utilizing a variety of technology that supports the student learning.

Empirical exercise 1

The US Census Bureau data reflect that the largest retail industry of the city is food and beverage stores and it is accounted for a total of 143, 675 in the whole county and a total of 441 in Albany-Schenectady-Troy. In order to stabilize the nation's economy, a large number of industries function in finance →

Latest report-global next generation sequencing market

Biz/analysis-details/global-next-generation- sequencing-market-trends-and-opportunities-2013-2018 The growth of the overall NAGS market is driven by continuous innovations and developments in the market aimed at higher throughput, increased accuracy, and affordable costs. The opportunities for the growth of this market include developments In the pre-sequencing, cloud computing, and NAGS bioinformatics solutions.

Stolen generation essay sample

The way the mothers were affected at the fact that their kids were been taken away in front of their eyes and not being able to do anything about it, not being able to help them was really sad." This my kids, give me back my kids", the mother of Molly and Daisy kept repeating. →

How to prevent the development of addiction in young people

Disclosure among a parent with an addictive problem to the child is essential as well as letting the child know that addiction is a family problem and it runs in the family, thus the child will be aware of their chances of being an addict. In schools, it is important to educate the children on →