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Fiedler’s contingency model: organizational model essay sample

In what ways are the trait and behavior approaches to leadership similar? Like the trait approach, Fiedler's theory acknowledged that personal characteristics influence the effectiveness of leaders and he was particularly interested in the styles of leadership, and how a person approaches being a leader.

Motivation plan essay sample

Motivation, satisfaction, and performance are important aspects that a manger must utilize with people and each aspect can be define as a success or failure of the employees or as a team. The most difficult aspect of being a leader is increasing an employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance.

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Career assignment essay sample

According to Pawar and Eastman there is renewed interest in the concept of leadership due to changing patterns of organisation life and social expectations in working environment. Bryman also criticised Bass and Avolio's transactional/transformational leadership model by saying that transactional leadership seems to relate to management more than to leadership and that the transformation overemphasises →

Importance of leadership

17 Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live The manager is a necessary combination of leader and administrator. This is a substantial criticism that points to the importance of leadership.

Fundamentals of leadership mindmap

Foucault and Discipline Discipline is a series of techniques ofobservation, training and the direction of individuals. Foucault and Discipline Discipline is a series of techniques of observation, training and the direction of individuals.

Understanding leadership as a theory

I will discuss the building blocks of " theory', as well as take a look at the organization in which I work in to take a look at variables that may be used to evaluate the performance of the President of my company. Within my organization the senior leadership is measured based upon his ability →

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Situational leadership

The problem with this type of situational relationship model is that it does not allow for the formation of relationships between the leader and the members. The downside of this type of situational leadership, however, is that it does not allow teams to forge relationships that can be strengthened to form a more effective team.


I act in a respectful way when it comes to other people such as customers and I also act in a way where I can relate and help the customer in any way they please. I am am a very attentive person and will always make sure I grasp every word and make sure I →

Achievements of cesar chavez and martin luther king essay sample

One major similarity between King and Chavez is that they were both great orators and made a number of notable speeches, which contributed to the social advancement of the minorities. The setting up of organisations also played a major role in both the Civil Rights Movement of Chavez and King.

The concept of challenging authority essay

The composers of these texts utilise movie and literary techniques to broaden the audience's apprehension of disputing authorization. By disputing the authorization of Welton and going a member of the Dead Poets Society.

An analysis of leadership models critical essay

The scientific study of leadership began in the late sass with the discovery of the traits theory. In the field of education, a principal can implement both transformational and transactional leadership approaches simultaneously.

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High eq attributes yield a more successful work environment

The need for results can promote an environment of corruption, as healthy wins in the areas of building relationships and understanding and reacting to the emotional uniqueness of your teams is shunted in favor of bottom line performance. By creating an infrastructure where EQ abilities are trained, developed and recognized, organizations can prevent corruption and →

The apprentice (uk): alex’s leadership qualities essay sample

In the beginning Alex showed very good use of his democratic style of leading by allowing his teammates to brainstorm and give ideas on the target market that they would be aiming at and what sort of brand they would like to create. As a result of Alex's poor control of Myles, his team lost →

6 leadership traits that differentiate leaders from non leaders essay sample

Leaders therefore need to show self confidence in order to convince followers of the rightness of goals and decisions. In depth knowledge allows leaders to make well-informed decisions and to understand the implications of those decisions".

Donny is my leader

Donny Is My Leader The Path-Goal Theory states that, " leaders motivate subordinates to achieve high performance by showing them the path to reach valuedgoalsor results." In thecase studyDonny Is My Leader it shows what Donny perceived asmotivationwas, in fact, demotivating to some of the members of the group thus affecting the productivity as a →

Primal leadership

In reading PrimalLeadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligent authors by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee along with How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life written by Barsh and Cranston, you begin to understand the pillars of leadership and the building blocks for success utilizing these key components of →

Group counselling

Process of Group Counseling A therapist usually facilitates the contributions from the members of the group. The silencer Sometimes this cannot be avoided due to the nature of the person or personality in relation to the members of the group.

Biblical servant leadership

Yet He is the master, the greatest? he has the power and the ability to stand on top of the crowd but He Is also the least and the lowest to be able to wash the feet to human beings. The whole point of being a servant leader is that you know God is the →

Famous thinkers critical thinking

He proposed that there are four basic " causes" of reality of existence: the effective cause, which is the initiator of the object; the final cause, which is the role for which an object exists; the structure of the object; and material cause, which is the composition of the object. He is one of the →

Essay summary of leadership theories

There are manyleadershiptheories and the main purpose of all of them is to highlight the factors on which leadership depends to generate best performance in an organization. 1 How successful is an organization is directly proportionate to the styles of management and leadership.

The concepts of leadership theories

Knowledge to know about how to use what is known to influence workers in an organization to reach the goals of a company and skill to put in the effort to actually do what is meant to be done well to achieve organizational goals. Transformational leadership is a process in which the leaders take actions →

Leadership persuasive essay

This paper aims to explore the challenges of this new strategy for the firm and its operations in general, with a specific concentration on the impact it has on the behaviors of the employees or workforce. This is all part of the process of hang In any organization and for this to happen, the firm →

Application of leadership skills

In addition, we were also flexible and intelligent in tweaking our original project and coming up with alternative ideas to solve the problems we were facing. When coming up with alternative solutions and back-up plans, my team adopted the assuage-receiving process in which we listened to everybody suggestions, analyses them critically and shared honest feedback →

Leadership – nelson mandela

The story is based on the leadership quality and the skills of the great known president Nelson Mandela, the first Black president of South Africa and his vital role in uplifting the country and his dedication and efforts he put on towards uniting the nation. He wanted to prove his nation that he neither supports →

General personality traits essay sample

Extraversion is the ability to be open and outgoing with your coworkers. Building good and long-lasting relationships with your coworkers is the desired outcome of an effective leader.

Coaching leadership

In sports the role of a coach is important it has the profoundresponsibilityin which the he or she is over all in charge to lead the team towards the goodness for the betterment of both athletes and the team. A coach serve as the leader, the mentor and the engineer of the team in which →

Delegation paper essay sample

Effective delegation is a key management tool and represents a basic skill needed for the long-term success of any organization. Management delegation is a difficult subject for me to write about within my organization because of the disorganization of that delegation and the manager is responsible for it.

Franklin d. roosevelt: creative leadership in a lifetime of public service

Roosevelt: CreativeLeadershipin a Lifetime of Public Service Leading the United States of America through an economic crisis and a world war, Franklin Delano Roosevelt demonstrated the traits of a creative leader not only in his policy-making, but also in the way he carried his image. From State Senator of New York to 32nd President of →

Leadership and community

As the results of the change process become imminent, others will be pulled in and accommodate the process. It means that all stakeholders must be involved in the creation of new policies that characterize the change process.

The team leader assembly department

The team leader is also responsible for ensuring the safety of all members of the team, for tracking time cards, for ensuring that all team members are cross-trained in job functions and to ensure that productivitygoalsare met in a timely fashion. Such a review might provide the team leader with more insight into how their →

Understanding leadership styles

Authoritarian This style is used when the leader tells an employee what she/he wants done and how of this method is when you have all the information to solve the problem but there is little time and the employees are well motivated. This style of managing is useful if you wish the staff to be →

Leadership: power and policy for managers

Ethics is integral to leadership in view of the way of the procedure of impact, the need to connect with adherents in fulfilling shared objectives, and the effect leaders have on the association's qualities. Each principle have a distinctive objective and goal in the behaviour of a leader to be ethical.

Bass’ transformational leadership theory

Bass' Theory of Transformational Leadership provides a framework and foundation for managers and leaders in human services organization to develop a contemporary approach relative to the roles, relationships, and resource capacities that drive their professional positions and sustain the respective institutions. The epistemology of Bass' Theory of Transformational Leadership, or the characteristics of knowledge that →

Relationship between transformational and transactional leadership skills education essay

Leaderships that usher pedagogues, equals, parents, and pupils within the transactional and transformational attack will ensue in a positive school environment and pupils will work to their highest potency. Similar to self rating and equal rating, the transformational and transactional principal will be able to measure and detect the pedagogue.

Research proposal on homophobia

Expected outcomes and their importance The vision and mission of the proposal is to describe the root of homophobia. New York: New York University Press, 2002.

How accurate is it to say that lenin’s leadership?

Other factors to why the Bolsheviks succeeded included Trotsky's role, which was debatably more important, and the problems with the Provisional Government, which made it unpopular, increasing support to the Bolsheviks and meant that any future revolution was inevitable. This is linked to Trotsky, who led the MRC, and how his role was crucial to →

Reflective journal: leadership and management

To meet the needs and the demand of clients who come to the clinic, investments in the latest technologies for improving and treating skin imperfections have been made. I have learned to adopt that attitude and be determined to be and do the best, not settling for the mediocre.

Leadership and tech final exam

The there is the first level manager that gives the daily drill down of operations notes and ensures the deliverables are made. Then the senior manager who's task is the developing the budget, travel keeping the organization fresh with the latest each, and constantly keeping a fresh vision of the organization.64.

My leadership experience essay sample

Truthfully I was not really to handle diversity when I came to the U, but I know that for me to become a good leader, I need to experience it first hand. Johnson, D.W.& Johnson, F.P.

Analysis of fayol’s 14 principles essay sample

He was the key figure in the turn-of-the-century Classical School of management theory with his own development of a universal set of four management functions thats consist of Planning, Organizing, Leading and Control, which is seen very much applicable in today's business world. As defined by Fayol, the " principle of authority and responsibility is →

The advantages and disadvantages of some common leadership styles essay sample

Many experts try to find the best style to be a leader because only one leadership style as in the previous era seems too simple and is not effective anymore. Therefore, the positive and negative aspects of each leadership style and how to implement to handle circumstances in this modern world will be discussed in →

Analyze the leadership styles essay

Leadership is the ability to give guidance to others by influencing and ensuring that you give them support in order to do what is right so as to achieve the objectives and goals set in an organization. Leadership comes in different styles and theories which include the following; Participative The leaders in this category do →

Example of essay on why i deserve to be a sergeant (non-commissioned officer)

I am close to my officers, both on a professional and a personal level and I will attend to their needs before mine. I believe that respect needs to be earned and I will dedicate all of my time and effort to gaining respect from my soldiers.

Study of leadership: can leaders be born or made?

Many researchers have studied leadership in a quantitative and qualitative way and seen that it is far more sophisticated and complex that the leadership concepts discussed in the popular leadership books. Whereas, the Process concept suggests that leadership is interaction between leaders and followers and makes it available to everyone.

My own interpretation of mandela’s 8 lessons in leaders

Courage is not the absence of fear it's inspiring others to move beyond it In tackling life's challenges, you must face fear head-on and find the guts that you may not falter when life is giving you a hard time. There are people who wanted to see you fall and you must find courage to →

Mark parker’s leadership essay sample

The strength of Nike's R&D has been the driving force for growth that has been experienced by the company since its inception. Nike manufactures most of its products in this low-cost country and subsequently export to the world market.

Performance appraisal system essay sample

They are an opportunity to review strengths and weaknesses, to take an overall assessment of work content, loads and volume and to look back on what has been achieved already and to Set Goals and Objectives for the following period ". The performances metric system should clearly tell the manager and the employee where they →

Personal attributes of great leaders

There are a number of positive personal traits that many of these leaders possess, but the most common would be positivism, tenacity and compassion. Compassion is a rather broad term, but can be defined in this context in the sense that those leaders who have a desire to help and represent others will often receive →

Leadership style

Awareness of the need for change within the department might be present but there seems to be no clear idea of its implications and hence a sense of urgency, the first crucial step in an organisational transformation2, does not seem to exist. Best is referring to the necessary change simply as a " task" which →

Best leadership style or approach

I think that strategy is not about how to define a single, unchanging vision for the future, but rather is a way of thinking about how to deal with the future-it is more about a process to guide decision-making than about a specific document to which people can refer. And most specially learn to contribute →

Leadership mind and heart

Iger is going to need to provide a direction for the organization to travel; create an alignment of all the top management through a clearcommunicationof the vision; create relationships based on personal influence; and above all, to have a genuine passion for the work and a genuine concern for the people of the organization. These →

Is joko widodo a good leader?

He should manage Jakarta to be a neat modern city and also he visited flood victims when the big flood in Jakarta for several times. That is to show hisresponsibilityas the Governor of Jakarta.

Leadership models essay sample

The ideal leadership theory depends on the workplace setting and the dynamics of the organization or company. The four leadership models employed involves such as the behavior approach, the power and influence approach, trait theory, and the social exchange theory.

Status of leader

Usually it is perceived that the status of leader always affect the communications within the group and people with a higher status always intimidate people with a lower status sinceleadershipis the procedure by which a leader, by influence, persuades followers to track their objectives for the team. The leader has a clear idea of what →

Case study practicum in educational leadership education essay

But principals at the school degree, and superintenA dents at the territory degree, are unambiguously positioned to supply a clime of high outlooks, a clear vision for better instruction and acquisition, and the agencies for everyone in the system - grownups and kids - to recognize that vision. These include the handiness of informations to →

Transformational leadership

Kumar Mangalam Birla, " Transformational leadership to me means leadership in its highest form, such that it transcends the trappings of hierarchies, authority, power, as well as, formal and informal systems of reward and recognition and in the political sphere, votes." James MacGregor Burns introduced the concept of transforming leadership in his descriptive research on →

3 ways coercive leaders can change their ways

I work closely with such leaders, and the irony is that they are knowledgeable about the principles of effective leadership and are aware of the negative impact their command-and-control leadership has on organizational performance and morale. Leaders need to help their followers break the collusive habit of hero-worshipping, and encourage a climate of healthy challenge →

Leadership in organisations

The change process is a walk the talk one - make action of everyone being consistent with the vision. Keep the focus on the change effort In general, the change of Bit Service is under the leadership of the company, it is a leading strategic change, the first key factor of it is strategic thinking, →

Servant leadership in nursing article review example

It is worth noting that this type of leadership requires the deepest level of intuitive perception and understanding, empathy, the ability to look within and around, a sense of community and a stable framework of values. In the nursing setting, a leader as a servant can be considered the one who creates the conditions to →


The new CEO of BP may be able to use his ownleadershipor management style to change the culture of the organization and also try to help the business to grow and improve better. The CEO of BP may not be able to change the business culture quickly or expecting a sudden change in the innovative →

Authentic leadership essay sample

Because this leadership style is still in the formative stages of development, the description of this style is likely to change with more research in the upcoming years. To use the Authentic Action Wheel you locate the problem on the outside of the wheel, and use the response that is connected to that type of →

Applying leadership theories

His focus during his second year as principal was to build relationships with the staff that could eventually benefit the success of the school. This school year, the principal was more confident that he would be able to achieve his goals.

Kant and leadership

I believethat a good leader is someone who is able to lead his followers on the basis of moral consideration for the life and welfare of each member of the organization, for instance. A leader who follows Kant's moral theory will not allow a single member of his team be sacrificed if only to gain →

Good example of consequences of permanent campaigns essay

This paper explores the permanent campaign in Malaysia, highlighting the various effects of the phenomenon on political discourse and the leaders' performance. The essay also evaluates consequences of the permanent campaigning system on the public's engagement with politics in the said nation and the role of the new information media outlets such as social media.

What is leadership qualities

There are several types of leadership and we will examine some of them, such as control, co-operation and autonomy in order to discuss the circumstances in which each would be more appropriate. Such kind of leader also manages the whole work within limits of his competence and, in order to provide with fulfillment of work, →

Unilever’s approach to leadership

The fundamental approach toleadershipat Unilever has been evolving in the last twenty years from traditional leadership development systems to the current sophisticated Standards of Leadership model, and it continues to evolve. In the long run, the company was willing to knit major activities for growth in the international markets with behaviors that deliver this growth, →

Practice and role of transformational leadership

For example one way to define types of leadership is by the kind of followers being led, and another is by the nature of the work that is the primary focus of the leader. The role of leadership is critically important for achieving the performance of organizations.

Evolution of leadership models

Greenwood describes how in the early 1900s the Father of Scientific Management, Frederick Taylor while not directly writing about leadership in his description of the role of the supervisor introduced the matter of traits and its link to situation. On the other hand, the LMX theory is a more recent theory, which examines the three →

Leadership – charismatic individuals or contingent characteristics

The concept of team itself comes into existence only because of the arising of a necessity or a goal that would benefit the society, and the means to achieve it cannot be implemented by an individual, however able and skilful he or she may be. Two main theories that propose the idea that the qualities →

Sport brings out the best in people speech essay sample

Sports teach people the art of becoming a gracious winner and loser and how to handle either circumstance. To be the best, they must train their bodies, muscles and minds to meet the physical, mental and emotional requirements of the job at hand.

Leadership model: overview

The authors tried to convey the idea that the practical application of the skills comes in two important aspects and that they are indispensable as well as distinct and inseparable. The leadership approaches are important to imitate and assimilate as I go about my own quest for the implementation of leadership behaviors in my own →

Unit 430: leadership

One of KTG region branch has been underperforming compared with the rest of the company due to the mismatch between current expertise and growth potential in the region, the absence of the strategic plan, de-motivated staff with a lack of clarity of their future and the lack ofcommunicationbetween the company and its stakeholders. KTG regional →

Leadership style of kiran mazumdar shaw

In 2004, she became India's richest woman Feathers in the Cap Termed India's Biotech Queen by The Economist and Fortune India's mother of invention by New York Times Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Healthcare & Life Sciences Category The Economic Times Business Woman of the Year Award Leadership: The KMS way →

I am a leader because essay

In he competing values management practice survey, I got the highest score in mentor role in Quadrant 2 which shows that I am a team builder person which is connect to The building team In Quadrant 2 of The competing values skill assessment which I got 5. This quadrant is a contrast of quadrant 2 →

Organizations as political systems

To obtain the power needed for the position and for achieving the planned goals, leaders should understand the political game and enter it wisely to increase their power base and influence their followers or even stakeholders. The article showed how leaders could manage relationships, how the leader's behavior could soften the tone of the political →

An effective school environment essay sample

Also the main focus of any school is the student achievement; they are built and work to produce well educated people.' The good school is a community of learning. Brighouse and woods mention that there are seven processes that encompassed most activities of school life: The practice of teaching and learning The practice of management →

Transformative leadership

To begin the process of developing transformative leaders, the T&D specialist uses the ADDIE methodology to complete a valuation of the training needs of the organization to determine if training is the best result to address the issues of the lack of leadership among the managers and supervisors. The managers and supervisors will need to →

Leadership essay: why i want to become a leader of u.s. cellular essay sample

I want to become a leader of this dynamic organization to introduce more effective management plans and business strategies and to encourage organizational members to be integral part of the growth and development of the company. This is the reason why it is highly important for a leader to embrace and embody effective leadership, because →

Building effective teams & managers and leaders

The customers are the people who can see the outputs of the employee or member's work. Thus, these people can better provide the data and the tools to determine the poor performers in the team or organization.

Individual leadership reflection and action plan essay examples

The current essay is approached in the spirit of this finding with the aim of increasing my chances of achieving the philosophy, values, and actions I describe here. Here are the elements of my personal leadership philosophy that I hold important to me and generally adhere to in my interactions with others.

How do leaders develop

Furthermore, leadership development is essential in carrying an individual through from the stages of emergence all the way to leadership effectiveness, and was defined by Day as " the expansion of an individual's capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes". Furthermore, research from Arrive et al argues that many leaderpersonalitytraits are partly genetically →

Max weeber

The prime one is configuring a institution in hierarchy and second one is the organization and the its people are administered by specific legal decision making rules. Charismatic authority- In this the acceptances take place from theloyaltyto and the confidence In the personal qualities of the rules.

Leadership styles critical essay

A leadership style is defined as the type of behavior displayed by a leader as he/she runs the organization. Each leadership style is based on a combination of the two main types of behavior observed in leaders as evidenced by the OSU studies: Structured behavior and consideration behavior.

Comparing and contrasting leadership and management

The meaning of the two terms therefore overlaps in some sense, but while leadership is founded on a set of personal attributes like charisma, charm and trustworthiness, management the application of vested authority to control people and resources. Managers lacking leadership qualities may not be effective, that is why the concepts of leadership and management →

Leadership framework

Those consulted embraced the concept of the Leadership Framework because it affords a common and consistent approach to professional and leadership development, based on shared values and beliefs which are consistent with the principles and values of the NHS Constitution1. Acts of leadership can come from anyone in the organisation and as a model it →

What makes a good leader? essay sample

The traits of a good leader, and the common thread in any leadership model, is that the traits of a leader are the product of one of three broad bases of knowledge: First, knowledge of the group; next, knowledge of the goals of the group; and finally, and perhaps the most important, the leader's knowledge →

Evaluate the strategic leadership of michael o’leary

Students could debate the pros and cons of Michael O'Leary's continuedleadershipof the company. In other words, this is a ' horses for courses' approach to the evaluation of O'Leary's leadership.

Aung san suu kyi leadership style

Aung San Suu Kyi is the leader of Burma's National League for Democracy and the first ever woman to have received a Nobel Peace Prize. Despite of all the hardships that she went through and sacrifices that she made, Suu Kyi never wavered in making the dream of a free and democratic Burma into a →

Leadership and teamwork

One time, two of my team mates were arguing about " being too irresponsible of not passing the ball to the other" versus " not passing the ball because the other one usually loses the ball in passing", consequently leading to countless turnovers, as well as, losing the opportunity to make points of course. In →

Head boy app essay sample

One main skill I believe I would receive if I were given the role of a prefect/head boy would be the leadership skills which are vital for the future. I consider myself to be suitable candidate for the roles with my high standard of uniform, attendance and punctuality throughout all my time here at Crispin, →

Leadership theory

Leadership Theories There is a wide and ever growing variety of theories to explain the concept and practice of leadership; to me leadership is a dynamic and complex process. Cherry, 2012) Per our book the Hersey and Blanchard's extension of the leadership grid focusing on the characteristics of followers as the important element of the →

Everyday leadership insights

Thus, he became to realize that we made leadership something bigger than us, we made it something beyond us, and we made it something changing the world. He told us a short story which is made difference of his life, and led him to change the meaning of leadership.

The importance of accountability

The accountability begins at the top and encompasses each level of the organization. The effort to identify the culturally health care from the perspective of ethnically and diverse in detail to define cultural competence level of medical encounter are lacking the skills, and knowledge to identify the different cultural values and practices.

Leadership experience essay sample

In the analysis of this company we are going to focus in the Monitoring and Control area, in which the main function was to monitor the media, and to make reports about how the candidates were respecting the time and the budget on the different media. The attitudes of Alonso, influence and change the Department, →