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Enron’s weather derivatives essay sample

Since the colder the season, the greater the electrical usage and the recent weather advisory called for another unseasonably warm winter, Mary was considering on of the Enron " weather derivatives". Draw a diagram of the payoffs at the end of the life for the contract as presented in Exhibit 1 of the case.

Free critical thinking on policy-making in the federal system

It is a representation of the US government health care system and its significance in the regulatory overhaul and expansion since the passage of Medicaid and Medicare in 1965. The goal of Obamacare is to reduce growth in healthcare expenditure and to provide affordable health insurance for all citizens in the United States.

Regulatory and accreditation standards for qi implementation essay sample

The HHS regulates health care organizations through laws and policies and CMS regulates the research, education, and medical practices include human research protections, health information privacy, health information technology standards, and Medicare and Medicaid services for the health care organization. These minimum health and safety standards led to quality care and protect the health and β†’

Simulation review paper

After analyzing and reviewing the current status of the company I must figure out what's beneficial for the organization in regard to capital shortage. The reason was the equipment is new and after the lease ends the company is given an option of purchasing the equipment or not.

Compensation and benefits strategies recommendations essay sample

For our company, Clayton Commercial Construction, who wants to open up operations in Arizona, it means looking at what other construction companies in and around the state of Arizona are providing as compensation and benefits. Paid time off should include a mix of sick/PTO leave that would allow employees to take PTO and sick days β†’

Free essay about health care delivery system in the united states (module 1, slp)

It is the duty of the primary care physician to determine if a client is needed to visit a specialist for treating his/her illness under HMO plans. If the primary care physician is not able to treat the issue, he will provide the patient with a referral to a trusted dermatologist in the HMO network.

Free research paper on medical billing fraud

This incident in the Chicago area is not an isolated case of fraud and the crackdown by the authorities are part of the concentrated effort to address the problem of medical billing fraud which according to the Department of Justine and Health and Human Services amounts to about $233 million in false billing. The 5 β†’

Passing of the ppaca argumentative essay

In 2010, the American health care system was completely overhauled with the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; amended later by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. The primary points of the PPACA include the restructuring of the American health care system into one where insurance companies are held β†’

Sample research paper on paying for health care in america

This was an incentive for the hospitals to lessen the stay of patients' and keep the number of procedures at the minimum. As Danna it is important in the team of health care providers to maintain a common goal and expectations from each other should also be clear.

Good term paper on health politics and policy

It is a block grant in that it involves the national government providing funds to the regional government to solve the problem of health in these states. The SCHIP is a program that is given out by the United state government in the department of health and the human services and its function is provide β†’

Mudslides and associated issues research paper sample

A mudslide is a specific variant of a landslide, a term which describes " a wide variety of processes that result in the downward and outward movement of slope-forming materials including rock, soil, artificial fill, or a combination of these".. A similar effect can be the result of over-grazing of sloping terrain, when the animals β†’

Chapter i

The purpose of this system is to minimize the time required in computing the payrolls and lessen the errors. The Objective of the study is to improve the payroll system of Bollozos Trucking.

Good example of creative writing on obamacare and the supreme court: the fate of us healthcare

Majority decision In a divided yet highly awaited decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the provision of the Obama administration's health care law requiring that Americans either acquire health care insurance or be levied a tax. The decision for those who opposed the law argue that with the affirmation of the law, β†’

Health care reform in the usa argumentative essay

On the contrary, others disagree stating that the current care system is contaminated with cronyism and corruption; even though the nation spends heavily towards the development of its health facilities, it still suffers from administrative waste, uneven quality, and worse still, it fails to provide the basic care to all. The universal health care β†’

Medicare advantage vs. medicaid mco plan essay example

Highlighting the differences between the Medicare Advantage Plan and the Medicaid care plan is of great significance. Through closely analyzing both Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare Managed care plan, I would prefer the Medicaid managed care plan.

Healthcare issues term paper examples

Another factor that has led to the insufficiency of health care services is the lack of qualified specialists in the health care system. The nation has embarked on reforms in the health care system, in an attempt to bring changes to the devastating state of the system.

Essay on universal healthcare

Still on the same point of equity, the universal insurance will only provide for one set of insurance platform, the contrary to the private based which you acquire the healthcare depending on the amount of premium that you pay. On the side of the economy it's considered that most companies will benefit with the universal β†’

Free essay on obama healthcare issues

The debate over the constitutional concerns of Obamacare lies in the questions of whether the federal government has the power to require all Americans to purchase federally regulated health insurance. This health care rationing which is also called " death panel" could threaten the Medicare program and the Constitution's separation of powers.

Types of users in car managing system

The system administrator will be able to add and delete students and also will be able to open new classes. The system administrator will be also able to determine the number of students in any given class.9.

Proximity cause in insurance essay sample

A proximate cause is the first event in a chain of events that gives rise to a claim. This relation is referred to as the doctrine of proximate cause.

Catastrophe bonds term paper sample

Additionally, the occurrence of Hurricane Katrina in 2006 doubled the issuance of cat bonds to an approximate rate of $4. Investors investing in cat bonds insure their assets and the demand for cat bond depends on the quantity of assets insured.

Health insurance and women health and social care essay

The chief docket of community funding is balanced on the impression that " the control of resources generated by the community, and the possibility that fiscal and nonfinancial resources generated by the strategy can be used to upgrade wellness services, supplement wellness worker wages, and guarantee a support watercourse to refill drugs and medical services β†’

Geico commercial analysis

The basic idea of the commercial is that no matter what happens in life, that you should always be prepared for what to do next. You could be driving down the road just like the guy was in this commercial, and have the same thing happen to you.

Companies ais and their defending

Since, the company benefits and consequently profits from the use of accounting information system, it should bear the losses that arise from attacks on the accounting information system. Further it is the responsibility of the company to maintain the highest level of security for its accounting information system.

In depth overview of geico inc.

Geico also has three affiliates such as GEICO General Insurance Company, GEICO Indemnity Company and GEICO Casualty Company. This dynamic progress of Geico is made possible by the CEO and chairman of Geico, Tony Nicely and its 22354 employees.

Investing in tufs essay sample

But the current issue is that the TUFS's underwriting system is only use at the last moment as a double-check step in the old procedure, and the company is quitting the e-business which makes the e-Business part turn into no use. Training program is the best way to maximize the usage of the system, and β†’

Research paper on patient privacy

In spite of the fact that medical officers have access to the health records of patients, it is important to understand that patients also have personal lives out of the hospitals. The responsibility of disseminating this information to the public can be done by the hospitals, but it would be a breach of the law β†’

United states department of labor website: cobra essay samples

There are provisions in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, whereby an employee's dependents who are no longer eligible for a continuation of health insurance have a right to enroll in another health insurance plan without waiting for an open enrollment period. The book, The American Bar Association complete and easy guide to health β†’

Will affordable care act be considered a success or failure of president obama research papers example

One, to reduce healthcare costs to both the government and individuals in the country, two, to lower the rate of the uninsured by offsetting the expansion of both private and public insurance coverage, and three, to increase the affordability and the quality of health insurance. The Act also introduces a number of additional reforms which β†’

Free research paper on defined contribution in healthcare

The Exchange, through the Small Business Health Options Program Exchange or SHOP, offers defined contributions to their employers. The Exchange offers defined contribution type of health plan by extending options to determine the cost of coverage or contribution, while giving the employees the opportunity to shop for their own health plans.

Americas healthcare research paper examples

This is the gist of the long awaited healthcare plan; it is a form of universal healthcare as mentioned in " Sicko" As certain as death it is a foregone conclusion that no government is ever going to create a healthcare plan that will satisfy every citizen. I realized that a group of islands that β†’

Essay on supreme court case

However, from the analysis of the group, we realise that it si a community that is committed to its historical practices and even inspiring the lives of the group members. Until the moment when the tradition is affecting other people negatively, the Supreme Court will be required to uphold the status of such a minority β†’

Motorcycle helmet usage

The use of helmets in the United States is a highly controversial topic. Seven states require riders under the age of twenty to wear a helmet, while 19 states require riders under the age of eighteen to wear one.

Nursing: pernicious anemia. reply post essay examples

Income, poverty, and health insurance coverage in the United States: 2010.U.S. The State of US Health, 1990 2010: Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors.

The effect of affordable act care on ryan white patients critical thinking samples

Ryan White Program is a national program designed particularly for the treatment and care and for support programs for people who have HIV or AIDS in the United States. The Ryan White Program is controlled by the Health Resources and Services Administration or HRSA of the Department of Health and Human Services or DHHS in β†’

Healing hospital: a daring paradigm essay sample

Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm The healing hospital paradigm is a change that hospitals and other clinical facilities are developing to assist the patient in recovery and a return to wellness. In this paper I will describe the components of a healing hospital as they relate to spirituality; challenges of creating a healing hospital; including β†’

Management structure of sadharan bima corporation

The purpose of this report is to identify the problems, services and prospects of private insurance company and also the strengths and opportunities of private insurance company in the market which will help Sadharan Bima Corporation to retain the better position and to increase its profit. Organization overview [pic] INSURANCE BACK GROUND OF BANGLADESH After β†’

Free term paper on the problem

Some of the factors that led to the aforementioned transformations are industrialization a factor which made the number if industries grow exponentially in a bid to provide for the ballooning population, Globalization which led to the great transformation of the world to a ' global village' The direct effects in human beings of all walks β†’

6 consequences of living a life without life insurance protection!

Life Insurance, as a number of people in India think, is a kind of business contract that mainly benefits the insurers and the insurance agents. This is one of the main reasons why the percentage of life insurance penetration in India is remarkably low, as compared to the other countries in the world.

Health reform and employment article review example

The overall purpose of the article is to evaluate the impact of Obamacare on the job market. First, that the employers will cut jobs just because they have to provide insurance.

1970 jsu shooting

The tensions on the way Lynch Street ran right into the heart of the University was a very large aspect that led to the shooting. The main people driving up and down Lynch Street were white motorist and it caused a lot of tension between them and the African American students that attended JSC due β†’

Example of essay on healthcare reform

The current healthcare reform generally addresses the need for affordability of access to hospitalization and medication, but there is an apparent lack of emphasis on the prevention of health risks in which healthy eating habit can be a practical remedy. Healthcare reform encompasses helps the public to gain access to affordable healthcare, but the cost β†’

Company as legal entiy

THE MOST DISTINGUISHED CHARACTERISTIC OF THE COMPANY AS A FORM OF BUSINESS IS THAT IT IS A LEGAL ENTITY. Directors and shareholders do not own the company's properties, the company does.

Importance of information technology in insurance essay sample

Obtaining of efficient and accurate information in minimum possible time is an integral feature of the insurance sector. Merging of details of insurance client data with that of each insurance policy, ranging from life, home, auto, boat, liability and business products, need to be accurate recorded.3.

Ramifications of participation contracts essay sample

The plan is broken down into parts that include an introductory section, the purpose of the contract, services that are covered, responsibilities of the physician, obligations of the managed care plan, compensation, and billing guidelines. Also, if the patients are seen more than what is paid for the physician takes on that risk.

Economic issues simulation paper essay sample

Castor Collins Health Plans are looking to increase the number of enrollees in the company. Helen is the chief financial officer at Castor Collins Health Plans and she is in charge of the financial operations of the company.

Healthcare as a universal right essay example

Of course, this type of ethics is often a cover for social control by the wealthy and powerful corporate interests, which is certainly the case with politics, society and the health care system in America. Obama suffered a similar fate in 2010 due to the unpopularity of Wall Street bailouts and individual mandates to but β†’

Research on case study 2 research papers example

Financial planning would help her to create a plan showing how to accomplish the goals and try to reduce unnecessary expenses, which could increase her income and have a lot to save and pay debt. She was supposed to understand her financial position by understanding her personal resources. However, the major challenges that individual face β†’

Why americans could benefit from universal health care research paper

Unfortunately, the United States in the only industrialized country in the developed world that does not provide Universal Healthcare to its citizens ; however, implementing a universal healthcare system could benefit Americans, in more ways than one. - Definition of a Universal Healthcare System Himmelstein and Woolhandler define a universal health care β†’

Research paper on benefits of strategic management in healthcare organizations

In dealing with a managed care organization, the following need to be understood and followed: - The physician of the patient must always work for the good of the patient and not intend or do any harm; - Patients interests and rights are prime to the doctor; - Patients need to be treated with respect, care and as β†’

Access to healthcare services research papers example

For this reason, it is important for the Government to set policies and standards regarding the appropriate access to healthcare services for all individuals of the society. Access to healthcare means that the person receives personal healthcare services in a timely manner and achieves the best health outcomes. There are three discrete steps to attaining β†’

Professional liability and malpractice research paper

The plaintiff must prove four facts to succeed in a malpractice claim; - There was a professional relationship between the plaintiff and the psychologist so that the psychologist owed a legal duty of care to the plaintiff - There was breach of the duty of care. This means that a standard of care exists and the β†’

Health insurance for the poor health and social care essay

Social wellness insurance is a mechanism for pull offing and financing wellness attention through pooling of wellness hazards of its members on the one manus, and the fiscal parts of endeavors, families, and the authorities, on the other. SHI is " a fiscal protection mechanism for wellness attention, through wellness hazard sharing and β†’

Example of sick around america movie review

The survival of Melinda attests to the fact that the health care system in the US is the best, but it is the cost that is high. But the public cannot be well and healthy when they cannot be able to access health care due to the failed insurance system.

Property and liability automobile

PROPERTY and LIABILITY AUTOMOBILE 3/13 The Personal Automobile Policy one of the major costs of operating an automobile Perils Associated with Automobile Ownership/Operation Tort liability lawsuits may result from the harm/damage you cause to other persons or property Note: 60% of all damages paid are for things other than damage to cars Death/Bodily Injury β†’

Employee insurance essay examples

Providing health insurance is more beneficial to employees than the employer giving them money for treatment. Health insurance guarantees the wellness of the employees. For instance, health insurance covers both the employees and their close family members especially their children; but such coverage is not available in the other alternative.

Example of research paper on access to healthcare across locations

Disparity is healthcare services is one of the problems that the national legislation is trying to address. The cost of healthcare in the region is funded by the taxes and wages of the residents within the Eastern region. The current healthcare system in the region is large out of unison from the Federal government's legislative β†’

Free new jersey no-fault insurance laws research paper example

The major differences in these car insurance types include availability of restrictions on the right to sue and if the policy holder's insurer pays first party benefits, notwithstanding which driver was at fault for the occurrence of a motor vehicle accident. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the no fault insurance is usually intended to β†’


SECTION B ' " GENERAL INFORMATION " " " Please " as approprate Date and time of incident or loss " Place of incident or loss "" "..." " ' Names and addresses of any witnesses to the incident or loss '..." '... Yes No If " Yes", please provide name of the insurance company β†’

Good term paper on cip article 1: fuel prices plunge in spite of political tension in the middle-east

We make an endeavor to list the possible costs and benefits of the scheme. The third study is on the fall in the cost of wind and solar power production. The two forces together has resulted in the fall in the price of gas and fuel in the economy. The energy sector is in boom β†’

Research paper on medicare

Considering the severity of her condition, durable medical equipment is required, and in this case being a walker, whose cost is shared between the health program and the patient on a 80 to 20% basis. Medicare part D would offer a cover for drug prescription for all individuals with Medicare legibility. Because of β†’

Marine insurance

Though the Marine Insurance Act is deep in its insurance coverage, it does not provide for losses that occur while the ship is sailing the waters. This has led to the introduction of another insurance called the Marine Cargo Insurance, which provides for losses to cargo while the ship is sailing the β†’

Estimated compensating wage differentials

Critically appraise the findings of empirical surveies that have estimated compensating pay derived functions. Compensating derived function is a term used in labour economic sciences to analyse the relation between the pay rate and the unpleasantness, hazard, or other unwanted properties of a peculiar occupation. One can besides talk of the counterbalancing derived β†’

Case study on oregon health plan

Generally, the benefits of the Oregon health plan stand that it provides coverage to families of low income earners, and it controls costs, and provision of health services to everyone. It would have been adopted nationwide if the Oregon Health Plan had succeeded in the Oregon. The failure of the plan led to context of β†’

Summary of kinney system, inc. v. continental insurance company essay sample

A contract of insurance was negotiated in New York to cover Kinney's employees in different states, including those in Florida. The trial judge dismissed the case on the ground of forum non conveniens [1]. New York Airlines, Inc. [2] which said that forum non conveniens does not apply where one of the corporate parties β†’

The united states healthcare system situation in the context of the story mama might research paper example

Racial inequality is the primary theme in the story. Abraham used to write about health care; however, the story of Banes brings us to the other dimension of health care in America. In the recent years, researchers began to examine a broad range of other factors that may explicate the racial and ethnic differences in β†’

Section i

2 Specific Objective - To identify the relationship between social security and demand for life insurance - To identify the relationship between birth rate and demand for life insurance - To identify the relationship between average life expectancy and demand for life insurance - To identify the relationship between Inflation and demand for β†’

Risk assessment of a wind farm

1 Preamble This section of the report presents the background of the wind farm project, in particular offshore wind farm development, objectives, scope of work and the layout of the thesis 1. 5 Layout of the Thesis This section of the report describes the background of offshore wind farms and the objective β†’

Case digest essay sample

The goods were delivered to the plaintiff-consignee on or about January 25-28, 1977. Petitioner filed third-party complaints against private respondents for indemnity, subrogation, or reimbursement in the event that it is held liable to the plaintiff. The private respondents, carriers Frota Oceanica Brasiliera and Australia-West Pacific Line alleged in their separate answers that β†’

Dhl tariff and trasit guide

5kg above 100kgs 0.5 2.55 3.80 5.30 5.30 5.30 5.65 7. 75 5 45.

Compensation and benefits strategies recommendations essay sample

This paper will cover the compensation and benefit recommendations we have outlined for Clapton Commercial Construction, this will address the needs for a compensation structure, the company's position in the market, a compensation and benefits strategy, the use of performance incentives and merit pay to recognize and engage employees, and to identify the β†’

Role of insurance in corporate finance

For example, if an excess of farmers wish to sell wheat futures, the price of futures will be forced down until enough speculators are tempted to buy in the hope of a profit. Sometimes the best solution is to look at how the prices of the two assets have moved together in the past.

The insurance companies and the crisis

In the United States the assets managed by the insurance sector are higher than the assets of the banking sector. Fall in the stock market, the limitations and difficulties in accessing foreign funding, weakening the financial situation of enterprises caused rapid deterioration of the global economy and have had an impact on the financial performance β†’

Reputation as a sustainable competitive advantage

Acquiring and preserving sustainable competitive advantage and superior performance are a function of the resources and capabilities brought to the competition (Aaker, 1989; Barney, 1995; Conner, 1991; Grant, 1991). In this paper the Harris-Fombrun model, a framework for measuring corporate reputation using a reputation quotient with six categories and 20 individual factors is used to β†’

Professional liability insurance with dan

DAN professional liability insurance seems to be crafted by the hand of every successful professional in the industry, and resources for risk management and reduction are available with each policy. After doing my research, I quickly realized that finding a plan with such extensive coverage at such an affordable rate would be next to impossible. β†’

Are electronic medical records a cure for health care? essay sample

These systems have not been fully developed so there can be issues arising such as to maintain the accuracy and privacy of hospital, training of doctors and nurses, sharing of medical data between hospitals and clinics and the most importantly conflict of interest for insurance companies related to health insurance. Answer 2: Factors responsible β†’

Essay on major problems in the us healthcare system

This situation speaks volumes of the luxury that healthcare has become in the USA. The first solution to correcting the healthcare situation is basic universal health insurance. It is the responsibility of healthcare administrators to determine the needs of their facility and shop for the best solutions.

Example of symbolic interactionism essay

It was Shakespeare who adorned London's famous Globe Theater with the Latin motto Totus Mundus Agit Histrionem and who wrote the following lines for Jacques in As You Like It:" All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. For Erving Goffman , arguably the most original American theorist β†’

Bate of submission critical thinking sample

Parents who smoke around their children yet they know the great lengths that the secondhand smoke goes in destroying vital bodily components for everyday life should take legal responsibility and be accountable for any harm caused to the child, as a result, of their habits. Though smoking is widely seen β†’

Protecting personal information (ppi): applicability in electronic medical records research papers example

This legislation provided various incentives to private hospitals and venture capitalists for investment in upgrading the medical records book-keeping procedures and designing Electronic Health Records. Electronic Medical Records The National Institute on Health defines Electronic Medical Records as a sequential electronic record encompassing the complete health information about the patient. Furthermore, the information system β†’

Healthcare system in turmoil essays example

The lack of healthcare resources and the reduction in the number of hospitals and nursing homes added to the depreciating healthcare system. However, the paper highlights the two major problems in the health care system. However, many patients leave the healthcare facility due to the high costs and the lack of medical insurance.

Economic and social effects of hiv/aids

The concluding section assesses the impacts of HIV/AIDS on different elements of social protection schemes, on the social budget, and on the fiscal balance. In scenario 2 the number of contributors changes in proportion to the change in the total number of workers, so that the percentage of workers covered by the scheme is held β†’

Free case study on human resources

In keeping with Samuel and David employee benefits are progressively more expensive for business to provide to its workforce; as such, the range and options of the benefit are rapidly changing to include flexible benefit plans. Some of the benefits that have not been listed in the General Mills are intangible benefits.

National health insurance ghana health and social care essay

8 July 2011 Thefailureof the cash-and-carry system to provide for the wellness attention demands of the state 's most vulnerable populations placed wellness attention services and bringing betterments on top of the state 's development docket. In 2003, the National Health Insurance Act was approved by parliament, followed by the launch of β†’

Pressure changes in hospitals industry

Better care has to outweigh more care and until that happens the nation will continue to face care costs issues. It is going to expand Medicaid, more people with insurance will cause more the core of the United States' long-term fiscal imbalance. Social Security costs, by comparison, are projected to increase from five β†’

One offers a sliding fee and charges $110 to $119 per session

Although therapy is expensive, there are certain measures that could be used as an alternative to therapy, but I would be more comfortable if she will go to counseling. This is why I researched a number of internet resources to really identify the best sources for reputable β†’

Canadian health care industry essay samples

Unlike some countries that have government-supplied health care, Canada's doctors are independent from the government, they are not employed by the government, but they are paid by the government's insurance program. How much the government spends per citizen varies depending on the age of the person and where they are from in Canada. On the β†’

Insurance situation in south africa

Crime in South Africa is topic that is very often spoken about amongst South African citizens. Insurance in South Africa can be a difficult situation because of the crime rates within the country. If something were to happen, you can claim from insurance if you have been paying your monthly instalments. I say insurance in β†’

Free research paper on health economics

The single payer system in the state of Vermont aims at improving the benefits of the underinsured to include vision care, dental care and increment of Medicaid reimbursement to doctors. The implementation of the program does not face challenges because few disparities exist and many people are willing to give β†’

Good example of expenses projections research paper

Further, during the second phase and the final phase, the total expenses amounted to $299997 and $332950, respectively. All the projections every year were assumed with a growth rate in inflation of 1. During Phase II and the Final Phase, such expenses amounted to $851344 and $944860. All the projections every year were assumed with β†’

Mao’s consolidation of power between 1949 and 1953 essay sample

Mao used terror and repression constantly in the years from 1949 to 1953, however there were also other methods which he used to consolidate his power, and it is hard to decide whether both methods were equally successful or whether one of them was vital to the survival of the communist party with β†’

Suggestion: life insurance schemes essay sample

The block and district level forum can be used for promoting and motivating group insurance. The cooperative banks and other cooperative societies may provide a robust platform to sell insurance as these societies are forums that deals with finance matter. The linking of agriculture risk and heath risk with life insurance may be a β†’

Critical record of a shipmaster’s duties

It is always the duty of the owner of the vessl to ensure the seaworthiness of ship and if ships sail in a seaworthy condition she will be under insurance cover. " The obligation of the owner to exercise due diligence to ensure that the ship is seaworthy before the commencement of voyage.(ie taking all precaution β†’

Quantum physics

However, it must be noted that the European Debt Crisis is still going on in most of the European countries, and thus, It might be more favorable for Ping An to focus on the Salsa- Pacific market where most of the markets are still emerging and most importantly, hose markets have low β†’

The issues essay

If so, what is the main concern?); how the physicians involved in healthcare are regulated and the effectiveness of that system; the previous attempts to provide a national insurance system or alternatives and the outcome; the role of Medicare and Medicaid; whether and how the free market approach can resolve β†’

Isbn – 978-93-81583-46-3

Despite the tremendous opportunities, there are few challenges and one of the most emerging is the scarcity of skilled human resource in the sector and the ever rising rate of attrition, which continues to haunt the employers. The decision taken by the Government of India in the early 2000, in the process of economic liberalization β†’