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Dance 234

The image of the dancers during the climax of the performance stays with me because it showed creativity in the choreography. The dance is about the event that brought together various choreographers and performers who took part in the performance. The BoSoma2 created the choreography for the dance as created by the directors of the →

Artist questions essay examples

Compare the art of Abramovic and Bourgeois with respect to how their art reflects their lives. Abramovic and Bourgeois' art are interrelated in that respect through the use of her body and naked sculptures respectively.

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Spanish painter salvador dali

All around his life he growled unusualness and exhibitionism (one of his most popular acts was showing up in a plunging suit at the opening of the London Surrealist show in 1936), asserting that this was the wellspring of his inventive vitality. He guaranteed that this system ought to be utilized not just as a →

An imperial antonine woman sculpture analysis

It was a depiction of the highly valued women in the roman culture of the times. The high value displayed in the artistry has an association with distinguished women of the times.

Worksheet 5 – nora eccles harrison museum of art

WALMART is one of the most valuable companies in the world, the leading retail company and the largest public company. WALMART Company being a business organization, there is need for human asset retention in the human resource sector. This makes the company lack skilled and experienced personnel. Cases of employee turnover are very rampart and →

Postmedia by postmedia across canada as well as

Postmedia Network Inc providesthe multimedia channels and help market VINES magazine and InterVinInternational Wine Awards. Christopher Water, the co-founder and editor of VINES Magazine, who is also a weekly column authorof " Waters & Wine" that published by Postmedia across Canada as well as throughthe Canoe Network online.

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Black book 2006 (european film critique)

She later, after joining the Dutch resistance, find out the person, Van Gein, who betrayed her parents who had perished in and undevout to liberate the southern part of Holland. Betrayal is one of the things that makes the movie interesting. Finally, the tactics the character use to gain advantage over others allow one keep →

Andy warhol: consumerism, mass production and pop art

Were his iconic screen prints an expressed concern for the loss of individuality or rather an expression of " compassion fatigue" the way the public loses the ability to sympathize due to the feeling of removal from the individual and the event? All this information begs the question To what extent did Andy Warhol's technique →

Olympia, edouard manet

Victorine Meurand was the young French girl who posed for " Olympia" and this indicates another characteristic of the Realist movement in which artists at the time employed real-life models in their studio and field endeavor. Edgar Degas is widely acclaimed for the works " The Dance Foyer at the Opera on the Rue →

Art essays examples

Once a task is completed, they return to the TASK Box to write down a new one and pick another task to fulfil. At the beginning of TASK, a lot of people just usually stand and watch the others. They are able to express themselves, use their imagination, and be →

Thelesson eugeneionesco

This is evident when he says that he is the " servant of the pupils". From the play, it is evident that the professor is also a domineering and violent person.

Outline your educational goals and expectations. also include what you expect to contribute to the art center community. (be as specific as possible.)

The motive of applying in this college is to see myself as a good artist to accomplish my careergoals. For this reason, I am extremely involved to become the part of Art Center College of Design Pasadena, to best groom & polish my career.

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Defending our lives

It is while in prison that they formed ' Battered Women Fighting Back,' a support group for battered women who killed their abusers, that later graduated to a grass root organization focused on showcasing domestic violence as a wide spread human rights violation in the country. Watching this documentary and listening to the testimonies of →

Parisian realism artists of the 19th century

He eventually came to " maturity" as a painter in the 1860s, where history painting was considered the most popular art at the time. Degas varied with mediums and supports, ranging from his classical training of oil painting on canvas to working with pastels on paper. A final dancer stands at the →

Aesthetic of photography

In this photo, the horizontal line is used on the right-hand side of the kitchen building to make the right angle with the shelve. It is used to indicate the sentiment of timelessness and sense of homeostasis.

Comparison between american and indian companies business essay

In some respects, as per Suri, Shweta, , the manner in which compensation affects initiative is rather painless every bit good as straightforward: Persons tend along with award besides how valued the award might be. Alternatively, we noticed that such a thing was illustrated by Lawler, Edward, , boards should develop →

The sing glass, the singing art

One would later on realize that the oldness of the car and the newness of the glass sculptures are part of the overall message of the artwork. Upon closer and longer inspection and reflection, it becomes apparent that Aoki is trying to depict bacterial growth on the car. By this time, it is understood that →

Art therapy and social change essay

Guided relational screening is proposed as a theoretical rule to actuate art healers to travel from being a advocate of societal justness to going an agent of societal transmutation. Keywords: societal alteration, art therapy, nonviolent opposition, exhibits, empathy Artists are at the head of societal alteration and there is a motion to promote art healers →

The film gandhi

Gandhi achieved the motive by combining the common social and cultural factors among the citizens of the subcontinent and led to a non-violent liberal movement. Structural theory Structural theory focuses on source of the tensions which have occurred by the gaps between social and cultural goals and simultaneously it also explains the means which →

Free essay on artefact analysis

There is a name " hailha -12" stamped on the piece probably the name of the owner or the studio in which the piece was first exhibited. The artist might also have made this piece in tribute or honor of a noble child.

Michelangelo buonarroti and leonardo da vinci

His art has similarities of the contemporary artists like Leonardo, Giotto, and Poliziano Michelangelo learn the art of painting and sculpture by observing and created his own way of executing the art. The artistic creations changed according to the evolution of the prevailing situation in Rome and Italy as it was clearly reflected in the →

Socio political art essay

Ben Quilty produced Captain S after Afghanistan and Self Portrait after Afghanistan 1 after being commissioned by the Australian Government to go to Afghanistan and illustrate the war on terror. Pablo Picasso was inspired by the war to paint his Weeping Woman, however he was also commissioned by the Spanish Government to produce a mural →

Developments in theatre lighting from the renaissance to the present day

Task Developments in theatre lighting from the Renaissance to the present day Theater lighting started as early as the times ofValerius Maximus where he explains his first attempts in the enhancement of drama by use of decorative lighting. The modern theater lighting systems have since resulted after the invention of incandescent lighting in 1879 leading →

Public art

This is a statue of Rosa Parks, and by making her memories be put on a public site, the focus is on extending her work against segregation, social justice and inequalities to the present. What is most striking of this public work is potential meaning. She is placed right in the middle of a public →

Review on film amadeus

The function of this character is to narrate the incidents in the life of Mozart and at the same time he is used as the tool of revenge to bring him down. Salieri is in contact with the main character of the movie, Mozart, right through the film and this is the reason why the →

Film critiques on the bad sleep well (kurosawa, 1960)

All of this is revealed during a seemingly happy time, which sets the rest of the film up very well. The audience is also privy to Nishi seeking revenge for the death of his father. We can still see parallels to the power of this corporation in society today.

Art and human values

Key among the issues includes elimination of the boundaries between life and art, ethics of robotics, aesthetic-engineering, embodied and virtual spectatorship and the accountabilities of the artist regarding the art of monsters and machines. Causey presents that Kac's works show relatedness to practices of both installation and conceptual art of the twentieth century.

I would like you to conduct image searches to find examples of all of the types of images listed below

Additionally, other items with that were aesthetic were added to these books with care and keenness thus making these books the most imperative possessions. Victorian greeting cards and scrapbooks seemed to document private mementoes, poetic writings, religious depictions, texts, and other family-related content. In view of the depictions from the greeting cards and scrapbooks, poverty →

Free motown research paper sample

The music that Gordy created and produced changed the sound of the American music. The company and studio was located in a house on Grand Boulevard in Detroit, eventually the company would buy seven houses where the Motown magic was created. The Music Market in the Late 1950's and Early 1960's The musical landscape →

Gallery review

The second picture in the same row indicates both the lady and the gentleman holding on their cheeks as they focus keenly on the object before them. In the second row, there is the side view of the same lady, but now with very thick layer of side beards and the beards are also all →

Boiler room movie

T Marlin activities are revealed, as a result of selling stock to non-existing companies, legal actions are to be taken to provide justice for those who have been manipulated. Different claims in the movie can be understood basing on the legal principles. T Marlin Company knew what its action would do but continued to pursue →

Urijah faber – an american mixed martial artist and actor

Urijah Faber has earned for himself so many awards for his expertise in the world of wrestling and even while he retires, the memory of those wonderful skills sill lingers in the hearts of his fans. Ryan Faber and Michaella Tasted are the only siblings of Urijah. A graduate of the University of California, Urijah →

History and theory of new media

The documentary explores how a combination of talent and agony runs in all the arts displayed in the Crazy Horse. The beautiful women at Crazy Horse work so hard to present the best artistic talent possible to the public visiting the club but in the process of exhibiting the typical " French blend of vulgarity →

Haiti’s future tourism prospects grim essay

Some of the historical uniqueness associated with the country includes the fact that it was the first nation in Latin America to gain independence and also that it was the first independent black led republic in the world (Federal research Division, 2010). Political instability has been a hallmark in the country's struggle to development with →

Jade figure of a hound

I chose this work because it is symbolic of the artist's artistic creativity and the rich heritage of Asian Art. The artwork is in three dimensional, and it is in the form of a small sculpture. The next element in the artwork is the dog's body, and the same is symbolic of the importance of →

Race and gender roles

It's a perfect follow up to the independent attitude of B'Day and lays the groundwork for another exploration of what it means to be a woman in the world today. While, on the other hand, it portrays the role of a typical wife clearly taken with her husband and getting hurt and jealous in the →

My neighbor totoro, tonari no totoro

They show how Japan used to be a holy place back then. Question 3 Some of the crucial themes incorporated in Miyazaki's film are Environmentalism, Flight, Children and childhood, as well as Water. Water is also a constant theme in antagonism to the Ascension representation of flight. Question 4 Critics, after the film →

Final exam praperation

In the later stages of materiality, there was a general acceptance of the schemes the contributed most in the later phases of the early Christian art. It also resulted in the production of the remarkable legacy of artists. 2) How was monasticism involved in the production of early medieval art and architecture? Monastic influence contributed →

Audience idea of experiencing and supporting the

A vast variety ofactivities is needed to develop audiences such as: Examiningcommunity demographics to develop lists of community leaders; Gatheringinterviews and concentrate on groups from different communities to debate theirinterests in the arts and access points and barriers; Buildingconnections with different communities through relationships with communityleaders and organizations; Findout partners and work with them. Partners →

The emperor’s club

The three obligations that I find difficult for the professional to provide are do are diligence, fairness and competence. An appropriate example, in this case, is a doctor. The four different types of people by Aristotle are: I).the continent person: the one who always want to do the right thing.

Scholarly blogs

In his paintings, for one to settle on a single, most likely message in the engraved cans has to dissect it, synthesize and understand. It is possible to forget the message in the picture, and ponder on the sanity of the artist.

Background truly successful commercial game of today. since

After developing thestoryline, the company needs to do a storyboard, which is a visualrepresentation of the plot, including sketches, concepts, and text to explainwhat is going on in every section or scene of the game. When the game is created on theoriginal concept, the authors of the scripts, artists and designers have thefreedom to create.

Let’s talk about sex

In the United States, the parents emphasize on the danger of sex and fail to discuss the subject with the teens. On the contrary, the Americans are strict and vigilant in matters involving sex, and curtail the freedom of the adolescents to decide about the issues of sexuality.

The protestant reformation

The shift in the emphases of Protestant art was influential in dictating the works of art that emerged after the Reformation. Protestant Reformation art involved the use of ordinary daily scenes and showed a significant downplaying of previously significant mysteries of faith. The Sistine Chapel ceiling painting was part of the High Renaissance art and →

Okeeffes success in the world of the men’s powers research paper example

Finally, in 1916, O'Keeffe first came into the attention of the New York art community and was able to maintain her independence and resist the artistic trends. Additionally, her works depicted the real distinctive landmarks and a source of inspiration to many artists and people in general in the contemporary →

Graves of the fireflies

The Grave of the Fireflies is described to be one of very powerful, moving, touching movie, an allegory of human failings and a quiet but unflinching look at two children caught in the peripheral effects of a war. Although an animated, having simple actions and scenes yet full of the great beauty →

Mau maus olympic clown

The inscription of Coke on what is supposed to be the Olympic torch signifies the dominance of the corporations on Olympics. The banning of the graffiti follows the use of the protected copyright of the five Olympic rings and colors.

Immersive of multimedia. essay

2012 IMMERSIVE OF MULTIMEDIA IN BUSINESS: These terms refer to computer-generated simulation of reality with physical, spatial and visual dimensions. This interactive technology is used by architects, science and engineering researchers, and the arts, entertainment and video games industry. Virtual reality systems can simulate everything from a walk-through of a building prior to construction to →

Paul gauguin, the father of modern primitivism

By taking a look at both high fine art such as that produced by Paul Gauguin and the ' primitive' cultural products of the Inuit tribes, we can see that what we have traditionally defined as primitive is not necessarily an accurate term, or perhaps is a term that needs redefinition. In terms of discussing →

Culture’s influence on social and developmental processes

These two prevailing influences are in a constant interaction state to the extent that is nearly impossible to ascertain that nature is only responsible for a particular aspect of an individual and nurture is the only cause of another aspect. The particular psychological makeup of any person is the outcome of both culture transmission →

Campus museum 2

5 Phillip Stearns created the artwork in which is a binary blanket. The process that Stearns used in creating this art is complex since he translated digital data from program that are familiar such as Microsoft word.

Gaming war: medievalism in virtual worlds

One particular rule in Augustine that was changed in the World of Warcraft is the concept of civilized conduct of warfare or specifically the objective of the warfare. For instance in World of Warcraft, the goal of the players or the game is not to attain peace as " they choose to engage in combat →

About art criticism

It is easy to point out the successful connections of subject matter and the expression achieved; the intended interpretation to be deciphered by the audience. This of course contributes to the stereotype behind the profile of the critic as that of constantly belittling the interpretive expression of art and offering no positive reinforcement of ideas →

Broke back mountain and titanic

In Titanic's case, it is the necklace " Heart of the Ocean" and the nude picture of Kate Winslet which Leonardo De Caprio sketches as a symbol of his love. Both are portrayals of tragedies in a time when people were judged by their wealth and social status.


Another key incident in the movie is the episode where her arrogant boss, Miranda, asks Andy to steal the manuscripts of Harry Potter, which is yet to be published. Andy is the protagonist, who plays a key role in the development of the plot.

What is art

Art and Visual Elements of Art There is no universal definition of art. Color as a visual element of art has three properties that include the name of the color, intensity or the purity and strength of the color, value, or the lightness or darkness of the color.

Slumdog millionaire

There are sufficient twists and turns in the story to keep the audience glued to the narrative. The suspense built up in the initial stages of the plot is successfully resolved in favor of the hero.

My visit to philadelphia’s museum of art

My Visit to Philadelphias Museum of Art al affiliation My Visit to Philadelphias Museum of Art Philadelphia's Museum of Art is one of the art museums that I have always wanted to visit in my life. Undoubtedly, it's a perfect museum which is known for its magnificent structure and the art housed in →

Early graphic design

It was actually an attempt to revive an art that was considered more superior to the newer style which some thought lacked artistry and depth compared to the old Gothic style of the late medieval period and prior to Renaissance. Artistic Factors the Gothic style in architecture and design was thought to be a bit →

Thoughts: native americans and social protests essay

Of course, it is quite common to see Tobacco brands depicting Native Americans as a symbol of quality; at times, casinos are even associated with the culture of Native Americans making it seem that they are all experts in such unproductive spending activities. Eventually though, I realized that such thoughts about Native Americans are mostly →

Chapter 7: the lives and works of masters in visual arts

He worked with Verrocchio on the painting of the " Baptism of Christ " In 1492, Leonardo went to Milan, where he remained in the service of the court of Ludovico Sforza until 1499, painting portraits, inventing machines of war, staging theatrical pageants and designing town plans and architecture. The Virgin of the Rocks of →

How the artist can combine the elements of many cultures and traditions research paper

The thesis statement will be about how the artist can combine the elements of many cultures and traditions. - Research objectives The main objectives for doing this research are so that I can be able to understand the real reasons why the Artist combines the elements of many cultures and →

Still-life photography

It is a beautiful art captured in its entirety through the usage of various techniques for enhancing mood and light through breathtaking images of inanimate objects. Having a backdrop that matches the subject to the maximum extent has a lot of bearing on the success of the shots. In most cases, black velvet is mostly →

When 11th concerning september 2011.the responsible of principal

When we look into the ethical issues, with the development of with the development on information technology more than 30 years, the banking word has been revolutionized by means of the potential in imitation of e-banking. However there are number of issues that that problems come with e-banking, such as ethical issues. All international →

The station agent

The most distinct character of this independent film is the lack of sexual interest in any of these relationships. For example, the film shows the transformation of a physical disadvantage person's attitude toward life and other humans.

The influence of marie-these and dora maar on the changes in picasso’s evolving feelings

I tried to choose my painting from different years, compare and analyze them to be able to see the changes in Picasso's evolving feelings for his muse Marie-These and Dora Maar effect on them. The painting's name is Le R ve, which means the dream in English, and is one of Picasso's most iconic and →

Learning to look

The advertisement also has simplicity, which allows the viewer to understand the exact and specific product that it seeks to market to consumers. The caption below the advert that states that it is unusual to drive the car you were conceived in is written in bold, pulling the consumer's attention and seeks to add on →

Discuss any one of the films listed in the module guide by adopting one of the approaches explored so far in the module essay

The argument Stephen Freares in 1980s was the forefront of the new generation of British shock artists. As one of the fist directors who started breaking the taboo of nationality, immigration and homosexual relationships in British cinema. The camera is located behind the driver which gives us the view of the person in the car →

The painter of light

ART2 The Painter of Light Looking at a variety of Rembrandt's canvases reproduced in books and on the internet, it is easy to see why he is knownas " The Painter of Light". As in Caravaggio, the painter uses light to enhance the drama of the moment captured on canvas: the lighting appears to come →

The movie story: racial insults and social problems

Farhad had a break-in at his shop, so he went with his daughter Dorri to buy a gun. Farhad had a break-in at his shop, so he went with his daughter Dorri to buy a gun.

Essay on the tennessee arts commission

National Endowment for the Arts Home Page.N.p., n.d.Web. National Endowment for the Arts Home Page.N.p., n.d.Web.

Miguel angel rios’s “a morir (’til death),” 2003 vs. glassford’s “nine slat mirror” essay

This is also about competition, power, violence and chaos. The viewer can identify with the powerful or the weak one.' A Morir' is about war". Glassford's artistic piece is the shadow of new and modern era. Theme of this orthodox painting was religion portrayed in everyday life of a common man or woman shadowed in →

Native american art history

HISTORY Ordinarily, the field of Native American art history is wide; however the area has been considered narrow because of the exclusion of very American art due to barriers such as late recognision, failing to conform to theoretical model and other stereotypical views.' The period between 1931 and 1941 saw some other developments which may →

Music platform to unite all ethnic groups

The musical history shows how the artists have strived to create various sub genres such as the early minstrel, rock n roll, rock and rap that have made the likes of Eminem, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan to be music icons. In the 1830s, the Minstrel Show gained popularity in America where it was served →

Picturing the perfect by tim bascom

The author has been able to creatively provide an insight to creative process through the aid of designed models. With the help of this written piece, I have been able to develop understanding regarding visual models that encompass our mindset of bringing abstract to words and expression. I would suggest my peers to make use →

Keywords:exotic storyteller. if you are one such passionate

If you are planning to visit India sometime soon, you can catch a glimpse of the diverse culture of the land, by opting for these products. If you are one such traveler who was left speechless by the magnanimous cultural diversities and rich philosophical experience of India, come and explore one of the most loved →

Book review on art and architecture

Griffith and the growth of facts of the image terms employed in movement pictures. Cubism realized as the appearance of worthlessness and illogicality demonstrated in the art of Duchamp and more others and it was outcome of the war. In this instance, the artwork of 20th and 20th century is one, which is crafted by →

Personal statement for universities

However, I would like to be exceptionally proficient in film and attain the world recognition. It is due to the above reasons among others that I would move to a bigger space for improvement. I understand that this is an international university that is fully developed, and equipments are up to the standards.

Gallery review

The images' visual impression attracted a deeper insight into the artwork. After skimming through the pictures, I had a slight idea of what the artist was trying to communicate. The seamless documentary-style images try to bring about a sense of addiction and sex.

Art movements in the twentieth century

It is this, therefore, that triggered their art movements in order to have these people liberated from the harsh hands and in turn bring better social and political conditions; which is our main focus in the essay. Apart from his using art for beauty purposes, Picasso had a great concern for the political wellbeing of →

Disinterestedness is a necessary condition of sound aesthetic judgement

Colors, shapes and techniques used to create art need to be analyzed to assess the uniqueness of art as it is. Weak disinterestedness is useful for art interpretations because it sets necessary limits between personal experience and objective perception of beauty.


Is graffiti a real culture and can affluent in art categories or it only is a kind of vandalism and always effect people's life? Although, most people misunderstand graffiti, absolutely, it is a form of art, and it can affluent in art categories.

Role of the artist: sonny’s blues and pleasantville

The two artists have focused on the situations facing people in the contemporary society which has come out not only interesting but also educational. The two pieces narrate the societal problems and how the characters are trying to fit in. The role of the artist in coping with the problem is the society, in this →

Impressionism vs. post-impressionism essay

The stylistic developments of impressionism included the use of short and broken brushstrokes that hardly convey forms, use of pure unmixed colors, and emphasis on the effect of light. Post-impressionism, on the other hand, was a style or movement of painting that sought to break away from the naturalism of impressionism and used color in →

Movie review about the descendants

The movie is a perfect blend of talent and script where the character of the father Matt King is displayed in a different manner, how a transition occurs in his nature to establish harmonious relationship with his daughters, Alexandra, a teenager of 17 years and Scottie, younger of 10 years →

Free essay on humanities 20th century

This is the reason why it is harder to be better able to understand life for a person who has studied humanities or arts. On the other hand, many artists create their own worlds and people who enjoy looking at their paintings get a chance to visit these worlds. However, this ability to create a →

Are the colder months in which the

For romantic getaways, you can, take a MegaQuest tour on the challengingroped walkways in the cavern; try the zip line in the underground parts of thecavern as never experienced before; or take a Jeep-drawn ride on the magnificenthalls and caves in the MegaTram tour. The top of the hill is accessiblethroughout the year and this →

Incident at oglala

Michael Apted, the director, and Robert Redford, the producer of the film, show the audience a corrupt series of events that took place on behalf of the government in order to arrest and successfully imprison Peltier. Not only does the film describe the events directly, but it also provides the audience with a sense of →

The justification of love as a tool that can unite the world

VISUAL ARTS The topic I chose for the art project is the justification of love as a tool that can unite the world. The earliest expressions of love can be found in the Biblical stories and the ancient Empires of the world.

Political heroism as depicted in the man who shot liberty valance

This essay explores the characters, actions, and controversies of the three characters; Valence, Stoddard, and Doniphon, in John Ford's film The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence as a critique of political heroism and an examination of the value, relevance, scope, and limitations of the written law. In the contemporary society, heroism is quite fragile and →

Animation question

Upon hitting and reaching the ground, the ball flattens out because of the gravitational pull on it. The principles of stretch and squash would make the scene appear more appealing to the audience.

Peplos kore, from the acropolis,athens,greeece,ca.530 bce/ aphrodite of knidos

530 BCE/ Aphrodite of Knidos PEPLOS KORE AND APHRODITE OF KNIDOS Objectives differences Aphrodite of Knidos has a naked body and she is taking a birth in the bathroom while Peplos Kore is fully dressed in a long robe. As a result, some body features of Peplos Kore are not evident such as the →

Sample essay on music and the influence on the society

This analysis shows that music has an influence on the society in that it allow societal members to identify themselves depending on the content of music genres developed and played at any given societal contexts. In addition, music has been used a medium of expressing the thoughts and perceptions that people have regarding certain matters.

The life and seal art achievement of one famous qing dynasty seal artitst

This research aims to give a brief historical background on Wu Changshuo as a famous Qing Dynasty seal artist and consequently highlight some of his seals and the general concept of Chinese seal art. Wu Changshuo: Chinese Seal Artist. Introduction. General Chinese history can be dated back to the various dynasties that ruled China during →

Death of a saleman-producer

The plot of the play is well planned and the literature keys and functions of the play are divided among the production group. The production crew can be the music producers, character analysts, cast managers and many more. In the production roles and responsibilities in the play, the production crew who are the board of →

How dslr cinematography is affecting the aesthetics of motion picture for cinema

Topic: How DSLR cinematography is affecting the aesthetics of motion picturefor cinema The main aim of the research is to investigate how DSLR has changed the nature of movies and has revolutionized the film industry. The research questions will include; How the affordability and portability of DSLR cameras has led to the emergence of →