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The decide the presidential nominee and the platform

Elections where individuals can select nominations to party candidates and can decide whether to go Democratic or The convention where the party meets every four years and the delegates decide the presidential nominee and the platform of the party Bunch of people who share a similar interest where the party is reliant upon. A drastic →

Abstract this was done by obtaining the

This number is indicative of the flow pattern in the centrifuge andthus it can be used to predict the likely flow pattern in the centrifuge. 6 L/min flow rate, the OD seems to be stabilized in the 0.

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Current trend in treatement of tuberculosis biology essay

Chemotherapy of Current TB is based on a combination of assorted drugs that was developed by and large in the cardinal decennaries of the old century. For the first-class control on TB, WHO introduced particular infirmaries, called sanatariums, were used to command the spread of TB along with lodging, better nutrition, and sanitation with usage →

One ad content’s explicitness and explicitness and

On the other hand, a hard-sell appeal refers to a sales-oriented, directappeal with references to the features and factual information of theperformance of the product advertised, with recommendations and explicitmention of the brand name. Moreover, the results of the research of Okazaki, Mueller and Taylor will contribute to the support of one of myhypotheses, which →

Free essay about facilitating multicultural groups

Intercultural leadership is of great significance in the enhancement of the multicultural groups because the principles of this style of leadership focus on the need for the culturally diverse teams or groups in the radiation of the center or the focus of the organizations rather than the conventional top down style of authoritarianism. The employment →

The regulation, criminal justice, conservation of the double

Thecorrelation and rights of states and the federal government are characterizedby the Constitution. The federal government should honor the professional of states to decide thedesignation of regulatory and money related duties inside states as per stateconstitutions and statutes.

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Chapter 9: implementing strategy through organizational design

Coordinate and motivate employees To create valueand Obtain a competitive advantage Koontz and O'Donnell The Process School of Management Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Controlling Building blocks of organizational structure Differentiation Vertical how much authority to delegate Horizontal how to divide people Into functions and divisions Integration coordinate people and functions To accomplish organizationalgoalsand tasks Tall →

Corporate strategy analysis of kraft in relation to cadbury acquisition

Management must have a clear vision in place as to where it wants to be in the long-term so it is able to identify its strategic purpose as to why the company exists. Therefore, one can say that it is essential that Kraft should manage their resources and capabilities if they want to succeed in →

Operation strategy

When strategy applied to business wars, the strategy refers to the establishment of objectives, the setting of direction, and the development and implementation of plans, with the goal of achieving ascendancy over one's adversaries according to Andrews, Ghemawat and Porter. Business strategy, the second level of company strategy, is focused at the level of the →

Difference between oligopoly and monopolistic competition

In the course of this post, we will be discussing the difference between oligopoly and monopolistic competition and how they relate to the big and small brands in a particular market. One difference between oligopoly and monopolistic competition is that the standard may be high or low depending on what industry you wish to venture →

Dolphin energy and its business issues

The company's major project is the Dolphin Gas Project that entails the production and processing of natural gas from Qatar's North Field to the U.A. The marketing and sales of the company's natural gas is the responsibility of the company's marketing and commercial division.

Reflection essay on business strategy

The primary activities are most familiar, as it deals with the steps and processes necessary to take the VMware product or service from R&D to final customer sale and support.* Suppy Chain Management covers the identification, sourcing, procurement, and supplier management of the " raw materials" that comprise the final product or service. Technologies integrated →

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Importance of industrial and intellectual property for smes and entrepreneurs 

Therefore, the registration of Intellectual or Industrial Property is a very valuable tool so that entrepreneurs or SMEs can count on a source of income, for years, that allows them to capitalize and be competitive in a global economy like today's.and occupy, in addition, a niche market. Obviously it is a situation of unfair competition →

The it caused, in fact, an increase in

In the mid-2000sthe data speeds and capacity were able to offer the service of downloadingmovies from the internet. The idea consisted in a " Netflix box" that allowedcostumers to download movies overnight and watch them the day after.

Good strategies to develop local communities; community intervention article review example

For treatment, one has to take every case in detail and then design the treatment plan which may differ from others residing in the same community; however precaution would help everyone to be aware and clear about their actions and consequences which is likely to be more lasting and durable. When one has a complete →

Information strategy and management

While it is important to analyze the existing competition, it is also important to know the future threats in terms of potential new entrants to the industry. That is a prime example of a standardized product line, and is a successful implementation of the same.

Different ways physical symptoms essay

With the rising TECH percentage and the mass production of the drug that can take on a NY characteristic the idea of lab created marijuana is not only relevant but it is almost impossible el to overlook. This source is a compilation of research about the effects of marijuana on the brain and body.

Rhetoric analysis essay sample

In essence, looking into the literal analysis, for example, logic, grammar, and rhetoric in the use of the modes of linguistics, the coherence and systematic flow of the works of literature also determine the direction one choices when seeking correspondence from the audience. History, Rhetoric, and Reality: Analysis of the Inclusion Debate.

The key to aldi’s business strategy

Also, the size of Aldi stores is small which allows it to be managed efficiently in terms of size of the warehouses. This is beneficial as it cuts down the labour costs which would allow Aldi to utilize this amount towards the betterment of the stores.

Power bi as the real way to deal with business insight and information examination

Third one is Power BI IT foundation which is utilized to administrate the cloud information. In light of my experience Power BI is the real way to deal with business insight and information examination.

Grand strategy matrix walmart

This score is already above average and what can be attributed to this is the continuous ability of the company market and expand; at the same time also gain revenue and profit amidst the competitive setup in the retail industry. Concerning the company's industry strength, it has a strong potential to grow its market due →

Overtime, many groups that migrated. the first

In Europe, the women are under the control of anothermadam, a counterpart of the madam in Nigeria. Edo and, to a lessersomeextent, the Delta states are known as the main origin sourceareas of sex workers.

Next by keeping the urgency high this is

The step one" Creating a sense of urgency" in order for people to have the level ofmotivation needed for that change to succeed, they must feel a sense ofurgency. Step seven " Consolidating improvements and producing still more change" isa step that resists change to re-emerge later in the process.

Strategies in sports essay example

On the other hand, team defensive strategies in soccer are evident in cases where a team puts tremendous pressure on the opponents when they are in possession of the ball. Defensive Strategies In volleyball, defensive strategies mainly involve the ability of a team to build up quickly and respond to the ball on the opponent's →

Taking a stand: conflict resolution in nursing research paper sample

For example, Eagar et al.suggest that a clear definition of roles and scopes of practice can contribute to better performance and outcomes, so I can assist in the definition of those roles and set an example for others by following my own role and knowing my boundaries. For example, a policy that requires reviewing all →

Thomas edsalls chain reaction essay

The second group of Democrats described by the Edsalls was the members of the congress. The leaders of the Democratic Party misinterpreted the implication of this win terming it as a response to the Watergate scandal and the sanction of their new social ideologies.

6.1 introductionwe have previously proposed a node-level mitigation

The originality of our approach comes in particular from the fact that the architecture exploits the RPL protocol to eciently organize monitoring nodes. We describe both the main components of this architecture and the RPL-oriented features that are exploited to support it on an IoT network.

Payment in a record that has been earned,

Payment Systems: Credit Cards: A Mastercard is a card that stores a decent measure of cash from an organization, given to somebody who wishes to utilize the cash to buy merchandise with it, despite the fact that they would need to pay all the cash back. As it is cash that somebody has acquires, for →

The illegal case of cliven bundy, a long-time rancher

He believes that it is not his job to get the cattle when they trespass and if the owners of the property do not want the animals roaming on their land that they should put up a fence to keep them out. In this case the disorder that Hobbes' talks about is the lack of →

An examination of multiple sclerosis in women biology essay

Plaques are most often discovered in the countries environing the ventricles of the white affair in the cerebrum, the encephalon root, the cerebellum, the spinal cord and as antecedently discussed, the ocular nerves7. These drugs are besides reasonably inexpensive and therefore the drug that best works for a patient should be prescribed possibly life-long so →

All visual supports were evaluated using single

Theeffectiveness of visual supports were evaluated using single subject reversaldesigns and they also discovered that using a timer as a visual supportresulted in the decrease of the need for verbal and physical prompting by theinstructor. Visual timers are great devices tolet the students know that an activity is going to be ending and it is →

Internet are different kinds of video games one

The importance of this study is to understand and have the knowledge about thefactors that affects the students in playing DOTA to their performance in school. The purpose of this study is to explain the ideas about the factors that affects inplaying DOTA of the students and to know how they affect to their performance →

Ebay: the global strategy

The core competencies of eBay constitute the unique platform or design of eBay as an online marketplace that sets it apart from other virtual business organizations establishing its competitive advantage in terms of services or offerings, eBay's valuing of establishing trust among its clients and assuring the safety and security of being involved in online →

Adapting the learning environment for children with disabilities research paper sample

The research found that different disabilities and the degrees of those disabilities require correspondingly different types of adaptations to the learning environment in terms of modifications to classroom layout, lighting and furnishings, to classroom tools, equipment and play items, and in some instances even modifications to the building itself. Wistrom and Stannard Gromisch deal with →

Evaluation & reflection on mindfulness life skills essay example

The reason why I believe that I will be able to adopt to the hard and challenging life of a paramedic is because I have been equipped with various strategies such as mindfulness, the ability to address job challenges and application of the case scenarios from my class sessions. In this paper, I will discuss →

Strategic initiative essay sample

While there are many methods involved with strategic planning, HOG is going to focus on the organization's financial planning, how costs and revenues within the supply chain affect planning, and the ethical concerns related to the planning initiative. The company plans to leverage their current spending in order to offset the growth in expenses from →

Free article review about strategic impact merit pay: a review

The authors devised an alternative approach to the pay for performance system called Strategic Impact Merit Pay in which employee behavior is considered in the calculation of compensation. Initiative and creativity would flourish improving the overall performance of the staff and people in high tier positions would be challenged to live up to their titles →

The effectiveness of a family business

Bhd, Mrs Zunita is confident that her children are also able to determine and continue the success of the business. Lastly to be good governance in family business is also the role of the employee and the siblings.

Essay on learning diversity and authentic assessment tools

Slavin, Lake, Davis, and Madden have justified the use of cooperative learning strategies in the classroom to have positive effects for struggling readers. Lesson 3, with the theme of Earth and Space Science utilizes a cooperative learning strategy where the students share their experiences in a small group.

Software and specialized prerequisites that directed its

Programming testing can give a free view of the item toenable the business to perceive and grasp the risk of programming use. We ought to affirm the product testing technique feasibilityand viability for genuine programming, and a short time later we can put thesetesting strategies.

Memory improved achieved through training techniques research paper

According to the some of the gathered sources, research has reported that strategic training improved the performance of both younger and older experimental groups who were in the immediate least recall and in the memory task. Conducted by Carretti et al, they attempted to investigate the effect that strategic training has in improving the performance →

The use of business process re-engineering and learning organisation change tools in manufacturing and service industry

In the first part of the essay, the two changes tools; business process re-engineering and learning organisation will be defined as well as the characteristics of a manufacturing and service industry along with their similarities and differences identified. To stay ahead, organisation has to learn quickly and that the rate of learning has to be →

Recruitment and selection strategies recommendations essay

Monitoring this process is essential to making the training meaningful and keeping it on track. Effective facilitation and delivery of the feedback is critical to the success of the project.

Research design in counsling

Lastly, other sources such as surveys and register information serve to describe the program and enhance the comprehension of the mission and goals.2. What is the duration of the program?

Example of bringing addie to life: instructional design at its best article review

I would like to suggest that the designers should commit themselves to the production of a relevant and well researched program which can help in the accomplishment of the objectives as planned. Otherwise, it will be challenged during the development process in which it should be repackaged to ensure that it is up to standard.

Components of reading instructions essay examples

In reading, it is important for a learner to be able to hear and identify the smallest units of sound to differentiate diverse meaning. Therefore, the ability to detect, think about and work with the sounds is a key element of success in reading.

Barco projection systems case essay sample

When the segmentation is done on the basis of the attribute of the product, the customer picture is completely missed. By segmenting the market on the basis of scan rate, BPS did not understand the design preferences of the customer, and consequently failed to sell higher end products to the customers.4.

Business strategy report

In terms of external analysis, the growth rate of the economy and global trades contributed to the development of the Ibis hotel. 00 Analysis of the internal environment 'The internal environment consists of the inherent competencies of the firm and the structure of its internal systems and processes'.

Developing the diversity culture in the usa

These factors are to be given priority by the organization whereas the skill-set will be considered only when special abilities precedes the diversity of the demographics requirements. The technicalities will involve the value of diversity to be able to occupy the spaces left empty in the system.

Swot analysis of a culture shift

A culture change is hard and so the difficult conversations need to be embraced and there needs to be a zero tolerance policy for bias behaviors if things are ever going to change, and that needs to come from the culture of an organization. It is one thing to shift gears when a company is →

You need a strategy for branding yourself online as a thought leader

Whether you are employed in the field of marketing, a professional service provider or a representative of a business to consumer or business to business brand, it is important to establish a professional profile and digital footprint. It can be; which is why it is important to choose the networks that make the most →

Instructional design is very messy as well

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Instructional Design Is Very Messy As Well Why Instructional Design Is Messy The use of instructional design requires that the user be examined frequently to check if he or she is conforming to the stipulated guidelines. Instructional design is a time consuming process and therefore the designer should always be ready →

Motor development in infants essay

Motor Development in InfantsDevelopment in infants undergo in a lot of aspects, this includes the physical development, cognitive and psychological development, emotional development, linguistic development, and also sensory motor development. In relation to this, the development of language is a part of human's intellectual skill which they learn towards life development.

Example of nursing: balanced scorecard literature review

Conclusion - Description of how the balanced scorecard reflects the strategic plan of the organization and nursing's role therein. In concluding the value of scorecard will be briefly outlined while a description of how the balanced scorecard reflects the strategic plan of my organization and nursing's role therein is discussed.

An ideal vacation

The island's untouched beauty will give you a chance to have a handshake with eternity and an opportunity to greet the flora and fauna living in utmost silence over here. You can even go for a snorkel to experience the magic of this visual paradise.

One marquez raises this question in his

In the novel, the author usesfigurative language in the description of his characters and events so effectivelythat the reader identifies himself with the situation each character is goingthrough; this stylistic way of writing belongs to the literary movement, Magical Realism, which could be defined as an ' ideological stratagem used tocollapse many different kinds of →

Marriage couple and family counseling research paper sample

The paper also explores the publications of couple and family magazines and textbooks such as the Journal of Marriage and Family Counseling in 1970. In addition, the paper presents the scope of family and couples' counselors.

Strategic management in a global context essay sample

To evaluate this statement this essay will go into details concerning the topics of present and future external environment, review of analytical tools, role of analytical toolkit in a dynamic environment and also the benefits and problems arising from dynamic change, showing that coping with the dynamic of the business environment is a challenge but →

Essay on narrowed issue/problem the problem of obesity in america

When writing my individual project, I used a couple of prewriting strategies in order to get the desired result for my subject. Then, I used a lot of freewriting in my prewriting processes - by just getting the prose down, I was able to get a lot of raw data and information that I →

Corporate & global strategy

Offering a more affordable and improving its service are two of the most recognizable changes that the airline company must do in order to re-assert its presence in the airline industry of Australia and be able to compete as well with some of the airline giants in other country like Northwest Airlines and other emerging →

Swot analysis of the organization

Nonetheless, for set up business sectors the opposition is brutal, and there is a consistent fight to draw in and hold clients and edges. Thus duplicate of thought can convey issues to the organization and they can endure misfortunes.

Economics and globalization essay

At a top political and economic degree.globalisation is the procedure of denationalisation of market.political and legal systems. The function of diasporas in developing the economic and political lucks of many counties is important.

Reflections on change journal critical thinking

On significance to me was the challenges and issues to change, and this included the nexus of the change drivers and the target recipients. I forever remain a student to the dynamics of change.

Advantages of strategic alliance essay example

The strategic parties preserve their status as separate and independent entities, share the advantages and disadvantages, and progress to make contributions to the alliance until it is dissolved.- Organizational advantages An organization may form a strategic alliance to learn important skills and acquire particular capabilities from its strategic partner. This may also aid with the →

Enterprise resource planning (erp)

ERP frameworks normally incorporate the accompanying attributes: An incorporated framework Works in ongoing A typical database that backings every one of the applications A steady look and feel crosswise over modules Normally, an association that is assessing enterprise programming frameworks will limit its choices by taking a gander at a suitable level of arrangements, considering →

Difference in exposure of different sports to diverse populations

The teams offer to train the players to ensure growth in their skills and create discipline in the game. This results in the growth of the soccer culture and the players being role models to their young fans create a drive for the game in the young hearts.

Porter five forces assist an organisation in their strategic planning

Before any company enters a certain market, one must first analyse the competitive nature of the market, and this is exactly what the Five Forces aids to do, to provide a framework to determine the intensity of competition within an industry where three of the five competitive forces comes from an external sources, and the →

Population education essay

Definition " Population Education or population awareness refers to factual knowledge about population dynamics required to understand the nature and magnitude of the burden imposed by rapid population growth" Aims and objectives of population education? Noel David Burleson: " Population Education or population awareness refers to factual knowledge about population dynamics required to understand the →

Free memorandum research paper sample

Regardless of the projections, the Hillary Clinton campaign needs to stay focused on strategies that work, and in a highly mobilized society, it is important that our candidate create strong relationships among the voters. Therefore, drawing from Democratic predecessors, and in order to establish a well-developed and strong Field Staff, mobilizing and gaining momentum among →

Project financing global approach malaysian construction essay

Governments in the underdeveloped universe, which are confronted by even greater demands in substructure and public services, are now larning the potency of PPPs in the proviso of substructure assets and bringing of services. The instance for PFI is that it illustrates the enterprise of the populace sector to accomplish a proper sharing of the →

Singapore discrimination among the chinese, malay and

As such, any form of discrimination will not get in the way of Singapore road to multiculturalism. The pioneer leaders took the issues of the ethnic riots and discrimination among its people as well as observing others countries flaws in racial policies to understand and develop long-term strategies and systems that have shaped the country →

Optimal versus naive diversification: how inefficient is the 1/n portfolio strategy – a critique

However, it can be argued that the title is a little misleading as the principal objective of the paper is to test how efficient different optimal diversification strategies are using the 1/N portfolio strategy as the benchmark and not to try and elucidate the merits of the 1/N strategy, which the authors are certainly neither →

Communication in strategic planning essay sample

Strategic Plan Communication Communication in the strategic program planning process must cover the strengths and weakness analysis, and the objectives of the organization. The management team will communicate to the front-line staff with the goals, mission and values of the organization.

Free research paper on mandating nurse-patient ratios

This will help in showing people that the gap can be eliminated through legislation thus the need of making adjustments.- Show the viability and reality of the legislation in terms of the numbers available and the cost effectiveness of the legislation.- Show the national application of the legislation.- Use the influential people in the economy. →

Family physician shortage in ontario: causes, effect on communities, current measures, and some possible solutions essay

And now the shortage has deepened further to become an issue of major public concern, and is now recognized by other authorities that include the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Canadian Medical Association, and the Health Council of Canada. According to The Ontario College of Family Physicians, the situation is only expected →

Business strategy and its importance to a business entity

A business strategy generally refers to the overall objectives, goalsand vision of an organization and the means of achieving the objectives, goals and vision. One of the major importances of a business strategy to an entity is that it gives the overall direction of a business entity.

Three actions that can be taken as dictated by business sustainability lens

So, it is considered as one of the most important steps because writing a business plan helps us to take a deep look at our idea and how it will turn into a business. Business Sustainability is the management and coordination of environmental, social and financial demands and concerns to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing →

Tccc business strategy

The barriers to entry in the carbonated beverage market are really high which means that the threat of other companies successfully entering into the industry is low and this has been a big advantage for the company. The Coca Cola Company produces the concentrates and syrups of the products itself and then sells the rights →

Is rationalisation a desireable strategy for junction hotel

The implications of an unorganised structure of the Junction Hotel have occurred overtime allowing Simon Chance to come to a conclusion that a new change and strategy needs to be applied; thus throughout the essay the strategy of rationalisation will be analysed in terms of its reflected efficiency within the business. Rationalisation towards the Junction →

Global strategy of takreer

TAKREER has adopted the following set of organizational strategies to enable it expand its operations, face the challenges of the 21st century in a rapidly-changing market, and to ultimately become a leader in the oil refining business: Ensure availability of required human resources through efficient recruitment and retention practices. The Strategy School TAKREER can be →

The policy of cell phone use while driving essay example

The strategy must be substantively viable in that the organization produces things to overseers, clients, and beneficiaries at a lower cost in terms of money and authority This means that in order to efficiently implement the policies effectively the legislative body must consider the cost of the implementationof the said policies. The strategy must also →

Maoism in india essay

The roots of the problem lie not in some terrorist movement and neither is it the product of the state funded cross border terrorism. Back in the heydays of the freedom struggle, the naaxals were a band of outlaws in and around the West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa border.

Essay on the chicago alternative policing strategy

The concept involved a radical change to the City's system of policing, making the police officers part of the community, and is reliant on the community residents working with the police to reduce crime. The program's goal is to solve neighborhood crime, rather than just react to its consequences.- Identify and prioritize perceived problems, taking →

Strategic plan analysis – barnes & noble essay sample

In this paper I will look at Barnes & Noble's vision, goals and objectives as well as their strategic plan and will give a SWOT analysis of the company. The Board and management will also strive to create an open communication's line and a facility of interaction to deal with any problems that arise.

Analysis of complementary nature of entrepreneurship and innovation on the example of two organisations

This means, if a person is willing to start a new venture, he/she should have the understanding that they will have risks, opportunities, they will have to keep their strength up nearly all the time, they should have a mindset of understanding the weakness of the opponent and their own selves, and last but not →

Second many other subjects of the syllabi

It is alsoenjoying a place of compulsory subject among many other subjects of the syllabiin the institutions of the country. Brown, forexample, is clearly the method of learning and the basis of the differencebetween that communication strategy is " Communication output and learningstyles are input methods".

Should the u.s. government reinstate essay

Young people, who are eligible to serve in the military, would Join together with other people their age and protest against the government's use of the draft to supply troops for the War of Terror. A fourth reason why the Selective Service was put to rest was because of the unsupported war in Vietnam in →

Saddle point approximation research papers example

The name saddle point derives from its being the minimum of the row that is also the maximum of the column in a payoff matrix, which correspond to the shape of a saddle. In this case, the payoff is called the value of the game since in the perfect information games, the players' choices of →

Leading change essay

Outline and explain the three stages that are involved in the implementation of organizational change according to Lewin, and the impact of culture on the change strategy. If the organization has a supportive culture, implementation of change will be less challenging.

A review of fonterra group’s strategy and business model

Fonterra was formed in the October 2001 merger of the New Zealand Dairy Group, Kiwi Cooperative Dairies, and the New Zealand Dairy Board. To achieve this, Fonterra has three key strategies in becoming the company that is the source of natural dairy nutrition to the world.

Community development: my motivation and necessary ideas and values

The importance of Leader in Community Development is to help the people identify the struggles from the community and other social issues and climate change factors that are affecting the community to help address those issues in the community to help advocate the people. Community Development is about social change to the community by individual →

Usa today: pursuing the network strategy essay

The success of this strategy is based upon the assumption that the three units, 1) have some overlap of target customers that would find value in the same news content, 2) have systems and processes that align with each other and enable the sharing of news content and 3) be willing and receptive to the →

Introduction onwards in pedagogic practices ensuring that

I willdiscuss the development of collaborative learning and the theoreticalapproaches and perspectives that underpin it, and how these have influenced mypractice, then critically assess the advantages and disadvantages of thisapproach to learning. The borough is one that has suffered highly in terms of welfare cuts, and according to a campaign from End Child Poverty 37% →

Free essay about war on land, air and sea

From time immemorial, the naval power has been the form through which the international hegemonic authority has overwhelmingly manifested itself to the powers of the world. Some of the ideas which have been put forth are that the challenges which are facing the nascent naval power are that the strategic culture of the people in →

Pescriptive versus emergent

This literature review places the article ' Crafting strategy' in the wider context of prescriptive and emergent debate followed by strengths and weakness of the article. In this article, Mintzberg fails to discuss on the weakness of emergent strategy.

Free essay on nursing shortage

The nurses aid in making sure that the doctors have the best time in ensuring that the lives of human beings is taken care of in the best way. In this profession, the rules are not that tight and they allow the diversification of the type of work that the nurses do.