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Analysing the gross clinic essay examples

In 1875, the renowned American artist Thomas Eakins presented the world with one of the finest specimens of arts- ' The Gross Clinic' or ' The Clinic of Dr. A very interesting and humorous aspect of this painting which appealed to me the most is the depiction of various students in the lecture.

Giorgio barbarellis “the adoration of the shepherds” essay sample

The principal figures of the painting are the two shepherds at the left, the nude baby Jesus at the center, and Joseph and Mary at the right. The subject of the painting is obviously the artist's interpretation of the nativity, taken from a biblical narration of the birth of Jesus Christ as it was narrated →

The artwork

The man in the center of this painting is confused. The lack of background provides me with the notion that he is alone and isolated from the world in his thoughts.

The feast of the gods and laocoon analysis essay

The two works of art are Laocoon by El Greco of Greek descent and The feast of the gods by Giovanni Bellini of Italian descent. The Trojans fell to the trick and pulled the horse inside the city of troy.

Looking paper

In The Countess Von Schonfeld with Her Daughter, Elisabeth Louise Vigee- Lebrun used size and placement to emphasize the figures of the mother and the young daughter. It is a painting of a women holding her daughter on her lap, the women being " The Grafin von Schonfeld." The woman is dressed in this beautiful →

Art comparison analysis

The painting specifies what was considered masculine and feminine in Flanders, 1617, and the type of roles women and men played, which is where the texture and elements of the painting become important because of the way the women is painted in the piece, she is displayed as voluptuous, soft and fleshy looking which was →

Essay on artist jack hackaert

Jan Hackaert made this painting to depict the nature and the environment, the life exists only where there is water and plants. The mountains show the source of water and a prosperous life.

The discoveries of cave paintings in the excavations of altamira in cantabria spain

It's famous for the outstanding artistic quality of the paintings it contains, as well as the quantity of motifs preserved. The artist would then blow across the open hollow bone and force the ochre up the vertical bones and onto the surface of the rock.

Cezannes maison maria with a view of chateau noir essay sample

The use of space in this particular painting is evidence of Cezanne's constant search for innovation in art, as the skewed perspectives leave the viewer with a sense of unease that enhances the viewing experience and challenges preconceived notions of what can be depicted in painting. The vanishing point of the painting is somewhat alluded →

Courbet stonebreakers

Courbet's painting can either be interpreted as a painting that shows in detail hardship and emotion of manual labor, or a painting that just a " metaphor as an act of painting", but the understanding of it as hardship and emotion of manual labor is more sufficient because by the looks of the two men →

Example of pablo picasso essay

He had a good knowledge of Geometry and shapes; he evolved as a painter and learnt all the styles; ranging from the Blue period, rose period, the African styles and finally to cubism and surrealism and realism, of which he became a pioneer. In the Blue period, Picasso mainly focused on the shades of Blue →

Spray guns: main applications and benefits

Spray gun is a tool used in spray painting and it's more convenient to use in comparison to some paintbrush. This is a result of the irregular application of the paint because it's tough to control and there's a fantastic trend of this paint to generate drip marks and this also will not definitely get →

The debate on the art merit and value of damien hirst

He stands as an inspiring role model to people of all ages and continues to break the cycle of traditionalism in the art world. Hirst's shark is a perfect example of conceptual art: the simple idea of the piece is the focal point of the work.

Visual perception – painting

Visual perception of art vs Perception of Visual Art: The main difference between the visual perception of art and perception of visual arts is that in the visual perception of an art we explain how our vision sees an art and sends it whereas in the perception of visual arts we explain how our vision →

Free research paper on music appreciation

The rhythm also compares to the spacing and organization of the figures in the painting. The form and texture of Da Vinci's art piece smooth, religious and calm.

Free research paper about impressionism

The painting as a whole is a bit blurred and loosely painted, and speaks of a dream like quality. Monet often used the fall of light in a way in which it would in nature, not just spotlighting key elements as was the previous style.

Critical thinking on communication

The work of art is amalgamated and objective, with the children's limbs and legs congregating virtually at the centre of the canvas. It is 80 x 80 inches in dimension and located at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Portrait of the artist’s sisters playing chess critical thinking sample

The question of why the girl on the right has her hand raised is enhanced in the viewer's mind by the depiction of smallest girl in the middle ground with a bemused smile focused on the girl with her hand raised. The mass and volume given to the girl on the left suggest her place →

Essay on art appreciation

However, while the Mona Lisa directs her attention to the audience, inviting them to revel in her beauty and the glory of nature, Madonna and Child directs that same serenity and beauty from the woman onto the baby and the book that she is holding. In fact, Madonna and her child separate themselves to a →

Portrait of sylvette

He uses these precise lines to express the mathematical proportions and sections of various objects, such as the wall, free space, desk, and young girl. Picasso utilizes various shades of colors to define the kind of light that is being used to show the viewer the imagined depths and value in this portrait.

George washington critical thinking samples

The first art form is the painting from Charles Wilson Peale of General Washington made after he won the battles of Trenton and Princeton at the time of the revolutionary war. George Washington's Farewell Address To the People of the United States.

Judith with the head of holofernes by jan massys critical thinking example

Massys being a renowned painter and a master in the guild of Antwerp in 1531 gained his space in the list of great painters in history. However, in Massys's painting on Judith beguiling style of conquering the enemies of Israelites is laced with sensual themes and sexualizing of the women.

Plato and his theory of aesthetics argumentative essay examples

That is because true art is from the very soul of the creator not from making an imitation. He asks this because if the artist is going to paint a carpenter, the painter cannot really know what it is to be a carpenter, so he can only paint the appearance of a carpenter not the →

Baroque painting analysis

Giulio Cesare Procaccini's " The Scourging of Christ" can be seen as the definition of the lending of the baroque style with that of the mannerist. The use of exposed flesh in repetition is used starting with the soldier to the left, continuing to Jesus and finally to the older gentleman filling the bottom right →

Sample essay on a young girl

But the most striking subject of the painting is the proportion of the gown to the girl's body. The volume of the dress has hidden the outline of the wearer.

The last supper by leonardo davinci

The Last Supper by Leonardo Ad Vinci, created during the Renaissance, exhibits many of those values from that period, including the portrayal of religious subjects and the use of a realistic style and respective. While in the service of the Duke and the Duchess, he studied nature, aviation, thematic, and engineering, including designing the churches →

Free research paper on movies in art

The dark lines of the portrait demonstrate the intrinsic hues and glows with which El Greco's paintings are informed and the sense of emptiness and hollowness is never so far away. In ' The Dormition of the Virgin' which is also briefly referred to in the film, El Greco creates a sense of occasion and →

Art appreciation essay example

The concept of space is also crucially important and this is reflected many a time in the way Bernini's portrays the work of David as he attempts to slay Goliath. This is perhaps one of the most famous of Caravaggio's paintings in the sense that it applies the methods that we are consistently familiar with →

Abstraction and artistic purpose term paper examples

The light bulb is a symbol of the destruction of technology to the world. The top right of the horse is a female witnessing the events that are taking place, and seems to have flown through the window into this room.

Pierre-auguste renoir

He is one of the most prominent founders and leading exponents of the Impressionist style of painting from the late 1860s." Renoir's art is a celebration of the beauty of women and nature; his images both of modern Parisian life and of idealized figures in a timeless landscape suggest an enchanted and radiant world". As →

Example of essay on creation of adam vs. paradise

One of the paintings depicts an image of unity of God and human while the other shows the place where humans and the creator were disunited. Both of the artworks point to a chance given for humanity in Adam's person.

Example of report on electrostatics

The negatively charged smoke particles are attracted to the positively charged metal plates that are found on the upper side of the chimney. The paint is spread over the body of the car that is negatively charged.

Fog & caliph abdulmecid ii essay sample

The Painting Fog The physical act of the painting, to mask a city and a mosque behind a mist so as to make it seem as though the mosque is a ghostly facade floating above the sea, takes impressive skill. A couple of weeks later, Abdulmecid II was inaugurated as the Caliph, the last Caliph →

Example of michealangelo research paper

Through his work as a painter, an architect and above all, as a sculptor, Michelangelo managed to single out art as a vocation and an occupation in itself, separating the job of an artist from the job of an artisan. The cut of the stone gives shape and texture to the clothing in a natural →

Picasso: cubism art technique

As well as this, her eyes seem to be falling out of her sockets, which could suggest that she has been 'crying her eyes out* this is linked to the civil war reaction that Picasso is trying to show the audience. This Is why I truly love the Weeping Woman because In my pollen It →

Example of book review on the dali reading

The overall thesis of the article is the identification of the source of Dali's inspiration. Dali described himself as a Spanish mystic of his time and believed himself a saint of Spanish whose divine purpose is to rescue painting from imprisonment in the blasphemous aesthetics of the modern world.

Art humanities research papers example

The presence of clouds displays the glory there is in the presence of Christ and heavens. He is considered as one of the best poets in his and an artist of the Romantic Age.

Sample essay on madonna and child

The relationship between the Madonna and the Christ child has been a subject of myriad works by a number of important artists, particularly in the decadent Italian Renaissance with its emphasis on the exploration of the divine. The juxtaposition of the bright, vibrant colors and naturalism of the Madonna and Child and their fascination with →

Essay on collage, montage and the avant-garde

The dissolution of the absolute monarchy meant that there were sources of funding and display that were not subject to the control of the political authority. The effect of this collage is to show that effect all in one image.

Sample essay on neo-classical and romanticism

David was a friend of Maximilien Robespierre a member of the Jacobin Club, who was propagating the formation of a republic during the French Revolution. One of his paintings that was believed to be a Republican symbol during the Revolution period was, The Lictors Brings to Brutus the Bodies of His sons, that depicted Brutus, →

Good example of leonardo da vinci in florence research paper

At the same time he created few key paintings of the Renaissance: the altarpiece " The Virgin of the Rocks" for the chapel in the church of San Francesco Grande in Milan, which is an excellent early example of the technique, called sfumato, in which there are subtle, almost imperceptible, transitions between light and dark →

Example of the slave trade essay

The facial expressions of the men are full of sadness and suffering demonstrating the monstrosity and utter inhumanity of the slave trade. The picture is powerful in its demonstration of detail and is also fascinatingly realistic in several ways from the detail shown in the landscape to the tattered clothing of the men.

Commercialization of the navajo sand painting practice

Some of the steps include identifying an evil within a community member, prepping for the ceremony, and various ceremonial procedures, concluded with the destroying of most of the sand used in painting. The criteria for this is that one person may recognize an evil within someone and for the good of the patient but also →

Free gustave courbet research paper example

As recorded, Gustave Courbet is perceived as an innovator and a role model to those that came after him owing the fact that his works were later developed and borrowed by many including the Impressionists and the Cubists. Courbet's childhood in itself exemplary owed the fact that it gave him the necessary skills and knowledge →

A painting in words in tomas transtromer’s poetry

Tracks; written by using Tomas Transtromer is a poem with various imaginary and foresight the meanings of the writing. The daydreaming of stanza two is forgotten and nonetheless unknown in the depths of the awareness.

Free essay about michelangelo buonarroti

From the review of Michelangelo's works, two art works were considered exemplary: the painting of the Sistine Chapel and the famous Pieta. The artist was able to capture the solemnity and sadness of Mary as she grieved on the death of her only son.

Art as a political statement essay example

It was in the third Impressionist exhibition that the creators of this style of art began referring to themselves as Impressionists. It flouted the artistic perspective and rules of scale of the day went ahead to challenge the class separations of the time by depicting the closeness between the characters in his painting; the young →

Photorealism: hyperrealism, hyperrealism, new realism, or sharp focus realism

The movement began in the same period as Minimalism, Pop art, and Conceptual art and a articulated a strong concentration in art, over that of abstraction and idealism. Then Audrey Flack, the solo female photorealist of the movement, came along and started to integrate expressive themes and concepts of the transience of life in her →

Lord of the flies the mask essay sample

Jack's behavior goes through a moral and social transformation when he paints his face. He becomes primitive in his social and moral behavior which affects everyone's behavior in a negative way.

Example of 20th century humanities [course number] essay

[Professor] Techniques used by Pablo Picasso " The Violin" and " Guitar, Sheet Music and Wine Glass" Pablo Picasso, was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. With this he brought forward a recessed form of the guitar in one's mind.

Free research paper about architecture museum essay

John the Baptist and the two angels being in the painting are symbolic since the angels are known to be holy. The angels are there to show that baby Jesus is the son of God.

Virgin mary in colonial latin america essay sample

The analysis will specifically use the 1720 Virgin of the Mountain of Potos painting to explain the significance of her presence. The illustration of Virgin Mary in a local setting is further indication of people's acceptance of the Christianity, which was regarded as the link between the local world and Creator in the heavens.

Good essay about the tower of babel

A critical analysis of the paintings of the Tower of Babel directly suggest the perspective of the both the translation and labor that refer to the utopian spirit of social critique as well as to the resistance to the authority. The Tower of Babel's representation of the dissimilarity between the dithering hubris of a king →

Analysis of artwork “we call them pirates out here” by daniel boyd

On the other hand, Boyd has recontextualised and juxtaposed this work's meaning from the positive perspective of the first fleet on new land to the Aboriginals negative perspective of these events, as their homeland was invaded and their people treated unfairly. This factor guides the mood towards a negative outlook on the events displayed and →

Good the history of roman baths and hamams essay example

This paper is a kind of case study which based on the study and analysis of the three paintings, each one of which holds its own share in people's admiration, proves the magic attraction of Roman Baths and Hamams and how they managed although being simple public Baths to generate so much interest and inspiration →

Good essay on gerard richter

However, at hand are three classes of the color theory: the context of the usage of colors, the harmony and the color wheel. Color context is the behavior of colors in relation to other colors and shapes and the way they form complex are of the theory of color.

A portrait of mona lisa

The greatest art was created in the early century and was called a masterpiece. The way Leonardo Dad Vinci used the lines in the painting was extraordinary. The lines is one f the most important elements of art that abstracted into a great piece of work.

Project proposal research proposal examples

Chris Ofili is a modern British painter, who has presented " No Woman No Cry" in 1998, while the second work of art was finished around 1665 and is considered to be one of the brightest Dutch artworks of the Baroque period. These two paintings represent the core themes of the two great poques and →

Essay on supper at emmaus by michaelangelo merisi caravaggio

The need to conceal him was necessary and this was given attention to through the dim background that Caravaggio used in the painting. - Creation of pictorial space and depth The dark background also adds depth to the depiction of the painting's space. The focus of the image was on Jesus and that of the →

A picture is worth a thousand words

I conclude that the clich , a picture is worth a thousand words, is still true. It is a part of the painting.

Good essay about three art pieces

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci This painting is probably the most famous one in the world and is a great work of art that contains all the elements of style that one looks for in a portrait. There is also a considerable contrast between the ugliness of the face and the almost →

Helga by andrew wyeth

As the Wyeths tried to explain the relationship, the art world wondered whether the secrecy and subsequent revelation had been staged simply to raise the popularity and price of the paintings." It was a love affair with the burning love that I have always had toward the things I paint," Wyeth said of the Helga →

Good clothing in 18th century europe essay example

To some of us, we have the desire to experience the elaborate decoration, the beautiful fabrics and the tactile qualities found in 18th century Europe clothing no longer with our own clothing. Blue and yellow colors were added by penciling the colors onto the fabric using the hand. Floral designs were mostly used for the →

The movements of impressionism, post-impressionism, and fauvism

The different trend of techniques and mediums artists used to express and visualize their ideas throughout the transition of artistic movements often classifies the work as being categorized to a specific style; thus, illustrating a set of common traits between the artworks belonging to the same period. Impressionism The Impressionism period marks the first →

“home on the mississippi”

" Home on the Mississippi" Brian Stewart's oil painting, " Home on the Mississippi", is an exceptional piece of artwork from the culture it unfolds to the characteristic composition of how it was made." Home on the Mississippi" is beautifully painted with oil onto canvas, colors exuberating realistic features and setting the mood. This →

Good unfolding discrimination essay example

Two art pieces which look into the issue of discrimination and are presented in this essay is the book ' The Second Sex; by Simone De Beauvoir which was written in 1949 and the painting ' God Bless America' which was painted in 1964 by Faith Ringgold. Both works depict racism. She is the reason →

Malczewski and the ideas of young polnd

The Young Poland art movement, that was centered In Kara? w and took place in the years 1891-1918 and is widely accepted as the Polish version of modernism.I will start with a bit of cultural and historical context. The last decades of the XIX century and the first 1 5 years of the →

Peter howson and joan eardley scottish art essay sample

The palette used in this painting is all dark, earthy oranges and a deep blue is used for the background. In all of Joan Eardleys painting, she manages to convey the personality of the sitter through the use of blending colours together and focusing her attention on the background.

The turning road by andre drain: exploring fauvism

And the place was very interesting, the park's location was hollow and it seems to be out of nowhere. Andre Drain is a French artist during the Post-Impressionist era. In this painting, since the artist also using color, line, and shape to express his emotions(" Andr Derain Artworks & Famous Paintings")..

Describing a figurative painting from legion of honor essay

It tells so much about the physical details that completed this amazing work of art, the emotional state of the characters and the fashion of its time. The colors that were used probably spanned hundreds of different varieties. Contrary to the darkness of the painting, there is a great deal of brightness and light colors.

Watching paint dry essay sample

The orange paint was slowly changing the feel of the room, the temperature, the texture, and the emotions of the place. Are we, the people of this world, like paint?

Literature review on hogarths marriage à la mode

The chained dogs in the corner of the picture show what this marriage will be like. Painting 2 The T te T te This title is ironic. The husband is not in this painting.

Jackson pollock

Sandy and his wife eventually moved out of the city to Connecticut to start their ownfamily, taking Pollock's mother along with them and leaving Pollock behind, alone in the city. What fascinated Lee the most, was the way Pollock's paintings were the result of whatever he was feeling at that time and not the result →

Free essay on black cross new mexico

For me, her painting Black Cross, New Mexico is a defining piece of what makes abstract modernism art, due to its ability to create general feelings of oppression and isolation through its too-close rendering of a black cross in the desert. In this oil on canvas painting, 39x30" in size, O'Keeffe

Free research paper on analasys of salvadors dali the persistence of memory

This way, Salvador Dali's painting " The Persistence of Memory" incorporates all the characteristics of the surrealist movement: it makes use of the paranoiac-critical method to explore the unconscious, it facilitates the intersection between reality and fantasy through its dream-like, bizarre atmosphere and it employs the " hand-painted photographs" technique that was so frequently used →

Leonardo da vinci notebooks influence on western civilization essay sample

However, the point of note in the development of renaissance art was in the sixteenth century when the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci incorporated the Florentine perspective with the venetian mastery of coloring and oils. Da Vinci's life began by being cut off from society since he was an illegitimate child, and →

Compare and contrast “the alba madonna” and “deposition” essay sample

Compare and Contrast " The Alba Madonna" and " Deposition" Essay Sample Compare and Contrast " The Alba Madonna" and " Deposition" Two great works of art, both done at different times by different artist, have similar features and can be portrayed in the same light. In both paintings there is so →

Research paper on the great wall of china painting by william simpson

The first artistic work that Simpson was engaged in is where he was required to develop an image of the Alma that was based on various features that had to be involved in the image. The color represents the materials that were used in the construction which are stones and the cement. The other color →

The entire painting essay example

The principles of Gestalt can be best explained with a painting as an example. Analysis of a Painting Using Gestalt Psychology Figure 1: The Singing Butler ' The Singing Butler' is a famous painting by Jack Vettriano. The setting is deduced to be a beach, as the brain applies the principle of proximity →

Claude monet term paper

With the help of his family, he set up one of the best studios of the time, an actually became fortunate selling the works local markets and to the foreigners in Paris. His aim was to display stories of people and the nature in France using paintings.

Asian and african art essay

The work is colourful and emanates a certain sense of peace and calm which demonstrates the prevalent revival in Japanese art of the late 19th century. The Bodhisattva is also a crucial figure for Buddhism which also attempts to create an oasis of calm and peace but at the same time →

Essay on the slave ship by j m w turner

The bodies which are floating in the sea are muddy and unclear, this adds to the mystical nature of the piece which is almost battle like in its intensity and vividness. Probably the best part of the work is the slave ship itself. Undoubtedly, Turner's painting helped to create a sense of horror and anger →

Art & architecture: critical essay example

The painting measured 460 cm 880 cm, and it covers from the end of the wall to the other in the dining hall located at the monastery inside the Santa Maria Coventry. The opening of the church and the later remodeling sees the chronological events of the painting before Leonardo began to print it.

Landscape with the fall of icarus painting analysis

His painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus was his only subject taken from Greek mythology. While his contemporaries' work focused more on religious subjects, Brueghel on the other hand made his own mark by creating his own painting style; he was famous for his landscape paintings inhabited by peasants. His painting of icarus which →

Leonardo da vincis achievements in italy research paper

He began working on the controversial oil painting, The Virgin of the Rocks, in 1483 and finished the image in 1486. The Accomplishments of Leonardo da Vinci.

Evard munch’s the scream

All in all, this very famous expressionist piece of art is trying to express to its audience the absolute fearsomeness and awesomeness in nature." The Scream" is a contrast between the vastness and majesty of nature and the insubstantiality of mankind." The Scream" was painted by Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch between 1893 and 1910 during →

Painting styles introduction

As I have read more about different periods of art I see that there is much to be learned about the art that is beyond the surface of the piece. This can also be seen in the formal aspects of the piece as he is obviously the center of the painting, making him the center →

The harvesters by charles angrand essay

The artist was born in France where he lived and worked in the later decades of the 19th century and his paintings are part of the artistic environment of his days. The painting is a two-dimensional work of art and seems to consist of a series of small differently colored dots placed one next to →

Orientalist painting essay sample

Edward Said, a controversial writer and scholar, puts a twist to this definition and uses the term to describe a tradition of hostile and belittling views of the East by the west shaped by the attitudes of the era of European imperialism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. M. From the above we →

Expressive art essay

Picasso eventually setteled into life in Paris and although he was Spanish spent the majority of his life in France, and became a French speaker. It was reveled in 1967 and Picasso refused to be paid for it, preferring to make it a gist to the town of Chicago.

Mark strand

He was a painter while studying at Yale, and a lot of people say that he creates a " painterly' image in his poetry because of the way he closely examines things. I found it really interesting that in aninterviewhe said that he was not good with language as a child, and so →

Research paper on ancient near east and ancient egypt

The grove on the head represents a wig while the hair strands are carved in a metal fell which are also present in the forehead. However, in order to bring out the actual meaning of the painting, the artist employed several elements of art in this painting. Precisely, curved lines are predominately used in this →

The hated art project essay sample

I find this to be absolutely amazing to come up with this idea. From my research, I discovered that Tissot was born in 1836, in Nantes, France , a seaport on the French coast and the son of a very prosperous, successful shopkeeper. Like many English people at this time, Tissot became interested in →

Synthesis of guernica

In 1985, a replication of Guernica was donated to the United Nations headquarters in New York and was " hung outside in the Security Council chamber." In February of 2003, councilmen gathered at the UN in order to hear US Secretary of State Colin Powell build the American case for war against Iraq.

Contrast three works of da vinci with three of michelangelo

Leonardo Da Vinci is known as " the renaissance man" because of his achievements in art, invention, military engineering, and science. In contrast to lifelike responses of the news; Jesus is quiet but the light of the landscape surrounding him emphasizes his suffering.