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Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a freelancer

No need to go to office: When you are a freelancer you can work from your home. Legal work: As you are boss you have to do all the legal works on your own.

America outsourcing

Top in the agenda is the loss of jobs to outsourcing which has led to income inequality and joblessness in the host countries. Of the total revenue that GE earned in 2003, 45% came from the international markets which goes on to show that outsourcing has had a positive impact on the company.

Forced community service persuassive essay

This is because the work would not be done well if the students were forced. Then if they do not want to do it, the work will not be done to the best of their ability.

Different types of workers’ compensation plans

The four types of Workers' Compensation plans are: Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, Federal Employees' Compensation Program, Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Program, and the Black Lung Benefits Program. It is necessary to have federal and state compensation plans to make sure the employees are covered.

How to transition better to the work routine after a vacation

There is nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night, that sudden awakened state from a middle-of-the-night phone call, or a screaming child owing to a nightmare. The benefit of a morning routine is that it protects you from making excuses and allowing your feelings to dictate your choices.

Reflective case study essay sample

Due to the nature of this case study and the involvement of Children and Family Social Services current adult and children's legislation and policy informed much of my practice with the client. I will explore in detail the impact of multi- disciplinary teams and the culture it creates within an agency paying particular attention to →

Bad working conditions

There may have been a tendency for historians to be shocked about the way in which people were treated at the mills because of the time period. Pauline Greg has given a very negative view of the working conditions.

The constructionist perspective of obesity

The belief in the importance of individual's freedom to choose the types of food they consume and to have a more active lifestyle is embraced by most people. Both groups validate obesity is an epidemic and therefore a social problem however these groups battle the way we are to combat this problem.

Mba co-op work term report template essay sample

Briefly describe the following work environment characteristics: Culture The culture was formal at both the client site and at the office as I was required to report to the CFO and also senior members of my audit team Hierarchy The firm follows a top down organizational approach. Quality During my engagements, I will ensure that →

A similar theme in works of neoclassical and romantic

While neoclassicism dealt with the resurgence of the antique ideal that was conceived of by Virgil, Raphael and many other eminent artists, the Romantic Movement was a reaction against the severities of reality and rationalization. The basic problem in doing so is to excogitate a way to match the sublimities of ancient Greek tastes and →

Managing work life balance

This leads to extrinsic motivation as the managers makes the employees in the organization participate in an activity because of the benefits and rewards associated with the activity. Flexi-time is beneficial to employees as it gives them a greater degree of freedom to balance their work and personal life, which helps in reducing stress.

What role, if any, should mary’s past work record play in this case?

Management do have the right to know why employees refuse to work overtime since it directly affects the operation and productivity of the company, for example, Mary's refusal to work overtime would hamper and limit the productivity of the department, and thefailureto produce the services required of them would spell losses for the company. Her →

The philosophy of work issue

This is a different view to that work to some, is the ability to get by. Levine reminds us that his philosophy of work is the need to have work and keep it.

Reflection of internship technology

From what I learned, I did not have to learn how to manage or setup Zones in order to perform my duties as a system administrator. I feel like a whole new person equipped with experience and knowledge in the areas I used to lack in.

Work satisfaction and motivation

5 The amount of work is easy to handle 1 2 3 3. 2 I work in the department of my choice 1 2 3 10.

A personal perspective

Week 3 Hand-in Assignment A tablet computer, or simply tablet, is a mobile computer with display circuitry and battery in a single unit. 0, Vizio with the tablet and others including Asus, and the startup Company Notion Ink.

My work experience critique essay

I often find that a lot of the clothes on sale in T. K Maxx is a good store to browse in if you have the time, and you might just find a good deal here.

Understanding good practice in workplace coaching

This then encourages the client to explore their problems and self more deeply Questioning Techniques to enable client to stop and think - this includes the skills of the catalytic toolkit, through open and closed questioning, emphatic divining and checking understanding, paraphrasing and logical marshalling and simple and selective echoing, so that you can have →

The numerous effects of job loss

If such technologies and outsourcing continue at this rate, many Americans will be without work and the economy will feel the consequences of such. Rather, he explains how work will be shaped to a different mold in the future, and that it already is beginning to.

Hazard identification at work place

Hazard identified: In the process of risk management the most important step is to identify the hazard, the hazard not identified cannot be controlled. It could be to remove the hazard or to reduce the likelihood of the risk to contact to the hazard being realised.

Pro and cons team work

This is a drawback of the team structure and highlights the fact that the success of a team is largely dependent on the character andmotivationof its individual members? Retrieved from Pro: team members can express their concerns and contribute thoughts so that the team has a diversity of ideas Working actively in a team →

Standard working hours

Introduction After the implementation of statutoryminimum wagein Hong Kong, many people urge the government to have law about standard working hours as employers may use non-paid overtime as a means to minimize the labor cost in order to offset the increase of labor costs caused by the minimum wage. Yet, the main concern is to →

Exploring and sharing youth work practice

The purpose of youth work is well defined in the Youth Work Manifesto 2011, and is as follows: build self-esteem and self-confidence develop the ability to manage personal and social relationships create learning and develop new skills encourage positive group atmospheres build the capacity of young people to consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take →

Summer internship project

Analyzing the strengths and weakness of Company A with its competitors Medium of awareness of Company A and its competitor among the target group Understanding the buying behavior of clients and the factors they take into account while buy modular kitchen and wardrobes The extent to which the buying decision of modular furniture is influenced →

Changing perspectives

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveller, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; " Changing one's perspective can be confronting and enriching." The Encarta Concise English Dictionary defines perspective as " →

The fundamental choice strategy steps

Furthermore, a couple of analysts be prepared the mental methodologies significant work propensities comparable to, the actuation to figure, and worker feeling of occupation joy and stress. A full and impartial be instructed of a focused on work is vital for mutually the directors and the specialists.

Comparing the works of luhrmann and zeffirelli

In both versions, when the camera zooms in on the characters during the opening scenes, you can feel the emotion and the tension, because the viewer is so close. This is also common in the Luhrmann version because the camera focuses a lot on the huge statue of Christ in Verona.

Workplace problems

To this end, our research question would likely be ' What is causing employees to feel overburdened by an unbalanced workload? ' In this way, Team A has defined the objective of the study and identified the specific problem at issue. In this way, we will begin to paint a broad picture of the issue →

Job redesign and workplace rewards

Regarding the existing rewards and other motivation means in the airline department it is necessary to say that the authorities of the hotel enter all new motivational stimulus for deduction of the employees and put means in development of the personnel. So, it is necessary to widen the range of airline department's obligations and tasks.

More work for mother

Some theories would have it that the advent of home appliances has caused wives to leave their homes and find their niche in the outside world. Technology has been the causal agent to the entrance of women into the workforce outside the portals of their own homes.

Change in potential energy worksheet

What is the change in potential energy relative to the ground? What is the change in potential energy of the elevator relative to the ground? 6.

Datum network: the decentralized dаtа mаrketplасе

Datum aims to revolutionize the existing data market where data creators are rarely paid for the data and the monetization happen by middle men who do not add any value. The Datum Client empowers users to take control of all their data and optionally share or sell their data through the Datum network.

The job of chief security officer

In this manner, regardless of some unmistakable signs that associations are receiving the job of CSO all the more much of the time, there is little concurrence on the idea of the position. The primary need of another CSO ought to be to guarantee that security is an enterprisewide concern and a venture wide duty.


William is not interested in his family life and he does not make any decisions about what to do about it when his wife asks. He begins to writes his own endings and take the power of the biographies and finely get inspired and excited about his work.

Through outsourcing and strategic alliances

This was a severe disadvantage for the company as competitors could offer the same level of features in their products at a fraction of the cost. The bargaining power of suppliers was medium because most hardware manufacturers tended to maintain a joint venture framework in developing their products.

Perspectives on adult and worker’s education

It is the view of this paper that social democracy perspective is a better model because it strongly relies on institutionalization of workers adult education; a factor that largely provides them with a raised ground for competing with others. However, social democracy is both a strengthening factor and encouragement to the workers both socially and →

All work and no play makes a dull life

I am not trying to be witty but people are busy with nothing to do because they do not know how to make use of their leisure. People who only know about their work and are perpetually engrossed in it do not recreate that part of themselves which is spent.

The outsourcing challenge

Interestingly, given the importance of the outsourcing decision and the amount ofacademicand practitioner literature on it, there is surprisingly little consensus about the topic, probably because of the multiplicity and complexity of the factors involved. In their research, they attempted to explain the degree of IT outsourcing by using cost structures and economic performance.

Recruitment and selection of incepta pharma

Recruitment is the process of identifying that the organization needs to employ someone up to the point at which application forms for the post have arrived at the organization. Mid and senior level employees turnover is rare in the incepta.

Job outsourcing’s effects on the economic growth

On the other hands, outsourcing is a threat to the economic growth of the country, mainly in the case of unemployment. To put it in a nut shell, outsourcing can make both the positive and negative effects in the economic development of a country.

Conflicts in work place

Positive view: This view consider conflict are positive in organizations, but if it is managed and Considered can be positive and they believe that if the conflict managed and resolution effectively many time we can see constructive outcomes. Conflict help in decision making process; because it is nature and people have different opinions, thoughts, attitudes →

Job workforce shifts

In the 1900 the workforce was estimated at roughly 24 million that also included kids at the age of 10 and above gainfully employed. A great example would be our farmers, at the turn of the century 38 percent of America's labor force where farmers compared to the end of the century where there were →

Chartism: working class and national political movement

What evidence is there in the extract above of three explanations for Chartism's support that you learned about in the history chapter of Y180, and which, if any, is stressed most strongly by the speaker? However I personally conclude that the main focus and draw of support was the movement's politicalgoalsas the speech uses political →

Work experience

I had to tick off what I would prefer to do, so I chose to work in retail and fashion. So when the bus stopped I walked positively towards the shop, the funny thing was, I was slightly early, so I had to stand outside, I felt a bit out of place at that point, →

A ‘balanced’ life: work-life balance

In organisations and on the home front, the challenge of work-life balance is rising to the top of many employers' and employees' consciousness. Work-family culture: the extent to which an organisation's culture acknowledges and respects the family responsibilities and obligations of its employees and encourages management and employees to work together to meet their personal →


I think the Wizards are a great team that love the game andrespecteach other, and that is what you need to be a successful team. You win as a team, and you lose as a team, You need to have empathy for other people on your team, Teams and teamwork are not just sports and →

The case against a higher minimum wage

Jobs and the Minimum Wage Economists have studied the job-destroying features of a higher minimum wage. Side Effects of Raising the Minimum Wage It has been well documented that the minimum wage destroys jobs, particularly the jobs of low-skilled, young workers.

Paper on tech mahindra

The growth in the service sector in India has been led by the ITES sector, contributing substantially to the increase in GDP, employment, and exports. Merger with Mahindra Satyam Tech Mahindra will be merged with Mahindra Satyam in the next half of 2012 to build a 2.-billion $ IT Company in India.

Future workforce

The examination of the future workforce view will permit the people in charge of human resource planning within the banking institutions in the UAE to know the employees required at each of the horizontals and vertical levels of the organizations in terms of the exact number and the type of employees. Its should be noted →

Lifestyle, revenues and opportunities

The rapid emergence and spread of freelance work in the world today can be credited to the internet and all that comes with it; the blogs, social media and so on but freelancing can be traced back to the medieval times according to Merriam Webster dictionary and earliest written evidence for ' freelance' comes from →

Group work

The thoughts of bookmans such as Burner, Kohlberg, Piaget and Vygotsky are used in the development of collaborative acquisition, which basically implies that both the pupil and theenvironmentare actively dynamic entities in the acquisition procedure as the pupil tries to portray the lessons. He thereby concluded that; " the development of moral concluding happens in →

Case for locog workforce diversity?

Managing of diversity is significant for the successful attainment of LOCOG's objectives and, therefore, management ought to be aware of the importance of workforce diversity and how HR can contribute towards its broader objective of diversity. Importance of workforce diversity Management of diversity requires the recognition of value and harnessing workforce differences and individual characteristics →

Managing your boss – review

To manage situation like this we need a good understanding of the other person and ourselves, and use that information to develop and anage a compatible working atmosphere that compatible with both people's work style and assets. Next step is to find a way of working that suits employee and boss.

Doing the dirty work

At the end of the line are the gizzard cutters, who tackle the more difficult organs attached to the inside of the chicken's carcass. Question: Q1 How relevant are the concept of competencies to the job in a chicken- processing plant?

Reflection of team work

The presentations that each team gave in front of the class proved to be a good experience for every member of each group. It has been a great team building experience for me, and I feel that the completion of this team project will help me in future team oriented projects.

Advantages of retaining older workers

This essay will outline why Australia needs to retain older workers in the workforce, why older people are staying in the workforce for longer and discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with encouraging older workers to stay in the workforce for longer. Australia's need to encourage older workers to stay in the workforce →

Strategy of the have company

But in the case of the radio controlled airplane hat is a specific item were there would be no need for storage of this item due to not knowing the quantities needed for sale. Since this valued product is need to make the final end product this would have to be a direct method of →

Method of gsaw welding

The quality, ultimately, is dependent upon the experience of the welder, the speed of travel throughout the welding process, and the settings of the equipment, such as the voltage, amperage, and direction of current. In conclusion, GSAW welding is a method of arc-welding in which a consumable electrode is used to create in arc on →

Recruitment and selection analysis

Sources of recruitment depend upon the availability of the right kind of people in the local labour market as well as on the nature of the position to be filled. Human resources seek and demand for the personal qualities and skills among the personal candidates human resources plans in the organisation to select the people →

Working on nhdfdh

Assignment In this assignment, you will focus on the debate between the personalities and naturalistic positions in scientific history, and how the concept of zeitgeist relates to each of these concepts. If you are unfamiliar with PAP form and style, take this tutorial: The Basics of PAP Style.

Compressed work week

As a result of the change in the global economy there is a drastic increase in competition for consumers. According to Lewin's force field analysis, " a person's behavior is the result of two opposing forces: the force that maintains the status quo and the force that pushes for change.

Team works

The satisfaction of the employees in the company makes them feel that the company is competitive in the market place, a sense that increases their output and cohesion to the company. The company is very keen to its executives responsible towards the management of the human resources to keep pace with the global competition for →

Duty, honor and country: my opinion

When we are in the mindset that something needs to be fulfilled, we do what needs to be done because it is our obligations to complete it and that's all that matters. Thus, as a citizen, it is important to serve the country in times of need because we should always give back in return →

How reconstruction of constructivism can improve our society for the better

Changing in a way were they are in favorable with and will benefit for all of the ruling class. The trust that we are building is a good sign for the overall cooperation of all state.

Back belts

It becomes popular due to the medical assumption that it protects the back and many workplaces acquire the use of back belts to avoid injuries among the workers. Sakol Trading and Engineering Co, Ltd, a Thailand-based manufacturer of medical equipment like back belts and safety slings, guarantees that the back support belt has the comfort →

Critical evaluation of outsourcing

The outsourcing professionals in charge of the work on both the client and provider sides need a combination of skills in such areas as negotiation, communication, project management, the ability to understand the terms and conditions of the contracts and service level agreements, and, above all, the willingness to be flexible as business needs change. →

External recruitment at scea inc

The three who were hired into the company are Robert Dyer who was appointed to be the company's Senior Vice President in the Department of Publisher Relations, Sally Buchanan who was appointed to be the company's Vice President in the Human Resources Department and Ian Jackson who was appointed as the Company's Vice President in →

Why did pollock’s art work no.5 (1948) sell for $140million in 2006?

Carter stated " Clearly has nothing to do with the value of the materials that it is made of, or the value of the labor..". Carter, he had fully justified himself as to why there are differences in the art market prices, reasons due to the key periods of an artist's work, the issues of →

From a chinese perspective

The function of these artists was not merely to beautify the tedious surroundings of modern China but to diversify its angle on Chineseculture, unfettered from the shackles of its restrictive past. It would be interesting to see and learn from the different viewpoints and techniques of other artists, as well as the opportunity to handle →

Effects of unemployment on us

Firstly, the reason of the current total unemployment is 10 percent and it is higher than the year before is because many of the citizens stopped looking for job and so they are considered as unemployed workers. The GDP gap in year 2010 is estimated to be around 9 percent as the unemployment rate on →

Managing the i.t. infrastructure of neosphere outsourcing, inc.

Fineex selects from the pool of technical respondents based on schedule and specialization and assign them with a service vehicle appropriate to the type of service defined by the call agent. Management and Workforce Development and maintenance of the system used by Neosphere is directly under the management and supervision of the Chief Information Officer →

Work-family studies in chinese context

Thus, the focus of the study is based on how Asian women, in the workplace, in particular, China are balancing their work and life. As such, it is imperative to study work-family issues in the context of nonwestern.

Importance of professionalism in work related & everyday situations

A professional aims for highest possible standards to produce work which they may take pride in.when you arrive late for work it gives the vibe you do not care and you do not value your time as well as your employer's/coworkers mindful of the time arrive early set alarms if you need to arrive →

Work breakdown structure critical essay

But doing these has to have some tools to use in order to better implement the processes in a way it could really be followed effectively and efficiently and one of the common tool is WBS. In this paper the case to be use is constructing a simple WBS where it could to define the →

Office ergonomics

Introduction Ergonomics is the process of designing the workenvironmentto fit the worker, rather than fitting the worker to the work environment. The following are important considerations when attempting to maintain neutral body postures while working at the computer workstation: Hands, wrists, and forearms are straight, in-line and roughly parallel to the floor.

Collectivism enforced by the government

Synthesis Essay Halley Dunlop In the books, Anthem, Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Burgeon, and the movies The Hunger Games, and Wall-E, the government contains all of the people to make them equal. The pitfalls of the quest forequalityare the lack of individuality, inability to be creative, and lack of intelligence.

Reflection on visiting social agencies

The labelling of youths not only creates a power dynamic between the SW and the youth, but it also may alter the values of the SWs, resulting in them being more authoritative and belittling the self-determination of the youths. While conversing and listening to the SWs in the FSC talk with such gusto and passion →

A review of the work and play poem by ted hughes

In the first stanza, the writer, uses alliteration in the first phrase, " The swallow of summer, she toils all the summer" the use of 's' words. In the second stanza, the writer uses a metaphor, ".the barbed harpoon" in the first line, to describe the swallow.

Perspective on the teachings of jan hus

Of primary concern to Hus was the designation of the Pontiff, or Pope, within the church. Based on his radical views and strong opposition to the church's foundational belief that the pope is the head of the church, Jan Hus was accused of heresy and was condemned.

Nike and child labor

The Issue Nike has been accused of using child labor in the production of itssoccerballs in Pakistan. Gender and other forms of discrmination plus adding to the lack of political will, gives the clear picture of the existence of child labor in Pakistan.

Recruiting and retention of employees

Three key areas requiring concentration by the company are the process of the company and the inherent structure, the developments of the people and a conduciveenvironmentof working for the employees. Any company should therefore adopt the simplest and most effective strategy of HRM of getting the right people, keeping these people in the company and →

Welding processes and its variations

We recorded the time it took for each weld, as well as the length of the weld, and the longitudinal distortion. For the second part of our experiment we performed Braze welding.

Вrama work centered on a mystery bag

In planning our play we brainstormed and developed different ideas, and then picked the one we thought that we could act out best and the one that could be developed most. The audience seemed to think that it was ok, no one boo-ed and we got clapped at the end.

Responsibilities of a social worker

The social worker's role in planning an assessment is to plan for the assessment and, in order to account for the complexity of the task should gather and record information in a systematic and precise way, checking information with the children and parents. In the assessment of Naomi and Christopher, both of the children's development →

Job analysis and designing

After planning the HR Department sends report to the head office for approval and if they get approval from the head office then HR will start the ecruitment process, The Recruitment Process HR Department posts their vacancy in news paper, institutions and company websites. The Selection Process The selection process of Coca Cola HR Department →

Balancing work and family

Based on some of the challenges that she encountered in balancing work and family early on in their relationship, both of them tend to work hard and seek for a stable income andcareerwith high demands for managing the family. In contrast, the most significant key to creating and maintaining the right position between work and →

Nursing and work schedule/job placement

NursingNursing is a wisecareeroption, it is a career that allows you to help save people's lives, and bring cheer and comfort to those in need. You can choose to work in different departments, study to be a medical assistant and also get into nursing management where you can grow and nurture new nurses and share →

Social work and empowerment assignment

The social worker is obliged to assess the needs of Matthew and David for community care services and implement services accordingly, role of a care manager. The British Association of Social Workers includes in their definition of social work the promotion of ".social change.and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being." cites empowerment →

A critical analysis of recruitment and selection methods

The various methods of recruitment and selection all have benefits and drawbacks, and the choice of a method has to make in relation to the particular vacancy and the type of labour market in which the job falls. As part of the fee they can keep the advertisement on the web for 4 weeks and →

Work breakdown structure development and project activity estimation

In some of the stages the team members are Involved, that allows the opportunity to be part of the planning stage. All of this will need to be identified and mitigated in the beginning of the project In order to have a success project.

In-house recruitment system

This system is highly effective in filling major senior positions in an organization due to effective prior-scrutiny and use of experts to establish the best candidates. The process is also costly in that organizations use panels of experts to reduce the chances of bias and therefore less effective for lower manual positions.

Motivating workers

This is consistent with the Mission statement of the Company in writing and principle; it is communicated to employees and is also broken into smaller units calledGoals. REVIEW It is important to review the activities of program, it impact on the organization and its vivid dividends at regular intervals.

Community service should be required for high school

Students need to learn the importance of a community as a whole and experience the real world before they leave high school because making a difference in your community can help students realize how much assistance your community needed in the first place. Community service can help students learn to truly appreciate the things that →

Understandanding the role of the social care worker

2 Describe different working relationships in a social care setting; you work with a varierty of different people in the work settings; i.e doctors, familymembers and colleagues. 3 Explain the importance of full and up to-date details of agreed ways of working; By recieving a up to-date job description and reading it you know if →

Minimum wage and why we should leave it alone

So the minimum wage, which is sometimes characterized as a " hand up, not a handout" is neither - it is a hurdle that trips up the least skilled." The continuing demand of moremoneyfor less work has forced the United States to raise the minimum wage innumerable times in the last century, Which results in →

Child labor

On the other hand, the terms " child worker" and " working children" will be used in their general sense to refer to all children below 18 years old who are engaged in an economic activity on a more or less regular basis to earn a living for themselves, for their families, or for others, →