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Today luminary persons collaborated with samuel taylor

It is very unique Romantic poem with all the characteristics ofRomanticism. The poem praises Nature, and the contrasting of man and naturesuddenly becomes the centre of the poem. Therefore, it is possible tosay that the speaker has something which he wants to forget in his life.

John now live in a place called

John Rutter was brought into this world in London, a city in which he lived in the upper level of a bar for most of his childhood. He went to school at Highgate a place where he would meet many of his lifelong friends and as a choir director's understudy at college he helped →

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Andrea agatha christie also had a passion

In the beginning the strangers were guarded and tried to hide the crime they committed, because of this everyone was a suspect. Throughout the novel, Agatha Christie, allows us in on the thoughts of the characters and who they thought to be the murderer.Dr.

Love as an entity essay

In Marlowe's " The Passionate Shepherd and His Love" and Ralegh's " The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd," an idealistic yet inadequate love is displayed between a Shepherd and his Lover. As seen in " The Passionate Shepherd and His Love" and " The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd," idealistic love is a form of →

Umm kulthum: the voice of egypt

Lecturer Umm Kulthum - The Voice of Egypt The pictures of the Voice of Egypt, Umm Kulthum, provide interesting facts. She effectively used the mass media for her music performances; hence her songs are still widely played by the international media houses. Umm Kulthum Questions 1.

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A brilliant piece by mahler essay

All the members of the orchestra sat in chairs in a small semicircle facing the conductor's stand and the audience. As the concert begins, the lights dim, and the orchestra is already in there seats waiting to begin the show. The woman soloist takes a seat in the middle of the stage and prepares to →

Red, white and blue

He has plenty of supporters behind the making of this video but, the graphic images and symbolism make others uncomfortable. This video is mostly influenced by the violence against black Americans. The gray color fabric they wear is so mundane. The location of the video was in a warehouse.

Persuasive: times roman and personal music players

With all of these advancements intechnology, especially in the Apple industry we have the newest, smartest, and fastest technology on the market in our hands. We can surf the web from anywhere, listen to music, take pictures, txt, call, and the list goes on and on. I truly believe that sometimes we →

A book review of native son by richard wright

The focus of attention has shifted somewhat, with studies of Wright's political vision diminishing and analyses of his craftsmanship and literary sources increasing. The great majority of scholars and critics during this period are in general agreement about the centrality of Wright's position in African-American letters and →

Research paper

After graduating from Yale University, he moved to New York where he opened his insurance company and continued his composing work. 3. He was an optimistic, self-governing and idealist individual, who united Americans voice with European classical music and known to be among the first composers of new kind of music. 9.

The first piano concert in my life

I have gotten better over the years, but the first one I did was I major fail. Here is that story. I was 6 years old and I was finishing up my first year of kindergarten.

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K pop

The Growl song possesses several elements that the article on cultural technology highlights. The versatility and unique style of the band's music is notable in their performance. The article highlights that the K-pop singers have infused Western and Asian styles in their music.

Effect of media on opinions and attitudes essay

As an example, I have spent more time in front of the television set than with my parents. Radio, records, rock music, music video and digital games and other media are especially important influences in the lives of the youth today. Television as one form of mass media can enhance the experience of a parade →

I go. the greatest contribution i can give

I know for a fact that I can contribute greatly to the community of Florida A&M University, I understand how important hospitality and the acceptance of all is, so I would just need to be myself. My top aspiration is that I will be given the opportunity to contribute to this university, in helping →

Punk music concert review essay sample

Punk is a form of underground music that appeals to people who are either bored or dissatisfied with the way the world works. In The Merriam Webster Dictionary the definition of the word punk is; a young inexperienced person or a petty hoodlum.

Music: important part of modern life

To live without my music would be impossible to do in this world of troubles, my music pulls me through" (Miles John}. Music is the art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continues, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. This →

Paul mccartney: a rock n roll hall of fame

Paul saw John playing with his band called the Quarry Men and eventually he became the rhythm guitarist in the band and after that he introduced George Harrison to John Lennon and then they decided to change their band name. In August 1965 the Beatles releases Paul's composition called yesterday featuring the string quarter the →

In these risks to effectively offset the commodity

In computer industry Dynamic Random Access Memory and NAND flash memory1 are consideredas commodities and the industry is exposed to the input commodity price risk ofthese commodities. Let us learn what these commodities are exactly and whereDRAM and a NAND memory gets used in the manufacturing of computers.

The genre of ragtime: history and famous composers

The culture of ragtime has faded and reappeared throughout time becoming popular again in the 1940's from the work of Joseph Lamb, and again in the 1970's, but it is in no way forgotten today. Stark, who was the owner of a music store called " John Stark and Son" and published the works of →


Your bright eyes and the way you smile, they only last for a while, But I will wait for you here, until you come and dry my last tear, I just want you to know, I will always be waiting for you. You are my everything How you and me became 'WE', I will never →

George up in rankings.when he was in

His experience in the military from a young age taught him leadership skills that helped him move up in rankings. When he was in the British army, he led a poorly equipped and trained militia to build a fort on the banks of the Ohio River. This led to him being viewed as a hero →

Concert report

In the second movement of the spring, Vivaldi provides the instruction of The barking dog. In the first movement of The summer, he provides the instruction of Languor caused the heat, and in the second movement of the movement of The autumn, Vivaldi provides instruction of the drunkards have fallen asleep.

Bringing the best music listening devices under one digital roof

Noticing a missing link for a good pair of headphones and taking it up as business opportunity is what defines the entrepreneurial instinct of Raghav Somani, Founder of Headphone Zone, India's first dedicated web portal for headphones and earphones. The portal was born out of Raghav Somani's realisation that the big retailers had little →

Fairy tales-mirror of our lives essay

In the story of Pied Piper, the children are led away by the magical music of the Pied Piper and not a single child except one lame child is left in the entire Hamelin.There are many dimensions to the social orders in the inner landscape, which this small story carries. People eat away every bit →

The enlightenment research paper ap us history essay

It focuses on the rise of the ideas of the Enlightenment and how these ideas were relevant in the American Revolution, and the creation of the modern American Society. Lastly, it also depicts how the colonists were mistreated and mocked by the British Empire before the ideas of the Enlightenment hit America and cause the →

Western classical music

The music was developed soon after renaissance music era ended and the start of this new era marked the beginning of emotion-revoking classical music which had other different musicians from the preceding era. Compare the careers of Bach and Handel. Bach on the other hand was a music director in Leipzig.

Recording labels and music marketing

It is interesting to trace development of music industry and to be a part of this industry in the future. It is possible and very important to find a mentor and focus on the management issue of the artists.

Live performance versus studio recordings

The live recording was captured at the BBC, while the studio recording was featured on the album ' Please, Please, Me'. One of the advantages of studio recordings is that the band and the producer have the luxury of recording the different musical elements at different times and then mixing them together. While the harmonica →

Social changes in the 50s to the 70s decades, as sung in american pie

I feel the most prudent way to discuss this theme, and the more specific references made in the song, is to walk through it verse by verse. The first verse, in which McLean recounts his memories of 50s rock n' roll music, and how it made people happy. It is in this way that McLean →

Short listening assignment format

The drums keep the pace or groove for the performers and also play the important role of fillers in and out of time. The soloists follow the order of the piano first, then the saxophone which is interrupted by the trombone and drums and then continued till trumpeter takes over. The chorus sequence at the →

Evolution of music

The development of secular music called the chanson can be attributed to the first troubadours or minstrels. The chanson usually used two to three voices. With the development of harmony among voices and instruments, the concept of major and minor harmony and tonality was adopted during the Baroque Era. →

My ambition in life essay

Think of the Gauntlet as a touch screen that works by tapping your fingers to your thumb on a gloved hand. It's basically a keyboard on your hand," explained Liu, the principal innovator and a graduate of Grissom High School".

Section dedicated to 20th century music

It will be necessary to study these chapters, as well as the listening examples contained within, to achieve full comprehension of these sections. Twentieth-Century Overview Within the music of the twentieth century can be seen influences of folk and popular music, Asian and African music, and European art music from the Middle Ages →

Music of the 1930’s essay sample

In 1938, the band recorded the classic track " Jumpin At the Woodside" with three of the most accomplished musicians of the time, featuring solos by, Earl Warren and Herschel Evans as well as Young and Clayton. One of the people who made the biggest impact on the 1930's music was the trumpet player, →

The life story of edvard grieg

He is best known for his Piano Concerto in A minor, for his incidentalmusicto Henrik Ibsen's play Peer Gynt (which includes Morning Mood and In the Hall of the Mountain King), and for his collection of piano miniatures Lyric Pieces.[1] Biography Edvard Hagerup Grieg was born in Bergen, Norway on June 15, 1843. 23 →

What makes a good teacher essay

When asked about their opinions of qualities of the good teacher the majority related that good relationship between the teacher and her students would the most important feature. Montomery and Thomas reported another view on the teacher effectiveness: and that is of the reflective teaching methodology. According to these authors, such dates back to Dewey →

Literary genres

MusicAll the compositions of a certain kind or for a specific instrument or ensemble: the symphonic literature.1. written material such aspoetry, novels, essays, etc., esp works of imagination characterized by excellence of style and expression and by themes of general or enduring interest 2.the body of written work of a particular culture →

Musical theatre and classical music

There are also some members from concert band who also participate in the making of the classical music and they include the members of the woodwind, brass and percussion families. Gagne asserts that there also exist the electric instruments in classical music which include the electric guitar and the ondes martenot which were →

Aristotle, thing to have been demonstrated. aristotle,

A brief introduction toEthos, Pathos and Logos The term ethos is derivedfrom a Greek word meaning " character" that is utilized to portray the directing convictions or standards thatcharacterize a community, country, or philosophy. Logos or the request to rational, implies to persuade an groupof onlookers by utilize of rationale or reason.

Truth requires strength essay

He always struck me as a mean and selfish brute. " During the last period when he was teaching geography for Form A, Sekhar received a note from the headmaster: " Please see me before you go home." Sekhar said to himself: It must be about these horrible test papers. But he never anticipated his musical →

Horror genre essay

When evaluating the 1963 film The Birds, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, there is much proof of how the values and attitudes of portrayed within the film may be seen as anachronistic in our contemporary society. The film shows social values such as the women in the film being in danger, typically known as a " →

Classical music

Even in movies, television series and so on, very little classical music is promoted in the form of themes, soundtracks and content, as other forms of music take center-stage. Classical music in America: a history of its rise and fall.

Living and dining room furniture 

Living and Dining Room Furniture Issues in the Market The vast majority of households struggle with storage issues. A: By 2017, the number of one- and two-person households is projected to increase by 850, 000. Demand for space-efficient living/dining room furniture is therefore likely to intensify during the coming years.

Essay on leading and managing individuals

Institutional affiliations: Leading and Managing Individuals 1) How Bill Bailey, chairman of the board of the Utah Opera Organization, might use one theory of motivation to oppose the merger As the chairman of Utah opera organization's board, Bill Bailey can use the Adams equity theory of motivation to oppose the merger and →

“…like on it… but you’ve got another idea

It is uncertain what causes ADHD, but research shows there are chemical, functional, and structural, and functional differences in the brains' of those with the condition the disorder. All regions of the brain are smaller in people with ADHD compared to people without the disorder's brain. Also, there is less volume of white matter in →

Music and culture: punk scene

People became more open, adaptive, and accommodative of the 'youth culture'! 2) What is the function of the UK music press The music press is a branch of entertainment journalism, wherein professionals analyze and criticize the varied genres of music, various bands, singers, musical encouraged, and the like. The music press of the UK →

A concert from heaven critical thinking examples

The song and the performance suited the event and gave a desired and perfect start to the event. The engrossing performance was followed by ' Down for the Count' by Frank Foster. But it was not look before the audience got into the groove again and was excited to the core →

Also by amitav ghosh the hungry tide incendiary circumstances

Sexy? He reflected on that for a moment, and said, no, she was not sexy, not in the ordinary way she was thick-set, with broad shoulders, and not very tall. She was not beautiful or even pretty in the usual sense, for she had a strong face and a square jaw, but →

English teacher

I could see boys going down under street lights because they were mean and tough and hated the world, and it was too late to tell them that there was still good in it, and they would not believe you if you did. It was too vast a problem to be just a personal thing.

Romeo and juliet movie analysis essay

Another thing is that because of how the movie was made, really gave off a good intention that this was how the story went, and that many people would be able to think of this version first not only cause of how old this version is, but because of the realizations that the movie had →

Shawshank redemption essay

The change in camera angles for Norton and the prisoners shows the contrasting positions they are in and the power and status they hold. The camera angles used by Darabont allow the audience to see the status of the characters. As the audience we get an instant look into who is a in control and →

Eleanor rigby: a deep thought balad on psychedelic lyrics from the beatles

The evolution to the artistic style, is best summed up by Hertsgaard, ' Revolver' was the first album of the Beatles' psychedelic period, but the reason it qualifies as art is the indisputable quality and sophistication of song after song like Eleanor Rigby,... Taxman is an anti-love song; Eleanor Rigby is pro-love, though it's nor a →

The role of music in a popular culture

The stereotype of the man as cruel and aggressive, and women as weak and light-minded is a modern day phenomenon. Hamerlinck argues that violence against women, 'popularized' by popular music, reflects mass culture and 'horrible reality'. Using such slang words as " lump" and " hump" describing parts of her body, the singer →

Prominent composers research papers example

Many of these composers have even been able to cross the divide between these different styles, being representations of multiple genres of their period. In understanding the backgrounds of these composers, the biographical information about their lives and times, their music and compositions, as well as reflections upon their work →

Promotion of violence in rap music

But you could argue that the songs that contain violent lyrics are just a different subgenre of hip-hop and to some degree it is, but you will not forget that artists that dominate rap usually have some rather questionable lyrics in some of their songs. Something that feels exciting because some people like to break →

Moving the delta blues’ gained public recognition[1]. he

To elaborate, one of Johnson'sstyle is the ability to sound like couple men are playing guitar at the sametime, where one guitar plays the bass notes and the other plays melodies onhigher notes4. Note that the sliding technique wasused after Johnson sings a line of verse in the above example as aresponse to →

How the environment reacts to heavy metals excedents and the measures taken to stop it

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability of Tilapia nilocita as an indicator of heavy metal contamination, and to identify the contributing factors to accumulation in freshwater Tilapia nilocita. Fifty specimens were taken from the High Dam Lake, Khor Kalabsha Egypt. Furthermore, the accumulation of lead in the edible part of the →

Listening log

Moonlight Sonata The movement of the song is slow and simple with no vigorous body movements, a nod of the head is just enough and slow movement of the feet. The composer of the song is Ludwig Van Beethoven, who is an ancient music composer in Germany and composed a lot of music and rhythms →

Inspector calls

This is one of the reasons for why the children are against the Parents, the parents do not believe in respecting each other and once the children come to terms with respect they try to tutor the parents about respect but the parents do not want to hear about it. On the first page of →

Video reaction paper 2 pages

Holtz: The Planets I listened to Holtz, the Planets twice and I am sure I have heard this music many times in movies. However, I know that Victory at Sea is a war series, and the music fit that very well.

Impact of new technologies on the music industry

The presence of radio and digital radio, digital television, mini discs and the Internet has created challenges and opportunities for the BPI and RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) alike. Radio works in parallel with the record industry because airplay determines to some extent, the chart position of an artist or group. This →

Name:sohrab:abdul in worldwide capital through beginning up

NAME: SOHRAB: ABDUL RAFFEY: KAMALSUBJECT: IBMASSIGNMENT: IMPACT OF GLOBALISATION ON CULTURESUBMITTED TO: MISS AMMARAH AHMED The impact of Globalisation on culture: The concept of Globalisation: Globalisationis free change of stock, organizations and people over the segment in a steady and facilitated way. Globalisation might be thought of to be the impact of the outlet →

Concept of dynamics in music

Musichas the ability to produce feelings and energy that few things are capable of reproducing. There are any different elements that bring life to these feelings, but dynamics are something that possess the power to change the mood of a song, and the person listening to It. The song says, " Do not →

Dysfunctional relationships between sonny’s blues and shiloh

In Mason's " Shiloh", the relationship between Leroy and Norma Jean was off to a good start. In contrast to the relationship between Norma Jean and Leroy, Sonny and his brothers relationship is able to rebuild after a time of hardship between the two. Sonny is able to recover fully from his →

Johann sebastian bach; arnstadt and leipzig essay

Not much information is written about Bach before he moved to Leipzig in 1723. Before Bach's move, he worked for small churches, and traveled very little. This is called Mortets. " Bach is well known for his numerical symbolism and mathematical exactism found in his music".

Commemorative speech on michael jackson essay sample

In Billie Jeans he was heard screaming and using the vocal hiccup method more than in Heal the World with his produced a more round and thick and melancholic voice) Good rendition Conveys his ideas and feelings through his compositions (For example, Earth Song dealt with environmental and animal welfare) (For example, Heal the →

Music and sculpture

The piece of music that I chose to listen to from the CD was Gymnopedie No by the French composer Erik Satie. The seemingly fragility of the piano was countered by the plowing nature of the composition from beginning to end.

Introduction recuperate from diseases, or aid in

Wu and to promote recovery. On the other hand, maintain the mental health of Mr. Exercises with range of motion can be performed to him with the help of physiotherapists. Maintain good hygieneOne of the components in the theory is to keep the body clean and well groomed and protect the integument.

Introduction usually more economically sound and thriving. however,

Also for the first time 2 years ago I had left the country and I hadthe privilege of visiting San Pedro Island in Belize. San Pedro is a smallisolated island that is fairly underdeveloped and does not have much in the wayof Information Technology, the only places with computers are the majorbusinesses such as hotels, →


The composition I would like to pay attention to is called " Vagabonds and Blood from the Earth", which is a part of the " Dzama stories" album created by the composer in cooperation with Paul Dunmall, a British solo saxophonist , in 2009. The chosen composition is the first part of the album; →

Romance movies are favorite movie genre

Horror movies on the other hand have a lot of scary things in the movies. Their big thing is that the more blood they have the better it is to the audience watching. In a romance based movie, it is filled with love and a lot of laughter throughout the whole movie.

Psychedelia and vietnam

In addition to these elements the ways that the song lyrically details the Vietnam War create a powerful demonstration of the atrocities of this conflict. While the song alludes to the arbitrary nature of the war, it is more concerned with articulating a story about a lost love going abroad to fight in the war.

Effects of music on the unborn child

Some people believe that music has no influence while others believe that if they introduce their unborn child to classical music the baby will grow up to be smarter than the kid who either listened to other types of music or no music while in the womb. Studies have been done on how music can →

Modern bebop: trumpet red rodney

Modern: Bebop: Trumpet Red Rodney Modern: Bebop: Trumpet Red Rodney The general characteristics of the Bebop historic jazz style is that it is a fast growing music because many individuals are adopting the style of music in their songs for different entertainment purposes. In addition, Rodney is known for being the surrealist of the trumpet →

Swot analysis

In view of the fact that Sumptuous Cuisine Catering plans to expand its operations to a dedicated location called The Sumptuous Ballroom with funding through mortgage, issue of convertible debt and its own funding, it becomes important to conduct a SWOT analysis of the company in order to ascertain where it stands presently in terms →

Analysis of music and lyrics of the songs by sza

She is digging into her self-acceptance, using the reference of Adam and Eve, the sacred garden, to take her back to when everything was good in the world. Having a male role in her video does not cause her to stray away from her main message of this song, as well as the main message →

Case study : red bull essay

Red Bull uses network of local subsidiaries setup in key markets to manage distribution in any given region. The subsidiaries are responsible for importing Red Bull from Red Bull GmbH in Austria and either setting up an independent distribution network or working with a partner such as in Australia where Red Bull Australia uses the →

Comparing dada to pop art

In this essay I will compare the Dada and Pop Art movements by depicting the characteristics of each art period, their style and social conditions that may have influenced the creation of each movement. The essay will show their similarities, differences, and the reason why Pop Art did not continue with →

Rondalla’s struggle to past until present essay sample

Then, people formed groups according to their classification, melody they produce and to their taste of music; groups like rock band, orchestra and our own Rondalla. Rondalla is a legacy that we inherited from our great ancestors; it is an art that gives more life and color to our already rich culture, it is →

What makes a good meal essay

This includes all the processes for the preparation of food from selecting the ingredients, cooking, garnishing and serving the food giving considerations to the time and environment, wherein the meal is supposed to be served. After proper cleaning of the fillet, it is to be marinated.

Reaction of reading

However, the topics of the music of the Romantic era and the romantic concerto aroused my interest in understanding the history and transformation of romantic music. The book describes the transformation of romantic music and the factors that have accelerated the growth and spread of this music.

Good marshall bruce mather iii, eminem and slim shady research paper example

The objective of this essay is to analyze the influence of Marshall Bruce Mathers III or Slim Shady or Eminem to the issues of gender, race and class. The interpretation could change if the analyst could add irony and hyperbole in the evaluation of his songs. One critic can simply put allegations to Eminem if →

What is copyright, fair use, public domain

Fair use provides for the legal, unlicensed citation or incorporating copyrighted material in a different work of another author and are evaluated according to four underlying factors; a) The purpose, nature and the intention of the use, b) The nature of the copyrighted work, c) The nature and the substantiality of the material used, and, →

Narrative example

He got to the second floor of his house and looked toward the attic. He got to the second floor of his house and looked toward the attic.

Throughout the music online) which provided both

Starting with the rubber and vinyl discs, continuing with the promotion of these recordings by the use of the radio, later with the cassette tapes, and lastly with the introduction of the CD's. Eventually, the digital distribution became the main way for providing music. The last big step was the introduction of streaming services, that →

Musicians who are known as heroic figures

Are there modern singers and performers who have followed the footsteps of the legends from the 1700s and 1800s such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Puccini? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum | RockHall.com.N.p., n.d.Web.

Morton gould: musical influences and jazz elements in derivations for clarinet and band

Because of the friendship Goodman and Gould had outside of work, Gould's musical influences will also be explored with the analysis of jazz elements in the 1955 piece. Gould was an American composer known for his American roots in composition. Blues elements are evident in the moving notes, the " wrong" notes in the part →

Myguide: potential entrance to the kasakhstan market essay

As such, this paper aims to explore the Personal Navigation System market in Kasakhstan particularly the market entry barriers. Statement of the ProblemWhat are the market entry barriers for the Personal Navigation System in Kasakhstan? The bracket has a set of contacts that mate to contacts on the bottom of the nav-u, making it easy →

Teaching our younger generation to succeed essay

I believe the purpose of education should be to instill our children and young adults with the knowledge they need to succeed in life and the intelligence to strengthen and carry on the core values and ambition of our country. In John Taylor Gatto's " Against School: How Public Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why," →

Ridley scott “alien” film scene analysis essay

At this point, quiet non-diegetic ominous comes in which again helps set a tense atmosphere, even though Dallas is not in the scene yet. When Dallas is eventually shown making his way into the shaft there is a shot of the hatch closing on him, representing that Dallas is cut off and alone in there →

The hip-hop origin from afro american blues and change in modern hip hop lyrics reflecting violence and sexual promiscuity

In the 1970s, it was all about the struggle and how artists have climbed up the social latter and have paved away to educate people about their emotions and tell their stories through " Hip hop" music. The message in the Hip Hop music rhymed with religious preaching of peaceful coexistence and encouraged people to →

How sex is incorporated into the media and how does it affect the viewers essay

Furthermore, sex is a huge part of the entertainment media. Whether on TV and movies, music and videos, or magazines and books, sex will make you stop what you are doing and look. For that reason teens nowadays are more curious because they see and hear a lot about sex especially in the television and →

The origin of hiphop and how music has changed

The headliners of this rivalry, and most famous of all hip hop controversies, was the controversy surrounding the Notorious B.I.G.and Tupac Shakur. The music that was supposed to end fighting amongst people was the epicenter of one of the biggest music rivalries of all time. There are many artists and producers who have helped hip-hop →

An analyses of when the saints go marching in

Regardless, the original lyrics contain many spiritual references, particularly to heaven and the coming of God's kingdom. In one of the verses, the author writes " Oh when the trumpet sounds its call, oh when the trumpet sounds its call, I want to be in that number, when the trumpet sounds its →

Justin bieber fans

However, it is important to understand that people choose to do something with a reason in mind. In this case, Justin Bieber has many followers probably because they are fascinated by his music, personality, or his fame. However, contrary to this school of thought, Justin Bieber's fans are the reason behind his success. It is →