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Brand report – monster v red bull

The breadth of brand awareness concerns the range of purchase and usage situations in which the brand comes to mind , which largely depends on the organization of the brand and the product knowledge in consumers' memory. Today, Red Bull is the most recognized ND profitable energy drink in the world and β†’

Movie tehcniques

A specific example of a scene from the film that illustrates mise-en-scene is when Sherlock riding on the handle bars of the motorcycle that the theater manager, Gillette is racing around through town on. Sherlock unaware that Gillette has fallen off and he is performing crazy stunts while β†’

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The purge: violence in horror films increasing violence in the real world

Priming entails the spread and activation of the brain in response to the stimulus observed which excites the brain. Emotional activation or desensitization are also long term effects of exposure to content such as those contained in the Purge.

How do the opening scenes of β€˜lethal weapon’

This is one of the many parallels that the director has chosen to show of the two characters. The lighting in the scene of Murtaughs house has been done in high key to give the feeling of a warm happy neighbourhood; this is an opposite compared to Riggs' trailer as the lighting has been done β†’

Importance of sound in movies film studies essay

In short words, sound reflects the physical world of the scene, immerses the hearer into the universe, which makes theenvironmentcomes alive. What is of import to the audience is to cognize what produces the sound and where it comes from. Diegetic sound is sound whose evident beginning is in the space-time continuum of the scene β†’

Personal accompaniment

The life of the future minister or religious should be marked by genuine human freedom, strong moral character, prudence and discernment, empathy, the ability to listen and to communicate, and the capacity to assume the life of a public person (Program of Priestly Formation, no.76). According to Rulla , "priestly and religious vocation are β†’

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Hollywood classical era movies of the 40s movie reviews examples

The director uses normal lens, so the perspective is normal and the focal length is moderate." Casablanca is shot by the objective camera, so that the spectator watches the action as the neutral observer. The sound of the movie is realistic.

Good example of essay on a one -week garbage analysis

To prove this fact, a week's garbage in the neighborhood family is analyzed with critical attention the garbage produced for only one week. For a week, the family refuses comprises of the following. The same is deduced from the fact that the modern urban family has a lot of emphasis on entertainment.

The 40-year-old virgin a movie review movie review

Every moment focuses on Andy's goal, which is especially amusing when he tries to resist it and everything in his world appears to be reminding him of sex, like the " Eruption" ads on the bus and the dogs in the park. Finally, the production design adds much to the comedy of the film., β†’

Real women have curves: a chicano film

The film uses Carmen's character traits of her importance of traditional values and her own insecurities to demonstrate the differences between the Latino and American cultures when discussing the role of women within the society. Because her mother holds very traditional Catholic values, she will not let Ana date, and Ana has to sneak out β†’

A clockwork orange: summary

In the book what we call evil is actually a form of art to Alex. In this way, Anthony Burgess conveys an anti-totalitarian message in the novel. The futuristic dystopian society of the novel is a completely exaggerated claim of what a totalitarian government would lead to.

The effects of watching tagalized english movies in the philippines

Absract: This research entitled " The Effects of Tagalizing English on the English Proficiency of the First Year College Students of Pasig Catholic College" was conducted to know the effects of tagalizing English movies of the first year college students of Pasig Catholic College. In this regard, the researcher used descriptive method β†’

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Essay on titanic

The wreck still excites the mind and imagination of the people. In the film, the director tries to show all the tragedy of the loss of the Titanic. The plot of the film is based on the story about a terrible disaster, which happened on 12 April 1912, in the β†’

Post traumatic stress disorder in american sniper movie

Song of Roland does not have any of the qualifications that are listed above, it is more about telling the stories of Roland and making him a hero. Song of Roland, according to O'Brien, would not be a true war story. When someone begins telling a war story most of the time it makes the β†’

The karate kid and the goonies

This was a time of greed, a time when it was crucial to have the right clothes, the right car, and to earn these things through hard work or by marrying money. Popular culture reflected the notion that one had to be self-sufficient; " The Karate Kid" and " The Goonies" were two of the β†’

One flew over the cuckoos nest

Essentially, the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest was the first ever motion film to received all five major academy awards for Best Picture, Best Actor in Lead Role, Best Actress in Lead Role, Best Director and Screenplay. In 1993, the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest was officially renowned β†’

Summer reading assignment: about a boy

Marcus and Will cross paths at a SPAT get together when Marcus's mom asks her friend Susie to bring him. That day is the when both Marcus and Wills' life change forever. At first Marcus believed that he was in love with Ellie and that he could spend the rest of his β†’

Braveheart. movie analysis and its affect on the society

It tought many people of what it was like back in the 1300s. First of all, Braveheart was a movie about the early Scottish people. For example, Jon Lackland was leader once in the Middle Ages and he lost all of the land that his mother had passed down to him in a matter of β†’

Elizabeth. loachamin

However, according to some films I have recently watched, ' the pursuit of happiness' which has great influence on me, the beauty of a relationship between father and his son is what interest me the most.' The pursuit of happiness' tell us the story of a father and his son after a failed investment, the β†’

Review of movie : my fair lady

Was this the message of the movie " My Fair Lady"? Mr. Higgins certainly believed that a person's accent and tone of voice determine his/her prospects in society and that ' verbal class distinction could be extinct if the English taught their children how to speak.' The process of effective communication has β†’

Comparative analysis of the movies gandhi and hotel rwanda

It delineates the voyage of Mahatma Gandhi from sole shaded rehearsing advocate in South Africa, who was tossed out of a prepare at Pietermaritzburg on his refusal to move to second rate class mentor while holding a legitimate top of the line ticket to the pioneer of network who utilized the standards of peaceful obstruction β†’

Creative writing: godzilla in japan

Then all of a sudden the Yamitsu and its valiant crew were plucked out the ocean and rose high into the air. He fell to the ground and everyone knew that that was the last of Godzilla.

Salamone cartoon analaysis

That is why there is a problem with Brian San F's comic involving, " John the Baptist's beheading,". The situation depicts Salome, one of Jesus' followers who traveled with him to Jerusalem and witnessed his death and events that followed after. Salome's mother, Herodias, orders John the Baptist's head as β†’

The escape by somerset maugham analysis

The short story " The Escape" written by Somerset Maugham is exactly about this case, about the conflict between man and woman, and this escape is the main theme of the text. The story begins with the narrator's introduction of the problem that if a woman wants to marry a man, it's a man's hazard β†’

The birds and psycho

These are all present in Psycho, where Marion arrives and is killed in the Bates Motel, and in The Birds, where the crows attack the school. The use of lighting can evoke great feeling to an audience if it is used effectively. At this point the audience will start to see the sinister side of β†’

The soloist

It helps the readers to visualize the relationship between Lopez and Nathaniel, and Lopez's desire to get back to his life. Also, the book's plot line of Lopez having a family provides the richness of emotional detail provided by Nathaniel's visiting the family, the questions Nathaniel has about the family, and the β†’

Psycological view of the movie groundhog day

The very skeptical weatherman regretfully accepts the assignment and travel to the town. Once he makes his report he proceeds to his hotel and goes to bed looking forward to returning home the next day. In an effort to leave the town and anymemoriesrelating to the town the weatherman is forced to β†’

The impact of the increased use of technology and social media

The research also shows that up to 90 percent of university students use social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, being the most accessed. Over the years, the increased use of social media sites has turned into an international phenomenon. How do students use social media sites? According to research done by Akhtar β†’

The first film the elevator

He is scared so he leaves the elevator in fear of it falling due to the weight of the people inside. So, he leaves and goes into the next elevator which is filled with patients of swine flu. It also added a little bit of story to the and his motivations.

Dead man walking vs the green mile: movie analysis

The deeper he digs, the more he becomes emotionally involved, risking his career for the life of this friendless woman he has learned to care for. At the center of the film are two quite selfish people Cindy Liggett is awaiting execution for bloodily beating to death two teenagers a dozen years before. β†’

Drawbacks of hybrid and electric autos

Hybrid and electric vehicles are less popular to consumers because of the price of investment compared to ethanol, but the negative aspects of the car's existence are evident. Cars are the largest polluter in most cities within the United States, and release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, β†’

Tolerance, acceptance, and understanding in the movie breakfast club

Nowhere is this more evident than in " The Breakfast Club". Hughes portrayed his characters in five types: the brain, the jock, the princess, the misfit and the criminal. During the course of the movie, the characters spend time talking and relating to one another.

The use of paul wells concept in spirited away, the movie

This essay will analyze the characters and a few of the themes, motifs, and symbols in the animated film Spirited Away while incorporating three major concepts that Paul Wells addresses in his novel Understanding Animation: realism, acting and performing, and choreography. Unlike live-action film, animation is created through drawings from the imagination. The normalization of β†’

Drawbacks and benefits of the drawbridge

The drawbridge can is usually implemented on bodies of water and can provide a spawning location for the local marine life. Drawbridges tend to be smaller than the average bridge as it is very costly the bigger it gets as they have to lift the leaf, so the negative impacts are greatly reduced. Unfortunately the β†’

The details of the film maleficent: mistress of evil

While we eagerly anticipate the release of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, lets critically examine its background details, characters, and who the villain in the movie is. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Background Details Following the success of Disney 2014 masterpiece Maleficent; which received widespread acceptance from viewers and movie critics for its uniqueness, intensity and β†’

Randle mcmurphy: one flew over the cuckoo’s nest character analysis

His state of anxiety is directly attributed to his life in the military which followed a dishonorable discharge Personal History Murphy is a dirty, loud, sexual and confident individual who relates to all irrespective of the social class. According to the admission sheet that is read to him by the nurse in the β†’

Oskar schindler

The greed of earning money overpowered him and drove him into the world of illegal trade. While enjoying his life in luxury, he realized how the Jews were suffering. Schindler, with the help of his assistant, reached to a conclusion that he would use the money to buy as many Jews as he can from β†’

Rita hayworth and shawshank redemption (stephen king)

In the movie we can observe with clarity the 40'senvironment, old fashion car, the shoes of Andy, and his custom is related at that time. Even though in the movie no date appears in the beginning we can infer the time, later Red speaks the date in what Andy arrives at the prison. Like I β†’

The hit musical “singin’ in the

The opening scene set the role of sarcasm in the movie and gave the movie an immediate sense of humor. The opening of Singin' in the Rain takes place at the opening of the new movie " The Royal Rascal" starring Don Lockwood and Lena Lamont.

High remarks for hybrid cars

While there are many different kinds of hybrid cars, they all share one common trait: a traditional, gasoline-powered motor and a new electric, battery-powered motor are both found within the vehicles. These vehicles use both motors at different times when on the go: the electric motor powers the vehicle when going less β†’

“into the wild” by jon krakauer

If Chris McCandless were to look back at his inspirational journey and see the grief and pain he caused his family, he would have still went on this journey because it was the only way for him to find his independence and find himself. McCandless has been living in Atlanta for a while and was β†’

Free realism essay example

According to Werner Herzog, realism seek to demonstrate the relationship of the film to reality and the specific role that a film plays in helping us understand our society and the world as a whole. The two ancient films by the Lumi re brothers have demonstrated the use of realism. β†’

Male friendships and female friendships essay

They would tell the other what they would do in that situation, or what they should do. We also hang out a lot, by going out to eat, shopping, or to the movies. Because they do not talk about their feelings as much they are less likely to trust each other.

Paul haggi’s ”crash” and the history of soveit montage film technique essay sample

However, the visual style and techniques used by the filmmaker are also analyzed. The Soviet Montage movement is related to the film. It requires maturity from the audience to be able to understand such concepts or ideas. The History of The Soviet Montage The montage is an approach to editing β†’

The sixth sense essay sample

The mise en scene is used when the director wants to give an impression of the characters or the situation without having the characters articulating it through the framework of spoken dialogue, and typically does not represent a realistic setting. One of the most dramatic scenes in the film is when Cole states, " β†’

Lieutenant henry’s moment of illumination

This realization opens the door for Henry to live the life he truly wants to live, and not to only go through the motions doing something he does not love. He sees that Catherine is who he wants to be with, he has to sometimes put himself first, and that he does not belong in β†’

12 angry men by talita e. sigillo

After reasonable doubt to the testimony is applied, juror number three used the above quotes as his reasons to support his claim that it was the boy that the woman saw, concluding with evidence that do not follow through with his claim and thus being " non sequitor". For Juror number three the boy was β†’

Film and box office essay sample

By extension, the term is frequently used, especially in the context of the film industry, as a synonym for the amount of business a particular production, such as a film or theatre show, receives. The projection and analysis of these earnings is very important for the creative industries and often a source of interest for β†’

Antz movie – sociology

What are the life chances of the ants in the movie? What are the lifestyle differences of the ants in the movie?

Ready player one: ernest cline on how his gamer fantasy became a spielberg film

Wade enters the hunt, kicking into gear a breathless nerd empowerment fantasy. " Wade is the embodiment of me as a teenager," Cline admits." The structure of Ready Player One was a fun way for me to take all of the useless movie and video-game trivia you amass if you are a geek and somehow make β†’

Into the wild by jon krakauer essay

This paper focuses on covering the characters of the book, especially Christopher McCandless, and studying the central theme the search for personal freedom in times of modernity. The book describes the details of real-life Christopher McCandless, a young man who decides to abandon past life. However, he took McCandless' advice against a passive lifestyle and β†’

Big movie

Toward the end of the film, one realizes that the young boy was not dreaming at all when he slowly turns back into the thirteen year old boy right before the eyes of his girlfriend Susan whom he met at the toy company. In spite of it being a fantasy film, the β†’

Admission essay

If there is one universal incident that occurs in every person's life in the diverse student body at my high school, it was that I developed much faster when I enrolled at the boarding school. As the first person to reach college in my family, I see this opportunity as a significant phase of my β†’

The movie “high noon” essay sample

In the end the bad guys ended up as dead dogs thanks to the bravery and gunfighting prowess of the lawman, Will Kane , and the unexpected last-minute armed intervention of his girlfriend, Quaker Amy. He assessed how coward the townspeople were and left town with his wife as a response. In addition β†’

Indian film production

The Industry had a lot of potential to grow with its wide acceptance globally.but the independent production houses had neglected this aspect, so when the corporate entered the industry they took complete advantage by using the unexploited resources of reach of the films and its growth possibilities steps. To exploit the resources of growth prospective, β†’

Genius hollywood movies of the 40s movie review samples

In the movie, the camera moves with the actors, and the deep focus is used. The American comedy musical " Singin' in the Rain" by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen is one of the best musicals of all times. The spectator enjoys the movie on the normal widescreen, that is to say side masking pulled β†’

An analysis of the opening scenes of thrillers

The follow shot is used to keep the subject, Cady in view, tracking the man as he casually walks, suggesting he will be central to the film. The eye level shot is then used, this suggests that the man is no higher or lower in status than any other person and makes him more real β†’

My favorite movies

I like to watch movies very much; especially I like foreign films lots than Japanese films, because I like to study foreign languages. The story is human drama, and I can see the love between father and the son.

A comparison between disney movie pocahontas

Also another difference is that the men in the colony have come for gold rather than a new life like they did in the journal. These are some of the many differences between the movie Pocahontas and the journal by John Smith. In both the book and movie there is a man β†’

Stan brakhage’smetaphors on vision essay samples

Response to Stan Brakhage's Metaphors on Vision The viewer of the film the Metaphors of vision in most cases find it more daunting and more to it a little puzzling. The visual approach that Brakhage makes the understanding a little difficult to the audience and thus it is a big obstacle toward the β†’

A movie critique of midnight in paris by woody allen essay example

In the beginning the film incorporates a montage of various shots from the colorful streets and shops of Paris to inform the audience about the location of significance of the entire film. Therefore, the movie did not aim to sell the idea of living in a dream and escaping reality.

How eating fast foods impact our health negatively as depicted in supersize me documentary

He goes through a total physical examination before and after the binge to show his viewers the effects of the fast food. He risked even his relationship, knowing that the food could make him irritable and in knowing that is girlfriend was a vegan chef, he still went with the experiment. He did video diaries β†’

Evaluating the plot in the book the white man’s burden by d jordan

The man of Africa was seen as very peculiar to the white man and due to the mindset of the time, they were seen as dark or evil, simply because the color of their skin. The enslavement of the Negroes in the West Indies was the reason slavery was brought into New England. The need β†’

Racism and world essay

The movies Crash and Do the right thing illustrate different scenarios that consist of racial stereotyping, and depict how the lives of people of multiple races are affected by racism. His wife Christine was the passenger. The police ordered them to get out of the car and they gave the two a pat down.

The newsies in historical context

The west not only had lots of farm land which was great, but what put the icing on the cake was the railroads which was a way for farmers to get their goods to market. The second connection is the labor unions that are forming causing some unrest in the labor arena. Between the fantasy β†’

The ending of 1984

They both knew that it would be hard mission to accomplish and that they would need more than just the two of them. They had found an abandoned building out in the middle of no where and they thinking up some kind of plan to overthrow the Party.

Finding nemo lens paper

The prime examples of this are unveiled throw GHz the characters of Marlin, the sharks, including the humans who intrude and disturb the depths of the sea, of which they have not been summoned to. One could argue that Marlin is the representation of the minority class , as they are always acquainted with the β†’

Pride in antigone and in whale rider

Although both Creon and Koro discount women throughout their respective stories, their differing attitudes at the end of both stories develop from their distinct ways of acknowledging their pride; Creon is unable to overcome his pride, leading to Antigone's death, and Koro overcomes his pride to accept Pai as the new leader of the tribe. β†’

The fault in our stars

This is there love story Hazel Grace and Gus meet at a support group in the heart of Jesus. It can be assumed, of course that the cancer finally kills the girl or she gets to sick to right but what Hazel Grace wants to know is what happens to the mother and her dutch β†’

“journey, north coast” by robert gray essay sample

The intriguing self discovery brings a refreshing feeling towards the persona who had the country surroundings concealed whilst living in the city." it's the train that booms and cracks,/ it tears the wind apart" sets the mood of the poem, as the viewer senses the excitement of the persona towards discovering the country side. The β†’

Film viewer opinion paper

There are a few things that a person should consider before choosing a film.* First, you need to analyze the person or people that are going to watch the film with you.* The relationship between you and those watching is important. If a movie was * enjoyable people will quote the scripts for days or β†’

Nietzsche and the superman

It is important to know and to understand first these themes so as to comprehend the value of Nietzsche proclaiming the struggle to be a superman. Nietzsche perceives nihilism as the product of an accelerating corrosion of religious and cultural beliefs at the heart of European civilization at the end of the 19th century. He β†’

The film trailers essay sample

The trailer is device designed to sell the cast and concept of the film which will stir up immediate interest." Trailers provide unique and specific rhetorical structures that fold visual and auditory evidence of the film production industry's assessment of its actual audience (as well as its desires for potential audience) into a one- to β†’

Nash v. auburn university

Landry maintains that the dean of students is biased against him because of statements the dean has made to the effect that Landry is a menace and should be removed from the university. This is kind of a throwback to the in loco parentis view of higher education.

Reel bad arabs: how hollywood vilifies a people

I truly believe that this was a crucial learning process for myself and I will be very cautious of any future stereotyping of the Arabic people. I truly believe that this was a crucial learning process for myself and I will be very cautious of any future stereotyping of the Arabic people.

The manchurian candidate research paper examples

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE Introduction This report is going to look at the ethical dilemmas and theory used to address public concerns as referring to the movie The Manchurian candidate as a reference form of entertainment. At the end the social responsibilities of the society will be put to light on the basis β†’

How water imagery has been used to describe ben’s path in mike nichols’ film the graduate

In the midst of the circling fish, at the bottom of the tank, stands a miniature plastic man in scuba gear, a thematic counterpart to Ben and a foreshadowing of the very role he will play at the bottom of his pool in one of the central scenes of the film". The fish tank is β†’

Into the wild and its character

Or did he finally leave a life a life that was built for him, that he did not want, and finally fulfill his dreams of living a life of adventure? Not only did this impact the people he met, but he was a genuine guy, and pleasant to be around, the complete opposite of what β†’

A study on schizophrenia disorder as depicted by ron howard in, a beautiful mind

Schizophrenia and A Beautiful Mind The movie, A Beautiful Mind, is a biographical piece that portrays the life of John Nash, a man with schizophrenia. His acute symptoms begin at college and become more severe when he graduates and begins his work. Once his colleagues recognize his abnormal behavior, he is taken to β†’

Essay on comparing the pantheon to los angeles city hall

The building itself has also been featured in a number of movies and television shows, memorializing it and immortalizing it as a formidable piece of modern architecture that still stands strong to this day. The use of the Pantheon as a symbol of Rome's might as an empire, and the ability of Los Angeles City β†’

A class divided documentary review

The people with brown eyes were able to go in and sit when the training was scheduled to start, where the blue eyed people had to stand out in the hall. They had to sit in the back, and some people did not even have a seat. During the meeting Jane talked β†’

Free movie review on maya lin

Lin from her viewpoint explains the implication of her work and attempts to explain to the audience the criteria and motivation behind developing her design and structures. How Maya Lin's Design can be Considered Courageous Maya Lin's design and structures can be considered courageous because she confidently confronted and challenged β†’

By referring in detail to 8 mile, discuss some of the ways

The 8 Mile film has been sold on look as the film posters have the main image of Eminem, the star of the film and a well-known musician. The title of the film is in bright yellow writing, which would catch the eye of a passer by and hook them into reading more of the β†’

Reaction paper on cinema rehiyon films essay sample

I was fortunate to watch the two movies from Baguio and Sulu; these movies were Anac Ti Pating and Taguri: The Kites of Sulu, respectively. The first movie that I watched was Anac Ti Pating from Baguio. The film exposes the life of the Sulu people in making the Taguri which is a β†’

The movie beastly

The film denotes that your character is more important than your physical appearance and it also denotes that do not look up to yourself too high. Kyle is a rich, handsome guy and a very popular boy in the school in the start of the movie I already saw the arrogant side of Kyle. The β†’

Concussions in the nfl

Concussions in the NFL have become much more prevalent, and the effects of these concussions appear to have become more severe, as this is a direct result of the development of player training systems. Over the same period of time concussions have also systematically became more frequent as well.

Blood diamond study note

Maddy and Archer meet and Archer gets straight to the point about helping Solomon out, Maddy says " your using him" archer replies " I am using him your using me this is how it works, is not it? " SCENE 23 Maddy, Solomon and Archer are flying to the refugee camp to find Solomon's β†’

“steel magnolias” directed by herbert ross essay sample

Directors are ultimately responsible for a film's artistic and commercial success or failure. The director in this film uses the Hollywood style of directing." Hollywood style" is that it strives to make the reader forget the medium of film altogether. Film criticism is the analysis and evaluation of films.

Poster culture of bollywood essay sample

These artistes attempted to capture the essence of the plot of the film and used to potray certain characters with specific colours and hues, for example:-pink was the colour of love and was used liberally on the leading couple, whereas blue was the colour given to the villain. Later, when the hindi cinema was drifting β†’

ο»Ώlittle miss sunshine

Uncle Frank is a gay Proust scholar.his genuine anguish at the loss of love and the need to redefine his identity is touching. Sheryl the mother of olive takes the opportunity to poke fun at the harried American housewife with her endless round of obligations, and her helplessness in the face of β†’

The summary of the film whale rider by niki caro

The movie, on paper and fixed via Niki Caro and she is encouraged through a novel which is written thru Witi Ihimaera. The film happens in the community of Whangara which is in New Zealand. In this procedure, he pushes Paikea further far to help their family which is an important part of the film.

The secret life of bees analysis

This idea of her mother not loving her deeply disturbs Lily , causing a sense of doubt to brew up inside of her. She is exposed to new thoughts and ideas. The Secret Life of Bees is clearly based upon Lily and her formative years.

Example of film analysis: the visitor essay

His interactions with the Syrian immigrant couple who come to occupy his house with him Tarek and Zainab form the heart of the film, providing a very heartfelt look into the kinds of scenarios that come with the specter of illegal immigration and post-9/11 Islamophobia. I will always remember Richard Jenkin's perpetual look of abject β†’

It’s partner and having good cuddling watch increase

It's easy to confess toyour love in front of someone but to keep the spark in your relationship isdifficult to couple always try to find out the ways to please each other. Are you want someone toask out then nor can be great day rather than this valentines and have somehorror plan to make β†’

The castle essay sample

The film uses techniques like camera shots, language and the use of narration to develop conflict between a decent, old fashioned suburban family, the Kerrigan's and an unscrupulous corporation called Airline. There are far to many stereotypes in The Castle to mention although her are a few examples, the accents, the barbecues, the holiday β†’

Analysis of alice in wonderland

The character of the White Rabbit is the first symbol used to present the difficulty of becoming an adult. For example, the White Rabbit travels to the Queen of Hearts's garden, and eventually Alice arrives also. The White Rabbit acts as a guide for Alice as she goes on her journey.